YU-NO – The Girl that Chants Love at the Edge of the World


Takuya Arima is a young student whose father, a historian who has conducted various researches, disappeared recently. During a summer vacation Takuya receives a peculiar package from his missing father, along with a letter containing information about the existence of various parallel worlds. At first Takuya doesn’t take it seriously, but soon he realizes that he possesses a device that allows him to travel to alternate dimensions. Is his father alive, after all? If so, where is he?

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  1. jub says:

    Any chance I could run this through Wine on mac? I was able to run the installer and patch, but when I try to open the AI5ENG.exe nothing happens.

  2. AYYYYYYYY says:

    How does one install this game? Every time I try to download the site tells me I input the wrong captcha when no captcha even appears in the first place. I tried making an account to solve the issue, but the same thing happened. Any idea what’s wrong?

  3. Zept says:

    Game crashes on windows 10 1902,but it works on windwos xp,tried everything,tried all the compatibility modes,8 and 16 bit and 256 colors the registry thing,run as admin and disable antivirus and still crashes on windows 10

  4. Imouto Hunter says:

    Admin, would it be possible to update to use the voice patch (from the Saturn version) or include it as a separate link. Similarly like the Kanon visual novel with voice patch.

    The game file size together with it would be 2.4 GB. The game itself would be over 700 MB unlike this one that says it’s 500+ MB. Seems out of date.

    • T says:

      I’m pretty sure that when I downloaded YU-NO years ago from this site it had voice. Or maybe I got it from somewhere else, or I am mistaken. Isn’t there another way you can find those files and use them with the PC version? Is there any proof that it works?

      Damn, this version is the most beautiful one. I love old timey graphics like this. The OST is excellent. RIP Ryu Umemoto.

      I really need to read this one properly – it kind of intimidates me because of the huge amount of choices.

  5. icarusd says:

    Hello, im havin this text, can i have some help pls?

    “This game only works with at least a 256-color…”

    im using windows 10, thanks

  6. yuno window 10 says:

    I’ve seen multiple comments about not being able to run the install.exe file from the mounted image on WINDOWS 10. The solution is very simple, just extract the mounted image contents to a desired file on your hard drive. After extracting all the files, you can launch the English patch exe, there it will ask you to direct it to where you installed the game. Simply choose the YUNO file (its after the SH1 SH2 files) and voila you can play patched YUNO on windows 10.
    Hope I helped some of you to experience the game, cheers.

    • Windows 10 reply says:

      Okay I’ve noticed a weird bug. If you try to play the game through the shortcut the English patch made on your desktop- an error message will pop up indicating something along the lines of “something something missing 256 bit colors”. All you have to do is to launch the game through the directory you’ve extracted it to (“installed”), meaning launching through:
      (the file where you extracted all the contents of the disc)\YUNO(under the SH1 SH2 files)\AI5ENG.EXE
      From here the game will boot up correctly without any problems.

      • final reply says:

        Just run the game through compatibility setting (WINDOWS XP PACK 3), and run as ADMINISTRATOR. Trust me it will work 100% of the time.

  7. onlyone says:

    As soon as I start the game in between every line of text I get an error pop up that says nothing but “open.mes” in it. I’m assuming it’s not detecting the voice files correctly, but I can’t find anyone else that’s had this problem so I have no clue how to fix it. Anyone?

  8. Thankful says:

    Hey, I installed and I only get voices in AI5ENG_VOICE.exe
    I want to play with voices in the original japanese AI5WIN.exe (simply renaming it to AI5WIN_VOICE.exe didn’t work lol). Does anyone know how can I do it? Thanks

  9. Chris says:

    After I extract the files, I ended up having a folder with 2 files inside. CLASSICS.bin and CLASSICS.cue

    Please help.

  10. Chris says:

    If anyone has the four-episode hentai anime original video animation series released on 1998-1999 please kindly share.

  11. Chris says:

    I just watch this anime very recently and it reminds of Steins Gate. By I was informed that Pink Pineapple produced and released a four-episode hentai anime original video animation series during 1998-1999. Maybe someone has that file here. Pls share. (^_^)

  12. Random says:

    Can someone tell me pls on how to install this game?

  13. Notkoudai says:

    HELLO! thanks this game is wonderful.
    I finished the game and just want to know one thing, idk if a i misread something or the game just never tell u who made the message/code at the twin stones (sword cape).
    Does anybody knows this?

    and if someone want to share relate info about the story that game doesn’t directly tell us. thank u great game!

