Coμ -Black Dragon in a Gentle Kingdom-


“We are the team. Yes, it’s like a community….”

There is a legend of a mysterious girl called “Girl A” who appears in the city and sings all night. One night, Akihito meets four boys and girls as if led by the Girl A….

There is no friendship nor trust between them, but they can control a huge iron monster as they like by combining their power. Since the day they get the power, their extraordinary life starts….

Akihito later knows that they will need to pay a price for the power. When the monster dies, their community will also disappear….

They decide to head for another world called Communet with a help of Kagome, a black witch…

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  1. How Do I get the English patch to work on the official patched version of the game that I got to get around the kernel issue? When I add the English patch files to the game folder I get unicode errors, could anyone please help me XD

  2. So… bought the official version… required a soft battery runtime program for some damn reason. Switched locale to Japan and it will play…

    However… the moment I try to add the english patch I get a unicode error with a bunch of Japanese that I cannot read. Have any of you experienced this as well? How do I solve?

  3. For those who can’t made the game work look for the file Win8WOH and then put them in the game folder. It worked to me and i have Win10 64x bits. But some people say it doesn’t work with 32x.

  4. Sadly, no matter what I do, i can’t get this VN to work. Even when I solve the kernel error, i get a syntax error. Does anyone know how to fix ???????syntax error?

      1. Nevermind, I of course figure this out minutes after I ask for help, but basically I didnt have the “correct” locale setting. The syntax error is created from non-unicode japanese which you need to switch over to.

  5. kerne32 module/ NM problem…isu…it ez…just download=
    and paste all the file to the game folder…
    it work for me in window 8.1

  6. This is a stunning game. Play it 5 times now, always been on my top VN list. Don’t give up when yu have kerne32 module/ NM problem. (window 10 users)
    To fix this yu need to delete the following:
    1.src file
    4. (if anyone have this) readme.txt
    Good luck and enjoy 😀

  7. Forgot to mention that there seems to be another solution that i didn`t have to use and it`s considered foolproff. You need to instal a Virtual machine( Like Oracle) and instal and XP on it and run the game from there.Not gonna go in detail about doing it ,there are many guides to do so in other places.

  8. Correction, downloading the Win8OH from my second link( LALALA`s) link seems to be causing the kernel32 error , i did it on my first instal and it didn`t work. after i finished my shenaningans with the new kernel32 file and fuc….destroyes TrusterInstaler i had to reinstal the game and it worked, but i didn`t put the win8OH files so then i went in and dubble check and put the files in game folder and then got the kernel error again. Seems that those files aren`t doin` any good. Name implies the`re for Windows 8 and I`m on Win10 so maybe you`ll need them with 8. so just in case if you do everything i said in step one( New Kernel32.dll) and it works then dont do step 2( Win8OH Instal), but if it doesn`t work with just step 1 , do try and download these files, thou i dont know if it`ll work or no.

  9. After playing and instaling well over 100 VNs, THIS, has got to be the hardest to instal. I`m not even sure what, out of all the things i did , made it work. I had the same kernel32 issue many others seem to have and what seems to have worked is one of either( I hope posting links is ok , those are all official sites):

    I downloaded and instaled a different kernel file( ) to my system32 folder( which requered a lot of fucking with sistem permisions and was the hardes part, seems like Windows 10 realy likes it`s TRUSTED INSTALER status, so youl have to change ownership of you system 32 folder and give it to admin/use. And you must do it before instaling the game.
    I also downloaded and instaled the files LALALALA directed us to( ill copy his link here just in case, no ownership of copyright strikes hopefuly)
    and did some more fuckin` but it seems to be some of this.
    Hope it helps and sorry for long post.

  10. This game is very frustrating, I really want to play it, but the damn thing crashes every 10 seconds to 3 minutes. Does no one know why this is?

    I figured it must be a windows 10 thing, but seems others are running fine on windows 10.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated!

