My girlfriend is the President

My girlfriend is the President

It started out as an ordinary morning, woken up by my childhood friend. Had a good breakfast… complete with morning hard-ons. An ordinary, everyday eroge scene. Or… so it seemed. Things would never be the same from that day, as peaceful everyday life was blown to bits.

An accident on a spaceship heading to earth, causes it to crash on the Prime Minister of Nippon’s office. The leaders end up in a state too horrible to see. To avoid chaos, the alien chose a girl who happened to be there, and to make ends meet, brainwashed all of mankind.

Nippon adopts a presidential system overnight, and incredibly, a girl, my childhood friend, is the president. The world will answer to her every whim.

468 comments on “My girlfriend is the President

  1. The MC ruined this for me. I have never struggled to finish any game so much as I did this one. I just don’t find it funny or entertaining to sexually harass all female characters every other line. I have played several VN’s with perverted MC’s but this guy is the worst and the story lines don’t do nearly enough to distract me from it. The girls are the only saving grace and are super cute, but as for the comedy it is literally nothing but MC sexually harasses one or all female characters then one or all’s reactions to it then rinse and repeat every scene over and over until the end in every single route (though some are worse than others). Would have probably been more bearable as a Nukige. Just my opinion of course and only putting it here in case someone like me doesn’t enjoy this type of comedy.

    1. I had trouble getting past his sexual harassment as well, but the writers toned it down quite a bit over time. After the common route, it pretty much disappears in most of the character chapters.

  2. I just got scolded by the game when I got the bad ending…..
    Apparently, I went off into 2D anime girl games and the game ended there…
    Then It told me to ‘Be nice to girls, you Deadbeat.”
    10/10 Would play again.

  3. Win 7 pro 64 bit
    I am getting this error
    Authenticaiton Failed: unrecognized kernel32 module. /NM
    Help pls

    1. Umm theres a file if you google for it where it makes it work.
      If you google “My Girlfriend Is The President Windows 8 patch” and get the new version.dll file and put it in there, it should work.

  4. I don’t get it.

    The game is working, don’t worry.

    But I don’t get how I need to extract the contents into one folder where most of the files from the last part just gets replaced by the contents of the next part anyway. I need an explanation before my head explodes.

  5. Guys I have downloaded Win8WOH but how do i extract it onto gamefolder?
    please help me. i can’t play the game yet

  6. i am new to the whole downloading games and can anyone help me out with how to do it perhaps with a step by step guide i would greatly appreceate it please reply if anyone can help

  7. I’m currently on Yukinon’s route and I might die before finishing this game because she’s sooo cute ^~^

    1. Yukino is cute, but her route is probably my least favorite because the writers wrote themselves into a corner and the only way to crawl out of it was to have her act out of character.

      It came across as completely out of character for her to not immediately return the MC’s confession. After all, she’s supposed to be a deredere…. always lovestruck, always eager to do lover things with her love interest. But when they had him confess to her midway through chapter 2, they had her act out of character in order to delay her H-scene to the end of the chapter… which frustrated me and caused me to switch over Irina and Ell routes, which are much better.

  8. I downloaded this without reading the comments a while ago. Is there a way to make it work on windows 8 64bit? If so can someone post it.

  9. hey i’ve success on downloading it everything seems fine but the background is all black any solution for this ? please reply

  10. I was convinced this VN would be stupid after reading the description but in the end I’m glad I picked it up. It seems to be done well overall. There are a lot of funny moments, great art, decent translation and best of all every last girl is cute. I don’t usually care for the large women with massive sweater meat because they are large and violent but Ran was insanely cute. I decided to do her route first because I always end up skipping the large breasted girls if I don’t get them out of the way. Really glad I decided to do her route though in the end. Don’t get me wrong though, I still think small chests and flat breasts are the best!

  11. This games really need minimun system requirements… I waited 1.8 Gb worth download and dat didn’t run in windows XP.. I’m by part 8 of dis one, hope it doesnt happen like that..