  14. Cornphise says:

    I downloaded the music pack for this game and now it seems a weird error happens. I was on eriko/mitsuki route, close to end, I use jewel save, game gives “file error failure to open/close file” When I try to reload the jewel save, I get numorous “failure to open/close file errors”, the game quits, deletes my save data and I have to start the bloody game over.

  15. Emily says:

    Someone PLEASE PLEASE help me!! I’m new to installing games and thus I’m really bad at stuff like this the only game I installed and played was 999.. I installed the 3 parts and I mounted the classics image but the install.exe didn’t work?? It seems after I read all the comments that a file called (AI5ENG.exe) is missing from what I downloaded.. what can be the problem? Someone please help :c

  16. :( says:

    Just done talking to eriko-sensei and about to save but it says “failed to read files”. Well when I exited to main menu there’s no continue button. “Failed to read files” also appears when starting a new game and trigger ing the demo.

  17. rish says:

    Heard they were going to release a re-make of this soon. Gonna play this before the re-make just to experience the delight of the original. I just opened this for a bit and already, I think it’s really cool. Just have to download the English patch, and I’m going in for a great ride. Thanks admin! <3

  18. benj says:

    hello i have installed the game using daemons tools and when i run the patch i have a yellow screen and a black screen and the game doesn’t load !!!! do you have an explication ?

  19. HuckleMyBerries says:

    Hey you guys just a general question. How do you go about playing this?

    I can tell this is a HUGE branching vn but is it really hard to keep track of the story/choices/routes? I ask because I looked at the walkthrough and I audibly yelled out holy shit at the sheer number of different possibilities. Did you guys go in blind and enjoy the ride?

    • 1111 says:

      I absolutely did. I didn’t even look at the walkthrough. Just keep track in your head. You’ll miss a few important spots, which will lead to sucky endings, but next time you’ll know better.

  20. Koji says:

    I tried your method to change SCREEN=1 to SCREEN=0
    but it didnt work :<

    • peacefire says:

      Are you trying to run Ai5Eng.exe or Ai5Win.exe? If you’re running AI5WIN (the original japanese version) you’ll want to edit the AI5WIN.ini file instead.

      That’s the only thing I can think of.

  21. LALALALA says:

    Admin, after I installed the voice patch I would get “buffer overflow” whenever I tried to load my game. How is this fixed?

  22. corrupted save says:

    I seem to repeatedly get corrupted save bugs and stack overflow even when I exit the game correctly. Searched around on google and apparently no one else has this issue?

  23. Kain says:

    I was able to install the game, patch it with the english patch and run it well. However, for whatever reason the game is mute. I can’t hear any music at all. Is there a way to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • LALALALA says:

      I had this same problem. What I did was copy the one of the MUSIC.ARC file from the ISO into the main game folder on my computer, it worked for me.

  24. fondly says:

    Do you have any tool to extract the MES.ARC(many mes)?
    And how to packet the MES to MES.ARC?
    Because I need some tools for translation.
    Thank you.

  25. roshinkyo says:

    Hello,I’m a chinese translater of YUNO.I have some problem in crack the game and I can not contact our creaker.So do you have any tools to help me to compression and decompression the text?
    I’m sorry to trouble you.

  26. cihan says:

    i downloaded it long time aga. it worked. and nice game

    a good chance oor learning english and japanease.

  27. Distortion says:

    i have trouble with the AI5ENG_VOICE.exe file i disabled my antivir and re unzipped everything game and patch but cant find the file Pease help

    • peacefire says:

      Have you downloaded the voice patch? You need to download voices separately if you want them. Otherwise, just run AI5ENG.exe instead.

  28. kirbysecond says:

    I installed this and patched it on Windows 10 X64 and it works fine except for the in-game text. The text is displayed longer than the text window and when text is too long the right part will go out of screen (doesn’t stop at right margin) and I can’t watch what it says. I tried messing with compatibility settings of windows but I get the same.

  29. Kr says:

    Not able to run game in Windows 8.1 Bing edition. It tells “Failed to initialize window” no matter what compatibility settings used. Any way to fix that?

    • peacefire says:

      I have it running on Windows 10, so there should be some way to get it to work. Try reinstalling or messing with compatibility settings.