  11. It worked one time. Then my new update fucked EVERYTHING up. This is no longer compatible with the latest Windows 10

    1. I’m gonna uninstall it and delete all files then download for a 4th time. If it doesn’t work I’ll buy from the original producers

  12. i tried using the files LALALALA uploaded but still cant operate th game due to the unrecognized kerne32 module/ NM, problem does anyone have any idea how to deal with this problem thanks in advance

    (by the way i am using windows 10)

  13. Coμ -Black Dragon in a Gentle Kingdom

    Having trouble getting Coμ -Black Dragon in a Gentle Kingdomto install

    – Running on Windows 10 x64bit
    – Set [Region and Language] to local Japan, added Japanese language, then Restarted computer
    – Extracted the 18 .rar files using 7-Zip
    – Mounted the .iso using OSFMount and started the virtual CD
    – Clicked through the highlighted buttons, installed base game
    – Installed English patch
    – Tried to start up the game and got the kernel32 error

    Not sure what to do at this point, any help appreciated

    1. I just finished downloading and installing the game, but I have the kernel32 message popping up. Do you mind telling me what to do? Thanks.

  14. Thanks for this. It was awesome. Loved all the routes, even the simple ones. The 5th is the best, but the other ones are great too. 🙂

  15. having problem trying to install the game it works fine until the install part but after it copies the files the green bar just sits there.

      1. ok got the game installed (finally)with english patch though now it comes up and says i don’t permission or something and can’t run the game.

  16. Finally got this up and running with the english patch but now it crashes every 2 minutes. Anyone have a solution? should i add another patch or something?

  17. I finally got the novel to play after a week of blood, sweat, and tears. Apparently the novel is in Japanese or at least I have it in Japanese. Anyone know where i can get a legit english patch? And give me an idiot’s guide on how to install it. Thanks.

  18. I downloaded it, extracted the files, and changed local to Japanese. But when I click startup or setup the installation bar fills just a little and then says startup not successful. Why? And all the messages are in Japanese. I had to use a translator to understand. Isn’t this the English version of the novel? Plz help or provide a walkthrough.

  19. when i try to open the game i get a syntax error, but when i delete the version.dll i get a unrecognized kernel error. Any help?

    1. syntax error = your system is not set to Japanese locale. Refer to site’s FAQ section on how to set it up.

  20. Still getting the ????syntax error. Anyone know how to fix this? I’m in Japanese Locale, I tried to put the new version.dll in the folder, nothing working. I had this game working a while back, made it mostly through Benio’s route, now I can’t even get it to load. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Same here, hope for a response, that’s so bad, I really want to do that game =/
      (sorry for bad english)

  21. i f******* hate Benio. All that true justice talk really got on my nerves. the protagonist i can deal with but that b**** was so contradictory it was laughable. Good game though

  22. I have try 3 out the 5 routes available, but none of them i can see the
    H-scenes. Is this game censored by cutting the h scenes? or do i have to do some steps first?

  23. I cant extract the rar. files because its said that \comyu.part12.rar is corrupted\

    and same goes for part 18 too..

    help .. :(((

    1. Start a new game, there should be a new choice before the first figth in the common route.
      Debending on your cohice you will get benio or the 5. one.

  24. is there an install guide for this game? i keep getting a kernel error and the set up isnt in English either

    i get

    Authenticatoin failed: unreconized Kernal32 Moduel./Nm

  25. I can’t extract the comyu.exe file even when i added the path in the exception list, tryed also to disable my antivirus. Can someone upload the .exe on something?

  26. Would Be awesome if they had added an option for combat during battle cutscenes. something like koihime musou. but it would be optional. well one can wish

  27. Puh without problems now lets enyoj this Vn this summer no good vn came out but next month Grisaja not Kajitzu will come out as an anime lol

  28. I mostly agree with vndb bashing the I remember the red color. It was both good and bad. mostly bad. promosing common route that went down the drain after its 2nd half that even went shithole.

    1. I can get that. I felt it was a fairly good way to show the lingering effects of trauma, but I can get it if others thought of it as more annoying and such.

  29. Anyone else having problems with the download links?

    I only get a timed out message each time i try to download 🙁

  30. Hakuoro05,If the game says it has errors,maybe you can redownload the parts that are crashed and cant be extracted.Maybe this message can help you. It worked when I did it.

    1. nope no errors. not really sure cuz its in jap but the installing is either really slow or it got stuck on the first part. i put it on for an entire night to see but it’s at the same installing part where i left it

      1. dont worry i fixed it. just exempted the .exe file from norton and viola fixed 😀 had to transfer the files from into the game folder too

      2. Same for me. I don’t have the disk. I downloaded it from here. I downloaded all 18 rar files and extracted them. Then I extracted another archive file in them. Then I click setup, Japanese instructions appear and the installation bar pops up. It freezes at about 5% of the installation bar. Can someone post a walkthrough or something? Yes my locale is Japanese. Someone help!

