A dragon girl looks up at the endless sky

A dragon girl looks up at the endless sky

Adonis practiced under Danang to be a dragon trainer. One day, he came upon a young dragon girl Mint in the forest. She calls him papa, but it seems that she doesn’t remember anything except her own name. He takes her to his master’s house, where Danang tells her that as a dragon trainer, he was destined to meet her. They set out on a journey to discover her memories.

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    1. It will never happen as long as no one wants it. Go read the steam discussion group where few people want it, and most people think that the game is somehow better without them.

  1. Does anyone have a completed save file for this? The thing is, i already finished the story, and on my way for the extras- it just so happens that my pc broke all of a sudden without me to back up my files T_T

  2. Any advice on how to take down lvl.99+ Dark Mint? I tried what I did with lvl 99 dark mint, and got it down to like 1/10th of the total HP, but I can’t seem to get much further. I’ve set my moves to block, Burst Shot, Ice shot, and potions.

  3. Does anyone know a strategy for level 99 Dark Mint in the extra scenario? I tackled her once at level 76, but I couldn’t beat her. I’ve grinded my level to 86, but only got her to a 3rd of her hp…

  4. Does anybody knows when the sequel to this game (I think that it is called “Toki o Kanaderu Waltz”) will be available on Steam with English subtitles? It is currently available only on developer´s website only in Japanese language. And I don´t speak Japanese.

  5. My bad, i didn’t know that the choice you make in this game affects her personality when she matures (it’s kind of awesome) i just pick the choices that doesn’t make the sharp sound (spoil her) that’s why she ended up being tsundere.
    Always spoil her = Tsundere (Trash, Bitch, A-hole).
    Strict and Spoil = Good girl (Best grill, Kind, Not Trash). Always be strict = Timid (Must protect, Don’t Sexualize, Cute
    wiffle Animal)
    Never talk to her (Don’t choose “talk to mint” option)
    = Emotionless/Kuudere (Quiet, Ur her master
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), how could you?! not talking to

    1. Funny part is that “Queen” Mint has pretty much the most all-around happy end of the game. Regular Mint’s ends is trash IMO. The best ending was Timid Mint’s personally and the sequel to this game seems to just scratch the whole adult Mint arc (and the concept of growing up from young to adult directly) and instead we got a teenage Mint and Tsuya/Tooya combo. Dunno how that works.

  6. Warning: Spoiler ahead

    From cute to trash, trust me i cried so much after her transformation. It almost made me stop playing the game.

  7. Can anyone help me, This is a possible minor spoiler question, I, am stuck on the endless winding road in the navel of the world, how do I get through, it only ever seems t be the same screen no matter what pattern I’ve tried, thank you for your help.

  8. after i defeated ellis (dunno which route i am)
    the game asked me whether to remain strong, reincarnate, or play extra content

    i selected to remain strong.. but when i load the game or start a new game… im back to level 1

    can anyone help?

  9. Really disappointed that this is missing content. Shame they decided to butcher it, but I’m going to hold out hope that they will release a patch.

    Anyway, thanks admin.

  10. If you want games w/ 18+ scenes just DL it’s CG and use it as a personal material(IYKWIM)… good thing this game is TLed into ENG~ and still asking for 18+ scenes? zzzzz

    1. BTW~ tnx admin~ for uploading the game… I was planning to buy the game but able to visit this site and save money for it~ 😀

      1. you do know that removing those scenes isnt the only problem right? removing so many scenes causes them a need to alter alot of other scenes and even bits of story as well. if this is done well, you wont notice anything and it stays a good story. sadly this is often done very badly, thus the term butchered. they alter dialogue and scenes in order to dodge the h-scenes they removed, but these dialogue often make no sense at all and just annoy most people.

  11. how to raise your dragon girl

    bitchy,tsudere,red clothes,call you by name: spoil her at every choice

    timid,pink clothes, onii-sama: be strict every choice

    good girl, green clothes, onii-chan: spoil=strict

    expressionless,kuudere,black and white clothes, master : never choose “talk to mint” option in town and keep spoil=strict or close to it. You miss CG and scenes, not recommend for first play.

  12. Does anyone know if there’s any plan for the H patch? Looks good, but I’m not willing to play through the entire game unless I know for sure there’s no plans for one. I only play through plot-driven games once unless they’re too good.

    1. Actually, I’ll just give this a pass, nevermind. Further research concludes that without the H patch the game feels butchered. Scenes that are leading to H scenes go nowhere and the translation is pretty bad.

      Times like this make me wish for Working Designs.

      1. Working Designs were famous for butchering dialogues scenes in the Lunar games and whatnot. Even when censorship wasn’t “hype”, they just made useless modifications that pissed most players off. The best gaming companies right now in Japan are Xseed and Falcom because they don’t change their games to sell more unlike others who thought it was a smart move to adjust with the ESRB or Pegi’s fuc%ing system.

  13. Original game has sexual content, this however, is English steam version which has them removed. It’s all ages and there is no sign of a patch.

  14. This VN had got lot of H scenes as and orginal version. I am impressed that STEAM in that censoring policy had got lot of clients.

  15. When I see the RPG and Raising Simulation tag I just download it on an impulse. Thanks admin, kinda looking for games like these with a whip of story

  16. I don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything, seeing how the admin always delivers all the good stuff on the site as soon as it’s on english. But would it be too much to ask to be a little more specific with the tags? I started downloading this as soon as it was posted and now that I’m 2 links away from finishing I see someone posted that it’s the portable version of the game, meaning it has no H content. It would have been helpful if it had an “all ages” or “+17” tag. My issue is that other VNs DO have those tags, I dunno why this one doesn’t. Same with the 46+1 one, instead of “low sexual content” it should have a “+17” tag since, according to the comments, it’s the censored steam version.

    1. It does say which games have 18+ and which dont.
      Look at the box you click to get the links, it says DA-free: Game Download. That means the its all ages and when the game has 18+ stuff then the box says DA-free: 18+ Game Download.

      1. While I do remember seeing him labelling some of the DL boxes with +18, I invite you to check all the recent updates on the site, that labell is nowhere to be seen even on +18 releases.

  17. Is it just the main heroine (blonde girl) that fights or can you use the other girls too? Coz they look very nice.

    1. Nope, still waiting on that from admin, he/she sure is taking their time on it though it seems. heh 😛

      1. That’s kinda rude ain’t it? Someone has to to send him a copy first, or do you want him to pay for every single game he gives out for free? 😛 When its free, have patience 😉 You could always just buy it afterall.

      2. wow aren`t you a rude bastard if you want the game so badly why not buy it? or look for it yourself dumbass

        you should know the admin doesn`t translate stuff (maybe) he just gather every english VNs there is and add it here so it would be easy to find

  18. Hmmm… this is apparently the Steam version, which is based on the PSP version – which is only listed as 17+. Makes me think all of the HCG has been censored out. Will wait for someone else to chime in before downloading this.

      1. Disappointing, but I guess thats the standard for official releases these days. Gotta start from the bottom of the barrel I guess.

      1. Not really since all the new contented added in the PSP version was added to the 18+ PC version in the Plus patch. So anyway you slice it this is the incomplete and inferior version of the game.

      1. by vndb’s standards… lewd scenes and lewd jokes are counted as sexual contents… even vn’s without h scenes.

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