  30. peacefire says:

    SH1/2 are different games bundled with the cd. They’re kind of a hentai version of Langrisser or Fire Emblem. Completely in Japanese.

    Can you hear the regular background music/sound effects? Either way you don’t have the voice pack installed since there’s no ai5eng_voice exe. It comes separately. There’s a link for it up there.

    And no, there is no way to ‘improve’ the graphics, short of redrawing them from scratch. There is probably a way to force a new resolution, but even if you did it would likely make the game look worse, not better.

    FRAPS won’t work because it’s a really old game. Screencast software should work if you’re trying to record the gameplay.

  31. lofter says:

    what happened

  32. lofter says:

    on earth

  33. pickANinja says:

    Hello there I’m new to the whole eroge world, and was trying to have this game as the first game to begin this experience. I got the DA-free download and winRar to play the game. Now I’m having a problem with what the game (I’m assuming it’s classics.bin) needs to be opened with.

    • peacefire says:

      The .bin file is basically a copy of the game’s original CD. Generally any disk image mounting software will work. I recommend Daemon Tools Lite.

      Be warned, the installer is in Japanese. You’ll probably have to use applocale or change your regional settings to install it.

  34. Sunglases says:

    I have some problems, for example, managed to install the game from the original ISO and then apply the patch in English, up there all right.
    But when I started playing the game I noticed I had no sound of voices.
    No voice or Japanese or English, nor have the “AI5ENG_VOICE.exe” file.
    I’m playing the game using the “AI5ENG.EXE” file.

    Note: I had trouble installing the game because I had several options to choose, and I chose to “500mb-600mb” something, later, in the other options I do not know what I chose.

    I also found two folders of other games that came included with YU-NO Game, and are: SH1 and SH2 meaning ?, I delete them or how I can play ?.

    Note: Each folder of SH1 and SH2 containing the executable “AI5WIN.EXE”.

    Furthermore, I would like to know how to increase the resolution or increase the size of the game in “windowed” mode.
    I would also say that I can not record video in the game when I use “fraps” and other programs to record videos of your games.

    Note: anyone know if there is any texture pack or know how I can replace the other images of the game improved?

    I personally did these images:


    • Anon says:

      There are two addon-packs for YU-NO. One, with full voice coverage is already included in this package. Another one contains better quality soundtrack. Its MUSIC.ARC is roughly four times bigger than the original one and also it has its own version of AISENG.EXE within. As peacefire said, there is no visual improvement pack available, AFAIK.

  35. Tyler says:

    Ummm…..this VN is the best IV played and probably the GOAT

  36. nigz says:

    ooooooh!!!! it’s just wording the numbers, my bad! 😛

  37. nigz says:

    Hey, I can’t download the 2 word number passphrase? wtf am I supposed to do here?

  38. peacefire says:

    A little late but here’s how to fix it:

    1.go into the folder where you installed yu-no.
    2.open AI5ENG.INI in notepad.
    3.Somewhere in there should be something that looks like the following:


    4.Change SCREEN=1 to SCREEN=0
    5.Save and exit

    That will restore Yu-no to windowed mode.

  39. Tyler says:

    The game wont play for me. After I choose whether I want to play it in color or monochrome it goes into a blank screen and I can only hear the music. Can anyone help?

  40. ultace says:

    I’ve run into a small problem, while playing the game I clicked on the full screen option. Now t doesnt actually fit my screen and no matter what I do I cant get it back into window mode. I’ve uninstalled and deleted everything or atleast I think everything atleast all that was in the folder besides the voice folders and english pathc any help would be appreciate it

    • peacefire says:

      A little late but here’s how to fix it:

      1.go into the folder where you installed yu-no.
      2.open AI5ENG.INI in notepad.
      3.Somewhere in there should be something that looks like the following:


      4.Change SCREEN=1 to SCREEN=0
      5.Save and exit

      That will restore Yu-no to windowed mode.

    • Helper says:

      The other advice didn’t work, and Google didn’t help. After trying everything from hex editing to reinstalling, I realized a simple fact.

      You can just scroll with the cursor to the top of the screen, even in fullscreen mode, to see the settings again.


  41. Lirg123 says:

    Just finished the game, it’s good, but i certain you’re going to have some short of Bone Disorder after finishing this game 100% clear game.

  42. Lirg123 says:

    The game is great, but the only thing that bugs me is that you HAVE to occasionally check the shrouding to progress the story.

