Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na

Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na

The story is set in very distant future, in a time when mankind is just recovering from decades of war fought between Earth and a terraformed Moon. The war was so devastating that it set technological progress back by decades if not centuries, which is why the settings don’t look futuristic. Although the world is now at peace, there continues to be distrust between the Sphere Kingdom (Moon) and the Earth Federation. Travel between the two is restricted for diplomatic purposes and confined to a single spaceport on Earth.

So anyway, one day the lunar princess, Feena fam Earthlight, comes to the protagonist’s house for home stay…

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  1. Oh yeah, anything from 5pb such as Steins;Gate, The Galaxy angel series. Clannad, Little Buster to the Infinity series and MemoOff totally suck since I can’t get my rocks off to them..

    1. Cool. This comment made me want to try this seeing as I liked Steins;Gate, The Galaxy angel series and Clannad lol.

  2. Anyone who is wondering, yes, this is the non-H version of the game. It doesn’t have any H-scenes.

    Why are non-H or all age games even on a website called eroge download? If it doesn’t have any “ero” scenes, then it isn’t much of an eroge, is it? It’s just a plain old regular visual novel.

  3. The new routes in this all ages version are pretty much the only worthwhile ones to read, imo… this visual novel is very weak and without the h-content. Skip it unless you’re bored out of your mind, or don’t mind predictable, boring routes with what feels like 50% food talk and other fluff to make it longer than it has any right to be.

    The setting seems interesting but isn’t even used very well. Run of the mill in every aspect.

  4. when i run the program i got an error!! in japanese language. when i click OK the game close. can help me anyone. i already play 3 route.already run in japanese

  5. done. there was a post with the same question. copy the files and put them in the folder. works like magic. thank you.

  6. I dunno, the loss of h-scenes is pretty big in this, Thats around 340ish cut cg’s. I really REALLY hate when a translation team decides to do the all ages one insted of the orignal game, because stuff is always lost. Aselia the Eternal is a prime example, one girls route is completly messed up without the h-scenes involved, because it was a pretty big part of her backstory.

  7. Dang I was excited for this since I seen the anime that was made based on this, but I was really wishing for the 18+ version.

  8. i have some problem. when i try to open application error appears “Debugger Detected.Close debugger and try again” can someone fix it ? 🙁

  9. Soon, I hope, someone will translate 18+ version, I did not see this coming tough, presumed it to be dead.

    1. It pretty much was dead, this is an outdated incomplete patch. However this leak has convinced to translator to try to finish it, hopefully soon.

  10. Since this was an unofficially released incomplete translation, as stated in several other comments, do you plan on updating it to the full version if it ever gets completed?

    1. you should ask the translators and not the people of this site…. anyway 18+ isn’t anything special just mediocre scenes that add nothing to the story, also if you wanted 18+ version you would lose the 2 extra routes that come with this version since this version originally had no H scenes since it this is the PC version of the console version.

      1. If you want to honor the developers and their work they put in there you go for the uncut versions. It’s easy as that.

          1. The 2 extra routes are probally more of an afterthought, in my experence its very rare for a vn without h-scenes to be good. One of the ones I enjoyed though was Ever 17 because the plot was good enough, but most aren’t that good.

  11. Hey, a bit unrelated to the game, but I have a suggestion -probably suggested before. Isn’t it possible to provide us a way to download the games through torrents? I don’t know if it’s download.ani’s server of if it’s my internet, but my downloads from that website are always under 300 kb/s, and downloading many parts from a single game can actually take a few days because of that, which is annoying.

    Thank you admin, for your awesome work here. I really love this website.

    1. I’d like this as well. A lot of times the downloads don’t even start and really a lot of these games are huge and downloading 20 parts because who the crap is going to pay for piracy is ridiculous. :/
      At least providing a magnet link would work.

  12. This is sad what only 15+ version was translated, but I see that lot of H scene was cutted from ogrinal 18+.
    I thing that Agust do very good vn after Key.

  13. Hmm, this game doesn’t have numberous cliche’s in it does it? Cause if it does, I’m not even gonna think about touching it. Had more than enough of my fair share of cliches with Tokyo Babel.

  14. It should be pointed out that this leaked translation patch is using a leaked, outdated and largely unedited version of the script. Even many of the routes that were edited in the previously-released partial patch aren’t edited in this patch. The actual proper 100% patch is still in the works, apparently. The person responsible for finishing it posted on reddit in response to this leak stating that they will resume work soon.

      1. Admin, you probably noticed by now, but the creator of the patch stated himself that this was an incomplete, outdated patch released without his permission.

  15. “So anyway, one day the lunar princess, Feena fam Earthlight, comes to the protagonist’s house for home stay…” …what kind of half-assed description follow up is that? o_O after Koiken Otome, and noting the translator took A LOT of liberties, I’m kinda wary of half-assed story :S

    1. for princess class people to come to stay at protagonist house is too cliche.

      the real thing is princess come to stay at sayaka’s house, and sayaka are former exchange student from earth to moon and currently work at moon as well,

      she have position and credit enough to entrust princess to home stay,

      protagonist is only happen to be in that house. =w=

  16. Aww I seem to be unable to launch it.

    Windows 10, and tried compatability mode and run as admin, but I keep see’ing a window show up for a split second, and then a window with japanese text where I can choose “ok” or “cancel”.

