Purino Party

Purino Party

On your journey around the world, you arrive in a strange town where the better one is at puzzle games, the more popular they will be. There, you meet a girl named Kei Atorizuka, who sets you up to live at a dorm with other cute girls.
Do you think you’ll be able to win the hearts of your fellow dorm mates by completing puzzles?

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  1. Just finished this game, great art but gameplay is a real pain. Also, just realized Purino = Pure-Innocent (two vns by Fronwing)

  2. I’ve done all compatibility and admin settings for the game but the game still crashes when completing Miyako’s first puzzle and the game goes to the interaction video.

    Windows 10 x64

  3. Game does not work for me.
    Whenever I try to start a New Game, the game crashes with a “adv as stopped working” window…

  4. I think he understands exactly, because that’s exactly what Hunipop was. A puzzle game with a very thin veneer of VN.

  5. This game is… just not very good. It’s not particularly hot, not at all romantic, and many of the the scenes just abruptly end at what seems like the middle. The gameplay is mediocre and not well connected to the rest of the game.

    As an avid Puzzle & Dragons player, I was disappointed by the controls on this game. I found it to be very difficult to convince the game to accurately move a piece in the directions I wanted to. There is also no real progression in the way the puzzles work – most good puzzle games introduce new complications as the game progresses (such as “date gifts” in Huniepop), but in this one, once you’ve survived the final puzzle for your first girl, the next 7 are all identical, just with higher score cutoffs.

  6. this game crashed on me! dunno why exactly, but I’m boned. the worst part is I lost all the CGs!

    the game reminds me of HaraPara where 2 or more titles are parodied in a single VN of the same company. no storyline whatsoever. do games like these really sell in Japan?

    where can I find the CGs of this game?

  7. This game is not like HuniePop. That is why people are having problems. If you play it like HuniePop you WILL lose. The strategy is very different. Unfortunately the game does not teach you this.

    Once you know how to play it doesn’t really super hard until the last puzzles in the second half of the game.

    You have to abuse the 10 second move timer to snake your gem all around the entire board and make as many matches as you can instead of just trying to match the piece you just grabbed. Also abuse Fever mode. A lot. All the time. Chain it whenever possible.

    Once you know how it is not hard to crack 2000 or more consistently. It’s when it gets to the 3000 mark that it actually gets tough.

    Not to say the game is great, it has some balance problems but it’s not as bad as people say.

  8. Seems+this+game+is+based+on+two+different+games+called+Pure+Girl+and+Innocent+Girl+from+the+same+developer.+

    1. why all the pluses? oh well. Both games seem to be worth 50 of these games save for the traps.

  9. Need help, at certain character episodes the game has to close, any help would be appreciated. Below are when it happens to me

    Sora Episode 3
    Miyako Episode 1
    Yogiri Episode 2

    I’m gong to check the last girl soon but like I said before any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. I’m experiencing a weird problem with this game. When i start it the music starts playing but the game itself doesnt show up. When i go to taskmanager i can see that the game is running and i can hear it. I just dont see the game and cant get to it. Could anyone help me?

  11. Use cheat engine to search for turn value:
    Turns left -> adress value

    12 = 1076363264
    11 = 1076232192
    10 = 1076101120
    6 = 1075314688
    5 = 1075052544
    4 = 1074790400
    3 = 1074266112
    1 = 1072693248

    As the guys above said, zero story, no actual scenes, just some random CG-s from the games they’re based on. Also missing the traps from both games.

    A complete waste of time.

  12. Maybe they should have just translated Pure Girl or Innocent Girl instead =/ that would have been great

  13. Does the developers have even a hunch about what balance means?the game pretty soon begin to ask you imposible things like get 1800 points in 35 second and with 9 moves. If you are lucky you may make a chain of 100 points in one turn and very lucky if you get anything higher since you can’t get that amount of points each turn is pretty much imposible to get that amount so you are forced to drop the dificulty after two games and each round after you have to drop it even more. Also there doesn’t seems to be h-scenes, at the very least i have just gotten CG until now. the strong point was the very beutiful and well made heroines, but without anything else but some CG to unlock the game become rather boring. HuniPop was a lot better even though the art and heroines weren’t too good.

