Naked Butlers

Naked Butlers

One day, our protagonist suddenly loses his job and when he’s at his wit’s end, he happens upon a mysterious flier.

“30,000 yen a day.
A simple job that anyone can do! You can just sit around all day if you want.
Interested parties, please come to the following address.”

Dubious, but without a lot of other options, he makes his way to the location where he finds a palatial estate with chalk-white walls and dazzling butlers.

According to the butlers, the owner of the estate is out of town and the butlers must continue to perform their duties even in his absence, so they are searching for a “master” to give them orders. The protagonist’s sadistic side begins to awaken as he continues to give them increasingly preposterous orders…

25 comments on “Naked Butlers

  1. Add “(yaoi)” to the title (as already done with other games of the same genre) so it can be easily identified as such when browsing the downloads page.

  2. Good game, I couldn’t get myself to finish the “good” endings though.
    It hurts me to hurt them hahahahaha but seriously the “good ends” are SICK.

  3. Am I the only one having issues with the sound in the game ? I can the music, but not the sound effects nor the voices of the characters… When I go to the settings, everything seems fine, I don’t know if it’s because of the files or something else. I’d be very happy to get any help, thank you in advance 😀

  4. what a disgusting f@g game. g@ys need to be purged from this planet. g@ys hurt the population and spread disease like rats. g@ys are cockroaches.

          1. His comment was a bit too much but i don’t support homosexuals at all, i don’t think that they don’t deserve to live, that is going too far but they are not normal is all i want to say.

          2. @PPP You’re so gracious in not wanting to kill people who have different relationship and bedroom habits than you. You must be the pinnacle of benevolence.

    1. Well, we have a certain enthusiast here who hates homosexuality… I suppose you hate Yuri themes too :I

      – A random fudanshi

    2. people like you are the reason why aliens wont talk to us. gays are people like you and me, except they like the same gender. from all the bashing it looks like you’re probably gay as well, get out of the closet you fucking moron, no one has the right to judge you and neither do you that right.

  5. Thank you so, so much for taking time to look up requests, Admin, and therefore posting the Mangagamer version for this VN!
    Does anyone here know, however, if this new version includes the fandisc (Yarashitsuji and Yasashitsuji), though? I think I remember reading somewhere – before the release – that it was to be translated as well, but I see no mention of it anywhere…

    1. the mention of fandisc is at VNDB where there will be a version bundled with the game and the fandisc together but its not out yet.

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