Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~

Go! Go! Nippon

Our protagonist is a fan of Japanese anime and games. He makes friends with some Japanese people on the internet, and decides to stay with them for a week.

Thrilled by the prospect of a week’s sightseeing in Japan, he touches down in the airport, only to discover that his new friends — “Makoto” and “Akira” — are actually a pair of attractive young sisters!

After their introductions, the protagonist arrives at their house to learn that no one else is there.
“Um… where are your parents?”
“Our parents were called out of town for two weeks on urgent business.”
(In other words, the only ones in the house will be Makoto, Akira, and I?)
(How is that going to work!?)

The local culture has some surprises in store on your first night there, but you’ll soon head out on the town! Enjoy the date-like atmosphere as Makoto and Akira take you on a tour of famous sites. You’ll marvel at the beauty and history of Japanese culture, fill up on local delicacies, and even share some thrilling moments with the girls!

The week you spend in Japan will certainly be memorable!

202 comments on “Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~

    1. I agree I would also like to know that because I hear it was really good and added a large amount of content to the game.

    1. You probably put it in “Program Files” or other Windows-protected directory. As a result, system is blocking creation of save files. Run the game as administrator (one of options in menu when you right-click on .exe file)

  1. in this game you were able to write your name is there any other vn that gives you this option?sory if I made a mistake I am not that good whith english:P

    1. You have to set your Windows System Locale into Japanese.

      If you have Windows 7, you have to:

      1. Go to the Control Panel
      2. Click on Regional and Language Options
      3. Click the Administrative tab, go to “Language for non-Unicode Programs”, and select “Japanese (Japan)” from the drop-down menu.
      4. Click OK
      5. Restart your PC

  2. definitely not an hentai game .
    tried all the options and seen one single ecchi pic
    definitely too low to be inserted as an hentai/erotic game
    and more then all only adviced to otakumega
    see ya

    1. meh,ecchi on a low level,I’d say…like To-Love Ru’s level (not darkness’ level obviously)

  3. It’s a nice little game. If you’re familiar with basic Japanese culture, nothing in this game will be new to you.

    It’s worth a look.

      1. There’s not any Hentai, but there are some romantic elements. I kinda wish there was hentai, since Akira is really cute…

  4. I’ve just started this, so far it’s pretty good.
    Bit of a step up from the Katawa Shoujo I’m so used to, really.
    Now to return to my business. TSUNDERES, HOOOOOO!

    1. Katawa shoujo is an awsome VN sad that they wont be making a second one but all in all i enjoyed this game and i will be playing it again ^^

  5. admin, why i can’t play this game, it only says HHH[][]
    maybe the font???, what font is used in this game??

  6. i have a question: is admin or anyone know how (and/or what program used) to save your gameplay into video format? thanks.

  7. admin do you have instructions for installing this one? and any advice on visual novels good for learning Japanese?

  8. So, how exactly do I do this? Like do I just download the two parts and then I can play or do I have to have some program?

  9. This is really awesome game just left me stunned after playing it 1st time. It shows the beauty of Japan in all possible ways.

    Hey, did anybody else thought that the protagonist is just like you(his nature).

    It’s not adult visual novel as it doesn’t have any hentai scenes(JUST 2 nude scenes) but still it was nice.

    1. I’ve only played the Akira ending so far, but I thought it wasn’t bad. It’s a bit quick and shallow, but since the game is mostly supposed to be about seeing Japan for the first time, I think it’s certainly forgivable. I enjoyed the romance subplot.

  10. I wish there would be a link here for the OST Download.. I love the Ost’s for every location!

    1. Yeah! The soundtrack for this game was excellent. I would listen to a lot of the songs every day.

  11. this game is so great. i love it and so everything about japan. hope i could go there someday.

    anyway, anyone who loves japan or learn japanese, please contact me on twitter @RianBebek

    lets befriends 🙂

  12. I can’t play it at all. I extracted normally and when I try to play, it gives me an error with one archive of the game. Does anyone know about this?

  13. In the game, I’m on my way back from Kyoko on the train. So my character is having a convo with Makoto than the dialogue stops but the train keeps going. I can’t skip so I’m stuck watching the train window view of the mountains. Is this a glitch, how can it be fixed?

  14. why the translate word become HHHH[][][]H[]hh[][] .. is it need to change the system locale ?? someone plss helpppp .. i really want to play this game ..

  15. someone plss help me … why did the word become []H[]HHH[] .. someone plsss help me .. sorry if my english is so bad ..

  16. This was also made by Overdrive? Wow. I hope this will be equal to Edelweiss in story. I wonder if this was made after Edelweiss..? Maybe this sentence doesn’t make sense.