  43. A VN Player says:

    I did everything the instructions said. The English patched version has no sound, only the little beeps when you click on the menu but besides that no music or voices. Help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  44. Daniel says:

    this happens with a lot of older games and no-cd patches. You pretty well have to assign the game as an exception so your anti-virus software will stop generating a false positive.

  45. Anon says:

    I am always stopped by the pink screen at the very beginning I startup.
    Right after clicking “play with colors”.
    I would love to be able to play this VN.

    • pacefrei says:

      What operating system are you running? Did you install to the default directory? Have you tried reinstalling (preferably not to default, and avoid non-english lettering.) Can’t really help you much since I don’t know how your stuff is configured 😛

    • tiya novlita says:

      change your local system into japanese, maybe ?

  46. Jake says:

    FUCKING HELP. I’m on Mio’s route, and I’m deep under Sword Cape. I’ll try not to spoil anything, but I’m in the burial room, and I cannot figure out the fucking puzzle. HELP.

  47. random says:

    I don’t understand. Whatever I do, I seem to be unable to play this game. I’ve installed it but when I try to run it I get a pink screen. Sometimes I get past this, but then the screen turns black instead, and it stays that way. There is music in the background though. The japanese exe file works fine, I can get to the main menu with that no problem, but unfortunately, I cannot read japanese. Help anyone?

    • someguy says:

      took me some time to experiment the issue. apparently the zBG.arc file is corrupted.

      download the classics, from the YUNO file, copy the BG.arc file into the english YU-NO folder and delete the zBG.arc file, then go to the settings(AI5ENG) and change the ARCBGNAME from ARCBGNAME=zBG.ARC to ARCBGNAME=BG.ARC

      • Anon-2016 says:

        Can confirm this works.

        1) Copy “ClassicsYUNOBG.ARC” to “ClassicsBG.ARC”
        2) Edit AI5ENG.ini and change “ARCBGNAME=zBG.ARC” to “ARCBGNAME=BG.ARC”
        3) Run AI5ENG.EXE.

  48. juanjo_dpr9 says:

    Only a jewel remaining, no idea where is it. It’s the top right jewel but I don’t know how to get it, I think it’s in the storehouse back room but I got stuck in that part. What am I supposed to do? I’d appreciate help.

    • pacefrei says:

      The very top right jewel would be the one on Kaori’s route. Assuming you grabbed that one, if you mean the one on the Mitsuki/Ryuuzouji route, you can’t get it right away. You’ll have to explore around the mansion near the end first. There’s something rather peculiar hidden away that will help you get it. Hope this helps without being too spoilery

  49. Ardalan says:

    Thank you. this website is AWESOME!!!

  50. Maou says:

    Yu No, this game is pretty good.

  51. juanjo_dpr9 says:

    Got stuck in the Triangle Mountain cave, what am I supposed to do? I pressed the bottom on the wall but I don’t know what to do.

  52. Neiru says:

    I downloaded the English patch, but my antivirus detected malware.

  53. Flamers says:

    uhh there’s something wrong with my eng patch, I’ve put it to the folder and the game works but the text going straight to the right untill over the text box so I cant understand some part of the stoy or dialogue, could anyone give a suggestion to fix this?

  54. FFTHEWINNER says:

    how do you save the game??!! i cant find any option!!

  55. Jake says:

    Is there anywhere where I can download the soundtrack? I love it.

  56. JazzHands says:

    2 quick questions

    1. How do you get the jewel in the Eriko/sub teacher route? The one that requires interaction with the storehouse right before you meet the teacher at the well. I think it’s gotten via opening the door in the back but I haven’t managed to get to/find it.

    2. I’m at the part in Mio route right after the thunderstrike and the crowd pelting Ayumi wth eggs. Left geotec, went to the gate and saw the Foxy mama. The site guide is telling me to see the sub teacher and mio in the schools second corridor but I’m not getting anything when I head up there/search.

    I’ve read both this sites walkthrough and the admins walkthrough that was posted on this earlier and I still can’t figure this out. Can Anyone help me?

  57. LiByMi says:

    Um.. How do you install it? I already extracted it all into a one file, patched it. And then, i tried starting it, and it said, please install the game. Help?

  58. Jake says:

    Can someone please recommend some point-and-click visual novels similar to this one? Thanks in advance.

