Hadaka Shitsuji

Hadaka Shitsuji

Tomoaki is your average university student, however one day he receives a strange flyer which said that there was an easy job which anyone could do and it was offering a 30,000 yen wage per day. So, Tomoaki went to the address on the flyer since he really needed to money. The address actually led Tomoaki to a beautiful big house with lots of stewards. It turns out that the owner of the residence would be away so Tomoaki would have to act as head steward and keep everything under control in the owner’s absence. Tomoaki was also told that he needed to find a husband, and so he started his work as head steward, however being around all these butlers and trying to complete the almost impossible request from the boss has awakened his sadistic side. What will happen to him now?

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  1. Maybe “the uncensored MangaGamer version with new English translation” everybody is talking about has already uploaded as Naked Butlers (erogedownload.com/downloads/naked-butlers).

    If that’s the case, it would be better if the admin deletes this version or at least put a clarification or link to the newer version. That would be nice.

    Thanks for the uploads though.
    You’re like my BL dealer.
    God bless.. XD

  2. Hey, Admin. Could you please upload the mangagamer version of this game? It has uncensored CGs and translated menus, so it’d be great to get it. ^__^

  3. Hello!! I’m typing this to perhaps help anyone who is confused. After all 7 parts have been downloaded, including the English patch, please switch to Japanese locale! Then extract all files (not including the english patch!) into a folder of your choosing. Now, in order to get the game in English, you will need to set-up your game. This is where the program titled ‘set up’ is needed alongside the locale change. When you click on it, a box with Japanese text will pop up. No need to be worried, just press the button called ’光へ’ and continue on. After downloading, this will start the game. As you can see, it’s still in Japanese. Exit it out of it and open the Eng patch file. Now you will be able to find the main directory, it is located in your program x86 folder or wherever you decided to extract the files to. Follow the instructions on the note. All should work. (Note* Always click on the program and choose ‘run as administrator’ to be able to save.) Hope this helps!!

    1. Also, ‘hadaka_en.exe’ should ONLY be extracted to the main folder “裸執事” DO NOT put it in SaveData or Data!! msg.dat and snr.dat are the only files being moved to Data. Hope this helps!

  4. I+Have+encountered+some+of+the+errors+mentioned+before.+This+game+is+now+fully+working+on+my+computer+and+I+love+it.+I+already+finish+the+toudou-true+route






    1. I appreciate your help, but unfortunately I still have problems. In fact, when I try to copy the ‘msg.dat’ and ‘snr.dat’ into the “data” folder, it said it does not have enough space. Same thing when I copy “Hadaka_en.exe” into the “SetupData” folder. Please, help me! I lost an afternoon

  5. I know I’m computer dumb but I don’t really know how to use the English Patch… I really need a very detailed instruction to make it work pretty please? and I don’t know where the C://Program_files(x86)/裸執事 is at?

  6. How do I apply the english patch?The game works fin in Japanese but I don’t really understand the instructions no matter how much I try please help?? I don’t see where C://Program_files(x86)/裸執事 is at all??? And when I try to paste msg into the data folder it said it doesn’t have enough space???? Please help!

  7. Sorry, if this seems like a stupid question or if this isn’t the right way to go about asking a question, but if anyone sees this and can answer it I’d be grateful. I’m trying to download this game and I’m not sure what the 2 yaoi game download tabs mean. Which of the two do I download? Or do I download both or something?

  8. help! i already followed all the guide and the game works but the alphabet is all square, what the heck is actually happened this? D:

  9. Guys, I need help. I’ve done everything like the instructions tell me to but when I click on it to play it says “0040156E CreateProcess Loader Error”. Why can’t I access the game? And does it have anything to do with the fact that the glink file in my data file says corrupt.glink.dat? How do I fix that??

