Lightning Warrior Raidy 3

After her adventures in the previous game, Raidy continues her adventures, with the three monsters Fonfon, Tiss and Folles following behind her, upset at having lost their home in the dungeon. They head to the crime-ridden town of Vice, where Raidy hopes to get help from the local Thieves’ Guild. When the four are unable to pay for their meal at an inn, they get in big trouble. The only way to pay off the debt and get their weapons back is to enter a dungeon and remove an evil alchemist who’s been kidnapping the humans in the town to perform experiments on them…

Once again Raidy must enter a series of mazes and defeat wandering monsters and evil bosses who do naughty things if she loses. But this time there’s a new twist: a magical item that allows Raidy to merge with one other individual, allowing the creation of a new being with new strengths that are suitable to take on this new challenge.
After her adventures in the previous game, Raidy continues her adventures, with the three monsters Fonfon, Tiss and Folles following behind her, upset at having lost their home in the dungeon. They head to the crime-ridden town of Vice, where Raidy hopes to get help from the local Thieves’ Guild. When the four are unable to pay for their meal at an inn, they get in big trouble. The only way to pay off the debt and get their weapons back is to enter a dungeon and remove an evil alchemist who’s been kidnapping the humans in the town to perform experiments on them…

Once again Raidy must enter a series of mazes and defeat wandering monsters and evil bosses who do naughty things if she loses. But this time there’s a new twist: a magical item that allows Raidy to merge with one other individual, allowing the creation of a new being with new strengths that are suitable to take on this new challenge.

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  1. Hi! I can’t get one CG :/ it’s on the 2 page, 2 row from the bottom, in the middle (4th from left and right).
    Could someone explain how to get that CG?

  2. I don’t know why everybody complaining about this game.
    I think it’s good, the character draws well and become more moe because the artist skill become better…..

    1. For gameplay it’s Raidy 2 once again. In 1995 it could have been decent but well… 20th century is long gone…
      It’s about time for an update.

      For plot: nothing special. That’s the best that could be said.
      What was the best in R2 IMO was Raidy slowly submitting to her inner slutiness. Hearing about those 3 monster girls would play major roles I was expecting a lot of such turning Raidy into a slut.
      There is none of it. I was quite disappointed to say the least.

  3. I really found Raidy 3 to be a disappointment in the series also. First, they made it a REAL pain in the ass to collect Scenes and CG. Then they made the scenes almost completely stuff like: enema, beastality, beastality-impregnation, mindbreak, etc. which is really a turndown in my opinion. I’m not into any of that so in my eyes it just became something really disgusting. I was a lot more comfortable with Raidy 2 and thought Raidy 2 was much more worth playing, despite the scenes that give you forced choices to pick all of the choices a certain number of times (those were annoying and redundant).

    I really hope they don’t do this again for future releases.
    Please warn me if Raidy 3.5 is full of stuff like this.

    1. I don’t even have that much of a problem with the themes. But like you said, it’s a pain in the ass to reach the scenes, the scenes are described overly painful, almost no events whatsoever happen in-between bosses, there are no “mini” bosses, there is no interaction in town, the money you earn does not have any mechanical value, the dungeons are ugly, far too empty and far too many between events and bosses. And level design is horrible at times. That is the gist of it.

      That does not in the least require any budget. All you need is maybe an additional man on the team to help you, someone who understands something about level design. Hell, I could have done levels/dungeons prettier and better than this in my free time with and open source engine.

  4. To be honest, I’M a little bit disappointed by Raidy 3. Love the CGs don’t get me wrong, and the story is better too, but the rest is just worse.

    One can clearly see they totally ran out of any money to use in the end and that is is a low-low or almost no-budget production.

    I wish I could go to the developers page/forum and give some feedback so the next will be better, because I think it has big potential.

    The bottom line here is Raidy3 is maybe the biggest Raidy game so far, the most creative and the one with the best story, but there are elements that just ruin the games flow and enjoyability. I separated those in a few key points:

    1. The CGs and Bossfights are both streched over far too much space. You are often clearing 3 floors or more until encountering another boss and the CGs or even the normal \event scenes\ are not as many as in previous games in comparison

    2. The dungeon textures are absolutely horrible. I went back and played Raidy1 again to compare them and I have to say Raidy1s textures were MILES better than Raidy3’s. And in today’s time, were really EVERYONE can just borrow/buy a license for using a good modern graphics engine that is really bad, because the game could look a lot better. Hell, the Stanley parable was a low-budget bad-graphics game, but it looked MILES better than this. This seriously kills any exploration fun, and if you have a game that has little else in terms of gameplay except exploring the dungeon that is really bad, ESPECIALLY if point 1 applies and the CGs are too far apart.