    Any one having any ideas, on what to do?

      1. Yeah I did, cheers for the reply though.

        based on what I could get from reddit, it might be its asking for the cd,,, but I can’t read japanese so guessing really.

        Been trying to install the old partial patch, but even then it won’t run. =(

          1. i have problem “debugger detected. close your debuger and try again” can you fix my problem ?

      2. i got the same problem but running on Windows 8.1. i got a command window that pops up then disapears instantly then after a short while a japanese window pops up with ok or cancel and does nothing wherever i click. i am with japanese locale.

  17. Thanks for this game, since it was not clear if all age or not i did look inte the forum of this site and there is an all age tag for this, is that rigth?

    1. Yes, there are basically three major versions of this game – original PC 18+ version, console version 15+ (no h-scenes, but two extra character routes) and PC 15+ version (same content as console one). Only latest one got translated, and that’s the one posted here.

      I included link to HCG set from 18+ version for…uhm… reference.

      Overall, nothing of value was lost – h-scenes are pretty vanilla and mediocre, and two extra routes more than make up for it.

  18. Why the eroge doesn’t give the option of naming the protagonist, it adds so much to the imerssion.

    And enforced order playing ..

    1. I rather hear heroine said protagoinst default name instead she said something like “you” “he” “him”

    2. Enforced playing order is just like Comyu’s. First route is always the princess and after playing all the routes you unlock the final heroine.

      1. I practically skipped two routes on Comyu just to get to the one I wanted from the start… Didn’t like that too much

  19. I’m sure this is 15+ version the translate team already said they translate 15+ version which is more content ( 2 more heroine )

    but meh i think i pass this one this game have alot of h-scene and with 15+ version like this

  20. this cover confuse me,
    that light purple hair girl (biggest one on left)are ‘Estel Freesia’, and she appear only in 15+ version

    original eroge version don’t have her.

    but the CG link below are from original 18+ version….

    so… which version is this? 15+ or 18+

  21. At long last, I can finaly play it. Waited a long time for this game to be translated. Thanks Admin for sharing it with us.

    Though some may say, I just could learn the language and enjoy it then, but being busy 6 days a week and even working evenings, there is no time and peace of mind to learn japanese. Already got quite a backlog of the translated VN’s and slowly working through them.

    Anyway, thanks again Admin. Not only for this game, but for your work to maintain this site over all these years.

    1. My argument is that, since I never actually bother to pay for any of these VNs (or anime, or manga, or LNs) — I also have no actual reason to put in the effort to study Japanese, because I clearly don’t care enough to invest something out of myself (money, time.)

      But if you’re actually passionate about this medium, I doubt you can’t spare 20 minutes a day to study Jap. That’s what I did with playing the guitar.
      At least 20 minutes a day, ya’know?

    1. According to VNDB has “Sexual Content” tag only, which means its generally between Low Sexual Content and Medium Sexual Content

      1. This VN was released in Windows which is 18+ and PS2/PSP All ages.
        I got the all ages vers. not fully translated (idk why though it is all ages when their was no all ages release on windows if im right probably someone might have converted the PS2 vers. to windows) and some group was translating the all ages so hence im asking if this is a all ages or not.

  22. Looks like a good VN, thanks for posting it.

    Does anyone have a feel for the protagonist’s personality? I’ve just played so many VNs with protagonists who are the sniveling beta-males types that apologize all the time that having to suffer through such a protagonist just isn’t worth it anymore.

    1. Actually, this VN does have an anime adaptation. While the hero faces ups and downs, he manages to pull himself together, et do some heroic things, that I did like.

    2. The protagonist is not a beta, he is more run of the mill average “student type” with an interest in the moon. He is fairly standard, and not really annoying nor hindering to the story in my opinion. its an alright read :).

    3. there is a very useful website called VNDB, check the tags on the main character insted of making the same question on every post.

      1. Those tags are useless, since they only mention if the MC is proactive (takes action all the time, quick thinking), or if he’s absolutely useless.
        There are no real tags for in-between characters (90% of the VNs that exist), so no, the VNDB tags are not useful for this.

    4. To be honest, I almost never came upon the annoying “apologized for being born” type of protagonist in any VN I read, or at least I can think of.
      I did experience such a thing while watching horribly mediocre anime, but not while reading VNs…

      I guess I started reading from the top.

      1. P.S: Best. Fucking. Synopsis. Ever.
        They gave all of that description, and then just flipped it off.
        “The moon! War! Earth! Technology was lost! …..Well, anyway, none of that actually matters, lol, so this princess starts to cohabit with our MC, hilarity ensues!”

        I bloody died. If someone confirms this VN is a parody, I’d totally believe that.

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