  10. The only problem is , when I clicked on setup I don’t put the folder into program files, but into another map out of C:
    Then I click on the hadaka_en.ex
    The main menu is japanese but the text is english. Is this normal? (I already did what the instructions told me)

  11. My problem with the game is that when I run it after installation it doesn’t run and I get a message saying that a file called d3dx9_43.dll is missing.
    I have no idea what i did wrong please help. >_<

  12. I was able to download all of the parts accept for some reason the 4th part does not download correctly. Is there any way that it can be re-uploaded.

  13. So I downloaded all of the parts to the game and the English plug in but I am really confused on how to set up the English. I read the instructions from the English plug in but they don’t really make sense to me. What is the main installation directory and how do I put the msg and srn into the data folder? Also I do not see a folder called \—‡Ž·Ž\ or \–C://Program_files(x86)/裸執事\ at all in any of the folders. The game plays fine in Japanese but I just can not figure out how to set up this English plug in. Can somebody please help me.

  14. Whenever I try to copy the msg.dat to the data file it says there’s not enough on Hadaka . Does anyone know how to fix this ?

  15. Hello! I managed to get the text into English, and everything is working perfectly except for the fact that the text keeps adding bigger and bigger spaces between the letters as I keep progressing through the game! At first I thought it was no big deal, but by now it’s completely unreadable. Is there any way to fix this?

  16. if someone could pls tell me how to get this game to work for me it would be much appreciated. i dont understand what most of it means in the instructions.

    1. Extract the files
    2. Copy ‘Hadaka_en.exe’ into the main installation directory ( —‡Ž·Ž– ).
    3. Copy ‘msg.dat’ and ‘snr.dat’ into the data directory ( —‡Ž·Ž–/data ).
    4. To play click ‘Hadaka_en.exe’.
    5. Enjoy the greatest love story ever!

    how do i put’Hadaka_en.exe’ into the main installation directory?
    what is the main installation directery?
    furthermore what is the data directery? im so confuse man 🙁

  17. In the guide for this game that is included with the patch, there are a bunch of dashes — in certain options. What do they mean? Some routes have nothing BUT dashes, and then it says what ending you get…I have no idea what that means it expects me to do.

  18. I don’t know if anyone goes on this page anymore, but I REALLY need help! I download the game but I can never play it, there is always an error and I don’t what it is or how to fix it! This game looks amazing but I’ve never even got to see the title screen 🙁 Please, it’s killing me

  19. im new to this so when i downloaded it i included the english patch but the game is still in japanese i have no idea what i did wrong please help.

    1. If anyone is still having trouble with the spacing of the letters, remember to always, always run the game as an administrator. That will fix the spacing issue, and enable you to save your game.

  20. If you play komine light route,tomoaki will tied him up in a storage.after a few days, he will go check komine’s condition and find out that komine ecaped and is right behind him holdin knife and fork.after that he will ask tomoaki ” knife or fork?” if tomoaki choose knife komine will cut his throat until he dies and eat him

  21. For Part 3 and part 6 the website tells me \This webpage is not found. I’ve tried refreshing and just re-doing it again and again yet it still gives me the same thing? Is it perhaps my PC’s fault or the site? I mean all the other parts I can download…And like someone else mentioned the 1click version isn’t there anymore. Help me please? Should I just keep on trying (I’ve tried for about an hour)? I really want to play this game! Thank you in advance.

  22. The full download of the game file isn’t there anymore (the 1.3 GB one). Any chance you could reupload it to 4shared or something? Thanks for uploading these things in the first placE!

  23. i finish the sakuma route but and got the cg
    but when i exit the game and open it again all the cg is fucking gone ._.

    1. This is a late reply, but if anyone is having the same problem remember to keep the game running while you’re in the credits. Don’t close it. In some games, like DRAMAtical Murder, if you don’t watch the credits you don’t get the CGs in the gallery.