    3. The dungeon design. I actually liked some of the design choices and some \riddles\ were quite creative and nice to solve, on the other hand you have then abominations like the 2nd BeeHive level and the Forest level, the former of which is just HORRIBLE because it consist of invisible entrances/fake walls EXCLUSIVELY and the latter of which is just WAY too big a level to be and fun.

    4. The CGs and the \merge mechanic\. The main problem I see in terms of CGs and level difference is that they did at the same time make the game bigger/longer in terms of dungeons but reduced the CG. The problem of the CG reduction comes back to the budget AND to the idea of using 3 companions to merge with creating 3 different loss and victory scenes. In later boss fights they cleverly use a trick to make it so you can only have 1 victory scene because the other forms auto-loose and at the very end you are fighting without being merges, which was quite okay in my book. The problem I see is they exaggerated with the companions.

    4a. First of all the companions can only be chosen if you are at your BASE (the town), which makes the whole thing of getting all loss and victory scenes a REAL chore especially because most \bosses\ are on the 3rd level of a dungeon which means you have to cross each level AGAIN if you want to play as another merged form. And since there are no \teleportation stones\ for certain dungeon levels it takes forever.

    4b. Second of all CGs are not easily drawn and produced. And having to make 4 – 6 CGs for every bossfight can become difficult and lead to the fact that you are \saving\ on other sources, namely the normal \event scenes\ and possible \mini-bosses\ in between. Making the levels bigger is making the problem only become more apparent and annoying.

    5. There is not even close to enough interaction in town in-between dungeons. I’d like to see a lot more in this regard.

    6. Environmental interaction is important. I hope they are able to go beyond simple \treasure chests\ in the future

    7. Why do I earn money if I can never spend it?

    8. In the end, and this is just a simple point I noticed, they reused almost all the UI assets of the old game to the fullest. As good as no difference there. So WHAT the hell did they work on? I could have produces that game in 1 – 2 months. Obviously the CG takes WAY longer, but the gameplay part I could have made in no time

    Bottom Line:

    They need to step up their game. They need to buy a few engine developer tools, use Unreal Engine 3/4, Source Engine or Cryengine or something similar, my god if you want use an Open Source Engine, there are some here and there. We are past the 90s man. This game looks worse than Thief1.

    Also they need to adapt the sizes of their dungeons more. A level can not go on forever and ever and have very long lines of walking straight in one direction or horrible \every wall could be a fake one\ levels. They need to \spread\ CG scenes more over those dungeons including little story events as well as one or two \mini-bosses\ (with only 1 victory and loss CG) at least if you have no \big\ bossfight.

    On top of that I would recommend reducing your companions to 2 instead of 3 to reduce the number of possible CG scenes so you can spend more time on in-between CG events and can maybe add some more bosses to the game. You can for example leave the dark elf out of it considering she seems to have her own game/spin-off now with Raidy 3.5, or IDK. Sorry for those who like her, I’m just not a scat fan.

    Also reduce the number of levels you need to cross until you meet a boss. Often enough I would have liked to cross 2 levels, but when I started with level 3 of each dungeon I was annoyed and exhausted.

    Keep doing such a good job on the story, you really stepped up your game there in terms of the overall complexity and dialogue.

    Also keep being creative with scenes, don’t do too much tentacle stuff, don’t do too much girl-on-girl, don’t do too much men-on-girl, keep it balanced and keep it creative.

    If you look at those points and realize them, THEN the series would be AMAZING. You have to at least get better in SOME points because Raidy3 despite having more content and being bigger was not as good as Raidy2.

    Also that is a personal preference but include more scenes where Raidy is forced to willingly do something sexual to reach a certain goal / get a certain item or move on (liked the ones in Raidy2 at the beginning with that guy and the one with the mage in Raidy 3).

    And last but not least, try not to make every scene look like Pain is all that Raidy feels. It became a tad bit too much in Raidy 3 where in every loss scene all that came across from the text was that Raidy never felt even a hint of pleasure. Sure, she tries to tell herself she doesn’t, that is a common method of reversed psychology in such stories, but it has to come across that despite not wanting to and finding it disgusting she does.


