Hara Kano

Hara Kano

Yuichi lost his father when he was a kid. However, he now lives peacefully with his mother and younger sister. One day, his grandfather says to them, “Why don’t you live with me?” Like this, he starts living with his grandfather, but his grandfather’s purpose is to train him as his heir. He also orders Yuichi to make babies…. What will happen to Yuichi? Who will he make babies with? His new life now begins….

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  1. Absolutely love Hiyo, everything you could ever want in a loli imouto. It’s just such a shame her route is way too short and ends kind of abruptly.

    Also kind of weird that out of all 7 heroines, she’s the only one that got an anal sex scene.

  2. Game crashed every time at the first dialogue “Welcome..” and then crash right away.

    I managed to fix that by downloading the file in the mediafire link /file/72z5oruq9jf8dmq

    deleted patch folder in the game folder and replaced it with the files in this one.

    Will see how this goes now.

  3. So I followed the walkthrough and I’m pretty sure I finished all routes except the harem route, and I can’t seem to unlock the 3 choices for the harem route no matter what I do. Does anyone have a proper guide for the harem route?

  4. Please Help! I finally finished downloading the game and then I used the patch that ValerianHD posted and it runs fine until Marina says “If you would.” in the beginning of the game then it just crashes did I mess up somewhere in the patching process?

  5. Hi, I have a problem with marina’s route: I read the walkthrough and followed what it said, up until the point where I have to choose between “She’s fine” (Or something like that) and “I worry about the pres”, According to the guide I have to choose the latter, and I do, the next decision I have to make, again according to the guide, is where to go, the guide tells me to go to the park where Kaho is, but here is the problem: After I choose “I worry about the pres” the game doesn’t the map as the next decision, but instead, I recieve a mail, and I have to choose between Marina, Kaho and Kanna, After that when I’m at the map, and try to go to the park to find Kaho (Where she is supposed to be) she’s not there, and Ren is in her place. I don’t know how to continue, all the walkthroughs i find are the same, Has anyone ever had this problem?

  6. Thought I would try and help the people who try to download this game and play on widnows 10(idk if this happens on 7 as an issue but it happened for me). First off, there is a more completed patch version that can be found by simply searching for the translation patch and following the instructions left for the complete patch. Then, when I tried to play, the game would seem to close whenever it tried to play a sound effect(such as the sound of chopping something and washing it in the beggining kitchen scene) so I used LEGUI to run in japanease and then the sound effects would play and not close out the game. Not to far yet but hopefully should help some people if they see this.

  7. I bought the DL version of the game and downloaded the files, plus the patch but i am getting errors such as:syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL and expecting ‘)’). Can anyone help me with this? I have windows 10 and changed the region to Japan already.

  8. I just downloaded the game and now I’m having some problem with opening the game i already have the system locale changed and wen I click the .EXE to open the game nothing happens, can someone help me with this?

  9. I+don’t+know+why+but+I+can’t+open+the+game+at+show+that+is+can’t+find+HaraKano.exe.

  10. i don’t know if any one else is having this problem but my saves won’t load it was working earlier and loading them but now there no where to be found the game runs but my saved games are lost if any one knows how to fix this please help

  11. from the tl website:
    Update:Donovan has again graciously updated the UI patch he generously created. Now it contains UI translations, menu translations, the Hiyo patch Dekiru was kind enough to create, and the rest. You can download it here:



    Make sure that you do not have any old version of the English patch installed. Before you move the patch files from Donovan’s patch into your Harakano folder, make sure you delete/remove all the old patch files (the file named patch.xp3 and the folder named ‘patch’ and every file inside it) or the game will most likely crash on start up.

    Thanks again to Donovan for supporting the Harakano translation project so much and doing so much to make it look as good as possible.

    Thanks to Dekiru for finishing Hiyo’s scenes entirely gratis, thus letting Harakano be listed as a full translation.

    Thanks to M Imam Hadi for providing a temporary patch to the temporary patch.

    1. Do me a favor and when/if the entire thing ever gets translated PLEASE for the love of nukige reply back to me so I can download. Looked real good (for the genre) and was about to DL when I read the comments …fucking blue balls, man. I swear, when I read that the loli scenes weren’t translated and all the spelling errors my dick literally went right back to sleep, I even felt a light pain in my crotch like my dick was getting back at me for getting it up under false pretenses.
      NOT JOKING about letting me know if it ever happens.

  12. I despise when a translator replaces “onii-chan” with “big brother.” If someone is viewing a Japanese visual novel, it’s almost guaranteed that they know what that means even if they don’t know any Japanese. He even left in a lot of other Japanese terms and honorifics, but replaced this extremely well known one.

    Besides that, and some obviously unintentional grammar and spelling errors, the translation seems decent. As for the game itself.. well, it’s a nukige so don’t expect something spectacular.

  13. Could anyone upload the crack file for this game?

    I already downloaded the game months ago from another site but just started to play today after I read somewhere that full patch was released….

    Having an issue with the crack file I got here on my end…

    Rather not download the whole game again…. Thanks!

