Join Rica, Cyndi, Misa, Myna, and Sari for an entire school year of insanity. As their homeroom teacher, can you handle these five rebellious teenage girls for a whole year?
Too strict? They could rebel and run away… or get sick and dropout…
Too lenient? they could ditch school and party… or find a loser boyfriend… Balance is the key… but it’s no easy feat…
The end goal is graduation, but will they turn out naughty or nice??

2 Responses to “Graduation”

  1. Nii-Nii says:

    Isn’t this actually Graduation II?

    • Lolzxd03 says:

      Right? You will find this game by the name of “Sotsugyou 2 ~Neo Generation~” in VNDB. I mean, I didn’t downloaded it, so maybe the image and description are wrong instead? Anyway, something is out of place.

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