  31. Hmm, considering the protagonist is supposedly a boobs man, there sure were a lot of pettanko heroines. I’m mostly fine either way, but I thought it was kind of funny.

    1. That’s true. 3 of the 5 routes were in the small breasts faction. haha.
      Then the final route also had a small breast h-scene.
      Oh well, Haru + Kagome is already devastating enough. Even if all the pettanko heroines join forces, they can’t win. There’s also nanase for backup. hahaha.

  32. I can’t install the game. it’s like stuck on the first part where its extracting the files from the disc :/ can anyone please help?

  33. I did change my locale before installation, and I do try and run it in administrator. Both of these do not fix the issue the syntax error is bring me. So I was hoping someone might be able to tell me whats happening.

  34. You people need to change your locale to Japanese for the game to install and run properly.
    Do not install then change locale either because the installation will more than likely fail to install properly.
    Always run as admin.

  35. I get a syntax error when I try, before and after English patch, tried removing the dll files and such but nothing works, keeps giving me ???????Syntax error.


    Just finished it 100%, Worth all the hours spent on it!

    If i could go back in time to replay it without knowing the story i would do it 5+ times!!

  37. My Norton Security keeps erasing comu.exe, saying it’s Trojan Horse program. Is this true, or is the security just overly sensitive?

    1. False positive. It happens from time to time. All uploads are manually verified before being posted. Send the .exe to your antivirus vendor so that they can check it and update their database.

      1. Hey Admin any other games like this one because this game is super awsome and i havent even finished it yet
        Also if you already played this i got a problem because i keep on getting Benios route and there are’nt so many choices so i dont know what to do thanks admin.

    2. Just place all your games in a folder then go to Norten>Setting>AntiVirus>Scans and Risks>Items to exclude from auto-protect,sonar and download intelligence detection> Add Folder

      Then Your set and don’t have to worry about false positives
      Saves so much time from having to exclude so many file ids for your games.

  38. “…. is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support.”

    Any ideas, guys? I’ve reinstalled about five times now and tried the Amaterasu forum files without success.

    1. have a massive backlog of games to get through so only recently started playing this. Thanks admin don’t mind eroge but noting beats a good story

  39. SPOILER ALERT: Benio’s the shittiest fahking character in every single VN I’ve played. On par with Takeru from ML Series. PTSD

  40. Anyone that wants a game or story to be realistic should be shot. The whole point of a game/story is to do something that we can’t experience in real life. If you want a story where everything’s realistic, go try to rob a bank or something.
    Honestly though, this visual novel isn’t the greatest I’ve seen.
    Having finished four of six routes and being halfway into the fifth to unlock the true route, all I can rate the game thus far is about a 7/10 at best.
    As Cns mentioned, the game DOES have one of those awful \Perfect characters\, though I doubt this person actually finished all of the VN. Well, I’m just hoping more is explained in the true route; I don’t believe that’s a reason to mock this VN until I finish it.
    The real issues I find with this game are:
    1. Translation is sub-par and repetition. Considering English has the most synonyms of all languages, you’d expect the translators to use more than the same twenty words throughout the novel. However, it’s not just the translators’ faults. Throughout the Mayuki route, the slang word \Lolicon\ is said at least 51,762 times.
    2. Lack of choices. The game pretty much admits that the choices are simply there to pick routes. Though this is a fairly common problem with VNs in general.
    3. Benio’s route was ass.
    It was cliche incarnate. The first route you play is the worst.
    4. Soejima’s route was too predictable.
    I pretty much predicted the entire route. Playing it was almost unnecessary. Though the ending for her 2nd route was decent.
    5. Short.
    The game isn’t particularly long. The majority of the game comes from the common route, and after you play the common route once you don’t read everything in it again. They don’t wrap anything up in any of the routes I’ve played yet.

    It’s not a bad game, but it’s certainly not the best. The idea of the game is pretty damn interesting, unfortunately most of the action is cliche stuff. It has so much unused potential. If this game was made to be much longer without doing any of the stupid shit you get from mainstream anime shows like Naruto/Bleach/etc. where after the protagonist and friends defeat enemy 1 a new one is introduced, the game would be probably be amazing. Unfortunately, as I mentioned the game has lots of cliches. The most original parts of the VN aren’t finished. They introduce these great, unique ideas and start building up to them only to finish the route you’re playing before you actually get into it. Everything in the game that had me intrigued (Girl A, Gasai, Sting, etc.) is barely touched upon. Unless this game gets two sequels of equal length or the true route explains all of this, there’s really not much point in playing this game. It will simply get your hope up only to crush any hope you had.

