18 comments on “World End Economica Episode 2

  1. Any1 knows when the 3rd part will be available here? First one was like one big teaser, you had to play 2nd one, just to find out what happened afterwards, now i cant wait for the 3rd part.

    Possible mindblow alert!!
    If you ask me the blonde in the 2nd part is the same girl as the brunnette in the 1st.

  2. kinda+newbie+here,+somehow+i+still+dont+get+it+why+:(+

  3. So I read on about a kickstarter group that, as of yesterday, is looking at a late summer release for WEE 3. Can’t wait for that, but I don’t know if this website uses that kind of material? Anyway, hoping to see the last part soon

  4. By FAR, REALLY FAR, one of the best VNs I’ve ever played. Didn’t expected much of this series… Turned out to be one of my favorites.
    Bought at Steam. Truly, a masterpiece.

  5. I went and played both episode because of boredom, but it turned out to be something I quite enjoyed since it was something unfamiliar in a good way.(except for both episodes having major cliffhangers O_o) Waiting patiently for the third episode.

    admin keep doing what you do ^_^b

  6. Thoght the end was sad and it didn’t have chooises i really liked the first one, i even bought the first chapter so i was waiting for the second one. It is even better since there is a new (and better) heroine (i belive for the image) For now i’ll download this one since i’m bad waiting, but i’ll buy it later.

  7. It’s really good. I have the first 2 on Steam (Support it if you can, it’s only 10 bucks atm). You basically need of of have played the first one, but if you like the roller coaster of emotions the first gave you. Then you’ll like this one.

    Although you’ll spend the next feel months wondering where the 3rd volume is.

  8. Author of Spice and Wolf? Why didn’t you say so before! Would’ve DLed the first ep. long ago if that were the case…

  9. All of the reviews I read for the first game were negative. Is this one an improvement on the first chapter?

    1. The first game left me depress, broken heart and reminded me of the cold, harsh, and cruel real world i try to leave behind by playing the game in the first place. But i dont learn and is going to try this second game. Why dont you play it instead of asking?

        1. the first installment leave a bad taste (very) because it left off on the worst cliffhanger taste. this one is the continuation so people anticipate it despite the low score people give.

    2. Huh? All the reviews I saw of this series put it at above average to good. The VNDB ratings average out to around that point as well.

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