Join Rica, Cyndi, Misa, Myna, and Sari for an entire school year of insanity. As their homeroom teacher, can you handle these five rebellious teenage girls for a whole year?
Too strict? They could rebel and run away… or get sick and dropout…
Too lenient? they could ditch school and party… or find a loser boyfriend… Balance is the key… but it’s no easy feat…
The end goal is graduation, but will they turn out naughty or nice??

3 comments on “Graduation

  1. This retro one was one big laugh, what with the girls’ mood swings, bizarre random events and the dreadfully annoying American voice acting, this game is really something.

    My pet peeve with it is that right from the beginning, the game teases into thinking you can end up with one of your students which you can, but no matter what that leads to an inevitable bad ending so one can only wonder then what’s the point???

    I honestly couldn’t give a flying fuck about that gyaru or the studious one, and pink girl was kind of a retard. The tomboy was more my type. The bottom girl (Myna, was it?) was my choice my second time around – her cg while in love is so kawaii:).

    After some time you’ll get tired of the same (funny?) quotes like:
    “Yo, done with school, now for some pool”
    Or “School sucks so bad you can hear it”. So you’d better turn voice off cept for search encounters.

    Then you got the endings, which no matter how hard I tried all I got was a “Professor, you suck” and that is after consulting 2 guides!! So good luck getting a good ending.

    1. Right? You will find this game by the name of “Sotsugyou 2 ~Neo Generation~” in VNDB. I mean, I didn’t downloaded it, so maybe the image and description are wrong instead? Anyway, something is out of place.

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