    That is about all I would tell the developers of this game.
    Please, if anyone knows an address to give that feedback to, and email address, website, forum or anything, feel free to tell me I would LOVE to give my feedback there. Also if someone has the chance to do deliver this himself feel free to copy my wall of text and post it wherever it might reach the development team. If they only speak Japanese you can translate it if you want (I do not speak Jap unfortunately).

    Who knows, maybe one day that feeback might help in developing a superior Raidy game. And believe me, for those changes I suggested, you don’t need much of a budget. And if those games are really at least a moderate success in Japan and the US then they should have enough to do those changes.

    Hope my feedback also helps some guys here to decide if it’s worth downloading the game or not.

    See you guys, and tell me when Raidy3.5 is up.

  5. I seem to be getting a bug that spams the “back” movement like crazy whenever I try to enter a dungeon, making it impossible to go anywhere as the first dungeon has me bashing into the back wall infinitely.

    Anyone know a fix for this?

  6. I can now confirm it. If you are playing on xp and getting a win32 message all you need to do to fix it is find a Japanese download of the game (plenty of torrents around still) and take out the exe for it from the installed game. (I used the one called Raidy3WM.exe, the only difference is full screen vs windowed, it will have an extra underscore in it, delete that and add it to the folder for the English version. After doing so you can run it (May need japanese locale, idk I have my computer set to auto detect that stuff) and it works just fine.
    Have fun guys!

  7. I bought a copy of the game, been pleased with it so far.
    Here’s some of my impressions after having gone through the first 2 dungeons:

    Tis’s hit rate is atrocious. Avoid unless you are overleveled or your opponent is really slow.
    Solo Raidy is generally weak but can lightning charge, which was my preferred way of killing bosses in LR2. You get some conversation replayability depending on who you have with you, which was nice.

    Folle and Fonfon are both good general-purpose characters. Folle is more balanced, but Fonfon gets a boost to hit rate and evade making it easier to not die with Fonfon (Fonfon op pls nerf)

    Bee Queen only has 1 victory scene (and 4 loss screens). You will autolose if you use anyone but Fonfon in that fight. Lvl21 is enough to sleepwalk your way through the bee queen (ended up getting a lot of levels exploring floor 2 of the beehive). Most of the treasures aren’t worth getting so far, mostly potions.

    You lose access to the first dungeon (waterways) after you finish it, but there’s no equipment down there anyway to miss.

    My notes on the floor layouts
    Und. Waterway B1
    X20 Y05 – Exit
    X00 Y15 – Lever (needed before fight in X10 Y05)
    X10 Y08 – Scene with snake girl prisoner
    X12 Y03 – Stairs to B2
    X09 Y22 – Fake Wall
    Locked Doors
    X10 Y05 – Old Key
    X23 Y01 – Room Key
    Coords – Trapped – Contents
    X21 Y00 – Y – Empty
    X29 Y07 – N – Room Key
    X14 Y00 – N – Return Stone
    X17 Y03 – N – Light Heal Potion
    X06 Y20 – N – Rusty Key
    X05 Y15 – N – Light Heal Potion
    X10 Y08 – N – Old Key
    X10 Y20 – N – Remove Poison Potion

    Und. Waterway B2:
    X03 Y21 – Mell (Boss after visiting Maria)
    X06 Y22 – Maria
    X05 Y19 – Stairs to B3

    Fake Walls:
    X17 Y02 (Enter From North)
    X13 Y08 (Enter From East)

    Direction Reversal:
    X12 Y14

    Locked Doors:
    X10 Y17 – Got from Mell

    X28 Y00 – N – Light Heal Potion
    X28 Y03 – Poison – Empty
    X29 Y08 – N – Return stone
    X23 Y01 – Poison – Empty
    X23 Y09 – Poison – Empty
    X12 Y00 – N – Remove Poison Potion
    X16 Y05 – N – Light Healing Potion
    X02 Y17 – N – Mid Healing Potion

    Und. Waterway B3:

    X02 Y21 – Boss (Quack)

    Fake Walls:
    X09 Y21 (Enter From W)