    I’ll probably say more if Kagome’s route saves the game.

    1. I will not spoil Kagome route, sometimes VN with true routes plot will always everything in their plot will not be explained or clear until you played the true route itself, of course other routes will keep you hanging.

      1. I’m fully aware of that. I’ve now finished the game, and I must say…
        The true route certainly exceeded my expectations. It ties almost everything together beautifully. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that it’s right to have only one good route in a game.
        This game is definitely worth playing… just for the true route. I kept playing because I felt the true route would be good, and it was.
        Prior to playing the true route I would’ve given this game a 6.2/10.
        After playing the true route, I give this game a 8.4/10. It was that good.

  41. When I look at the poster, I kinda get the feeling that this game was made by Akabeisoft 2(or however you spell it).
    If it is, I may actually give it a spin.

  42. So, when the first cinematic scene starts, I always get a “Ansi Unicode” error.. How would I go about fixing that?

  43. Hey guys, can you post a complete guide for this game, a lot of errors occur.. and that version.dll doesnt really work on some.. how to make it work??

  44. Okay, can someone give me an installation guide. Normally i dont have trouble with any games, but with this one, i can’t even get it started. I never even get a “version.dll” to delete, so im thinking that one of my files was incomplete, but wouldnt that corrupt the whole download?

  45. Wow, loving this so far, but the first choice is a trap. They say that it takes all 5 of them to control the dragon and then the game gives you a simple and rather obvious choice akin to that lead-in, yet the choice you would think should be the correct answer is in fact not. Then they go on to tell you that you should be more careful and choose “accurately”, as though going along with the flow of the story’s direction is not being “accurate”. And THEN when you do choose the correct option, it moves in a direction that does the opposite of what the choice says! Ridiculous… That said, still loving it so far @.@

  46. admin i so thankful to you if you upload Imouto Paradise!,( i already download all imouto game in this site)

  47. “All we’re doing is shaking our bodies together, rubbing our connected genitalia against each other as the fluids coming out of us drip and squelch”
    No game stop with all this sexy talk my poor virgin heart cant take it.

  48. Kinda sucks that you have to go through all the routes just to do Kagome’s. Normally I’d just skip through it without complaint but this games just has so much text which isn’t a bad thing usually except for my case. None of the other girls are that interesting imo. If anyone knows where I can find a full save file I’d really appreciate it.

    1. The author does spend way too much time on the gentle kingdom metaphors. Overall though after completing the whole game I have to say the last route makes a lot of the pieces that felt extraneous before make sense. All of the characters have a lot deeper motivations and secrets than you initially may be led to believe. A few of them surprised me quite a bit. There is certainly one girl who is far less interesting than the rest and one girl who is far more interesting than the rest but the main strength of the author is that this novel does not have horrible pacing problems overall. GSenjo and Muv-Luv Alternative, to name two very famous VNs, suffer greatly from terrible pacing but this is certainly not a problem with comyu. Its biggest weakeness is its joy of playing with genre tropes a lot which is good for those who are very familiar with these devices and a chore for those who haven’t experienced them enough yet.

    2. You want a full save? Just find Japanese name of this VN(VNDB will help you) copy it then add sagaoz behind the title, google it then search using original name (ctrl+f) or to be easier just search 8.60 KB then click the blue line and you should get the zip extract it in the savedata of comyu. Sorry if it’s already common knowledge, but there you go.

  49. I can’t get the english patch working at all. Everything is still in japanese and its in the directory and such. I am a bit confused.

  50. I’ve completed everything and finished all the “not read” part in scene selection but i’m still missing a few CGs and replays? Has anyone gotten 100%?

  51. Thanks Ivan.

    By the way this game only worked for me after I installed the patch from the links above AND deleted the file “version.dll”

    1. I… guess? But really though, I recommend it when you need some good story VN.

      VNs with gameplay element usually are lacking in story department except for few VN like Sengoku Rance which is awesome in both things. But if you only wanted gameplay, play some RPG games and not Visual NOVEL.