  12. I finally get to play this all conversation scenes work but when I arrive at a scene(normal or hscene) it does not show its a blackscreen and it only shows a path on top for ex. (something written in japanese)
    (something written in japanese)
    Can anyone help me with this problem it will be greatly appreciated! THANKS!

  13. Nyone tell me if this is good? I’m not sure on how I feel having my gf be the president of the world. 8D Way too much power for me.

    1. Admin, why’s the tenth file contains empty thing, could you update the file once more, seems it exp. or out of date

  14. Admin, I want to ask you. When will you upload this eroge sequel?? I have obtained information that the patch have been completed too! >_<

  15. hahahaah!! sooo gooooooooood x3 I really really really like Irina, El, Yukino, and Ran-neechan xDD ahahahha!! I wish their is 2nnd game for this eroge :3

  16. I don’t know how to install or get this game working. I’ve downloaded all the files from here but I’m not sure if I should “extract here” or just “extract” and I don’t know what to do with which files, like which do I mount?

    I’m new to this way of doing stuff so can someone please help me!? And honestly talk to me like I was a child that can’t understand shit, because I’m more interested in playing this game that being insulted by the way you talk to me 😛

  17. can someone tell me how to delete the control panel at the top ingame please its annoying and unnecessary ????

  18. Hey im new to this site and am wondering is this game English? Are all games on here that dont have the separate English patch still English?

    1. Yes, Every game posted on this site is in English. Those who don’t have separate “English patch” listed are translated out of the box ( either pre-patched or official English release ).

  19. Why is mine have no voice and if i tried to change the voice vol it shows a notification saying “test_03.ogg??????? Wave???”
    What should I do?

    1. Yes, I have the same problem trying to run it on my Windows 7 machine. However it works fine on Windows XP 32bit.

  20. Hello admin why I do not manage to protect the part(party) when I make him(it) they are there but when I redémare the game(set,play) ya was able to nothing

    1. When translation is out, then of course, you’ll find it posted here – no need to ask, my goal is to have every English VN over here.

      1. This was my first visual novel, and I loved it, just my first route(Irina) but I’m curious, what is this fandisc that people are talking about?

  21. I feel stupid asking, but how in the hell do I open the rar file? I can’t figure it out. When I use winZip it says the files are split even when I have all ten. Anyone got a clue?

    1. highlight all the rar files and right click. select extract here. you might need winmount. install that. when you have the cds on display, mount them, using the ccd files. they’re clones, still the same. mount one at a time, copy them to a folder on your harddrive on desktop or something, rinse, and repeat. then, go ahead and copy all files into one folder. might not be a good idea to overwrite any of them, juist in case. THEN, FINALLY, you can do the installation. that’s basically what I had to do with “LET’S MEOW MEOW~!” lemme know if it works! Betcha a million bucks it’ll work.

      o__0 seriously, these capchas…
      “good riddance”… wth?

  22. Does anyone else get that .emb file after extracting everything from WinRAR? This game used to play just fine for me but the .exe file turned into .emb out of nowhere. Now I can’t play it, even after downloading everything again. This is so frustrating… Anyone else getting this .emb file or is my computer hating on me?

  23. I’m trying to begin this game in a windows 8 32bits and appear the message “Authentication failed: unrecognized kernel32 module / NM”

    I read that is a problem of windows 8, but alll the webs say that the problem is with 64 bits only. My computer is 32 bits

    Someone know a solution?

    1. i have the same problem as Irina Akaashira where i start the game but it crashes and says
      “Authentication failed: unrecognized kernel32 module / NM”

      1. you should try this
        Download, copy version.dll into your game folder, you’re set. I’ve tried it on some otome and eroge that didn’t work before, it does what it’s supposed to do. Though it’s not guaranteed to help *everything*.BTW The site is in japanese.

  24. i downloaded the game and everything but when i go to click on the .exe nothing happens its like its saying nothings working but what bothers me is that there was no setup .exe in the files i downloaded.

  25. is there a patch for window 8 because i can’t run this in window 8. I try running it in compatibility mode for window xp and window 7 and it still doesn’t work.

