Koiken Otome

Koiken Otome

A long time ago, unknown beings known as Kotona invaded Earth in search of food. Humans were unable to repel them until after a few years, some people gained special abilities known as ‘douryoku’ which allowed them to exterminate the Kotona and return peace to the world.

Now, Seiichi attends the super-elite Kashinomori Academy which trains people with douryoku in preparation for another attack by the Kotona. However, even though he has great power, he doesn’t have the ability to manifest it, leading to him being labeled as ‘most useless one’. The rest of the students in his class all had great skill, but in particular one girl caught his attention. Akane had average powers even though she came from a distinguished family, so she trained hard daily to improve her skills. Watching her, he can’t help but want to help her and that was when his ‘Amplifier’ ability awakened. It is an unidentified power which greatly boosts the abilities of people who believe in one another. As a result, he was greatly sought after not only in the school, but in the world.

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  1. I would rate this a solid 8/10. It has been a long time since it has came out but it is something I am quite fond of. The characters initially felt bland but there was something that led me to enjoy each of their routes, surprisingly Yuzu’s the most. I didn’t really care much about the action and this was a bit fast-paced but still nice. Would have loved to see Minato, Chiharu and Chiyoda routes in English.

  2. I Love This Eroge and Yves is my favorite character. Sure the fights and story’s a little bland but I still love it, and if you hate it good for you, just don’t go and talk it down because while you hate it they could still like it.

  3. I really wanted to like this. I really did. The creators had some good ideas but it seems like they aren’t able to execute them to there full potential. This VN could use more “meat”, so many times it skips parts that could add to characters or the world and instead tells you “We trained for hours” or “A few days passed and we had fun”. I’m not asking for these scenes to be drawn out like the lacrosse arc in Muvluv Extra but this is a textbook violation of show, don’t tell. An example of what I would have liked to see more of was when you were being told of theorized origins of douryoku and some of the world’s history with the Kotona near the beginning. Sometimes when a character is showing some of their character it will add unnecessary detail that we already know like “Yuzu knew how I felt because we’re childhood friends” or “Touko said this in a cold way because she has a cool personality” as if we don’t know what character archetype they are after having it repeated 50 times. Combat scenes seemed like they were written like the writer wanted to get through with them as fast as possible so in that case why even bother adding them at all or get someone who actually knows a thing or two about fighting? I just felt like it was a wasted opportunity to explore a unique world and characters.

    I may be one of the few here that doesn’t mind the MC’s buffing powers but even I can agree it was executed horribly. If all it takes is physical contanct then realistically it should have been discovered much earlier. I’m sure kids would use their powers during play and MC could tag them or something causing an accident which could give MC some issues had they wanted to try to make him interesting instead of a generic two-dimensional good guy who also has this super speshul power no one else has. Yeah, him discovering his powers while protecting Akane is sweet and all but it doesn’t make sense when you think about it. The whole tournament thing should have been saved for Akane’s or Yves’ routes.

    Another thing that disappointed me is that even though it seems like the game wants you to pair up with Akane during the first few hours, she has the weakest route while I found Yuzu’s route to be the best. Found that to be odd as I usually dislike the childhood friend cliche. Says a lot about this when the type of route I usually don’t care for is the “best”. Also it seems like there was going to be a Minato route, but it seems the creators ran out of time.

    I love a “pick your favorite” eroge as much as the next guy but I wish there was more thought put into Koiken Otome. Best thing I can say is that the art and character design is superb and the intro song is nice. I give it a 4/10, read if you have absolutely nothing better to do or just want to fap.

    1. This VN may not be perfect, but it’s among a depressingly small number of titles that are decent and worth your time.
      If you’re rating this 4/10 because you were missing additional 50hours of world building and SoL then you probably won’t have fun with this hobby for very long.
      The story elements in VNs are an excuse, a front. At the end of the day it’s simply porn.
      If that’s not enough for you, go read a real book.
      I heard rumors of ppl meeting flesh and blood females in Libraries. Maybe that’s your path.

      1. This is far more than merely “porn.” For me, it was interesting to see the characters themselves. Frankly, if you are playing this to stimulate sexual desires, then watch actual porn instead

        1. Yeah, I faped to hentai anime and manga… but not to VN, weird? don’t think so… some have nice stories and like some mangas/animes, I really enjoy when the MC relations evolve, that’s what I like.

