My sex slave is a classmate

My sex slave is a classmate

The Kirishima family holds the long standing tradition that the head of the company must train and maintain a sex slave as an obedient partner.
Young Masato must find and train a female slave to take over his father’s position as CEO of the group.
Masato’s father has left his slave (secretary) to help young Masato to find a suitable candidate. Masato turns to his classmates in hopes of finding a suitable female sex slave. Three girls rise to the occasion. He must put those girls through intense training so he can choose the best one. Your choices help Masato to find the best female sex slave.

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    1. You need a winRAR(or similar app) to extact it and Importantly you need to change your system locale to

  1. I have an error saying \NECEMEM.SNI is not found\ Not Found then it said \This game failed to set NECEMEM.SNI.\ I changed the system locale to Japanese I downloaded both parts then I extracted part 1 but it’s still not working

  2. This game is great, well, it is kinda crazy and the main characther, Masato, does awlfull things, but is nice to be angry with him for not being gentle and it shows the real nature of the eroge before it gets the acceptable like it is today.
    Well, if you want to play a small size game, and fell guilty and angry with a game, this is your chance! ^^
    Ps: I’m not crazy

  3. I expected some mindless sex Visual Novel, it turned out to be pure sadism. The notion that you only need to rape women few times and they will start to like it is degrading. I encountered that quite often in vns, I sadly guess it became some kind of sub genre or fetish, as well as what I latter learned to be called a lolicon.
    There are also depictions of main protagonist’s manipulations of people’s caring feelings for each other to torment them and other people’s participation in it to conclude with this degrading story.

  4. This eroge reminds me of We love Master.

    The protagonist:
    -Both have a situation where they need a female partner to succeed as the CEO of their father’s companies.
    -Both of the protagonist attempts to “tame” their partners.

    # of heroines: 3 or 4.

    Well, I better try this out since I liked We love Master.

  5. Ummm, so do we just need to download part 1 then we can play? Cos i downloaded part 1 and part 2 and i opened part 1 with my winrar and clicked the exe, and i could play already, part 2 seems useless, please tell me the instructions, it would be a great help, thanx!

    1. I believe they work together. One reason is that when you extract it, both part1 and part2 are necessary for extraction. Well, at least, that’s what I’ve been experiencing so far in my previous games.

      1. Umm… Do I have to extract them in the same folder? I extracted them differently, but when i checked, they both contained the same files, I dont really understand

  6. do we need to buy this game?
    Cuz i see there’s a link that says “Buy the game: Support game’s author”, what should i do about this?

    1. No, you don’t have to pay for anything. Use the set of links labeled “DA-free” to download the game free of charge. “Buy the game: support game’s author” is as the name implies, a way to purchase the original version of the game if you liked the pirated one.

  7. for wat the game says it is ild say its rather boring
    there is nothing too shocking
    i think it was about 1-2 hours for an arc i tried 3 different ones and then got bored looking for the other endings i think miku is the best one
    i wouldnt recommend it but it wasnt aweful

  8. umm just how hardcore is this im fine with minor rapish bondage/whiping stuff but does it go like making them bleed or sumthing

  9. Hmm, this is interesting (for me that is). It’s kind of like Hitomi ~ My Stepsister ~ without the goodness of the soul… (≥_≤)

  10. It work, and I start to play this game few months ago. But I stop in the midle of the game. I just feel the main character is too cruel to his girl…

    1. Well to be fair this ain’t a dating sim its a slave training sim. It’s made abundantly clear that she is NOT by any means his “girl” she’s a slave so the cruelty is par for the course. I dunno if you played far enough to start working on the other 2 girls but compared what he does to those 2 the main chick got off rather light lol

      1. Wel… I stop in the 2’nd day in this game…
        Yeah you right this is ‘slave training’ maybe I prefer ‘ero dating sim’. I just don’t know why I feel guilty and emphaty in the case ‘not treat girl with gentle’…

  11. How do you get the game to work? I downloaded part 1 and unzipped it and I don’t know how to get it running. Any help or advice would be great.

    1. Bob, I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume you didn’t download both parts, judging by what you said. Thus, the best plan of action would be to download part 2 and try unzipping again. The deal is that the game was too large – or perhaps the upload site couldn’t handle – for a single zip file, thus requiring it to be split between 2. One part cannot run properly without the other part.

      1. OK, I have downloaded part 2, but now it says my unzipping software does not support the file format – is this a problem with the download or with my software, and is there any easy way to rectify this problem? Anyway, thanks for the advice.

        1. What program are you using? Typically WinRAR will work great for that kind of stuff. Make sure both files are in the same folder, too.

  12. I’m posting this comment just to clarify the doubts about the game.
    es, it does work, but it has been badly proof-read if someone had proof read it in the first place.
    I might make a small patch fixing the mistakes.
    The most common mistakes are the space and punctuation ones.

    1. i loved the game it was very weird but amazing a few missing spaces that need spacing but other than that it was sorta fun to play!

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