  26. i’ve got a problem in part 3 the part where the game shows you toutube the game gives me error pls i need a response

  27. on part 3 the part where it’s toutube the game gives me an error i can’t read it though pls give me reply soon

  28. I downloaded the opening and when I opend it was just a bunch of random letters and words.

  29. this game is great~
    that’s 4 de game
    n i need more for exe running
    any suggestion
    sorry 4 my bad grammar

  30. I’ve run into a rather nasty error. Right after talking with the panda and he leaves then a screen of stars with the MC saying it will be a disillusional month the game turns green with blocks of black and white, my pc freezes then I’m not getting a singal to my tv so to sum it up it turns off my video card I’m guessing then I have to manually turn off my pc. Do I have a bad file and redownload a new one or does someone know what is causing this?

    1. Nope, just subs ( english text, japanese voices ). Dubbing game like that is way above the budget of any VN licensing company in the west.

      1. Hey admin when I played this game went in cofig,under voice settings are off,when I tried turning it on by double clicking it and go back to the title/game and go inside the config again
        it turned off.
        Is it supposed to be that way?
        I saw others leaving them on and stays ON.
        Any ideas??

  31. Hello guys, I downloaded the game and extracted it but when I started the game a bar popped out saying “Authentication failed : unrecognized kernel32 module. / NM.” how do I fix this? please help as soon as possible.


  32. can someone help me, when i press game start, i get
    ???? : 01_com_c1_001_01.ks ?:12
    ?? : sysmovie ( ? ???????????????????????????????????? )
    Failed to call IMediaPosition::put_CurrentPosition(0).:[0x80004001] Not Implemented

  33. Authetication failed:D:\My Girlfriend is the President\MyGirlfriend is the President.exe.emb : failed to open this file

    is what I get when I open it. Any solution sir?

  34. I have Windows 7 64-bit and I am getting that “Authentication failed: unrecognized kernel32 module. /NM” and wondering if there is any fix in the works as it seems to also effect those with Windows 7 not just Windows 8 which I will never get.

  35. This is my 2nd visual I played and gotta say its awesome the story line is good the humor and its kawaii :3

    Plus I Didn’t have any problems installing this VN

  36. yep this is english. i played it last year ^^ w/ my netbook. now that i have a laptop w/ pre installed windows 8 i cant play/read it anymore 🙁

  37. hahaha lol 🙂 maybe i should’ve read the other comments before downloading it.As luck would have it, i’m running windows 8 64bit and having an error when trying to open it 🙁 . what a waste of time 🙁 . even if they are making a patch for it, it will take months(or a year) for it to be released.

  38. OOOOOOoooooo Irina is so sexy a really love her :D.
    When i going to have sex with her ???!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I suppose this game concentrate on storyline more than H(the cover doesn’t seem like H game, more like bishoujo game).

    But can someone tell the ratio with (story):(H)? Is it 1:1 or 3:2 or 5:2 or any other ratio?

    1. And one more question, this is a romance game right? Is there any other genre like comedy, fantasy, violent, cheating, netorare, love triangle or any other genre?

  40. I want to play this game with my locale settings is on Japanese (on control panel), but when I want to play this game with japanese locale I get an error when load the save gameplay.

    I set to japanese locale because I have another eroge that must run with japanese locale.
    Anyhelp? pls

  41. hey i don’t mean to feel ungrateful or nothing but when i save and close the game and then open it again i cant load my previously saved file and was wondering if anybody can help me i put a lot of work in my choices and now i keep having to replay the scenes over and over again so if you could help me id really appreciate it

    1. Are you using the premium download?
      Have you tried the free download?
      Use the free download one if you’re having problems downloading the premium one.

  42. The only solution I’ve found to the Windows 8 problem is to download an emulator like virtual box and then run the game in XP mode. There are workarounds for everything.

    1. You could do that, or you could download fixes from the official websites. 10 times out of 10, the publishers of visual novels have downloads on their websites that patch their game so it works with windows 8. This game has its’ own fix on the publisher’s site.

