Slave’s Sword

Slave's Sword

Morally offended by the actions of her own empire,
Luna of Maldonia abandoned her status, rank and family fortune
to make a humble life in the Free City of Selway.

Luna lived peacefully in Selway as a mercenary but,
she was embroiled into a situation that resulted in her slavery.
Can Luna seize her freedom for a second time and smash the
ambitions of great evil all around her?

24 Responses to “Slave’s Sword”

  1. Passerby says:

    SlavesSword.part5.rar is corrupted or has virus in it. My PC was able to downloaded part 1-4 except the 5. Could you re-upload?

  2. nihil says:

    This has a sequel will it get posted?

  3. Grass says:

    How to get inside the base?

  4. BuBuBu says:

    is this the official translation that came out a month ago?

  5. Anon says:

    Will you ever do a translation of the sequel game?

  6. Rani Mohd says:

    hahaha.. same. i’m king. not queen

  7. Bendan says:

    Which version is this? 1.7?

  8. viced says:

    @kidlat020 did you change the first param to 1?

  9. kidlat020 says:

    thanks. i was able to edit their hp to 1.

  10. tiny advice says:

    go in the folder www, then folder data, then modify the ennemies xp, weapons/armor stats, if you want, easy to do too, just keep the original files for safety

  11. kidlat020 says:

    I need 100% save I am stuck on the final battle and I don’t have much heal/level to beat it.

  12. Anonymous Izuki says:

    I think I’ll pass on this one, I’m the guy who’s into “rape” and not “raped” thing . .

  13. RPGMaker says:

    I wish there was a tag for all RPGMaker games in this site.

    • Bube says:

      True, I love that genre but this site is still not working on it. I have to click on every game that may sound like RPG one to find.

  14. anon says:

    Pretty sure an official english release of both games are coming

  15. re:answer says:

    erm maybe the right side

  16. answer says:

    you found him already?
    if not the first go to slum on the west, ask the beggar, they will point you to the bar/pub, go down, met the guy near the bartender left, after some blabla met the guy with blue cape, in the barmiddle

  17. WTF says:

    All these cums but no pregnant scene?

    hmm kinda lost a bit of interests

  18. Mixed says:

    A little bit of all of it. You can lose to monsters and humans and get raped, you will be “arrested” at some point and spend some time trying to escape from prison. If you get caught you gonna get “punished”. Once you escaped you can work at a brothel and some scenes where you get attacked in the slums and such.

  19. question says:

    what kind of gameplay is that? rape on lose or winning but still have the scene?

  20. Depressed Passerby says:

    Anyone working on translating the 2nd game?

  21. xtrlsidma says:

    hi was wondering how do i find leon?

  22. Buratika says:


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