    Locked Doors:
    X02 Y22 – Lab Key

    X00 Y14 – N – Lab Key
    X10 Y19 – Poison – Empty
    X11 Y14 – N – Light Healing Potion
    X04 Y16 – N – Remove Poison Potion
    X04 Y21 – N – Light Healing Potion

    Bee Hive Lv 1
    X15 Y02 – N – Key to Audience Chamber
    X13 Y02 – N – Middle Healing Potion
    X11 Y11 – N – Middle Healing Potion
    X10 Y07 – Poison – Light Healing Potion
    X06 Y12 – N – Light Healing Potion
    X01 Y06 – N – Light Healing Potion
    X01 Y00 – N – Middle Healing Potion

    Locked Doors:
    X00 Y11 – Key to Audience Chamber

    Bee Hive Lv 2
    X09 Y04 – Girl
    X09 Y10 – Stairs to Lv 3
    X18 Y00 – Poison – Empty
    X18 Y13 – HPRecov – Magic Bandana
    X15 Y09 – Poison – Empty
    X04 Y11 – N – Return Stone
    X01 Y12 – N – Middle Healing Potion
    X04 Y01 – N – Middle Healing Potion
    X01 Y05 – N – Return Stone

    Bee Hive Lv 3
    X08 Y03 – Ves (Boss) (NEED Fonfon)

    X12 Y04 Poison

    X15 Y12 – N – Mental Healing Potion
    X14 Y01 – N – Middle Healing Potion
    X17 Y12 – N – Middle Healing Potion
    X17 Y05 – Poison – Empty
    X02 Y03 – N – Mental Healing Potion
    X03 Y09 – N – Remove Poison Potion
    X00 Y13 – Damage – Ves’ Sword (counterfeit)

  8. To play on xp you need the crack from the japanese version in the installation folder. I don’t have this anymore but its what I discovered looking online. Anyone want to help me acquire it? I’d love a link or something.

  9. Where do I find another key in the ant dungeon for another door in floor 1/floor 2? I already found the one in the hidden room that unlocks the prison.

    1. Similar to the bee queen you need the help of one of your monster companions, in this case it’s the elf that can neutralize the aphrodisiac.

    1. Ok, seems like there are already some alomst complete saves out there, will check them out later and let you know if i found one….

      (is it ok to post links to stuff like that here?)

      1. !!! 100% SAVE !!!

        ok boys, as mentioned by many before raidys dungenos were never good, but this time they are downright terrible.
        After some digging i found a seemingly complete save file for the english version which you only need to put in your game folder.

        (having no experience with file hosting, hope this works. Also hoping i’m not violating any rules here.)

  10. Any XP users manage to get this to work? Keep getting not a valid Win32 application. Which is weird because I tried using the .exe from Raidy 2 which actually worked for a while but it crashes when animations come up in H scenes. Any help on this would be awesome. You’re also free to laugh at me for still using XP

    1. I’m experiencing the same problem… Was it damaged download or something? Or is this game really not compatible with XP? First time ever I encounter this error message with my XP.

  11. Well i have to say its the worst raidy game i have seen. The first dungeon was OK but even so it was just ok, first of all in this game you dont ever use money, its useless, even worse is that u have to obtain monster cores and others things so that u can trade it for potions or weapons. In this game you will not like to explore the dungeons, they are empty, nothing worthy of your time.

    The new mechanic about transformations? it just plainly sucks, it means having 8 fights with each boss so that u can obtain all cgs… at least we dont have 8 floors because if we did… god save us, its a time killer, if at least you could do the transformation in the dungeon it could be better.

    I expected at least an improved raidy 2 with the new mechanic, but it feels like we have falled to raidy 1 and even that dungeon was better. At least you could find anything useful in it.

    This is just a little review from a disappointed fan, and i have to say that i wanted to buy the game after trying it but i just decided to uninstall after i started the third dungeon, i just decided to find the gallery of the game because thats the only good thing about the game.

    Even so feel free to try it, who knows, maybe you can forgive this many mistakes, but im sure that most of those who bought it will feel betrayed as if you bought a ubisoft game.

    Good luck with it people 🙂 if i had to give a grade it would be 3,5/10

  12. ok then unfortunatelly I will have no other choice -_- … is it at least in english? I won´t be able to play it in japan = /

  13. Wow these comments here get closer to piratebay with each release, most of these questions can be answered with common sense.

    Is this game english? Yes, all of admin’s uploads are english unless he explicitly says otherwise.