  43. It seems to me that all window 8 users ate having this problem with that error … This game and Dracula Riot have been giving me the kernel module error but I don’t know what the cause is but I heard if you have ati tray tools running or a program like it running you will get that error

  44. please help. im having a problem when running the game. whenever i try to open it, is says unrecognized kernel32 module. please help i wanted to play the game…

    1. try running the game as administrator or run that program as the compatibility for ‘Windows XP service pack 3’….

  45. I wanted to try an eroge and this is the one I chose. No regrets, just love. I did however make the mistake of staying up til four playing it.

    In any case, this game is awesome. Good plot, good fanservice, good everything.

  46. I download the files correctly but when i try to open it i get this: Authentication failed: unrecognized kernel32 module. /NM does any one know how to fix this.

    1. It doesn’t work on Windows 8 64 bit, so that may be your problem. They’re working on a patch, iirc.

  47. Thank you very much for this game, this is my first eroge, and have to say that I am so pleased with the game, the story is so cute and beautiful :), I honestly downloaded it for the h-scenes but felt in love with the story !

    Thank you so much for game, and for the great site, please keep sharing this amazing games!

  48. when I downloaded and started the .exe file, it said something in jap bout ANSI and UNICODE
    how do i take care of it?

    1. You must change your region to japan.
      in windows 7:

      1) start menu
      2) control panel
      3) set ‘view by category’ in upper right corner
      4) select clock region and language
      5) select ‘region and language’
      6) select administrative tab
      7) select ‘change system locale’
      8) click ok, then select ‘japanese’ from the dropdown menu.
      9) install/play japanese VN.
      Note: you will have to set your computer back to your native region if you wish to play certain games or run programs from your region.

  49. Extract with WinRar… then open the folder and open the .exe file….
    and pls try reading the comments above, those help alot for newbies

    as for the torrent is is just the same file… only not separated into parts…

    1. so do I need the to download the torrent? and when I read the comment above some say extract only the first file but some say extract all into one folder, so which one is right?

      1. no need to download the torrent IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE 10 FILES…

        also opening the first rar with Winrar means Extracting them ALL

        well simply open the President.part1.rar file and select extract….
        then look for the folder and you open it and look for the .exe file…

        it is SIMPLE as that… no need to make it that hard

        1. does it need the daemon tools to install? and do I have to change my region to japan? sorry for the many question, I’m so clueless

  50. um Sorry I’m a noob, but can you explain to me how to install it after download all the part, and do I have to download the torrent? please explain to me I’m so clueless

  51. So far this is best VN/Eroge that I’ve played.I mean VN Katawa Shoujo is great but this game really gets my attention more.Unlike KS,this game got less intense/serious mood and a lot more funny and suprising plots like the fact how the MC is actually shares some connection to the aliens(being reconstructed,Ran and Morita being aliens) even before the story actually begins.So far Irina’s and Ell’s route is the most appealing to me but Yukino’s and Ran’s route is also full of comedy to the point I always laugh when I rewatched the scenes.Definitely a must play eroge in my opinion.

  52. Tanks for all the nice games, at this moment I try to download this game (president) but somehowe it seems I can´t download part 04 everytime the download gets interupted and I have to start all over again and then the same happens, so please can you fix the problem with part 04 thx

  53. Hey nice game!! but I wanted to know if you were thinking to upload the fandisk with the harem ending… I searched everywhere but there is no english version of this game

  54. This game is just amazing… I laughed when watching it every time. No technical problem at all. Thanks a lot, guys.

  55. Great game and I love it, but deeply disturbs me on a lower psychological level that I’m sexing up Obama, Vladimir Putin, a spaceship and an Eldar (an elf, but in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace) , not to mention Putin’s dominatrix maid. The only somewhat normal person is the senpai who works at a Chinese restaurant and she the most sexually open one. Good game overall, but god, the mental images.

  56. everything works fine for me and i am running 64 bit. Save and load data seem fine too, even safe close the game load again seems fine. Thank you admin for the game.