    1. Hate to say it….but I completely agree. While I didn’t overly like HuniePop….it’s a better game easily. More story to it and at least tries to be a bit more complex than this one.

      Not really a story to be had, some pretty basic scenes after each game, and no actual sex scenes (just some CG unlocked after).

      And the difficulty does get stupid in a hurry. To the point where you basically have to intentionally lose as fast as possible to get it down to a point where you can actually win the games.

      The art is nice….and that’s about it.

  14. I can’t seem to start the game. It says steam_api.dll is missing. Does anyone get this problem or know how to fix it? Thank you!

  15. Anyone else experienced crashing after puzzle gets solved? I crashed right after my first puzzle cleared for the pink haired girl. Weird… =/

  16. Frontwing? this was made by frontwing? seriously?
    I rather want them to make the other VN’s even the old ones to be avail internationally in english of course rather than this…..the classic VN’s….
    *Sad*…..but well i can’t do anything about its their company.

    1. *Edit*
      I rather want them to make their other VN’s even the old ones to be avail internationally in english of course rather than this…..i want the classic VN’s…..****

      *Got headache sorry about that*

  17. So…. Kagari (Right) from Innocent Girl is in here… Ahem… uhhh… Why did this come out before the translated version of her original game…?

    Regardless, I just fapped to that game anyway, cu’z DAAAAAMMMMMNNNN SON!! That voice actress is PRIME DUDE!!! PRIME!!!

  18. Too bad it’s just a cheap ripoff of HuniePop that recycles girls and CG from developer’s real VNs. On top of that CG don’t even have any scenes attached to them, it just seems like you befriend the girl some more, and she for some reason gives you a photo of herself nude, or getting banged by someone…

    Frontwing should release the games those girls are originally from instead of giving us crap like that…

    1. well im sure someone before me already made a point about this being a “rip off” (HuniePop is just a rip off of bejeweled with an added lewd stuff and so on) though this one has a better CG than HuniePop 😛

  19. I’ll have to play this myself to be sure, but what I’ve read basically says this is a bad rip-off of HuniPop. Theodore Swaggums on Steam wrote a good review describing what this game does wrong.

    So just be prepared, if you’re thinking of skimming through this to get fapping material, you may get blocked by bad mechanics.

    1. Other people however(also on your mentioned review) have stated how retarded his complaints are. Basically, he complained that it was less of a rip-off of Hunie Pop then of PuzzDra, gameplay-wise, and his brain couldn’t handle it.

      1. Look below this to LIGHTDX’s comment. This is what I was referring to as, bad mechanics. It’s a complaint I’ve seen quite a bit since it was released. Some will like the..uh…let’s be nice and call it ‘challenge’ (even if it’s mostly luck and hoping)…otherwise it’s just BS balancing that others will not be happy about. That’s why I called it a bad rip-off of HuniPop.

    1. it plays just like huniepop, if you’ve played that game, i downloaded the steam version a while ago… now downloading the h-scene patch

      1. Is it EXACTLY like Huniepop? Because that game, as far as visual-novels go, is a huge failure.
        It frames itself just like this game does, going by the synopsis: “If you’re good at solving puzzles (bejeweled in Pop’s case), you’ll get closer to these girls!”

        But you’re not really. You do not solve puzzles to get closer to the girls, you interact with the girls (to an insultingly limited degree), in order to enjoy Bejeweled puzzles.
        Do you guys get the difference here? Because it really matters.

        No matter how cool you think a certain character potentially is, none have a story. They’re just there, in order to make you play Bejeweled.
        That’s like telling people: “Buy me a drink, and we’ll have some fun.” — so you buy her a drink, but then you find out “have some fun” means solving a Sudoku puzzle. Confused, you talk more to her, only to be rewarded with more Sudoku.
        wtf? Is this why you came here? To play Sudoku!?

        1. This. I tried for hours to complete that shitty bejeweled crap because I wanted some ero. I beat it, my hand aching ready for the lewds.

          It never came.

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