  17. This is a very nice intro into dating sim games, and it runs on a MAC with OSX using WINESKIN (a highly wrapperized WINE implementation, for more info on WINESKIN, just google it)…since the game is in English, no need to set WINE locale to Japanese, or install the asian fonts via Winetricks…
    And not to mention, the game is highly educational too!

  18. From MG’s website:
    “07 Dec 2011
    We have released a patch for “Go! Go! Nippon”.
    This patch resolves the dollar to the yen display in the currency exchange rate window.”

    This one is unpatched, right?

    1. I had that thought, too. I like Japan, and it has some pretty fantastic places and gadgets, but the MC in this game makes it sound like things like convenience stores and vending machines only exist in Japan. The MC apparently needs to go outside more often.

  19. admin, I got one question… is this game really doesn’t had any voice? because if it do… this game would be the perfect game I’ve been looking for because it got both japanese and english word in it… if it got the voice, I would know it’s pronunciation… it could help read japanese… *I’m only understand some word and I don’t even know how to read any of it*

    1. no, this game is unvoiced. It has really low budget (it even uses music/graphics from other games from the same company)

      1. ahhh~~bummer*sigh* okay then, I’ll voice it myself XP LoLz, thx again 4 uploding this VN :3 keep up the good work

  20. hellow all.
    just want to ask a Q` here..is this all aged* game or its 18+ kind of game? anyone who already played this game please tell…mee

  21. I downloaded the game before october 5. also installed it but when I opened the crack, it just gives an error message.

    can anyone help me with this? ive been wanting to play this 😀 THANKS!

  22. OMG thanks for helping DukeGrimm i finally get to play the game and its so educational about japan and it isn’t boring at all with the characters gotta love this game (Y_Y)

    Admin thank you very much for uploading this XD

  23. I liked the option that allowed us to see an actual location of a particular place in google maps with just a click, but I discovered it by a total accident and almost at the very end of the game.It only appears in particular places like Akihabara and it’s hard to see, so one could really complete the game without noticing it. Well that’s what i liked about this game now what i don’t like. Soundtrack is 80% from KiraKira and that would be the good point, but no, some idiot had to put in soundtrack from Edelweiss and completely shatter my pleasure from plaing the game. It’s not like i hate Edelweiss soundtrack, but it’s kinda like hearing guitar solo in the middle of the funeral. It was completly out of the place. What else, well the love part of the story is .. well i don’t even know what is this. It’s like someone forced it in there. I seriously think they should either throw away the love part, or do a better job doing it. Well i talked bad about this game but it really got me interested in Japan and it’s culture so i will give it 5/10. I don’t reccomend plaing this game for the story part, especially if you played the prevoius overdrive games.

  24. Nice game with good CG.. travel guides are very detail.. both characters have good personalities, the tsundere akira and mature makoto.. 2 route which are easy to find.. if you skip all the travel guides you should finish the game within 30 minutes, but if you want to learn about japan a little more it should take about 1-2 hours..

    thanks admin !

  25. Hey admin, takes for the upload. I really did like this a lot and was wondering what games would you recommend that are something around the same thing?

  26. Hey Admin,
    Whenever I Try To Extract The RAR File,Is Says ‘Its Damaged Or Unknown Format’.I Downloaded The Mirror #1 (Filesonic Link).I Can’t Get Start The Game.I Have The Crack,(Although I Don’t Know Why It Won’t Work After 5th Of This Month).So Please Tell Me What To Do Next After Downloading

    1. Your download must got corrupted somehow – try redownloading it.
      As for crack – i posted the game, while there was no crack out yet, so i added crack as separate download. On 5th i updated the download posted with the one, that already includes crack. To not leave people who downloaded the game earlier, but not crack itself i left download link for crack alone – I’ll remove it in few days to not confuse others.
      If you downloaded the game today you don’t have to worry about crack at all.

  27. Hey admin.

    Do i need to change the system locale to japan too or not? Or do i just mount the game on Daemon tools and run it with the crack?

  28. Hey, thanks for the uploads. Thanks for the other members for buying (and therefore supporting) the game. I’ll buy it soon as I can get a break from college. Anyways, thanks Admin for your works, this helps a lot when most of us love Japanese but can’t speak or understand it.

  29. when i try toplay the game, it asks for a code i dont have

    when i try to use the crack it says “could not get the information of display addapter”

    what the hell?

    1. Yes, they really cut some corners to lower production costs. They are using some CG backgrounds graphics from other Overdrive games as well.

      1. Thx for the info and I have notice you dont have Yin-Yang X-Change Alternative if you want I can try upload it after I buy the English ver. but I am a noob at converting DVDs into iso files so it will take some time.

        P.S. If I do I will not post on this page I have for legal matters.