  57. So I downloaded the torrent and clicked on the torrent and an error pops up saying that the F drive is missing and I need to reconnect it. Can anyone explain to me what is going on, I never had an F drive and I thought that maybe it is seeded to F:.

  58. Whenever I try to play the game, I keep getting “Authentication Failed: unrecognized kernell32 module” How can I fix this?

    1. I’m having the same problem. Running on Windows 8 64bit. Tried all compatability modes and am using Applocale. Judging by the “kernel32” in the error im assuming that its having trouble running in a 64 bit environment. But windows has supported backwards compatability for this since XP.

    2. I copied the game onto my laptop, which is a 32 bit, and the game runs just fine. So maybe it just doesnt work on 64 bit? I feel bad for those that dont have a 32bit alternative to be able to play this. Though you could always run a VirtualBox and play the game off of that.

      1. Not entirely true. I had a windows 7 computer on 64-bit and it ran fine with no problems after download and extracting. I only now got a windows 8 64-bit computer and I copied the folder over and now I am getting the kernel32 error. So my trouble is with windows 8. Someone PEASE help me. I want to complete all the arcs before the anime comes out next spring.

        1. Well my laptop that i copied it onto is windows 8 too. Just the 32 bit version. My desktop is 64 bit. no errors in windows 8 32 bit for me

  59. Hello everyone. I’m not too sure if this website is dead, but it’s the last resource I can turn to. I’ve been having a serious problem playing this game. When I try to extract all 10 parts (I torrented it.) and click the .exe, I simply get an error that says C:/Users/ and so on, then has some Japanese text and it won’t open. The only way for me to run the game is to open the .exe from the part 1 winrar file, problem is when I close the game, all of my save data is erased. (I learned this the hard way.) I have Japanese locale, and I can run many other eroges fine, except this one is giving me trouble. Any help would be appreciated, either to run the extracted .exe or save it properly while running from winrar.

    1. Extract all of the parts, take those files and recompress them into one file, run the .exe from there. Now, whenever you close the game, it will ask to update the archive, which will add a savefile folder and keep all of your data.

  60. Everything you’d EVER want in an Eroge, imagine the Eroge you see in anime and this is what you’d expect to find in real-life!

    Yukinon moe~

  61. When I try to run the program osana.exe, an information message pops up that says “ANSI, some Japanese, UNICODE, and then more Japanese and question marks” and the game doesn’t start. How can I fix this?

  62. And at last there is 1 thing I must say that this eroge’s hentai scenes are just way too good. And teaches you a lot about love and sex.

  63. This really is very different from a typical eroge definition. It is so funny that you can’t stop laughing and it is 100% entertainment type eroge. You can never regret if you try it.

    I’m playing it just after finishing Fate/Stay night and there is a huge contrast in both of them.Fate/Stay night needs deep thinking and philosophy and makes you cry and stir up your emotions on the other hand it is just simple funny erotic comedy which you will never get bored of.

  64. i got problem here , when i click osana.exe then i got a message “ASCI blablabla UNICODE blablablablablablablabla”
    what it mean ?

  65. I’m a girl and I’m downloading this game. ^^ I hope my roommate doesn’t find it on my computer, lol “What’s this?? My Girlfriend is the President…” hahaha

    1. Rename it to the jap title and/or make it hidden, you can view hidden files either by knowing where it is, or by going into folder options and select “view hidden files and folders”

  66. Can anyone help me out with the extracting? I extracted the first .rar and it created a new folder called President inside my initial President folder. I thought the rest of the .rar folders had different files I had to extract, but they seem to all be the same.

  67. Any idea why the torrent is 1.82 gb while DA is 1.7gb? i mean, its not like you are unuraring the file or anything.

    anyway, im totally gona download this. Attracted by the art, and the story slight reminds me of titles like muv luv

    1. Then you extract it with a program.
      I use WinRar. Only extract part one. The after it’s done extracting, you open the folder it’s in and click on the file named “osana.exe” and it has the american flag pattern on a japanese character.