          TLDRXSND: MC who bangx his loved one, noice. Rito shit MC, bad.

  4. Is there a translation for the 1st menu that opens up after opening the game? It’s still in Japanese so can anyone tell me what each options mean, or where to find the translation for it.

  5. hey, admins. or anybody..

    i downloaded this game three times, and only the third time was there no corrupted files. it keeps freezing on maybe the third practice session when akane is helping seiichi with swinging. a couple black boxes with yellow text in them will appear in the top left portion of the screen, and the game freezes. i can exit and go back to the title screen, but it freezes whenever i get to that point. i have my applocale set to japan, i’ve tried changing the font in the text adjustment screen, and nothing i’ve done has helped. I really do not want to download it again, i’ve got the free version and 22 downloads takes forever.

  6. Protag with Hero complex trying to take on stronger opponents at the very beginning but get saved by girl his trying to protect cliche.

  7. Meh, another VN in the same genre as Majikoi, Koihime Musou, Beat Blades Haruka and others where a weak male protagonist needs to be protected/saved by the heroines. It’s roughly 4 hours until the opening movie plays and most of the game is characters whining about how weak they are. It’s paint by numbers for this genre and as such safe to skip.

    Only the UI is pretty.

  8. 0/10. I’m comparing it to other eroge I’ve played, hence the low rating. Surely if I’d play some more, I’d find worse ones out there. Here’s what I think:
    The characters are memorable — for how obnoxiously stupid they act. The plot makes no sense throughout some parts of the game. Some scenes are pointless. Characters spend too much time praising each other; it’s like this writer doesn’t have enough confidence in them for the aspects of their personalities be displayed naturally. “OH YUZU CHAN YOU CAN COOK SO WELL, YOU’D MAKE THE PERFECT SPOUSE”. This HAS to be written for functional illiterates.
    Some people are praising other aspects, such as the UI, sound and art.
    -> I do not play eroge for the UI, and neither do you.
    -> The music is bland and H scenes are voice only.
    -> The art lies below mediocre. Take this with a grain of salt, because my standards are pretty high since I’m a fan of Tony Taka’s work. Why doesn’t the eroge he’s drawn to get translated? I’m looking at Fault! right now. 3 years of work put to translate THIS? I’m sure there’s better eroge out there that can please the weeaboo audience in need of translating.

    However, one should also judge work for what it was INTENDED to be. This was intended to please a specific demographic. If you’re a functionally illiterate weeaboo, on your teens, you might enjoy this.

  9. My Review:

    Story: 3/10 – I only played the Akane route, and so much of the text is repetitive. So much time is dedicated to the characters praising or apologizing to each other. I disagree that the main character is a wimp, but I found the constant ‘you are useless losers’ being said, but never having the proper pay off of defeating them. Honestly the Austin (the blonde tsundere one) girl would have made a better villain than heroine.
    The plot is just… so hacked together. First the inter school championship with no real pay-off. Then some mystery macguffin power-up device, that turns up and then a hostage situation that gets resolved with no real meaning or relevance. Then Akane and the Sucessor thing that just reeks of the ‘power of love’ stuff that is irritating.

    Sound: 7/10 – It was OK. The music was actually kinda cool. The battle sound effects were meh. The H-Scene sounds were voice only.

    Graphics: 5/10 – Pretty average. Battle scenes were limited. The sprites were pretty bad and at one point the Guardians were just color shifted copies all with small beards… but one was a woman.

    Characters: 6/10 – Akane, Touko and Yuzu were pretty standard fare characters. The character of Austin as I said… was just irritating for me… I’m sure on her route she turns plenty nice but listening to her on the Akane play-thru just annoyed me enough not to want to.

    Overall: 5/10

  10. Interesting synopsis; aliens, invasion, war, super powers.
    Only the game does not feature any of the above, accept for the sub-par special abilities. If you are looking for a good time i suggest you guys try artificial academy 2. XD

  11. Man, this game has no sense, it’s contradicts very ofthen. I’m playing Yuzu’s route and I don’t know if I’ll play the others anymore.

  12. i gotta say im hooked in the prologue, but after that.. it pains me to read it :/
    Atleast make it that he can protect himself alone..

