Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling-

Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling-

I became the guardian of a slave girl had been abused by her last owner.
At first things were weird. She was naturally distrusting, but through communication we became friendly.

A bond formed, and we went out together. I bought her clothes, she wore them.

As time passed I began to fall in love with her and she, with me.

This game is about becoming intimate with a slave girl.

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  1. Papa's breeding milk says:

    Funny thing when I first saw this game, I actually thought the title referred to “the feeling of teaching”, I would have never guessed it meant “teaching emotions” (facepalm).
    Also, I fking hated this game’s guts at first when I expected it to progress faster, then decided to approach Sylvie to literally make sweet love to her, but no no, the game interpreted my actions as outright raping going as far as to call me a monster, ending the game abruptly (sigh) -_- .
    Other than that, the highlight of this game lies in your daily interactions with Sylvie and dressing her up to your heart’s content.

    – Hold your cursor still in the cg boxes, it will tell you how to get said scenes.
    – Make sure to go out alone to the shop to get sexy lingerie for Sylvie later in the game.
    – The “to bed” option offers very limited sex options, only missionary and cowgirl, and very few outfits which could be greatly improved.
    – You can sometimes interact with Sylvie in stardard screen (while she’s sitting) and caress her and stuff (cool things like this I only discovered much much later).
    – I heard some rumors about drunk sex and the ability to send her to school, I found neither things.
    – To date, the game is seemingly unfinished (there’re no gloves for sale that I know of, for instance) and lacks an ending, so getting all outfits and h scenes would be it.

  2. ReapingRenegade says:

    Does the creator of this have a website or a place where he posts his VNs and whatnot?

  3. AnonLookingAss says:

    Uhh, How do I start? I’ve downloaded all the files but I can’t use the start commands in the files.

  4. Maman Sumaman says:

    Any news about the new version of this game?

  5. Nugget says:

    Can you guys suggest some games like this one? I like this game’s style

    • Donald Jehovah Trump says:

      If you mean the artstyle, and not the gameplay, “Love at First Sight”, also on this site, might be up your alley. It’s by the same artist, Ray-k, and he’s got a very distinctive style.

      Yeah, yeah, minor necro, but I figure others will be interested. LaFS and Butterfly Affection are *my* reason for looking into *this* VN, after all.

  6. kazami says:

    what is the game’s version?

  7. help says:

    hey guys do i need all of the parts to play the game or can i just pick part 1 and play it to see if i like it?

  8. Akuma says:

    if it ask for the 7th file when you extract just ignore it then you good to go,work for me.

  9. Kaine says:

    There is something wrong with the game. It won’t come open despite that i downloaded the game fully. Anyone tell me whats wrong with it?

  10. seth says:

    is by the same guy who made love at first sight
    (also the art style reminds me of danganronpa)

  11. Raydalle says:

    i can’t savedata… when i click save and to the panelbox saying”No save data” it does not save, why is it like that? am i missing .dll folder or something? and i noticed in the folder too, theres no save/savedata folder have been created or is there really no such folder?

    • Someone says:

      There has no save data folder, it only has a save file named Teaching(something).sav inside the same folder that you extracted game at.

      I’m guessing you do not have write permission at your game folder path, or you need to run this game with administrator rights.

  12. Sylv says:

    what version is this? is this the latest ? the ver 2.0 ~ ??

  13. Ajuju says:

    What’s the difference between the “GameDownload” into “Free Download”? Does it mean in Game Download, all parts were already there?

  14. Liao Hunter says:

    what version is this game? latest ver. i found was 1.9.2

  15. gaby says:

    hello I need help downloading the DA free version..
    what do I do after downloading all 5 of them?how do I put them all together?

    • RedJack says:

      Once you have downloaded all the files, go to the first one, extract the files to a location, and the computer will automatically do the same for the rest of the files. Then go to the file location you chose and you can open it up to find the executable file.

  16. Shadow says:

    Does anyone know if this game has an ending(if it does what are the requirements, the internet didn’t give me any information)

    • Derp Derpington says:

      This game is still in development. Every few months there is a new version on the internet.

      Who knows how long till game is finished or abandoned.

  17. KN_Lolicon says:


  18. victor says:

    thanks í noticed it now , i thought it was on the talk , not only on the room , i found it now , thanks

  19. victor says:

    how do you save game? , there is no option in my game to do that

    • Seraphic says:

      It should appear at the bottom of the dialogue box when you’re at the action selection screen (at home). It might not be there in the prologue? What version are you running?

  20. hero_luka says:

    is this version Ver.1.9.1?

    This game has been updated so many times it’s hard to keep track of all the versions on the internet. I don’t even know what else it adds.

  21. Meister says:

    Last time I played this, It was still incomplete. Even though you get all the scenes, you still don’t get to finish the game. Does this game being here means that it’s done now?

  22. Deus_Ex_Machina says:

    I played this some time ago, it’s a good game. I recommed a guide to unlock all the sex scenes tho, some of them aren’t very intuitive.
    Also, does anyone know if the game has any actual ending? I got into a point where I have every sex scene unlocked and the slave’s (forgot her name, sorry) love and hornyness are both pretty high, but the game didn’t end.

  23. Lazruth says:

    Holy hells, it’s finally here?! Downloading, thanks admin!

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