    Is this uncensored? JAST usually uncensors stuff, just visit the official product page (hint: yes this is uncensored)

    Can’t extract files? Check if any of the downloaded .rar files is corrupt – if there are, redownload the corrupt archive(s).
    Use 7-zip or winrar when extracting .rar files, because winzip and possibly other archive software can’t handle .rar when some more ‘obscure’ setting were used when creating the rar file.

    Misc errors, since this is an official/licensed release there is no need for japanese locale – launch it like any regular non japanese program.

    Audio/Video bugs, chances are you are missing some codec most of the time this can be fixed by getting one of the more popular codec packs (CCCP/k-lite) or do a google search and only install the missing codec.

    Raidy specific audio bug (corrupted audio file message)
    As far as I know this only occured in Raidy 2 and was later fixed, just try and see, but I didnt find any complains on the JAST forum so I’d asume it works as intended.

  14. Hi, I have a problem with this game :/ I unpacked rar but I can’t see files spoecification for raidy3.exe and other 3. When I click on them my computer is hunging. It’s XP with japanese localization. Somebody has somke advice for me?

    1. WTF, sorry guys, I tried to unpack it a few times, tried it on windows 7 and then I returned to my xp and… it worked… I don’t have any idea why but nevertheless it worked… 🙂

  15. Damn, in terms of physical size raidy 3 is bigger than the first two combined then multiplied by 2.

  16. Can someone explain the rape content of the series? when i see tags like that on VNDB i tend to avoid unless it’s reverse or yuri rape but looking at some of the images of the previous games i see non yuri stuff despite the series being advertised on JList as a Yuri Series. mainly i am wondering if all the non yuri/tentacle rape is just from being defeated (ie. like in Monster Girl Quest all the Vore is only found if your defeated)

    1. It’s similar to the previous two games in this series, losing in combat against minor monsters gives you a game over screen and returns you to the main menu, losing against a boss encounter however triggers a game over scene where you usually get raped and what’s the term for it? mind broken I think.

      There’s no gore but some of the scenes can get pretty dark due to the aforementioned numerous ways that Raidy will be broken when defeated.
      (The final scene will also vary from dungeon to dungeon, for the first dungeon there’s a boss on every floor where you’ll get one scene after being defeated and then there’s a second scene after that showing how you end up which is the same throughout the entire first dungeon but it changes for the later ones.)

  17. hello I wonder if this game Lightning Warrior Raidy 3 is uncensored, and is not or would not want also to know if this fixed the audio problem is corrected because I already downloaded and played this game once and the audio of the characters gave error in the game every time I put the audio of them

  18. The downloads keep failing – i’ve had about 5 tries at part 3 and 4 – they can go for 20 min then just fail – so goddam annoying!

    1. Same thing was happening to me as well, but curiously only when I was using Firefox. When I switched to Safari (v7.1 on OS X, btw) it worked perfectly (on part19 now with no issues).

  19. Is this the english one?.Anyone else know the tile of any other RPG that can be said as RPG like this one and Kamidori.I really need it cause i dont have any other

    1. Utawarerumono was really good, if you like games like Fire Emblem, and it had an interesting plot.

      Eien no Aselia and Yumina the Etherial were both decent, though they both felt a little tedious after a while. I’d say that both are worth at least one playthrough. JAST is releasing the sequel to Eien no Aselia this year (theoretically), and it is supposed to be a lot better.

    1. dafuq is WEE?

      FYI: dont use acronyms of not very famous games plz, we are not goddamn clairvoyant

      1. I’m pretty sure he means world end economica since ep2 just released, already asked for it and since admin also uploaded the first episode i’ll probably be just a matter of time.

  20. The way is to move your cursor to the red X button on the top right of the screen and click it.come on just click help this site

  21. Your hosting service has one of the most obnoxious pop-ups I’ve ever seen and its not blocked by uBlock. Any alternatives?

  22. Hey just a question, Is this in English? = )

    Oh, and besides Please could someone upload this on “ULMF” Because I WON´T Download 20 DAMN files! >.<

    Either this or Admin uses MEGA Download = /

    1. You don’t have to download 20 DAMN FILES. You don’t have to play it either, or you can buy it from jast.

      Stop whining, you get it for free.

    2. or you buy it from jast or either you go to fuck off…seriusly wining and pretending when you got something for free? grow up man

  23. Having played this for a while it looks like the switch mechanic you use to take one of four forms will make getting all the CG a tad more difficult.