  13. I just opened the game to give it a quick test and see if its as bad as people are saying.

    Gotta say… that menu music and animated UI tho. The writing may be shit but the game itself sure seems polished as hell.

  14. This games plot is generic,boring and lacks any signs of common sense. I saw better plots and characters in nukige idk how the f can people read this and live without wanting to kill themselves with a bent spoon.

  15. If you think this is a 2/10, then you really need to read more VNs. This is a solid 4/10, painfully average. It had bad writing, but decent enough music and sounds, good voice acting and good graphics. The characters are all pretty stupid, but that is to be expected, since they’re teenagers. The story is needlessly stretched out at times and has twists that you can see from space. I was told to do the black haired girl’s route first, since the other ones spoil it, but lo and behold, I called the twist that was coming as soon as they befriended her at the beginning of the game. Also, you know you messed up your main characters, when your reader finds himself rooting for the opponents of the protagonist that the’re supposedly role playing as.
    If you’re not a teenager yourself then it is not recommended that you read this, since you’ll most likely find yourself wanting to murder all of the characters (especially the red haired one) for their stupidity. On the other hand if you are a teen yourself, then you’ll probably enjoy it.
    In case you’re wondering, the characters are so memorable, that I can’t recall any of their names.
    Final rating: Story-2; OST-6; VA-8.5; Art-8.5
    Overall: 4/10 (It is still a “book”, so story counts heavily.)

    This would’ve been better if it was released 8-10 years ago when this kind of story was still relatively new, but nowadays it’s just another drop in the already full bucket of water.

  16. Bugger I got taken in by a troll in one of the walkthoughs that said there was a hidden route for Kaoru. Now I’m all for some man on man action, but I was hoping it was going to turn out he was actually a girl was pretending to be a man for some reason lol

  17. too+bad+the+story+wasnt+deep+as+i+though.+its+kinda+stupid.+its+seems+only+akane+have+decent+story+for+her+route.+the+MC…..+how+was+it….+he+got+guts+but+if+only+he+can+act+better.+i’m+surpire+he+wanst+dead+by+all+those+magic.+ah…+i+though+he+has+some+skill+a+least+for+deffend+his+self+but+none.

  18. I+unpacked+the+game+and+when+im+tryin+to+lunch+it+im+getting+this+message:+http://imgur.com/a/gfu25

  19. So that’s how you waste a beautiful graphics and good voice acting because of script writer being too fucking lazy to put some effort into story… Amazing, I even googled the person who’s responsible for this shit and made sure to put her on my blacklist. What a let down.

  20. Just finished this yesterday. All routes complete.
    Rating: 8/10
    Conditions for rating:
    -Player must skip over all fighting scenes without reading.
    -Player must only play Touko route.
    -Player must have decent tolerance for minor chuunibyou.
    -Player must like Touko as a heroine.

    The bad:
    -The fighting scenes are the worst and most unrealistic I’ve ever seen.
    -The H scenes come waaaay too early.
    -The game ignores common sense in some of its world-building and plot developments.
    -The chuunibyou.

    The good:
    -The characters are likable.
    -At least one route (Touko’s) focused only on the relationship and character development, with no fighting or chuunibyou. THANK GOD.
    -The interface is very well-made; someone put a LOT of effort into the graphics.

  21. Also it is sad that Sada (friend of one of the heroines) isn’t either. Still i’m begining to dislike the story. It it feels terrible forced to the central heroine until now and even when odaa can’t use his powers he enter in the tornament and a heroine is happy when they should be mad because he is corting dead.

  22. LOL gonna have fun of this VN since the MC kinda reminds me of Takumi MC from Noble Works!
    Once im done with this gonna wait for FAn Disc of this called Koiken Otome ~Revive~

  23. Liking it so far, but I am finding Akane a bit tiresome at times, her constant self deprecation and over the top apologise for being so weak and her equally overly enthusiastic thank yous.

    1. also with my love for the older ladies I wish there was a route for one (if not both) of senseis ^_~

  24. Quick Review

    Just finished the game. Had to skip a lot of useless text(There is A LOT ). Story sucks major ass. Main character, as expected, is a complete wuss. Writter was extremely uninspired and even borderline lazy when creating the vast majority of this VN.

