The Dungeon of Lulu Farea

The Dungeon of Lulu Farea

Makaidou Lulu Farea, literally “Hell World Grotto Lulu Farea”, is a legendary dungeon that connects to the demon realm. The dungeon has claimed many adventurers seeking wealth and fame. Today, a fresh hero has entered Lulu Farea. But this time he’s not interested in money or honor. Heh has a completely different goal in mind…

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  1. Egroup says:

    I am not new to the downloading of JRPGs and so my computer is set to support Japanese characters and such, so when I downloaded this I figured that there would be n problem. However I am also getting a nearly continuous stream of these green error boxes that I can’t fix. The files they are trying to load are in the proper directory so I don’t know what I can do to fix it. If anyone has a fix that would be great.

  2. Tymon says:

    I’m getting some really annoying random characters throughout the game. Such as u’s in front of most dialog and v’s at the end of the dialog. Any suggestions on fixes?

  3. HoboJones says:

    Absolute beauty of a vn, fun gameplay mechanics, pretty difficult to beat (without using cheats, which are available), and has a pretty good characters, all for only 118mb. Really hope the sequel gets translated 😀

  4. Disendaa says:

    Finished the game and the ending was neither good, nor was it bad all I can say is it was a heart warming ending, but also a cliffhanger. All in all its a very nice game now I’m just waiting for the sequel to get translated.

  5. Disendaa says:

    Anyone here knows when the sequel Demonic Nation Florehades ~Get Married with Women in the Demonic Realm!~ will be translated?

  6. Jack Kisaragi says:

    It would be a good idea to also put the following “demonic nation florehades- get married with women in the demonic realm”, because the game is really great and the continuation is only in Japanese :’v and it would be great to be able to play it in English, and I would really like to contribute to the translation of the games would like to help if they translate the game and in other projects that you have

  7. Player 1 says:

    The H scenes do not show at all for me all i see are the text and some of the characters sprites are missing
    And i keep getting these green errors

  8. NoticeMeSenpai says:

    When will the sequel be released?!!!! Somebody relay me information T_T
    The ending is so sad. It can’t be all there is.

  9. random says:

    i get file not found when i try to download it

  10. AyanoTatemaya says:

    any way to play this game on full screen?

  11. Please-God says:

    Anyone else having massive loadgraphic errors? It’s a real pain and it destroys the game experience for me! I would appreciate any help.

  12. Ryan says:

    I can’t recommend this game enough. Great art, great humor, and perhaps most surprisingly, fun yet challenging gameplay. There’s an in-game “cheat” area if you’re having trouble managing keys and money (important gameplay elements). There’s also a text guide included in the game folder if you’re still having trouble.

    It has controller support and a simple options menu with the basic options you expect, including an event skip option (which essentially transforms it into an all-ages game… well, almost).

    There are plenty of monster-girl love scenes, which are great (love their personalities) but they are pretty long, which is tedious at times because, as far as I know, there’s no auto-progression option for text.

    At only 118 MB, I highly recommend anyone giving this a try.

    • Ryan says:

      Almost forgot. If you do beat the game, wait past the end screen to gain access to an area where you can replay all scenes you’ve unlocked. You have to create a save in that area to access it in the future. Each girl is standing in front of a room containing her scenes, and if you talk to her she’ll explain how to unlock them, in case you haven’t already done so.

  13. Please answer this question, I will be so grateful says:

    Hey guys! I just finished the game and I LOVED it but I was wondering if there is sequel? I tried searching online but no one really mentioned an answer. Which is technically an answer in itself but I’m really hoping there is a sequel so I would love it if someone could tell me as a matter of fact. Thanks in advance!

  14. Miko says:

    I can’t seem to get the charm of inari, I only got up to the key set.

    Is there another fishing spot in the Castle area besides B57F?

  15. KN_Lolicon says:

    Wait, so i see the tags and i know its like a monmusu game.
    but is this a femdom type like Monster Girls, normal sex or a bit of both

  16. Enzo says:

    I have had absolutely no problem playing other VN games but this one keeps giving me a Loadgraphic error on just about everything. I am on Windows 7, yes I have switched to Japanese settings and did it when it was time to unrar it already so it is not that. The files show properly named with correct japanese characters. No clue where the problem is. Anyone has suggestions?

    • The_great_beyond says:

      I suggest deleting what you have now and download again in the Japanese setting you are in, it might be a download error causing this. After trying this let me know if you are still getting the Loadgraphic error.

  17. msbon says:

    Even though it is a RPG maker game, writing and game play is very fun. Art is good. I enjoyed the option to cheat, but defiantly worth trying without cheating. Well worth the time and download.

  18. kubomi says:

    I’m missing a fishing bait for the charm of Inari…I wonder if it glitched T-T

  19. The_great_beyond says:

    my goddess I am loving this game, the comedy and mechanics makes this very interesting for me.

  20. croPath says:

    already played and finished this game its awesome if you like monomusu quest this is a “light” version of it story wise , can’t wait for the sequel

  21. Geez says:

    This game is highly recommended. It has a great dose of humor, great characters and overall is very high quality. If you enjoyed the Monster Girl Quest, you will love this one – for the very same reasons. If you’re more of a Kamidori Alchemy Meister fan – you will probably like the gameplay, as it’s challenging and in a similar (but simplified) fashion.

    I recommend completing the game. It might be a bit challenging near the end, but trust me – it’s worth it.

    • SomeRandomGuy says:

      Kamidori Alchemy Meister you say? I was going to pass on this one, but that was enough to get me to change my mind.

  22. Nii-Nii says:

    More monster girls? Downloading!

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