Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend

A BL (Bird’s Love) VN.

Welcome to St. PigeoNation’s Institute, the most splendid and greatest academy of the pigeon, by the pigeon and for the pigeon.

At first, you felt anxious entering a classroom filled with pigeons’ eyes peering up at you. But as you enter your second year of high school, you’re getting used to your school life, and enjoying the peaceful days…right?

Soon, you start to feel emotions you’ve never experienced before…emotions that could even be called…love? The unexpected softness of a pigeon’s rhinophyma…

This is a heartwarming love story.

46 comments on “Hatoful Boyfriend

  1. How do I play full screen?
    Tried ctrl + enter, f4, all letters in the keyboard, but nothing works…
    If I click the ctrl + R, the screen stays the same size, the ‘additional’ screen is all black.

    Which option are the font size? It’s all japanese…

  2. Hey, I’ve been told that there’s an ending where you end up with Azami, and that you need it to unlock the BBL epilogue? But when I followed a walkthrough’s direction, I didn’t get Ending 14 and there’s no spot in the gallery for it.

  3. hey admin is this safe to download on windows. idk anything about downloading games and i rlly wanna play this so?? will it screw up my computer?? pls reply soon

  4. I got the “habataki.wav” error; downloading QuickTime Alternative didn’t work. I tried download QuickTime 6.5 and it did work, but then I got an error that said the same thing but for “tam-haruno.mp3”. How do I fix this?

  5. I seriously NEED the sequel to this game. I was wondering if anyone knows where to get a free version of Holiday Star.
    I could only find it on an unreliable site.

  6. So I double click the icon marked “Famous Writer” (?)What looks like a startup screen comes up with a pigeon getting up, and then it crashes with error “(Something in Japanese)se/habataki.wav (somethin else)” It looks like it’s missing sound files. Admin, am I screwing up something or do I just need to try downloading again?

  7. The infirmary staff option doesn’t unlock whatever i do and it is needed for BBL! Looks like a bug to me, please have a look at it. Thank you!

  8. I need help! The game opens and the pigeon stands up and then I get this “habataki” thing and I can’t play! Please someone help!

  9. Just wondering; will Holiday Star be uploaded soon too? It’s been out in English for a while.

    Also, I can’t unlock the Bad End image when I die in the RPG sequence? Someone I know unlocked it that way but it isn’t working for me… I’d prefer to do it that way than the normal way (not dating anybirdie).

  10. when i start the game, the pidgeon in the very beginning gets up and then i’m getting an error message with something about a file called “habataki.wav” and then the game closes. help?? ):

      1. You need to install Quicktime Alternative and then it will work. The programme can be downloaded free on softonic and works on PC and wine for Mac.

  11. You know this game is really interesting and somehow cute but i laughed so much while i was playing with it xDDD This game is hilarious XDDD

  12. At first I sadly think this “Aw, man. A human girl with a pigeon? This is the end of the world!”
    But after I play this game I change my mind. It’s a good VN (except for the birds) with a great story.

  13. For the one other Mac user that’s probably here, you should know the Mac version is a PPC app, so you can’t run it on any modern version of OS X. Windows version works fine in Wine, though, so take heart.

  14. omg I want this just for the end involving the awesome epic RPG crap. This is full version and not trial right right? been looking for this for months

    1. I think so; the size of the file (in MB) is bigger than the demo version’s size (~78 MB) so I think this is the full version.

      On a side note; will Holiday Star (the sequel) be uploaded too?

  15. Your a pigeon experiment and have tentacles your mission molest your pigeon classmates (that’s more fun)

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