    Gotta give it a 2/10. Maybe 3/10 because the Artwork is actually good… No, gotta go with a 2. Because this is far from a good story, it feels more like something to make useless peopple feel like they matter and make a difference.

    And what impressed me the most: Lilith rapefest nukiges like Taimanin series actually have deeper plots and more story than this game that is actually WAY longer and bigger in overall size.

    When a Nukige does a better job at telling an story than a VN that is supposed to be all about story plot and characters, then you know how low is the level of this garbage.


    1. I just finished this, and I have to agree with Marck’s review of 2/10. The MC is a weakling, and that does not change through the whole story. His main use is to give his power to girls so that they can fight for him. The story is very long but also very boring. I found myself wanting for scenes to just hurry up and end so that something interesting might happen in the next scene – but nothing interesting happens in any of the scenes.

      I only played one single route: Akane

      She was the girl who appealed to me the most. After sitting through that, I don’t have the motivation to play the other girls routes…

    2. I’m gonna offer a slight addition/counter to this. I’ll give it a 4/10 due to the fact the UI is one of the prettiest and neat ones I’ve seen in an eroge. It’s not the best, but it is really fancy and pretty cool. Also I would say the art is quite well done as is the voice acting. Now sadly, the story and the character personalities are just…so bad. normally I’d give a game like this a 6/10 just on the art/voice/UI alone but the story and girls are just that bad…It’s really unfortunate.

    3. Goes to show you can’t trust a thing that VNBD has to say. I wish people like you would exclusively review VN’s and games. That way I wouldn’t have wasted my time going through Muv Luv and Unlimited, because Alternative SUCKS.

    4. Re-re-update: Yeah, I’m correcting myself. I apologize, I hadn’t finished the entire story (I am actually sitting through all the damn text) that the translator took an awful lot of liberties with. (Since when was it in yuzu’s character to say serious as fuck and have the girls queef during sex? thats just very very slight of the many many many instances like that)
      but mostly, the characters only get worse on routes passed akane. I thought they weren’t too bad in the beginning but…no. The MC actually gets worse than he was in the beginning…in fact they ALL get worse to make some sort of minor drama that…makes no sense. Its literally event>to next event thats unrelated> to next unrelated event to a conclusion thats just absurd. Art/UI: Good. Can it save the game? no.

    5. Yeah, I agree. It’s just SO BORING. Nothing interesting happens, at all. And yeah, Lilith’s Nukige have more interesting plots, even with the porn. I actually care more about the characters in those games.

    1. Plz go play a RPG and don’t use a buffer/healer.
      Well, MC power is lame, but it isn’t useless :V

      1. Never said useless just lame…and If I play a cleric I can buff,heal ,fight ,turn undead AND I have attack spells.Not just buffs.Comparing him to a good support class is an insult.

  25. I’m having a problem with the text script of the game some words are justified and some letters are automatically going to the new line so it makes some text hard to read..tried changing the font style but still the same but haven’t change anything since some options are in “?” and can’t understand and don’t want to try changing since i’m afraid of making mistakes

    1. since you are running the game, this probably isn’t it, but I’ll ask anyway, are you running the game in japanese local? If so, try to change the properties to run it from a differen compatibility, I find windows 7 works 99% of the time

      1. Tnx.that really help, i didn’t bother myself to change the local at first since i thought this was working fine that the game open without changing it but thats not the case in the text translations..well that really help tnx. I just got irritated reading the script at first because some text are breaking to new line like

        “I look out for he
        r ………..”

        i misread he for her or the from they etc since it line breaks often. my os was win 7 64bit so this is the first time i’ve encountered an issue other than any VN

    1. Which drive you installed the game ?
      If on system drive “C”, check your folder permission on properties ! Maybe permission to write or change game folder not allowed.

    2. you can move you game folder to other directory..mine was at drive D and i was able to save the game

      1. Thank you sir, installing it to a different drive solved the problem I change my drive to C: to D: and its saving properly.

  26. Hi I’m having a problem i notice when i save and quit the game the game doesn’t actually save can someone help me.

  27. Is this game like Muv-luv Alternative (expect deaths and shocking gore, or like Coμ – Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku (not that brutal and is also have a decent story), or is this just like fanservice battle type?
    Or in short, is this VN have a great story and not that violent?

