Master Magistrate

Master Magistrate

Shimei took up his post as the new administrator at the Nakamachi magistrate’s office, which had been founded to alleviate the burden on the offices to the north and south. He was followed by his cheerful and hard-working childhood friend Rimu and the strong-minded Sakura, who was dispatched from the Kitamachi magistrate’s office to supervise him.

Shortly after his arrival, a young girl Koume was brought before him on a charge of murder. She was to be sentenced the following day, and if she was found guilty of the alleged crime, she would be sentenced to death. Shimei noticed something suspicious in the recounting of the events and along with Koume’s desperation, he was convinced that she was not guilty.

But who is the true culprit? Will he be able to prove her innocence?

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  1. Ferlucio says:

    Hey Admin. The new design of downloadani,me i scaring me a bit. Was wondering if maybe it got hijacked or something and wanted to know if it’s alright?

    • Saber is love, Saber is life says:

      Yeah. It changed halfway through downloading the files for me. It’s all finished and I scanned the files but didn’t find anything. Game also works fine so far.

  2. Nightamer says:

    A quality VN, something we have not seen for a while.
    Thanks admin

  3. Deno says:

    Game is not running here, it’s giving me a short message in japanese that references the game’s ‘.exe’
    Anyone can help me?

    • Deno says:

      NVM, i figured it out. I forgot the PC locale set as ‘japanese’ for some other VN, changing back to english fixed it.

  4. LIGHTDX says:

    Interesting, but not answering Koume’s past in the first investigation when she was main suspect and giving clue items/info that was never used seems a little lacking, also it became like the game started to throw the accusation before i could get enough info.

    • LIGHTDX says:

      Correction. There is a reason for everything so while the first chapters doesn’t seems so much the story get more and more interesting as it advance. It’s really now one of the best vn i had seen in a while.

  5. Paul says:


    Shinsengumi, Kondo, Hijikata, Okita…. Gintama??? 😀

  6. Anon says:

    It seems bandwidth getting worse and worse. I even switch into 4G but damn same result -time out.

  7. Thaumaturge says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with right now? Once the captcha is completed the download wont start. Can’t find any news on the site itself.

  8. anon says:

    its all ages game or have h scenes?

  9. rndo says:

    I got stuck after investigating the spot where Kondo was slashed I cant get any clue or conversation anywhere,

    • Drake Phoenix says:

      Same here, I’m stuck as rndo is.

    • Drake Phoenix says:

      Never mind, we’re idiots. You click on the correct part of the map.

      • rndo says:

        What did you click on ? I already got the blood spot and the alleyway clue.

        And from the walkthrough and a playthrough on youtube I was supposed to meet Tojo back in main street but nothing happens for me.

      • ata says:

        I’m stuck here as well. Alleyway and intersection fully investigated. No conversation triggers anywhere…

    • Nutaku says:

      I’m also having this problem, if someone solves this without re-downloading the game please post. I really don’t want to re-download all these parts.

      • erogamer-sensei says:

        I also got stuck but I tried chapter select afterwards and advanced through it smoothly for some reason

  10. Lol says:

    Uhmm anyone knows how to unlock the Routes?..

    • erogamer-sensei says:

      you need to finish the game first (chapter 4). Afterwards, go to chapter select and pick the ‘epilogue’. There, you can see the choices for the three girls: rimu, koume and sakura (excluding okita because her route is at the chapter select)

  11. maso94 says:

    arigataya! arigataya!

  12. random guy says:

    damn great game

  13. Drake Phoenix says:

    This seems like a very interesting premise. I look forward to playing this!

  14. sellos says:

    somebody know if this is good? has it a good rating/story?

  15. Mahay says:

    A murder mystery set during the Edo Period sounds pretty interesting, thanks admin for bringing it to attention.

  16. Juman says:

    why the white haired loli doesn’t have the virgin tag in VNDB? because she isn’t? spoiler pleazZze!

  17. Hurro says:

    Thank you for the upload admin!

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