Battle Girls

Battle Girls

As the latest pilot to arrive in the Battle Mech training grounds a heavy burden is yours, to pilot a mech alongside one of several female co-pilots, with the aim of winning the mech wars and ensuring your country finally has an active role in the combined government.

18 Responses to “Battle Girls”

  1. ValerianHD says:

    Why was my comment deleted?
    Mods don’t like the idea that the developer gives their adult patch for free on their webiste?

  2. RedDragon says:

    This game is infected with win32/spursint.f!cl, which is a serious Trojan for Windows. Downloaded it last night and had no issues running it. Anti-Virus picked it up today.

    • RedDragon says:

      Ran the file through VirusTotal and it comes up as (mostly) clean. It showed up as 1 detection, but there were over 60 scans… Safe to say it’s a false positive.

  3. WhiteRoseVixen says:

    Any chance you could upload “Mutiny!!”?

  4. ChaosGate says:

    Can you upload “Twins of the Pasture”?

  5. The_great_beyond says:

    So just letting people know these games just been uploaded by the admin Dragonia -Dragon’s tears and dragon daughter Feene- , Inn my wife, Games&Girls, Marionette Fantasy, Stay! Stay! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. You can find it by searching or just going to the ErogeGames forums.

  6. Romeo says:

    Anyone else have a problem with it saying the python27.dll or SDL2.dll could not be found? I can’t find any help on google and this has been a problem for more than one game

    • Lang says:

      Might be your antivirus is deleting them even though they are harmless files. Make a folder just for h-games and add it to antivirus exception list.

      • Romeo says:

        I had that problem before and already did that so I know its not that unfortunately. Are there any other fixes?

        • Samo says:

          You probably just didn’t unpack/download everything.

          1. Check if you have all the parts, then extract the game again. If you get an error, redownload that part.

          2. If that doesn’t work try and copy python27.dll from some other Ren’Py game into the game folder.

          Other than that maybe try redownloading the entire game from somewhere else.

          • Romeo says:

            It must be something to do with SDL2 becuase any ren’py game that uses SDL2 doesn’t work but games that use SDL does work

    • SacredChaos says:

      You could be missing some redists, or just something fucked up with your Windows, especially if you are having this problem on multiple games.

    • Zwartrhond says:

      If you use Razer headphones RenPy will shit itself. Even Razer synapse messes it up.

  7. Moero says:

    Admin, this steam version or exclusive 18+? It does say deluxe but would love to be sure if its 18+. Tnx

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