  14. mediafire.com/?muy1s6yvv29j00l

    here you go, 100% translated. The loli h-scenes were translated by Dekiru Translations

  15. How do you get this to run? I have played MANY vn’s but i have never seen anything like this. There seems to be no other exe but edpsf.exe and when i try to run that i get ‘usage /question mark/ for help and /run start application in request processing mode. Am i missing something?

    1. edpfs.exe is part of original game DRM – it shouldn’t be needed, but I left it untouched just in case (this developer likes to leave “booby traps” in game script files – one of previous releases checked label of DVD-drive disc and quit if there was mis-match. took me some time to track it down…)

      You should have second .exe in game folder that actually starts the game – if it’s missing, maybe your antivirus deleted it or archive didn’t extract properly.

      1. Thank you for the reply. Norton has a habit of doing that on my system, checked the history and yes it did it when i was out the room. Usually i catch and either prevent or fix it but norton was sneaky this time. Thank you.

      2. I have a recurring error that appears every time I try to run Harakano.exe The error message says (syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting “)”) I would very much appreciate if anyone was able to help me this problem.

      3. Salutations;
        I am running WinXp Service pk3 32-bit pro.. I downloaded all 20 parts.. When I try to play it I get blue screen and syntx error.. Is there a patch I need or another game download available to fix this. Thank you in advance.

    1. Mega is an absolute NO because in free mode you only can download 500MB and then you need to wait half a day or the entire day and google drive is a heavy risk to get your google acount banned if you upload pirated files.

  16. You’re going to have to use your wits with this one. The menus are in Japanese, but follow the same structure as everything else you’ve loaded. Play around with the control keys and you’ll see what I mean. It’s not so different from other eroges.

    1. Specifically, for Windows 10, you need to:

      Win key + X > Control Panel
      Click on: Clock, Language, and Region
      Click on: Region
      Click on: Administrative tab
      Change system locale to Japan

      You can change all the other settings to Japan but until you change this on it will not work.

  17. After getting home from school with the sister my game is crashing. I think what’s happening is it’s trying to load the mother’s render but failing for some reason, as it happens when the sister moves to the side like she’s letting someone else in. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  18. To the Admin




  19. hmmm…. Actually the menu is not translated. Go to the Loe’s site and download the updated final patch. Replace the patch.xp3 and scenario1. You would get the better font too.

  20. Maman Kyoushitsu will be my all time fav pregnancy VN but this has my favourite swan character in it. Kanna Tachibana, the mother of your classmate. My god, she’s beyond perfect! <3

    1. “The only thing is does not translate are Hiyo’s H-scenes. I really didn’t want to translate them, and I feel it could be potentially harmful to my employment if I did translate them, so I have left them alone. Hate me if you’d like.”

      Straight from the translator

      1. Mother/child incest is fine, but loli isn’t? I can kinda get the thought, but if the translator wanted something good for their employment history, they could’ve chosen many “cleaner” visual novels that would look better on a resume. Unless their intention is to be hired for these kinds of VNs, in which case…they’d probably have loli in them.

        1. He didn’t want to translate the scenes, the fact that this might look bad on resume is secondary reason for not doing so…

          1. Besides which when it comes down to it most people will crack down on age more than any other consideration and since Loli and Shouta by their very definition are underage for sex legally in the US I think that I would probably have the same reaction.

        2. I hate translators who let their personal feelings get away with their job. Since when did hentai companies that translate stuff become SJW? The menus, the loli scene, this is half done at best, Some of the translations are off as well. With spelling mistakes.

          Overall a 4/10.

          1. As the “translation company” as you call it did this for free they aren’t obligated to translate the whole thing if they do not wish to do so.

          2. This is not true, the translation company in this situation was hired to translate the routes, which is stated by in the early portion of the game itself when the translator mentions who funded which routes.

          3. Personal feelings getting in the way of his job? This was a fan made project, therefore its not his job, and secondly you say it like he is expected to do this, as if he owes it to you. Get of your high horse and smell your own bullshit, idiot.

          4. So what you are saying is that I should just be happy with a half done job? Sorry, but no. With the spelling, and bad work done on this project. It ruined the story for me. Not only that, but he was paid to do this or so it said. He did a poor job. No matter if it was free or not, When you release things out to the public, people should voice how they feel about it. So his half baked skills and his personal feelings ruined what is a decent visual.

          5. last time i checked VN’s they are a fantasy, they are fake, they are escapist media, whatever you wanna call it and so what if it is. its better than actual child porn where children are scarred for life. i guarantee that 99% of the people who like loli stuff (myself included tho it depends on the circumstances sometimes) are in fact not pedophiles. alot of the time the characer just looks loli and are in fact not underage(by japanese standards at the very least). when i think about having sex in real life i can tell you children do not turn me on in the slightest. and if you really think about it id rather have a pedo get his rocks off to this if it means he wont harm an actual child. get the fuck of your high horse you smug asshole

          6. By the same logic, reading a novel in which there is murder, you’re a murderer.
            By the same logic, reading a novel in which there is a genocide, you’re a genocider.
            Idiots in charge of logic are a disgrace.

    1. With all those tags. If its the 17+ version, i wont even be mad just because i would be curious how they would 17+ify all those tags lol

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