  24. i cant seem to install the game properly:( i have joined and extracted the 7 parts, set up the program with the weird language, and copied the DAT files from the patch folder into the data folder. I also copied the hadaka_en into the other —‡Ž·Ž– folder. Did i do something wrong? i keep getting the 666-SYSTEM error. someone help please:(

  25. hi i have a problem when i opened the game the title page is in japanese but the game itself is in english but as i tried to click the menu button the options are in japanese and i could not save my game. if there is something wrong that i did, could please tell me? thank you!!

  26. Yes, I must ask the same thing. For some reason the game won’t let me make save files.
    I’m planning on making that folder myself and see if that works, though.

  27. I cant save my game ;n; I tried restarting it but it still doesnt save! ;n; now I’m sad D: plz help mee~~

    1. Alrighty. Everything is in order, all you have to do is run the game as Administrator and you’ll be able to save the game.

  28. My problem with the game is that when I run it after installation it doesn’t run and I get a message in Japanese saying that a file called d3dx9_943.dll is missing. Can you please help me run the game?

  29. Quick question for anyone who has played the game and used the guide provided in the English Patch; some of the routes have “—” in them instead of actual instructions. Do those mean it doesn’t matter what you do, or that you should do nothing…? It’s really unclear, and I looked through the whole English patch folder trying to find an answer and am simply at a loss. Any assistance anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Thanks so much for posting this up! I’m a big yaoi fan so I hope there will be more yaoi games in the future. As I’m sure all the other yaoi fans are thinking on here too. Thanks again!

  31. How I solve the save problem:

    My initial save location is at C:\Program Files (x86) and even though I am already the administrator I can’t get to save the game.

    What you can do is:

    1) Run the game as mounted using daemon tools or similar programs instead from the install game directory. You will be able to save but for the font size is just horrible to read. :/

    2) Another simpler solution is to install the game at a directory which doesnt required administrator rights (Eg: desktop) and viola! u will be able to run the game from install directory ans saved!

  32. I don’t have any problems with installing or putting up the english patch but I’m annoyed at the fact that the menu isn’t translated. I’m having problems with the configurations since I barely know what button does what. It’s not such a big deal but it really annoys me and I’m sure I’m not the only one annoyed by this.

  33. this game is pretty good, but every single path goes to rape/emotional abuse. I’d like it better if not every single “true” path went that way, it’s just not particularly varied. The “light” paths end a bit nicer and can be pretty cute. Altogether, it’s an okay game. It’s kind of a pain to install, though.

  34. Can anyone help me?

    I’m trying to copy Hadaka_en.exe into the main installation directory but it says there’s not enough KB for it…

    1. okay,
      i already solved that problem but now when i click on hadaka_en , there will be a Loader Error: 0040156E CreateProcess

      Can anyone help me pleaaase

  35. I managed to download the game, but i’m not very goot at this so please, help me out here! Why’s the menu still in japanese? Also, when I started the game, this weird signs came out instead of japanese or english. I read here someone said that’s becouse I didn’t changed my pc language to japanese, but when I try to do it, it asks me for a CD thingy. (Yeah, i’m stupid for this things) Is that becouse I run a windows xp? I need a crack? Please help ;n; The game seems to be very interesting, and i would reeeally want to play it. Will wait for an answer…

  36. Ok. so, I had the same problem until I realised that I hadn’t copied the msg.dat and snr.dat files from the english patch to the data folder( it’s in where the original game is installed… at least n my case)
    Why I didn’t copy them at the beginning was basically because when I extracted the files from the english patch rar file those two dat files were not copied to the folder.

    So later when I realised that I simply copied the .dat files directly from the english patch rar file to the folder with the original game, in the data folder. After that I copied the hadaka_en.exe file to the original game’s folder and clicked it. Then played the game 🙂
    Should work juuuust fine 😉
    um… hope this helped 😉
    and hope the above makes some sence. I’m not English 🙂

  37. Umm does anyone have a 100% save game file or something of the sort for this game? I would really like to see the true end and scenes and stuff. But don’t want to go through all the routes either lol. I would be very grateful^^ Thank you!