    • tiya novlita says:

      Almost all C’s Ware game in 1990’s adopt this kind of system (point and click adventure). Try Eve : Burst Error, Adam : The Double Factor and Desire. The character design is somewhat similar too

  59. sai says:

    Got stuck at the part where you’re at the cafe with his foxy mom after following the old professor. No matter what I clicked I couldnt leave.please help me i don’t no what to do?

    • trader says:

      Click on foxy mom, you’ll see her looking at the old professor. Then she’ll see you but she’ll say she doesn’t know you. Try a few click on her cigarette and then chat with her. These would help you through the scene.

  60. The Big Guy says:

    A lot of your files for MediaFire, including this one (and Quartett and the fan disk for Himiwari no Shoujo), has been deleted. Can you reupload them?

  61. sensualaoi_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    Got stuck at the part where you’re at the cafe with his foxy mom after following the old professor. No matter what I clicked I couldnt leave. When I tried to talk to her she kept saying “Who are you?” which made me think there was a glitch and the text was cut off or something. And no matter what I did I couldn’t leave the scene. I finally reinstalled the game fresh, so we’ll see if that fixes it….

    • sai says:

      have you completed foxy mama scene at the evening?

    • andretae says:

      Make sure you click her hair, the cigarete in her hand, the ash tray, her breast, her eyes, the plants around her, basically everything remotely clickable several times and you should recognize her in the game.

  62. CLR says:

    According to the walkthrough if you read documents you are told to by the game that give some explanation of how the game works you get stuck at the very beginning and have to restart.

    Don’t care how good the game might be if that’s how it starts it would be foolish to continue playing.

    I could be mistaken of course and the problem is that I didn’t click the right pixel enough times, which isn’t any better.

  63. Yuri says:

    Wow after making the first jewel save I can’t even follow the Eriko route properly. That walkthrough just leaves way too many things out to be a walkthrough. Can’t find her in the infirmary and accidentally trigger the AYumi route.

    Y U NO create a detailed walkthrough for YUNO. (Sorry had to use that pun)

  64. Xing says:

    How do I access the saving menu?

  65. 123321 says:

    >Click on ai5eng_voice.exe
    >Game Starts
    >Choose color
    >Everything turns from pink screen to black
    >Nothing happens
    >Nothing happens
    >Nothing happens
    >Close down game, rince and repeat

    How to solve this?

  66. Otaku Gaijin Kurosawa says:

    This is the one VN I haven’t been able to figure out how to install.

    First I manage to mount the .bin file in daemon tools lite but then the install becomes corrupted and game keeps freezing so then I remove all the installed files.

    Next time when I try reinstalling, the installer wont start the set-up. Insted I extract all files from the .bin and try to start the installer from my harddrive, but yields the same results. Furthermore when trying to take away the essential files and then re-extract them from the .rar files again it says they’re currently being used, even with the files being dismounted in daemon-tools, and no other existing programs using it.

    Figuring it’s an issue with daemon-tools, I decide to reinstall the whole thing, and after that it doesn’t even find the .bin file anymore. Using Windows 7 so shouldn’t be a problem there either and can’t figure out how the fuck to solve this.

    I just played through MuvLuv and I need something good to clear my head from that junk. Like really, most anime harem adaptions of visual novels are better than that VN, and most anime harem adaptions are shit.

  67. watsap says:

    Game, Y U NO let me have a life?
    (Sorry, had to make this pun)

  68. nathred says:

    can someone help me?
    I just cant find the last jewel in the study room.
    The walktrought says that i can find it as soon as i enter the room,but the divergence map says otherwise.
    Anyway, can someone tell me where to clik? I tried everything

  69. Help says:

    Eririn’s Private Lesson. Anyone solved it I need help

  70. malakai456 says:

    So to download the game I just put the 3rar files in one folder and extract right?

  71. Help says:

    Can you get a ending were Mitsuki Doesn’t get shot.
    I have the sliver disk,I have picked the orb behind the steel doors I have seen the ending where you are tied up and they kill you Is their a Ending for Mistsuki and Eriko! Got two walkthroughs but they are not really detailed.

  72. a bit indecisive says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about the epilogue so far. I have been at it for a couple of hours but its story is just so different from the rest of the game that I’m starting to think it should be a different game altogether.