    1. It’s a moege just light heart story.
      What I like from this game maybe so colorfull ?
      The story is kinda boring and world setting not really well tought, one of special move name is “legendary fire ” that really lame and lazy.

      1. Thanks for the warning rizu. You saved me from wasting my time in another nonsensical game. I shall pass this game and wait for other VNs like h-version of The Labyrinth of Griaia and oreimo 2nd disc… XD

  28. There was all this fuss over whether the protagonist would be weak or not. Honestly, basically everyone but him pisses me the fuck off. This is more vexing than watching one punch man. I’m glad the choices don’t reflect real choices or I’d have dropped that sorry ass group ages ago.

      1. Its a great series, but even though he never got upset himself, wasn’t it a bit frustrating watching someone really amazing get mocked and no credit for the great things he had done? I dunno, more than the battles, one punch man was more like, seeing the side struggles and how people cannot understand true power and so he gets mocked as an outsider. This has a similar concept, like I said, it just makes at least me angry to watch the protagonist get walked all over just to have everyone kiss ass when his power gets revealed. Hell, the fact…Evva? crap forgot her name…anyway, the fact she has the gall to show up after that, I’d be sending her away saying “I don’t understand anything, I’m just an outsider” and be sure to rub that in her face everytime I saw her 😛

        1. It shows the very fickle nature of human beings, and does it rather well. For instance, after the Deep Sea King was killed, that one nasally dude began to speak up and talk about how it was all just too convenient. Nobody was interested in hearing his bullshit until Saitama confirmed it so that he could preserve the honor his fallen friends.

          Saitama, until that point, didn’t care about such things. He was very casual about human interaction. He even said he was a hero for fun. But now he’s really beginning to understand what a hero is. Preservation of his comrades is more heroic than taking all the glory.

          That’s just my two cents. I’m waiting until he’s truly found himself and solidified his character, that’s when he’ll get the justice he deserves. Besides, it’d be lame if he just became king of the heroes at the very beginning. Enjoy the build-up. It’ll be great.

          1. I think you are missing the point, I agree about One Punch Man being great, it was an unfair comparison of this and that. OPM actually executed its style and story very well, this did the same sort of frustration but with terrible execution. Like right now, I am about to completely drop this whole novel in the middle of Yves’ route. The characters are completely pathetic at this point. OPM was understandable and made you frustrated in a good way too see him work for his earnings and see how far he goes…This…This is just horrible. I actually came to re-assess what I “rated” this. The characters and story are just really terrible and to the point it makes no sense anymore. If the plot holes are so big I’m seeing houses in china.

  29. Surprisingly enough, the translators released the full game pre-patched on their website, I wonder why they did that.
    Not that I’m complaining or anything.

    Anyway, thanks again Admin and of course the translators.
    It’s nice when someone doesn’t follow Sekai project like a sheep.

  30. wow. I have read about this novel but i didn’t knew it had a translation ongoing. Thank you very much. Seems interesting.

  31. I looked up the walkthrough (not that it was really needed; I’m just a completionist) and it had a bonus route included, for Kaoru. Is that not in the game?

  32. why are you even judging the ” The Guy ” when ur just afterin the H Scene

    goddamnit i don’t even care if he’s a wimp or a pussy

    1. Uhhhh… If you’re just after h Scenes shouldn’t you go watch porn or something like that? Even a nukige. This is a standard VN, what you expect in a VN is good story, you can’t have a good story with unlikeable characters. It’s like drinking beer without beer. The main character, as anyone would guess, is the most important character in the story, and if he’s lame, weak and uninteresting the story will also spiral downhill.

  33. Thanks for this game admin

    Its a little sad that there is only one good looking heroine to get, but thats in most game ( do not like big breast).

    Sorry for this bad english.

  34. Seems pretty one-dimensional and weak to me. Like one of those lame harem animes. Weak-ass dude, virgin only heroines for beta males who are scared of a hint of competition, super moe heroines, half-assed shounen combat.

    Can’t y’all translate something good for once? Tons of Nitroplus VN’s that haven’t been translated yet.

    1. Huh, quite ungrateful. In that case, why don’t you go read Maggot Baits when it’s released? Despite being a VN with superpowered fighting heroines and a weaker MC, that one is pretty much the polar opposite of Koiken Otome.