    It doesn’t just give you slight variations during these events as every form usually leads to it’s own defeat/victory scene.
    (Defeat can be a bit of everything but victory usually follows each of the three “monsters” particular hobby such as the werewolf preferring whipping and the demoness preferring candles, if you are not into it you probably want to avoid using the elf since she’s into enema play and there’s a multitude of scat scenes as a result, not quite Starless level but it’s there.)

    Going just as Raidy will also be pretty difficult early on before you get decent armor and weapons as the monster forms have access to superior weaponry early on (Don’t forget to equip them though.) but you can’t use the thunder strike ability when merged into those three forms.

    There’s also a bit of grinding with creatures dropping numerous parts which usually yields potions and the like and boss equipment upgrades your own gear or gives you new equipment.
    (Leveling isn’t particularly slow and encounter rates are pretty low but you will do a bit of backtracking so there’s a lot of fighting.)

    Nice to see more of ZyX animated scenes as well, in fact so far the majority of the ero content has had a animated part.

    As far as bugs go I’ve only found one, sometimes when the game is started it locks to fast forward so you have to rename the save file and start the game again with default options and also no progress but you can rename the save file back to default and load it from the main menu though I do not yet know if this screws with scripts and unlocked content.
    (Can’t use the scene viewer option unless you beat the game, won’t work just to get a game over screen from dying.)

    1. Japanease and their enemas/scat… -__- Why can’t they just go with plain old anal. I luv non-homo anal. But I hate all that scat/enema business. *sighs*

      Raidy series are great otherwise.

      1. bwahaha, watch something long enough and you will start to like it o_O

        and though scat is absolutely disgusting in real life, in the anime world its different thing. Animators try to make it look cool and really pleasant, LOL

        1. If I didn’t wrong, in Raidy 1 it’s not shit which come out from Raidy or the others girl ass but it’s Folles medicine…

  24. Thanks admin, this is, as far as i know, the first place this game has been put up for download. I purchased my game 2 hours ago, but JAST USA’s site is being a dick to me, so i’m gonna go ahead and get it right here 🙂

  25. For anyone else that was confused as I was about this:

    If you get an error when trying to download a part saying that the file doesn’t exist on the server, it’s because the filehoster only supports two downloads at a time.

    1. I was wondering about that. Of course it takes an hour for me to download just one part. It figures though, more incentive to get people to buy DA premiums.

  26. ooohh! Nyc game !Ive been waiting for this..
    Yet, Im still downloading majikoi S . Another big files download upcoming–

  27. That was fast! JAST has jast released this two days ago and BAM it’s here. Thanks as always admin. More power ^ ^

    1. How is the gameplay compared to the other raidy games? I found the first 2 to be quite boring gameplay wise.

      One of the only VN that I found worth it even on gameplay alone is Kamidori Alchemy Meister.

      1. well, games from Eushully are usually masterpieces. But since they are so large, nobody has the will to translate them (Kamidori was exception)

        so if you want to play masterpieces you have only 2 options left:
        B) try to play eushully’s games with MACHINE TRANSLATION (mostly gibberish but you can guess what characters are talking about)

        some Eushully games that were translated to english with machine translation: Soukoku no Arterial, Battle Goddess Memoria, Battle Goddess Verita, …

        1. oh I almost forgot to mention my favorite Madou Koukaku 🙂

          similar to Sengoku Rance (territories, generals/heroines, etc. – but hero is not the asshole that just wants to fuck, he cares 😀 )

      2. If you had trouble with the first two then this one will be unbearable, it’s just awful.

        Take Raidy 2, remove all the stuff you could do and find in dungeons and add a lot of walking back and forth through the exact same areas 4 times to get all the scenes.

        Then cut out half the bosses but leave the number of dungeon floors, cut down the npc interactions in towns and such by at least half and you’ll just about get Raidy 3.

        Avoid this shit, go look up the CG somewhere instead.

      3. Yes Kamidori was really good, could have lived easily even without any h-content.
        I remember brave soul to have a nice gameplay aspect aswell, eventhough it wasn’t nearly as complex as Kamidori. Raidy could have taken that one as an inspiration.
        sadly in raidy the gameplay is just a way to drag out the game. Waiting for a 100% save on this one.

        that said, thanks alot admin!

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