May Sky

May Sky

Here we have Mizoguchi Haruki, a newly-minted salaryman who is suffering from the freshman blues, and really doesn’t care about anyone around him. And over there we have Kamiake Minori, a world-weary young shrine maiden who, despite her giggly conversations with her school “friends”, really couldn’t care less about any of that. When taken separately, these two individuals are malcontents, square pegs struggling to fit into round holes, adrift and alone in a society where solidarity is all that matters. When taken together, though … well, suffice it to say that they can be pretty mean to each other.

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6 comments on “May Sky

  1. The story in this VN is not anything unique; however, when coupled with the soundtrack and the relatable atmosphere, it is elevated to another whole level. This VN paints a pessimistic, yet lighthearted reality that blends the elements of the real world perfectly with those that lean ever slightly toward fiction.

    The art of the main heroine is not what one would call fantastic but, in this case, it is nonetheless a fantastic art choice. Her design fits in so perfectly with the atmosphere of the VN due to its simple design and complex depth; it parallels the easy outlook of the story that veils the complex human emotions underneath it. Consequently, it allows the story and the character’s personality to become the focal point of the VN which the player can form a connection with. As the story progresses, the arts slowly draw the player into the unfolding bittersweet story of the VN that ultimately culminated in a satisfying, sweet ending.

    TL;DR ====== This VN is definitely worthy of your time. I consider it a great work of literature.

  2. God this is really a great visual novel. I’m a sucker for good story, coupled with a great music. At first, I have apprehension on how this Visual Novel will play out but as it goes on, I’ve became really invested. Yes it is short but it’s perfect for it’s pace and length. I’ve read 50 hour monsters and some of them doesn’t even come close to this.

  3. Something about this VN just feels so sentimental. Maybe it’s because of the amazing soundtrack and the light atmosphere of the game, but I really love this VN for some weird reason. I find myself coming back to it and replaying it sometimes.

  4. Great soundtrack, touching, light-hearted and uplifting story, great heroine, endearing chemistry between protagonists…

    I really liked May Sky. It was nothing revolutionary, but it did what it tried to do superbly. Its a simple story, but a really nice at that.

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