      2. I think it makes it kinda fun. You get to play this game while reliving the old ones. “Hey, this the path Maejima takes to school every day. And this is where they confronted that pregnant woman!”

  30. Hey Admin, I have noticed this game is a (All ages) was there a reason you uploaded it or are you going ahead and making the site for all VNs and not just eroge or english Novels?

    1. School Days isn’t currently fully translated. I’ll add section for partialy translated games at erogegames eventually, but it’s bit down on my todo list.

      1. Please do add a partially translated, id love to play school days, no matter what!!! (add at least school days)

        1. come on now, School Days will be fully translated by 2012…
          wait just a little bit more =x

          I myself am can’t wait for it XD

  31. Admin can I request a game that are tagged loli imouto ^ ^ i ‘really like the path imouto ^ ^ can i? loli loli loli

  32. Such a great game. I am really surprised just how good this game turned out. Alot of deep emotion gets portrayed with no voices at all.

    And this just makes me curse the person sitting in front of me at MG Panel who got first pick on the Makoto/Akira drawings. Would kill for the Akira drawing so sadly ;o; so much love for her.

  33. It should be noted that at the beginning it asks for currency rates.

    The interface asks you to enter the amount of dollars that one JPY equals. This is incorrect. It is actually asking how many Yen = 1 US Dollar.

    So as of the current exchange rate on google you should enter “77.2”

    Also to be noted, at least for me this interface was really not working well, deleted text wasn’t cleared from the field. So you just kinda got to enter it right. Or clear the field and type it in again ignoring what you see in the field.

  34. augh, does anyone know if there’s a torrent somewhere? I can’t dl it, it just stops and I can’t resume because the site doesn’t let you do that. A torrent would really help… someone make one! ;_;

  35. need help and i bought my game (Y_Y) and just to let you know i always download crack for my games so that i dont have to use the cd’s much (Y_Y)

  36. i think it’s very thoughtful of the producers to create an eroge for players from overseas :)) i think i’m gonna buy it if it’s good – which i believe will be!

    thank you as always, admin.

  37. Damn…….. when she greeted me , i seriously got goosebumps… i mean like , most games comes with the original protoganist but when you’re name pops up in the gamee…
    is something you’re gonna get used too
    AND THANK YOU ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. i downloaded and started the game, but after i put my name all i see in the tex box is a sequence of H0 or similar.
    Anyone got a n idea of the problem and how to fix it?

    1. and then I press enter by mistake and post that^.(im an idiot) anyway the download keeps crashing for me ;; maybe because its new and alot of people are downloading…Augh this is like the fifth time.

  39. Hey admin, I know it says credit card only, but I wonder if I can use my debit card and act as if it is a credit card, you think that would work? I’m actually pretty interested in this low priced game even if there’s not that much to it.

      1. Oh really? Well then I’m going to get it, I was just wanting to make sure I wouldn’t get denied because of some bullshit with it being a debit card.

    1. You don’t need to install it. Just unzip archive. Put crack in unzipped folder, then start the game with it.

  40. Seems like an interesting game. Didn’t play yet but it seems weird that you can only enter 1 decimal place in the currency conversion…since 1 yen = to 0.01…..USD…which gives me an error whenever I tried to enter (either that or i am just doing something wrong XD). Anyone have a solution for that? Or if I am doing anything wrong?

    Thx for upload.

  41. Thanks for the crack, bought the game however, at least a game tilte I feel deserve it, plus it was pretty cheap for a visual novel anyway. But yeah cannot stand DRM 🙂 so crack will be used.

  42. Problem solved. Actually i was writing but de words didn´t appear. Something strange but well, finally I started to play it.

  43. Hey, i have a problem, i am running the game in Mac. At the beginning when they ask to put your name the game doesn´t let me. Its like the keyboard didnt work. Anyone knows how can i solve the problem? Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.

      1. Use the link I’m posting when you’re buying the game if you can. I get small cut from sales. I also want to show we’re not only dirty pirates her, and can buy the games if conditions are right ( low price, convenient payment options, quality titles etc. )

    1. Same here bro,

      if paypal allowed mangagamer’s online payments i would have bought at least the following vn’s.

      Kohime Musou
      Da Capo Limited boxed edition
      Da Capo 2 Limited boxed edition

      Unfortunatly they only allow credit card payments and although i could get a prepaid debit card, i’ll be honest. If i can’t pay with paypal online it’s a no-go.

      1. They can’t use paypal for “adult only” games due to paypal’s ToS, but i made a post on mangagamers forums requesting it for all-ages titles – let’s see what they say.