    1. maybe that problem come becuse your internet or your computer… i download 1-10 part never have problem.. just white pecha code and download… and i don’t have problem too in install.. just extract here > klik “osana.exe” 🙂

  68. thank’s a lot admin!!! it really good game.. and nothing problem to install and play it ‘O’ just extract and play… and i can laugh with funny story… Thanks a lot admin!! your best! I LIKE THIS WEBSITE!!!

  69. whenever i run the .exe file i get an error message saying “Error abort. : [0x88890008]” any help on how to fix this? im running windows 7 64-bit

  70. um, i got the game running but when i save and load the saved file it crashes. Can anyone help me =~=

    1. .rar files r a form a zip file u need to download a program to un zip it. the one i use is called jZip or u can google .rar and it will give a some to chose form.

  71. Im still having an issue here. It says “invalid plug-in configuration” Im lost and slightly sad…….. what do i do?
    Any help appriated

    Feel My VenGEncE

  72. Parts 5-10 not working for me. Guess they’re still being moved to the new server. Hopefully all goes well.

    1. ^^ Got it to work along with a number of other VNs from this site. Thanks a bunch admin for uploading these.

  73. Let me rephrase that, the link works but when i press to download it, it says that the download link can’t be found.

    1. ok great, so the fifth part is working now, but the tenth download is having the same problem for me.

      1. Stuff is still being moved after recent migration to new servers. if you get “file not found” or similar error, then just try few hours later. Basically it already got moved from old location so it’s not existing there, but new servers didn’t register yet that it has new files on disk.

  74. Hi Admin. When I extracted all parts and started playing it, somehow layerExImage.dll.sig in the Plugin folder is always missing. I couldn’t extract that single file out of the whole files. Will you mind re-uploading only that part? I’m sure some people in the near future will experience this little problem too. Good thing I still had the older version and just copied that file to this new one 😀 Thanks!

  75. i got the game to run but while playing i cant see any of the characters. i just see backgrounds and text.

  76. i am running winxp reguardless of the route the game keeps crashing and freezing my pc after event with panda

  77. It might be because you are running to many things or downloeading to many things at the same time.

  78. Thanks as always admin. This game made me laugh. But Zouma sensei made it awkward w/ him saying “JEEEESSSUUSSS” all the time. They based him on Rasputin but dang. I love the fake gaijin accent though. And Irina was cute as hell.

  79. i just wanted to say THANK YOU ADMIN! you take all our shit n fix it without complaining you really are a good guy. i dont think anyone every thanked you properly so THANK YOU!!! YOU DA MAN!! keep it up, we all appreciate it alot!!~

  80. help ! when i click the app, instead of the game this pop out :
    “authenticatoin failed : unrecognized kernel32 module. / NM.”
    how to fix this ?

  81. Mediafire Links are down.
    Currently using the torrent since the other website is simply too slow.
    The torrent is pretty slow but will try to seed as much as possible when done.

  82. Admin-sama or anyone could you help me install this game via teamviewer or something? Each time I think I solved a problem, I realize that its no good either. I tried everything that I could, downloaded it in 3 different places. Its been 2 days and part of nights that I spent trying to install it. I really want to play it, please help me if you can.

    1. I used the torrent to download the game and i have no problems at all. I changed my system local to Japanese and the game runs with no problems at all. I’m using a laptop with windows 7 64 bit.

  83. i have the same problem with uni’s, when i tried to run i got My Girlfriend is The President?????????? please help ~
    i can play Deardrops though

    1. uh . . .nvm the comment above the real error is Authenticatoin failed : Invalid Signature token or unrecognized dll.

      1. LOL but i can play it without extracting it
        it mean i play it by opening the winrar and just execute the exe

        1. ah nvm about all my comment . . at least it worked for me now~
          and this game made me laugh so hard xD

  84. okay… I’m back… and I love this site! Seriously! A wide variety of VNs. except I can’t play this one and some other ones (I think its the same problem.)

