Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Ryuichi is a university student. He used to live alone and enjoyed his school life. But one day, his apartment was destroyed by a fire….

He reluctantly comes back to his house. But his house has been changed to a boarding house for girls…!

It seems there is no place for him to live. But they all allow him to stay there together! His new life begins like this…

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  1. OmegaDragoon says:

    Has anyone ever had problems trying to save? Every time I tried I always get a ‘failed to save’ message whether it’s a normal save or auto save.

    Also every time I start the game a window opens up with Japanese text. I close the window and the game starts normally. I have no idea why the window shows up cause it doesn’t say that I’m missing a file or anything (as far as I know at least).

    • admin says:

      As for saving, run the game as administrator (one of option when right-clicking on game .exe).

      • OmegaDragoon says:

        I re-downloaded everything and made sure all the winrar files were in the same folder and that seems to have fixed everything so far. thanks for the help.

  2. Vasisht Srinvasan says:

    How do I get this game to work at 1080p? That 800x something resolution is making me roll my eyes up. Anybody help? Thanks

  3. Sasuke-Kun says:

    Any similar game like sagara family and sweet home ?

  4. Alan says:

    Hey,how do i install this game?

  5. fjdskla says:

    Game also crashes after Kyoko masturbation scene.

  6. KyokoForLife says:

    Pikerro, you are a hero!

  7. Yayaka says:

    ok, soo i am like 15 minutes into the game and Chinatsu is already having sexy times with the MC soooo is this explain like…. why is she doing this or in this games all the games are just that easy?

  8. ass32 says:

    I’m missing all of page 3 in the CG Gallery. I have no idea how to get it. I also seem to be missing various single CG thumbnails.

  9. the_rookie says:

    Missing a cutscene for Manami, last one on the first row of her scene replay page.

    Anyone have an idea about the path to follow to get it ?

  10. Samarjeet says:

    Pikerro Can you also add all girls roots .

    I tried several time but not opening all girls Pic .

    So Please Help .

  11. Pikerro says:

    For harem route for me it was:

    Day 1:

    a.m. 2F Manami’s Room / Manami
    p.m. 2F Chinatsu’s Room / Chinatsu

    Day 2:

    a.m. 2F Chinatsu’s Room / Chinatsu (tell her/cum inside)
    p.m. 2F Manami’s Room / Manami (I can’t come up/cum inside)
    evening Just…A little longer…

    Day 3:

    a.m. 1F living / Manami
    p.m. 1F Living / Kaede

    Day 4:

    a.m. 1F Kyoko’s Room / Kyoko
    p.m. 1F entrance / Manami (cum in)

    Day 5:

    a.m. 1F Kyoko’s Room / Kyoko
    p.m. 1F Kyoko’s Room / Kyoko (enter room/cum inside)

    Day 6:

    a.m. 1F Risa’s room / Risa
    p.m. cum inside

    Day 7:

    a.m. 1F entrance / ??? (You said you were doing another?/cum inside)
    p.m. On the face

    Day 8:

    a.m. 2F Chinatsu’s Room / Chinatsu
    p.m. 2F Chinatsu’s Room / Chinatsu

    Day 9:

    a.m. 2F Chinatsu’s Room / Chinatsu
    pm. Your welcome ;] (there are only cum in/out options for another harem artworkss)

    I just finnished 100%.

  12. Sorrowsenpai says:

    Hey I keep constantly getting (Not Responding) any way to fix this? I tried thecompatability fix with no luck, I downloaded the patch but… am I supposed to move that somewhere?

  13. Samarjeet says:

    Harem Route Walkthrough

    [*]Day1: AM – Manami | PM – Kaede | EXTRA – Chinatsu
    [*]Day2: AM – Kyoko | PM – Manami | EXTRA – Kyoko (Just A little bit Longer…)
    [*]Day3: AM – Kaede | PM – Chinatsu
    [*]Day4: AM – Risa | PM – Risa
    [*]Day5: AM – Kyoko | PM – Manami
    [*]Day6: AM – Kaede | PM – Event
    [*]Day7: AM – Chinatsu | PM – Kyoko(Enter Room)
    [*]Day8: AM – Chinatsu | PM – Event
    [*]Day9: AM – Kaede | PM – Event

    For Single girls.. Just pick them repeatedly twice a day

    It is not working …

    After Day 7 it did not work …

    Any one Suggest better Route ?

    I have already complete all girls route …

    Please Post all Route Walkthrough …

  14. Average Joe says:

    That might happen to be that it was released in Japan on 2007-12-14. So, yes; it’s over ten years old. 😀

  15. Szybki says:

    How can i get koyko route??