    • triad says:

      spoiler alert the epilogue ties everything together in fact the name of the game comes from the epilogue but i would like to have seen a second game that was based in the other world where you could effect in instead of just following the path

  73. ARG!! says:

    I’m stuck at stone chambers after Yu-No’s world
    I cant open either door
    any advice on what to do

  74. agfhgtryhtr says:

    ugh some of you people are superficial
    Judging a game on it’s quality just because it’s old? you are suspicious of playing a old game? Give me a break. Some old games are better than new games. Just because a game has shiny new graphics doesn’t make it great.

    • Tymon says:

      I find that frankly ‘MOST’ older games are better than newer games… not just in the eroge line either… older games focused more on plot, story, and gameplay since the technology for graphics weren’t as good as today… today…most of them focus on graphics, while story, plot, and gameplay are thrown to the wind, and most of the sheep-people brainlessly follow along with the hype.

  75. Wuggles says:

    Hey, I’m pretty much at the end, and I can’t figure out the clock >< Anyone know what the numbers you need to hit are, and the order? I've tried randomly pushing em', and none of the walkthroughs or guides say anythin' about it x.x

  76. Anonymous says:

    Actually come to think fo it, did you even use any of your jewl to creat jump points at all? Don’t tell me you just play the routes straight though without ever creating backtrack points…

    • Just Want to Play says:

      First time through, I didn’t quite get how it worked, so I accidentally used all my jewels, so in order to finish that route I had to go through the whole thing over again.

      Even with the jewels though, you end up having to replay some sections a fair amount, the worst being the beginning since you have to pointlessly search everything before you can advance.

  77. Just Want to Play says:

    What I find to be an issue with the game is how you have to do everything all over again if you want to go from the start. My first time playing I didn’t really know what I was doing with the spheres so I got stuck and had to do the entire route all over again.

    • Just Want to Play says:

      This also severely damps the ability to freely explore, as you have to go through everything all over again if you go down a route you don’t want.

      • admin says:

        That game came out in 90’s… that was the standard back then.

        • Just Want to Play says:

          I’m just noting that it limits any claims to how “amazing” the game is. The concept itself is quite interesting, but it’s let down by these interface issues.

          • Anonymous says:

            The system is suppose to be part of the game. As long as you understand how it works, you’d rarely find your self in trouble. People these days are just too used to being held hand by the save/load system.

            It was amazing because it broke so many new grounds at the time. There’s a reason why this is the highest rated game ever on ErogeScape.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t know what you’re talking about, as long as you leave at least one jewl in your reflector, it’ll keep working. It’s all about planning out when to drop your jewl and when to recover them.

  78. John says:

    Hey you guy, i’m just posting here to tell damm admin you are awesome, this VN is truly epic soo many path splits soo many possibilities i even avoided the walktrought so i can get everything by myself :D, btw about the netorare thing well to tell the truth when it happened it didn’t really bother me that much


    time travel makes it easy to not bother with it, since you can simple go back in time and fix things


    so well thanks a bunch admin for sharing this, without you i would never have heard of it. you have my deeply gratitude

  79. raitou says:

    good morning/evening admin, i was wondering how is you can decided what game you will upload.

    i mean, you must be choose a game from so many new released eroge, right?

    (hey, can we submit a walkthroughs here? if can how?)

    sorry to ask so many.

  80. Gob says:

    Is there a game from MangaGamer coming out soon ?

    • Jess says:

      The latest from them was that Go! Go! Nippon one. They have other VNs lined up but none have a release date as of yet. Amaterasu just translated “A Profile”. I don’t think there are any english translations planned to be released anytime soon. Just surprise ones (if any).

  81. TheRater says:

    Ahahah your tears feed me. You have no idea how much some people like use love netorare! Some of the hosts of Fakku(a website) say they like netorare because they like to feel emotion in their hentai and feel the rage. Thats one side of the netorare appreciation, but another side is my side. We love netorare and dont feel rage and sadness, no, we feel euphoria in our brains. I can’t explain it, its similar to how i like lolicon(tho in RL i dont think kids are cute, just annoying) and futanari(i dont like dicks on women in real life its freaky). If you know sexuality terms, it is a fetish. I just love seeing a girl cheating on her lover, especially if its voluntary, i love seeing the man getting betrayed and seeing his tears. Similar to the protagonist’s tears, your tears make me feel a sense of sadistic pleasure, thats why people QQing about netorare is part of our pleasure!

