Shameful Doctor Game and the Horizontal Bar Girl

Shameful Doctor Game and the Horizontal Bar Girl

Natsuki is an energetic girl who lives with her young mother. Natsuki has just moved to a new house and has no friends yet, so she talks to a pedophile who enjoys groping girls on a park bench.
She talks to a pedophile man who enjoys groping girls on a park bench without knowing what he is doing.

Natsuki follows the pedophile to his house and plays with him.
On the other hand, Natsuki’s mother is so absorbed in playing with boys that she never comes home and abandons her children… Natsuki is lonely and goes to the pedophile man’s house every day.

One day, Natsuki goes to the man’s house, but the man is not home, so Natsuki enters the house without permission.
While watching pornographic DVDs on the TV monitor in the man’s room, Natsuki begins to masturbate.

However, the pedophile man was watching Natsuki’s masturbation with a hidden camera in another room…

14 comments on “Shameful Doctor Game and the Horizontal Bar Girl

  1. Why is it that garbage shit like this gets put on here when there’s so many good stuff out there. Like this is the most dogshit pedo garbage that deservers to be in the trash just like the pedophile that made this.

  2. I feel filthy for having played it. Just like Hajimete no Okaa-san, I played to the end with a chill down my spine… But we have to know how to differentiate between fiction and reality, because it seems that many people don’t. I hope there aren’t people out there who are interested in things like this in real life, and if so, take good care of yourself!

  3. just played through it all. it has 10 scenes. some really nice scenes including multiple penetration scenes and a pregnant sex scene, but its lacking any cowgirl.
    If i had one grip its that there is no transition from “innocent girl playing a new game” to “slutty child who knows how to sexually tease”

    Pretty much the whole game is sex scenes save for some lead into dialogue which actually kinda sucks since there’s a whole Latchkey kid plot going on in the background that i wish was explored more emotionally and in-depth concerning that. The main character is about as shallow as you can get, a stereotypical “Nice guy” pedo who is in it for both of their pleasure, but doesn’t really care about the girl or her interests outside of sex, but does make sure she not falling behind on school word.

    plot: 2/5 could be alot more than it is

    Girl(s): 5/5 a cute girl of ambiguous age who never rejected the advances and quickly starts to like naughty play. not much character to her but makes up for it in her cuteness and naughtiness

    Character development: 1/5 the only semblance of characters were mentioned above and it is extremely shallow

    Sex scenes: 3/5 they go by way too quickly and lack any intimacy or non-sexual dialogue, plus once they start having penetrative sex the MC starts prioritizing his pleasure. the girl gets hers too, but we hear more about how *he* feels good and she’s more of an afterthought. this would be a 2, but the character motions increase immersion.

    Gameplay: 3/5: you get a bit of control over the order of events, and it has an X-ray mode (which is, unfortunately, missing during the pregnant sex/ birth scene)
    Total score: 3.25/5 Lightly recommend

    1. No way your rtared ass just wrote “ambiguous age” Like the game doesn’t straight up call the guy a pedophile??????? Holy you dipshit really trying hard to pretend this isn’t a child that’s being rape. I swear lolicon are the most bottom of the garbage people on earth.

  4. damn wtf is this shit its fucking disgusting. like srsy this is going to far i can’t believe this site has something like this on, and anyone who even thinks about playing this should DIE(he says all that while downloading it with every intention of playing and enjoing it)

  5. It probably has the disclaimer “all characters are at least 18”. XD
    Anyway, probably half the games here depict characters that are in school or of similar age, so I guess that’s also pedo shit.
    At least this is better than the real shit, so if it keeps fucked up people fantasies in check, I don’t really mind.

    1. shes still in fucking poll-ups for fuck sake and most of the stuff on here the girls look 18 or are at lest in fuckin high school and not kids

    2. there’s no study’s that shows that Shit like this help keep fucked up people’s fantasies in check if anything it’ll make them want more since things always escalate more never de escalate when you get bored. There’s a reason porn addicts don’t just watch vanilla porn they go for the most fucked up shit.

      1. that’s’ a pretty bold statement coming from someone whose talking about studies and the like, care to back that up with some proof, a study perhaps.

  6. WTF IS THIS SHIT GET THIS PEDO SHIT OFF HERE i can handle a lot of fuck up shit but this shit is to far i hope the am see this and think bef thay let this kind of shit on this site i mean come one guys shes like 4 or 5 even in anime thats to young and even if she not that young she looks that young i love anime and hentai a lot but not shit like this

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