Record of Misha War

Record of Misha War

Misha, the princess of the Kingdom of Fisutania, has to escape from the clutches of the Vuareesu Empire, conquering her country. The prince of the Empire is relentlessly chasing after her however, doing anything to capture the princess. After some struggle, she ends up on a far away planet, with the prince on her tracks. Misha, and a small number of loyal companions have to try to stand against the army of the Vuareesu’s prince, avoiding capture at all cost…

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2 comments on “Record of Misha War

  1. I’d say its pretty decent for its size, give it a try.

    The CGs look good and the story is decent even with the translation completely mixing up pronouns all the time (even using “I” instead of He/She or mixing up “We” and “They”)

    Unlocking all H-Scenes isnt hard, considering the “gameplay” consists of simple turnbased combat and the bosses can be beaten after minimal quick grinding.

    I guess the worst part is probably that there is no auto advance for text (I couldnt find a button at least) so you’ll have to klick trough all the dialogue or use the skip funktion if you dont care about the text.

    just in case someone still struggles with unlocking all scenes, here is how:

    There’s 4 scenes for each of the 2 girls being captured (lose to normal soldiers, and the 3 bosses) with variation in text, based on how long they’re captured for (waiting for 20 hours while captured did unlock all for me). after being rescued there is also another variation for being captured a second time by the same enemy during the same save.
    One set of CG for the combat rape (when the girl overload her weapon and has been captured before, there’s a chance the enemy will grab them instead) and 2 variation of game over (both characters captured, and both captured by final boss)

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