    • Jess says:

      So… it’s a sadistic pleasure? I’ve always called netorare in visual novels ‘loser fetish’ since most VNs make you either like the protag or put you in their shoes. I don’t know many guys that’d be all “HELLZ YEAH, MAH GURL CHEATED ON ME LOLZ” or to a friend “HELLZ YEAH, UR GURL CHEATED ON U LOLZ”. Don’t get me wrong, if the dude’s an a-hole I’m perfectly fine with NTR… sadly that’s rarely the case.

      • TheRater says:

        well i dont really feel i am in protagonists shoes very often tbh, their values and situations are just too differnent from mine, and its rare that dating sims (games where you are directly put in the shoes of the MC) have netorare seeing as they revolve around so many girls having netorare in there is a hard fit.

        when i see the protagonist in despair, it feels so good for some reason. i cant really explain it, its like taking away their sense of happiness, ruining someones sanity and security is so satisfying. My only fib is that many netorare games have a foreigner play the role of the seducer, i mean way to make the Japanese distrust foreigners even more, and then the use of fat people, i mean man fat people are human just like you and me but instead they make them seem like monsters and rapists.

        • Madd says:

          Personally I’m not a huge fan of NTR either, but i can see that it is a fetish, and the way it is different does allow for a change of pace and originality in the face of the more generic titles. But I can’t stand it for too long especially if the story and characters are favorable, because it causes me to have a much angrier disposition, when compared to the more quick and mindless NTR where I do not have as much of an attachment.

          And yes I see that a lot of NTR have “those” types of seducers. I think that is because they are used to foil the protagonist, which, imo, I usually try to identify myself with (if i was unable to do that because I would feel less rage), though like you said, you don’t seem to identify yourself with them and that is probably why you don’t feel a lot of what other people feel. Though I don’t exactly always identify myself with protagonists either (epically in NTR). If the seducer was less of a foil, they would not induce as much rage and be more acceptable than the usual “seducers”.

  82. Jess says:

    I’m going to avoid this for a while… until I have nothing else to do… why? Netorare. This game contains netorare. You have been warned.

    • admin says:

      You make it sound like it’s a bad thing…
      We have like 200 translated games already where boy meets girl, they fall in love with each other and live happily ever after.

      • Jess says:

        Well, I don’t think it’s a plus and I just felt like handing out a warning. I’ve seen more people rage about NTR than praise it. I’ll probably still play it eventually since the story is intriguing but still… I’m sensitive like that, I suppose. 😛

        • admin says:

          Well… Personally i’m not a huge fan of NTR, but it definetely brings some fresh air – up until recently all visual novels that got translated were generic high school romances, or jast sex romps.

        • Camui says:

          Thanks for the heads up man, I hate NTR myself so I’ll avoid this. Different things for different people I guess. No need to get into discussion about tastes now.

          • Anonymous says:

            Don’t listen to him. The NTR isn’t that huge of deal here, since you have a time machine that literally lets you go back in time and stop the NTR once you discovered the means to, either further down in the same timeline, or from an alternative timeline.

    • RANDOM says:

      This game is the gem of VN
      Netorare isn’t really that bad if you consider how good this game is.

    • Celestial says:

      Thanks for the heads-up. I’m kinda tired of rape in games… movies, manga… I mean, yeah. I do get that a game can be really good, but I don’t think it excuses it. Rape culture, anyone?

  83. Jeff says:

    Nobody has really answered this, I’ve been coming back and checking the comments for a solution but there hasn’t been one.I try to install the game, but when i open the install/setup nothing happens. I know other people are having this problem, so if anyone can help solve this problem or give a solution it would really help.. admins ?

  84. nathred says:

    it seems we can play 2 other games with yuno: shangri 1 and 2.
    But there doesn’t seems to be a english patch for those.
    Is it normal?

  85. Miroku74 says:

    Not sure if anyone else has had this pop up.

    My AVG shows the English Patch coming up as containing malware.

    • Anonymous says:

      My Bitdefender (one of the most overly strict Antivirus software out there) didn’t pick up anything. Nor has anybody else found any issue with it. It’s been suggested the voice patch uses a hack method to inject the voice during gameplay, so that could be it. Most definitly a false positive on AVG’s part.

      • admin says:

        Yes, AVG and Avast have problem with voice exe. Send it to vendor so that they correct the false positive. Until they fix it, you should add voice exe to exception list.