      1. I don’t get this ungrateful thing. I’m not their demographic. Just because I like Visual Novels, that doesn’t mean I should be automatically grateful for every one translated. That’s like bashing someone who listens to Beethoven for not liking dubstep.

        I mean, this shit is made so Hikikomori’s won’t kill themselves. It’s ridden to the core with horrible writing; it’s been skewered so it hits the sweet spots for grown men with a thing for 2D girls. I am not part of such a group. I’ve no reason to care.

        Sounds like a decent recommendation, though. Super-powered fighting is good with me. Moe is not. I look forward to reading it.

        1. Haha, don’t try Maggot Baits unless you’re ready for extreme gore, torture, murder, and rape, at the same time in the same scene. That one’s by far the darkest VN to be released in English. Ever. It does have super-powered fighting and a supposedly decent plot though.

          1. I love dark stuff, or at least mature stuff. But is it really the darkest VN ever to be released in English? I thought Swan Song was pretty damn dark. I remember stopping a couple of times and going ‘holy shit’.

            Swan Song’s depravity came from friends succumbing to their own humanity. That scene where Takuma rapes that one girl in front of the main character was pretty hard to sit through. It meticulously built it’s characters and had other endearing characters rip them down.

            But, yeah, I look forward to it. I saw a screenshot of a big buff woman and a cheeky twin tails with star stickers for bras, and I think I already love that duo.

          2. Uh, after looking at CG, I can at least say Swan Song cannot compare if you judge this based on how much the characters suffer. Physically. I’m not sure how this one does on the psychological aspect, since like you, I haven’t read it. We’ll see.

          3. I heard some shit about ‘erotic amputation’. Like, wow, that definitely sounds dark and twisted. Can’t wait! Kinda.

        2. You’re ungrateful more or less because you said “can’t you translate something I like instead of what YOU wanted to translate?”

          Besides there are a lot of reasons they translate it. It’ll sell, people generally like the generic harem anime stuff and Nitroplus is incredibly hit or miss. And not nearly worth the amount of money they’d make from it.

          1. That, if anything, is being selfish. Not ungrateful.

            And look at the general consensus. Plenty of people are saying this visual novel sucks. So, I kinda have a point, no?

            But, you’re right. I shouldn’t complain. I should go learn Japanese rather than waiting around for bad visual novels like this to be translated.

          2. True… also something I said to myself after trying this and seeing it sucks. I really need to learn japanese.

      2. On second thought, perhaps you’re somewhat correct. I shouldn’t bash someone hard work, especially knowing the pain of writing and editing. So, my bad.

    2. Hey kid, how about you be grateful for them taking 3 years to translate this game for FREE? It’s not like you’re donating to any of them.

      If you don’t like it, learn japanese and buy the games you want to play.

      1. What am I grateful for? I’m not the demographic. I mean, really, 3+ years for some generic moefag visual novel? Goddamn.

    3. You could just learn japanese instead of ungratefully waiting for a translation. Once learnt, you’ll be able to read VNs to your heart’s content.

      1. I wasn’t waiting for anything. Nor do I believe I necessarily have to be grateful for a visual novel I’m not even interested in reading. But the advice to learn Japanese is good, and it’s something I’m already doing. Thanks.

    4. “Can’t y’all translate something good for once? ”
      Did you complain to movie theatre when the movie is bad ? Lol
      I’m sure this is not “erogetranslator.com” site.

      1. But I wasn’t referring to Erogedownload. I was, fairly obviously I’d think, referring to the translator.

    1. yea,u know i love those hot smoking grills and the way they sound….ohh….dont get me started on that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. So, can i expect a strong and interesting protagonist or is he just another useless lame ass wimp that boosts waifus and ends up a harem? Because i kinda am sick of that overused “weak ass dude gets harem” crap…

    1. Two of the tags associated with this VN in VNDB are “Fighting Protagonist” and “Proactive Protagonist”. The direct description for the latter tag is as follows:

      “The opposite of Hetare Protagonist.

      You can rely on this type of protagonist to do what needs to be done. They aren’t afraid to make decisions. They take the initiative and solves the problem, usually by themselves. Once they have a goal in mind, they’ll approach it with prudence and tact.