  38. Is there a way to turn the censors off? Any attempts at fiddling around with the settings menu usually result in me messing up something else due to it all being in Japanese, ahahah.

  39. Does anyone know how to load the saves?

    And what the main menu and in-game menu options mean? (I got a few of them but the ones with Kanji are especially difficult)

  40. I cannot save at all! And since it made a sound whenever I pressed quicksave, I thought it did so when it crushed and i restarted it there was nothing to load!
    How can I fix this?
    I tried running it from the setup of the mounted files but that doesn’t work either!
    What should I do, please someone help me~!!!

  41. Be sure to put the \msg.dat\ and \snr.dat\ in the folder Data if not you see strnage characters, in my case they were squares or something like that.

  42. yay~ I’m now able to save the game properly! The only problem left is it crashes quite allot, saying ‘666-SYSTEM’ stopped working. Well as long as you save your game progress from time to time, it’s not much of a big deal. A bit annoying, but restarting the game doesn’t take allot of time, so it should be okay :3

      1. Damn, wrong post. I was supposed to reply to lemon’s question. XD Stupid meh.

        Anyway, the walkthrough is included in the english patch folder. Its named ‘Hadaka Shitsuji Guide’. It’s in excel format.

  43. I will try to assist.
    1. Extract Hadaka Shitsuji to a certain folder. I recommend u use the desktop, so you can easily see it. (Note: To extract files you must have an archiver WinRAR, and have all the parts of Hadaka Shitsuji which has 7 parts. If you download it using premium account u don’t have to download 7 parts all in all.)
    2.Open that extracted folder. There u will see an icon that looks like a CD yellow in color.
    3. Right click that and mount the file.
    4. Open your mounted file. (Location depends on where did you mount it, so pay attention to where you put it.)
    5. Find the setup for installation, run it.
    6. You will know you got it right if u see the something that looks like an installation wizard but the problem is you can’t understand it. It’s okay, then try to install it. Pay attention to where you would install the game. I suggest not to change the default location of the game. Which is somewhere in C:Program Files.
    7. Open the patch folder, then follow the instructions inside.
    By the way if you don’t know what is a main directory and data directory, pls. scroll above and look for my comment that tackles that area.
    😀 I’m pretty sure i’ve posted it….

  44. Hi Silver Moon. Um, can you explain how to install this game? I really have no idea how to do it. Sorry for the trouble, by the way

    1. Unfortunately the answer is yes. You have to download the game and the game patch. The patch only works when the original game is installed. 🙂

  45. Okay, for those who installed the game but didn’t run… Here’s the tip.
    Download DirectX or update your DirectX.
    By the way DirectX setup is actually included once you extract all the parts of the game and mount it with $PowerISO, you will see DXSETUP folder. Open it, find dxsetup, there should be an installation to appear. Agree to the terms and you should be doing good. It should then run…
    In my case it runs but it stops working after 20 min, and worse the save button does not work. So, what I did is to play the game using the setup from mounted files. You can save it from there. And the good thing is, your saved game appears on your originally installed Hadaka Shitsuji…
    I’m not good in English, so sorry of you don’t really understand. 🙂

  46. I’m unable to save any game part. Can’t skip anything either. Just now it crashed and I had to start all over again.

  47. For some reason, I’m unable to save the game. quick save does nothing and if I try the save menu, nothing happens. I click a box, but it won’t save the data.

  48. Can someone tell me what ‘main installation directory’ and ‘data directory’ are? It’s my first time installing eroge so…

    1. The main directory is the folder that you installed your game into. For example I installed Hadaka Shitsuji in C.\Program Files\—‡Ž·Ž–, the main directory is in in this folder “—‡Ž·Ž–”

      (the folder that you don’t understand the meaniung because it’s kinda japaneese? dunno)
      You have to open the patch and follow the instruction, like what to copy from the patch to the main directory. I remembered it was hadaka_en.