  86. CampingHero says:

    The Main Charakter is quite funny.
    Thanks for this old game admin

  87. Otamega'sEro says:

    i just know the world of the novel visul just a month ago lol and it was because I was reading the world god only know hahhaha …. however old or new v’n are important story behind it .

  88. bones says:

    I’m on Eriko route and I’m stuck at the part where you’re required to go to the infirmary after going to the rooftop. Does anyone know what I’m supposed to do at the infirmary?

    • Ste says:

      Just keep doing things: you have to meet some other characters before Eriko: Kanna on the rooftop, Yuuki outside school, the beard guy who worked with your father, and an old woman outside the mansion.

  89. Crosaith says:

    Thanks! I wouldn’t have heard of most of these VNs if not for this site.

    On another note. This sites very helpful. Most VNs I see are pretty expensive.. It’s nice being able to try im out. If I rly enjoy one, I’ll buy it. Works good! 😀

  90. RANDOM says:

    On erogegamescape

    I never ever expected to play the game in my life (considering its age, not many people would be interested). But WOW, I love this website.

  91. LT says:

    Does anyone here know the trigger to get out of your room after getting the first jewel? I’ve been at it for hours, but I can’t seem to progress…

    • Ste says:

      Happened the same to me :)))

      Did you examine the phone on your desk?

      This game is very much similar to the old point-and-click text adventures :)))

  92. Yagami says:

    This a VN from old times e.e

  93. AdminFan1 says:

    Hey Admin, can you start uploading the files to Mediafire instead, or a free site where you can download unlimited times?

    • admin says:

      Short answer: No.
      Long answer: No. You can, however, download part1 from filesonic, and while it’s downloading, start downloading part2 from fileserve. By the time part2 downloads, you should be able to download part3 from filesonic again.

    • The Sad Panda says:

      Use JDownloader , it’s easy to chain together downloads + it’s easy to use.

  94. dudell says:

    i also get the error whenever i try to download the english patch

  95. anon says:

    Is it possible to upload to hotfile, or is there some kind of problem with it? (I got a sub there, so it’d go sooo much faster >_>)

  96. STARSBarry says:

    i get a weird error when ever i try to download the english patch says theres a connection error and refuses to finish the download, this is from multiple links with multiple browsers…. can anyone .rar the file and reupload somewhere see if i can actually get this onto my computer

    • STARSBarry says:

      ok had to jump through hoops and download a seprate download manager just to get the damn file to save correctly on my system…. honestly thats a little weird

  97. shinn says:

    Oh by the way how many episodes r they in yuno? in jap version it show three selection in the beginning but in eng tranlated is just one? Did i do something wrong?

  98. Danilo Antunes says:

    Thanks admin.
    Lets try this classic.

  99. rd3123 says:

    need help game does not load am running windows 7 with japanese locale tibili have tried xp compatability as well

  100. Ivan says:

    For anyone using Daemon Tools Lite having issues installing the game because mounting the disc file doesn’t lead into installation of the game, you’ll want to try another program. Using a trial version of one of the more advanced versions of Daemon Tools is what I happened to do.

  101. gregninja says:

    just downloaded and ran this game. it’s real jank, hahaha.

  102. aavb132 says:

    Thank you, once again, Admin. Your efforts are appreciated, as always.

  103. vandes says:

    need a walkthrough

  104. rd3123 says:

    keep getting frozen pink screen after choosing color mode

  105. Risax says:

    You’re uploading new VN’s at a pretty fast pace nowadays admin, and I like it! =D

    As for the game…
    It looks like an old game, but the concept of alternate worlds sound intrueging. And like harkoz said, they would translate a 15 year old game if it was bad. So I guess I’ll download it.

  106. Nate says:

    thanks admin! Been wanting to play this one ever since I got into VNs, as it’s suppposed to be god-tier and all.

  107. c-x says:

    hey, the part name is funny

  108. harkoz says:

    Thanks as always admin. Too bad i don’t have time to play it, even though I’m very curious why does this game has such high ratings.

  109. einixmax says:

    Waaa … this game is super old . Wonder if it is good or not. Can anyone tell me ?

    • harkoz says:

      The rating for this game are really high(on 31 people 27 gave it 10) so I guess It’s good. And I don’t think anyone would bother translating 15 years old VN if it’s bad.

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