  44. The Majikoi anime is coming up soon and with that being said yandere translations has finished

    This much so far:
    Translation of the prologue, Yukie route, Yukie afterstory, Chris route (Chris does not have an afterstory), teacher side route (Tsundere Sensei OMFG), tutorial, the end-game skits, and the going home option in the character select screen
    Translation of most of the images
    Translation of most of the system messages

    and Momoyo route is coming out within a couple of weeks and I was hoping if could possibly upload this when they finish it

    I know I have no right to request this and its not a full translation but I would <3 long time

    1. I have great hopes for that eroge…i hope that it will be fun, well i already see some images from the game so, i will be patient to see it!

      1. Looks like that would be awesome! Yeah, but I don’t want an experience like My Childhood Friend Is The President you know. This one should wait until completion…or at least get updated periodically 🙂

    1. Yea, i got it on my server already – just need to check if everything is working properly and prepare installation instructions.
      I’ll be posted today.

  45. Dissapointed that you release a game that JUST started selling already. Atleast keep it back a few days so more people are “forced” to buy it. I’ll be buying the game regardless, but I was hoping you would support the english eroge market by waiting a few days at the very least. Of course this doesn’t apply to games that arn’t being sold and are fantranslated, but if mangagamer or JAST releases something then wait a few days next time. That’s all I ask.

    1. Like i said before – don’t start that shit over here.
      I’m already “supporting” the market enough by putting the links to order pages – up until now 146 people clicked on “go go nippon” buy the game link. Conversion ratios ain’t my problem.
      People shouldn’t be “forced” to buy stuff. They can buy it if they like it.

      Futher posts about this issue will be deleted.

        1. Admin takes so much crap like this = / , i don’t see why the guys on ED if he’s not actually pirating like the rest of us.

          1. Actually, i’m buying many of those games myself – either to share them here, or just to support the creators, when i played pirated version and liked it.

          2. I also buy games that I like. there are alot of games that are imo not money worthy and after 20 years of buying shitty games i rather demo them even getting cracked versions or a friend letting me download and play them for myself before i spend money on something. And if I am going to spend $50 on a game that is in reality a talking novel I would want to know what it is and if i like the story. There are alot of games that arent even realesed yet that I want to spend money on.

            but anyway, thanks admin.

      1. This game is very-low budget – they are even using some backgrounds from other games… Hiring voice actress would increase production costs like tenfold.

  46. Seems like they are using the same new protection method like with Edelweiss 2.0 – i have no idea how to crack it.
    Hope Cudder is already awake…

    1. Edelweiss had very old DRM. It didn’t get cracked because not a single person uploaded the exe that was requested by the cracker. Cudder managed to make a work-around using his BGI tools, but that’s not a crack, and I don’t think he could have done anything if BGI was different than usual. If you want a crack, upload temporary exe and you’ll get it.

      Go! Go! Nippon! has the same DRM as all other recent MangaGamer games. The crack is already on /jp/

  47. Hmmm admin how about making a donator thing. I know they dont always work but there would be some kind souls that would help throw in a couple of buckaroonies. Might not be as good as buying games but might help offset costs to a small degree. have a Paypal one if you plan on making one ya 🙂

  48. Does this mean that your not going to uploading anything anymore admin? Dont worry i understand what you mean and i have bought a few visual novels my self (such as shuffle and soul link)) but the way you said it in the comments sounds like your going to post visual novels but not the actual downloads. Dont worry i fully understand to reason if you are not uploading THIS visual novel but does this mean for everything? Im just asking to understand since I dont have enough money (at the moment) for this game

  49. not starting anything or judging anyone, don’t worry

    i don’t think my stance is too different from your “support the game” mirror, those who want to download the game will eventually do so but it’s useful to remember the peculiar situation behind this game’s development

  50. please, consider that this game was made only for western fans, and hasn’t japanese sales to back up its development cost. if everyone pirates it this could damage overdrive and mangagamer, not to mention it could mean that there will be no other initiatives like this in the future…

    not judging anyone here, but this is a somewhat special case and i feel we should support it, considering its low price

      1. I see his point. But we’re all here because we’re all a bunch of pirate pervs so there’s no point pointing that out.

    1. Well… this post is experiment of sort.
      I don’t want to buy every game myself to upload, neither i want to wait two weeks until someone else uploads it. If 1% of erogedownload users actually bought one game and shared it with others, we could’ve every game that’d come out in next few years available within minutes from going on sale.
      Seems like feedback is mostly negative though, so I’m not going to repeat it in future.

        1. Hmm , perhaps you should try making a separate page on games that are still needed , i know many people here actually do have VN’s on their hard drives that are not on the site , so designing something so that users can upload (for example , the forum on Fakku) where they can provide a link to their own VN’s which you can then add to the Erogedownload download list. It’s an easy way (not coding wise) of expanding the library. Just my 2 cents.

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