      And the data directory is a folder somewhere in the main directory. Just click the folder that has “data” as its name. Then, that’s it. Follow the instructions, then your doing good… 😀

  49. There is cannibalism, but it’s only in one bad end (it’s implied rather than shown). There are also a few mentions of it throughout the game.

    Anyway, this game is fucking hilarious even if you’re not usually into BL

  50. There is no Cannibalism in the game….

    Wtf are ya guys writing?

    Played the game on after release und just a weeka go with english patch….

    1. There is, but it’s not really that detailed; there wasn’t a CG for it. Spoiler: It’s in Komine’s bad end. XD

  51. I’ve got a problem. When I put the english patch in the folder and then try to open the english file, it runs all perfectly but what’s wrong is that the dialogs (text) have blocks forms. How can I fix that? D:

  52. Guys the games doesn’t install why? It kinda misses something like some “.dll” file. I cannot install it. Help please, I am done downloading but it doesn’t work, no matter what. How do you install this one actually?

  53. This is hilarious and don’t worry about the cannibalism, it’s completely irrelevant except in one bad end well as far as I’ve seen.

  54. When I went into the English version and started the game it wasn’t in English instead it had some weird ooooo shapes how do I fix this?

  55. Man, this is game is great! I was worried for a second; I read all the tags on VNDB they had listed, and it discouraged me at first with the high amount of bad endings; First time I play through it I get a “bad ending”, but in actuality it was a happy ending, and the true endings are pretty good to, or at least I think they are.

  56. If possible could you put up an installation guide please? Normally these games work for me but for some reason having difficulty with this one. Thanks 😀

  57. YAY a yaoi game!! thanks!! and to everyone saying “its not my type of game”: why are you posting here then. Go away

    1. I wish they would translate more yaoi visual novels u.u because I love it~~ They should translate hanamachimonogatari :l

  58. is there any particular order in which u must get the ending cuz i keep trying to get ichinose but can’t get it even withh the guide

  59. Finally! A new yaoi game! With good art and crossdressing to boot! Judging by the CG Set on Exhentai, there’s going be some crazy shit happening in this game. 😀

    TYVM for the upload.

  60. I installed the game but i can not figure out how to get it in english. Any ideas? I did all the copying it said to do but it is still not in english. Please help ^-^

    1. Yeaah i installed the game and followed all the instructions but can;t get the game running in english. Please help ^^

      1. It did work its just that the menu isnt in english ^-^ But if you start a game it should be working <3 Thank you again for the upload

  61. yay more yaoi. But it would be lovely if someday there was a translated yaoi game that didn;t involve unavoidable rape. Although if it’s that bothersome I can just go download japanese version of games. If I could actually find any 🙁

  62. MangaGamer was supposed to release SSSS yesterday but its seems thats been slightly delayed due to their website migration taking longer than they were expecting or something

    1. Some of the better games that will come out in a month or two – Ayakashibito and Grisaia no Kajitsu.

      1. Ayakashibito?! Awesome!

        Played it a few years ago. Basically a school anime set in a X-men world minus the spandex. Seriously can’t remember a story that made me so fucking angry, but was equally fucking glorius when things went right.

    2. well I doubt it will be a month or two away, but I am hoping for a monster girl quest 3 release sometime this year, I am really excited for the third part~

  63. Yeah not my type of game however it is good to see some activity on fansubs, a lot more games to come within the upcoming month or two with a bit of luck

  64. thanks 4 the upload admin,
    but anmyway …
    i doubt yoai is an intereseting ero content 4 me.

    comedy soudns like fun, but putting canibalism togehter with comedy … i dont know.

    i try i give it a chance, even if its hillarous.

    1. oh lord if I didn’t read this post I wouldn’t known about the canabilism haha. Not that yaoi is my kinda thing either.

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