  16. Lelouch says:

    Anyone else having a problem with the download links? I have always used them perfectly fine, downloaded them in parts, but now I don’t receive the captcha. Instead i get this:

    Undefined subroutine &AC::IP_Geo::is_eu_ip called at /home/adcopy/htdocs/papi/lib/client_opt_out_prefs line 52.

    I don’t know why this is occurring now, but I am unable to use these links because of it. Anyone know how to fix?

  17. Tor User says:

    I found a way to be able to download parts faster. If you use tor,there’s a “New Tor Circuit For This Site” button. What I usually do now is to use inspect element to shorten the 120 timer to 5 seconds or so(put your mouse onto the timer numbers, right click and select inspect element, double tap the timer thing that comes up in the code and as fast as you can click 6 or something and hit enter). Then once that part is uploaded. Go to the address needed to download the second part and click the new tor circuit button I mentioned, that would reset the 6 minute timer allowing you to immediately download the second one after using the inspect element trick again.

  18. GregorianLewd says:

    Game just open a window with a black screen every time I try to run it, anyone have this problem and or have a solution? also yes I added the patch, tried before and after, did the same shit.

  19. Kj says:

    Looks like patch 1.02 has been released at Jast.

  20. Gaijin5280 says:

    This game came ten years too late IMO.

  21. purpleflame says:


    I had the same problem but I just closed my audio manager and it works now. Try closing as many background programs as possible

  22. ahh says:

    Any fix for the crashing at Chinatsu’s shower scene?

    Or is there a certain way to play through the scene while avoiding the crashes?

  23. Anon says:

    Harem Route Walkthrough
    [*]Day1: AM – Manami | PM – Kaede | EXTRA – Chinatsu
    [*]Day2: AM – Kyoko | PM – Manami | EXTRA – Kyoko (Just A little bit Longer…)
    [*]Day3: AM – Kaede | PM – Chinatsu
    [*]Day4: AM – Risa | PM – Risa
    [*]Day5: AM – Kyoko | PM – Manami
    [*]Day6: AM – Kaede | PM – Event
    [*]Day7: AM – Chinatsu | PM – Kyoko(Enter Room)
    [*]Day8: AM – Chinatsu | PM – Event
    [*]Day9: AM – Kaede | PM – Event

    For Single girls.. Just pick them repeatedly twice a day

  24. Thaumaturge says:

    Does anyone get a consistent crash during the shower scene with Chinatsu?

  25. Vyse says:

    After I installed the patch, the game freezes the moment I execute the file. Anyone else having this problem? I tried Japanese Locale, running as administrator, and none of these solved.

  26. Great_Beyond says:

    @Kuro that translation for violated hero 4 and 5 just translates the sex scenes none of the story so won’t be published here since these are full translations instead of partial.

  27. kuro says:

    Just curious does anyone know anything about Violated Hero 4 and 5? they both have eng patches but neither of them are on this site?

  28. Shira says:

    Anyone got Harem Route – tried many times cant seem to unlock

  29. Anonymous says:

    Its the complete game when you unpack it. No need to install. You need to download the patch release by main page to fix crash issues.

  30. EnglishDude says:

    Is this game in english and can anyone give me instructions on how to properly install the game after I finish downloading, sorry if the question is dumb but im new here so thanks 😛

  31. Almadh says:


  32. Zero says:

    can you published walkthrough about this game i can’t find it.

  33. goddamn says:

    so many crashes

  34. LightWafer says:

    Well, theres hentai movie made based on it, go watch it.

  35. keiradeadgirl says:

    The OVA is one of my favs and have been looking forward to this since first seeing it was being translated on VNDB ^_^ can’t wait to start it.

  36. apieceofrice says:

    is this related to Sweet Guy by chance?

  37. blkub says:

    How to Harem?

  38. Ex_Nihilo says:

    Thank you. All power to the orb!

  39. AyanoTatemaya says:

    Is this game any good?

  40. ocydy says:


    i have been waiting for thiss…

  41. LIGHTDX says:

    Thanks. Seems good 🙂

  42. Revvo says:

    Yas i want!
    Thank you admin!

  43. LightWafer says:

    Oh this was one of the best hentais ever made, i recommend playing it.

  44. Jojo says:

    yes it is.. under the same name

  45. Suiko says:

    There is a hentai of this, right? I’ve seen this art style somewhere before…

  46. ErOgE LoRd says:

    what i thought this was a hentai only?

  47. T-ELOS says:

    Thanks!! Was waiting for this one.

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