    I downloaded all 10 parts (again after desperately trying and giving up) and extracted it and hit the osana.exe, but the error occurred about the ANSI unicode,
    So I tried using applocale and it says, C:User etc,etc,etc…
    And so I tried changing the regional setting and the same thing happened…
    I guess this VN really doesn’t want me to play it (as well as some other VNs..ㅠㅠ)

    If anyone can help me out, it would be a great help.

  85. it seems the part one file is broken :(. help appritiated as always… Admin, great job! Keep up the good work

    Feel My VenGEncE

  86. REALLY need help with a problem. I downloaded every part, extracted them and now there’s an icon that’s called “osana.exe” I ASSUME that’s what I click to run the game, but this text box comes up that has a bunch of ?s in it. PLEASE HELP! I’ve wanted to play this game since my trip to Japan (which was a long time ago)!

  87. This version is great thankyou.
    I was using the fan translation till moments ago, in Ran’s route there is a big error which was never fixed, so i was happy to come here and find the JAST version up, my saves loaded fine, and the game is working perfectly! Really like the fact JAST removed the censor’s aswell. thankyou for great upload.

  88. Sup Peeps! Just wondering whats up with this Txt box with all the ????????????????????????. Not sure what to do. People say something about the language but dont quite explain what to do. If you could help plz do so. ( step by step if possible)

    Feel My VenGEncE

    1. It’s probably your system locale. If running win. 7 64 bit take these steps.

      Start menu > Control panel
      In control panel, click the green “Clock, language, and region”
      under region and language, click “Change location”
      last tab on the right, says “administrative”, click “change system locale”
      Select Japanese.

      Your system will now attempt to read programs not written in unicode as japanese. In other words, your computer reads japanese now.

      Also, you can turn on your IME. Your IME will allow you to type in kanji, hiragana, katakana etc.

      Close the window you changed the local from, and click “Change keyboards or other input methods”
      Click Change keyboards.
      on the right, click “add”, and add Japanese.
      Apply. Make sure english is above japanese, otherwise it will set japanese as the default keyboard. Something on your screen or on your taskbar on the bottom should pop up, with EN on it. left click and select japanese, and it will type in japanese. (note, it will do the PHONETIC typing. EG.のwould be written as “no”.

      Hope this helps! share the love!

  89. I’ve got “My Girlfriend is the President???????????” when I tried to run the game. What do I have to do ?

      1. For people getting Unrecognized Kernel32 module error, turn off D3D-Overrider. That fixed it for me

          1. D3D-Overrider is a program that can be used to force triple buffering and Vsync in Direct3D games (majority of PC games on the market.) If you have this program or anything that has a similar function, make sure to disable it prior to launching the game.

            The reason you get this error is cause this game is actually run off Direct3D and anything that modifies this seems to have compatibility issues.

  90. i tried downloading the game yesterday and when i got all the parts winrar says that the files 3,5,6,7,8 are corrupt so i re downloaded them but it did not fix it please help me

      1. In the Ran route the text disappears during the fight with Kuon and I can’t progress any further.

        Still having this problem, anyone know if there is a fix? Tried reinstalling the game, but it still happens.

  91. the mediafire links are fine except for part 9. It doesn’t seem to be found. Everytime I try to download part 9 it says it can’t be found. ADMIN please do something about this. Thanks

    1. well, sorry I’m NOT an admin but i can help if this is your first time here…

      If You like Gameplay, I recommend
      Battle Moon Wars
      Princess Waltz

      If You like Good Stories, I recommend
      D.C. (Da Capo) series

      If You like 18+, I recommend
      Hitomi – My Stepsister
      Suck my Dick or Die!

      I hope this helps…

  92. el chaan
    why u so cuute ..
    dammit i play this again and again just to see el’s cuteness

    btw, too bad theres no kuu and kuon route >.<

  93. I would really LOVE to see the fandisc, is there any posibility it’ll get uploaded too?
    Even if it’s untranslated I’d be fine with it.