      They usually have talent/ability or connections that they know how to make best use of.”

      Based on this description, it would appear this protagonist isn’t one of the weak-willed protagonists commonly seen in these Moe Romance type of VNs. Also, none of these tags suggest there is a harem ending.

    2. Well the guy is weak as all hell, that being said he isn’t a pussy. He’s like less perverted/useless version of Takeru Oyama from Maken-Ki.

      He is the type to stray from fights but if started he won’t just cower like a wimp.

      You’ll develop your own opinions on him the first few minutes of the game.

    3. Sounds good to me :> As long as he is like what you guys said i should kinda like him ^^ which is tbf quite important for me when reading VN (well i am not expecting him to be badass like mc from grisaia but sounds good enough XD)

      1. Even something like Yamato from majikoi should be fine, since at least the guy’s got guts. Well, guess i’ll have to download and check it for myself but i’m almost certain this guy’s gonna annoy me.

      2. Best MC ever: Hoshino Kazuki from Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria. His sheer epicness in the final volume of that LN was just incredible.

        Yuuji gets second place. Shirogane Takeru gets third.

    4. He is kind of just a booster to the girls, but he’s not a lame ass wimp, so that kinda okay. I feel that he’s just a power booster waste a lot of potential though.

    5. MC is a power battery type of MC that serves as the “ganbatte!” shouting support character usually reserved for the love interests in sports Anime/Manga… so yeah, he’s pretty useless and a waste of potential.

        1. ADV refers to a game that uses a box with the text that occupies only part of the screen, usually the bottom. What he’s asking is if this is a straight Visual Novel consisting only of text or if it has actual “gameplay”.

          1. Just in case you are wondering NVL is what it’s called when a game uses a text box that covers the full screen (like say some parts of Fate/Stay night.

      1. That’s too bad, I was expecting a Kamidori-esque VN here, something to eat my time.
        Alas, without gameplay, this is just your generic low-quality light-novel, with a useless MC that becomes great because shut up, with some sort of dramatic background that nobody cares about, which bring upon random power ups with huge swords that can only be described as blatant merchandising.

        Meh. 😐

        1. don’t be stupid. Some of the best VNs have no gameplay. Hell, just go to a site like VNDB and sort all VNs by rating. Guess what VNs are the most popular?

          1. Twas not my point.
            I was referring to the fact that this VN looks so astonishingly mediocre, that if it had gameplay, it’d at least have something to invest time into. Grinding, something braindead, almost as much as the premise of this VN.

            This VN looks like every single anime in which the MC finds himself within an academy of female knights/magicians/witches/mechanics/cops/mix of everything in existence, gets challenged by the top-dog female due to being a filthy male, and then during the fight finds out he has “the incomparable special power of legends”, making the entire audience commentate and remark ‘only those of legends have this power’, and then crush the top-dog female by disintegrating her clothes, save for a few straps over her nips and cooch.

            Extra points if the MC has some sort of insanely stupid-looking armour. You know the type.

            If I’m wrong, go ahead and correct me. But my superficial understanding of this VN, from the description and the tags (one of them being “Spontaneous Powerups”), that this is just yet another anime / LN that we all saw one thousand times, and it’s mediocre.
            And mediocre stuff are at least bearable when they have something distracting next to them.

          2. This VN is far from mediocre. I was meh about it at first because it looked like every other vn. Turns out I thought the story was sweet and when my choices lead to the route of a girl the story continued with there relationship and many scenes. I haven’t finished but I’m impressed. Most VNs are like you got your girl here is a sex scene, they get married boom. This lets you see there relationship grow a little. I haven’t even finished the one route I’ve followed but I’m very impressed and strongly advise others to give this vn a chance (:

          3. FUCK YOU!! if you don’t like it you can just leave,no one cares about what the hell you think about any VN. just go and find your so called very nice VN with actual gameplay,and shut your mother fucker dirty mouth up. don’t you ever try to insult any VN cuz i love any VN no matter what kind of VN they are as long as i love it even if it is just a kinetic VN with only one ending.you never know a true value or the art of VN so get lost shit. Fuck you mother fucker sucker dickhead son of the bitch.

  36. For some reason admin im getting file not found for everything i try to download, do you know a fix to that???

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