Renai X Royale – Love’s a Battle

Renai X Royale - Love's a Battle

I, transfer student Hanamaru Mari, love you, Komachi Hiro-kun! Please go out with me!
Our protag, Komachi Hirotaka.
Every day, he goes through the motions– dodging his cunning underclassman’s advances, accidentally hitting on the student council president, and chasing idols.

But one day, he gets a sudden confession!
With that one declaration, she sparks a blaze of conflict around the protagonist, thawing his long-frozen heart.
How could you cast me aside and get all lovey-dovey, flirty-dirty with some random woman~!?
Do I mean nothing to you now!?

Senpai… Renna will listen to anything you say, okay?
There can only be one reason why Nii-san won’t love me: those harpies swarming around him. Right?
Unbeknownst to the protagonist, sparks fly as the girls engage in a battle royale over his engagement.

All is fair in love and war, doubly so in a love war!
But who will the goddess of victory smile upon in the end?
There can only be one!

6 comments on “Renai X Royale – Love’s a Battle

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  2. This is very similiar to their previous game. Fun and entertaining at the start, but as the story advances you realize that the comedy will entirely stem from charcters playing the boke/tsukkomi routine. If you enjoy that kind of thing, good for you but I got bored of it after about an hour. Also none of the heroines were interesting, they’re defined entirely by their quirks.

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