Hara Chuchu

Hara Chuchu

One day, Taisuke finds a book in his room and opens it without knowing the secret.

What appears from inside is a vampire girl!? He is sucked in by her…, and his life changes 180 degrees.

“People who are sucked in by vampires can’t control their libido and they keep asking for sex.”

Let’s make your friends vampires, make them sexually excited, and have sex!

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    1. Every game posted here is clean. If you’re getting any virus alert, this is false positive. Send the file in question to your antivirus vendor for manual verification.

    1. an even more fun fact: chuchu sounds like choo-choo; which is what the train sounds like when it runs over your family

  1. I got Windows 10 and with Japanese already installed into it for languages. Yet I run this and it get small blue screen full of nothing but symbols and error stuff. Mind telling me what I might be doing wrong?

  2. Thanks but why isn’t the menu and settings translated? I wanted to change some things but can’t due to it not being translated. Guess I’ll be skipping this or put it on my low priority list.

        1. Even so, is there a patch that helps literally translate the Kanjis into English? Just wondering is all.

          1. Not at this moment because the TL can only do so much without others helping him/her out on the technical side of these things that doesn’t break the game.

            Somebody who knows how to hack better than the TL would have to volunteer to help the TL of this series out. Similarly to what was done with Hare Kano.

  3. Loe is a killer TL — take a look at the translation notes that are in the root dir of the patch.. Loe is the most invested and sincere translator — there’s all sorts of info about the VN, it’s characters, trivia and anecdotal material — you get a real sense of a seriously dedicated TL, no shit. Check out Hara Kano, and the others in the series. Check out LQT on twitter and blogspot at LoeQuality (a play on the name – you’ll find the TLs to be very high quality next to most others).

    Cheers… seriously – the translation notes for both hara chuu and hara kano are pretty interesting and informative …

  4. Whenever there’s non-rape preggy/impreggy fun then i’m all for it and i’m SOOOO glad that apparently this doesn’t have any stupid “rape” in it, really hate that as I prefer consensual n’ happy preggy/impreggy fun in VNs whenever possible… ^^

      1. And while it seems completely contradictionary to what i’ve just said, I don’t mind femdom type of what I just said, which is why I absolutely LOVE the MGQ series of course. ^^ Yeah, i’m a MASSIVE ball of contradictions with that notion, but only because pure femdom/reverse rape is such a rarity these days, dead serious here… :<

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