Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow

Miku is 19 years old, and she’s confined to a hospital bed since her seventh birthday because of a nasty disease that ruined mind and body alike.

But now even her hospital doctor and therapist cannot stand anymore to simply watch the pain of her existence: thus…

14 comments on “Over The Rainbow

  1. Contrary to what apparently most people say about this game, it’s actually not that bad, yes the mc is a jerk but then i feel like he kinda atones for what he did… I guess?

  2. I have already played this a year from now, at that time i cried so much, i’ve never cried so much and so long in my life, i have never felt so genuine, that the feeling was so great it felt like i have accepted death with no regrets …but i don’t know the exact/accurate reason why i cried so much, after finishing it i quickly deleted it (because of some disk space problem) that’s why i lost the opportunity to re-play and see what made me cried so much. Played and finished it again today (for the sole purpose of having an opportunity to feel that sensation again) sadly i ended up confused as to what made me sad i cried so much at this?………… Great VN.

  3. Would be really happy if someone explained how this worked. After extracting the game, there are two items: A shortcut to erogedownload and an application setup.exe. No readme. I’m used to having to mount image files, but I suppose since the game is so short there doesn’t need to be one. I followed through the installation wizard and got the game installed in my Program Files x86 (folder name is define). I extracted the patch folder and there was only two files: system.xp3 and patch.xp3. No patched game .exe… Not really sure how it’s supposed to work, and there’s no readme. I just moved and replaced the system.xp3 and patch.xp3 into the game folder and nothing. The game(Simple01.exe) just pops up with an error message. I’ve installed, re-installed, downloaded again and again with the same problem. Can’t run the game. Help?

    1. No, you don’t need to mount anything. You did right to copy the files from patch folder. But to play the game, you need to change your system locale to Japanese.

  4. Is there a trick to this setup or what? Keep seeing people ask about making the patch work but no responses.

  5. beautiful.. simply wonderful
    even such a short story can made me cry
    i don’t even feel like fapping to this

  6. i have downloaded the game and the given patch. I have also extracted game and opened the setup but now what to do with the patch . Also after finishing the setup, the game does not open.
    What should i do now? I really wanted to try this game.

  7. I cried like a little girl! Such a short story and so full of emotions. Thank you for the game, really thank you.

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