    2. Well, this VN will be really more awesome if it has a gameplay to it, but as VN its still awesome.

      Have you already played Daibanchou -Big Bang Age-, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Violated Hero series, Monster Girl Quest series, Kaeru nyo Panyon, Demon Master Chris, Toushin Toshi 2, Rance series, Yumina the Ethereal, Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048, Utawarerumono?
      If you really want VN with gameplay.

  52. I need some help please.

    I have problems installing it, first i had too turn norton off because of warnings by virus etc. and then it worked, but after turning the pc off, i could not play this game and i had to install it again, can someone help?

    (i do not think there are any virus in the files i am downloading here a long time and think i can trust this side)

    besides thanks for this game admin, finaly a game that has some real story.

  53. from what i saw from youtube this one has H scenes in it ant youtube grand though each scene i saw had some weird heart logo on their naughty bits so begs to question uncensored?

  54. Hi, guys

    I cannot download from “”. It is always saying wrong Capche. Any idea. Please help, I cannot download anything.

    1. If you are using down-loader such as JDownloader for this, I suggest you start using your browser (recommend chrome).
      Another thing about is that it will ask you to wait 2min for every file you download. The Download button must be pressed RIGHT after that 2 min. If you prolong it, no matter how correct your captcha is, you will have to redo and wait another 2min.

      Simple solution: get premium or torrent. Then download the patch from the translator website.


    Benio – First game play
    -> Let Izawa handle it

    Hisoka (must finished Benio route):
    Ending 1:
    -> Let Izawa handle it
    -> Wait outside
    -> I’m curious about the transfer student
    -> Make sure we beat Rondo
    Ending 2:
    -> Let Izawa handle it
    -> Wait outside
    -> I’m curious about the transfer student
    -> Make sure we beat Rondo
    -> Protect Hisoka (unlocked after finishing Ending 1)
    -> Hisoka should be here (unlocked after finishing Ending 1)

    Miyuki (must finished Benio route):
    -> Let Izawa handle it
    -> Join her in the bookstore
    -> I can’t stand my normal life being disturbed
    -> I sense an evil conspiracy……!
    -> I don’t care anymore……
    -> Scream and run in random directions

    Ayaya (must finished Benio route):
    -> Let Izawa handle it
    -> Join her in the bookstore
    -> I can’t stand my normal life being disturbed
    -> Accept the invitation and date Ayaya
    -> That’s just an act!

    Kagome (complete all above routes and start from beginning):
    -> Think carefully (appear after finish all route except kagome)
    (whatever choice you make after this will not affect her route)

    1. thanks
      the game itself was good, but what I HATE the most is, it force player to benio first.

      I personally don’t like benio, her characteristic is annoying.
      … well, I just skip through first play.

  56. An English walk-through would be useful for some. I didn’t make one when I played through the game before although I should have recorded my decisions if I was thinking about it. I think all of the walk-throughs are currently in Japanese.

  57. That description though, makes absolutely no sense.

    “The legend of girl A”…. I take it someone came up with that legend after a long night of drinking. “appears in the city and sings all night” That has got to be the least interesting “legend” I have ever heard xD

    1. Yeah the plot summary for this novel is very bad. The novel is about a bunch of random people who are connected to a giant mechanical dragon due to a phenomenon known as “Girl A” (it is a young woman who sings and can only be seen and heard by those chosen). This leads them to do a whole lot of stuff involving using that dragon to solve problems. They also do a whole lot of nothing sometime yet it still ends up being awesome, a true testament to the author’s ability. I only have the final route left to read so I am going to go do that now. This has been a great novel though and I have heard the final route is the best route even.

  58. Use the refresh button until you can see one that’s obvious, it’s better than failing and being forced to wait another 2 minutes. Sometimes you get lucky and you have the number captchas which are super easy lol. But yeah, I can’t read half of em.

  59. Wow, am I the only one that thinks’s captchas became pretty ridicilous? I have to try like five times for each one until I get it right.

    1. Not just you, they’re definitely the hardest to tell out of a good chunk of hosts I use. And sometimes I could swear I’ve done the captcha right and it’ll still ask me to repeat it.

    1. Define good? Like the patch actually works? or the Game? The game is very good, one of the few I’ve actually chosen to play the partial patches for just so I could get playing. Also anything done my the Amaterasu Translation team is amazing, both in quality and game choise

    2. I am dissatisfied by some route because they have unresolved ending. I suspect Kagome’s route is the true ending.

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