  94. hey, im a mac user ( dont abuse me e_e only thing i have my hands on) well , when i download files (rar) everything goes well and smoothly, but when i go to un-zip the rar file it says error, it doesnt say what type but it just says error, ive tried all the other files and the same thing happens, i have even gone to other games and the same thing has happened with them! what could be the cause of this?

  95. Im already downloaded all the parts – and then i extract all of in , when i played the screen is black but there is a subtitle- can someone tell me how to fix this

  96. Somebody please help.
    Someone else also had this problem if you read above, but it hasn’t been answered (or at least it didn’t work).

    After I guess like the 1st part of the game there is something like a video or something that says something about Episode 2… anyways, I can’t even view that page and when that’s going on my whole computer freezes.
    Then it suddenly shuts down with this gigantic error page… xD

    Please help

  97. i extract all the winRAR files, then i click osana. it says “ANSI ???? UNICODE????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  98. I just downloaded and extract the first part now I can play. The other parts what for? the files looks same every the part folders..

  99. So I downloaded all the parts… but what next?

    When I try to extract them, there is a message saying that there is a same file asking to either replace it or not… what should I do? help?

  100. the part 7.rar is zero in size.. are there any of you got also the same problem? this is my 1st time downloading this kind of game. any suggestions and instructions? i’ll be delighted to be helped. re-downloading doesn’t work either.

  101. I doubt I will get a reply, but last time I played this, was like, 18 days ago, maybe? It worked fine at the time, and some moments I liked, so I copied the save data-folder, and put them in the pre-folder (C:\Documents and Settings\my name\My documents\My Games\Other Games\Visual Novels\My Girlfriend is the President. The second MGITP-folder had the game data), and a little while after that, I stopped playing it. I decided to play it again a little less than a week ago, but all I got was a small error-window with 8 or so question marks, and an ”OK”-button. And I had like, 5 save data-folders, if that has anything to do about it.

  102. hmm.. JAST USA ver huh. tempting. i’ve played the tlwiki ver, but bug in untranslated route is annoying. maybe i’ll try download it.

  103. Admin if you are online on this game I would like to ask you a question
    Is the fandisk of My Girlfriend is the president going to be translated into English???
    Pls answer

  104. Thank you for the torrents! and of course thank you seeders.
    are there any advantages to buying VN’s? I’ve only ever played one other. Ore no imouto made me interested in some VN’s.

    This works great. The compression kinda sucks though >.>

    1. The benefits of buying the disk is to have a hard copy just in case your computer dies and to let the creator know there is a market willing to buy this stuff in english. A lot of creators think that there is no market what so ever over her and don’t want to spend time and money to translate it, so it helps them to know that their efforts weren’t in vain

      P.S. Glad to know I’m not the only one who was brought into eroges by Oreimo

  105. Ah, I see.
    You support torrents now too 🙂
    Though a little suggestion.
    It might be better to put the extracted folder to a torrent file, instead of the splitted parts.
    That way people wouldn’t have to keep the game twice, in order to play it and to seed it, and people would also be able to seed, in case they already downloaded the game and don’t have the parts anymore.

    1. Yes, in the beginning i was going to do it like that, but users suggested this approach instead – it has few advantages. First – it keeps files intact, so that you can seed them – saving the game or changing settings alters the files so you wouldn’t be able to seed them. Second – Users can download parts from mediafire, and if there’s technical problem with one of parts, they can download missing part, without having to download everything else again. Third – users can download parts from mediafire, just so that they can seed it. Fourth – if mediafire links go down for some reason and i’m not around to reupload them instantly (asleep, on vacation etc), anyone can upload their copy and share it.

  106. Wow this game is superb, just wondering why is the main character is always such a pathetic loser but in the end surrounded by girls?? this is mystery….

  107. Wow 10 PART,…
    I need extra time and money to download this VN,…
    Because my internet connettion become so pathetic.

  108. It seems that whenever i try to download part 4, it always stops and says that it was canceled, any ideas?

  109. can any1 tell me which route is best and which is worst?cause i wanna do the bad 1 first just 2 make sure i don’t get depressed when i finshed reading the Eroge.

          1. Near the system clock, there’s tray where various programs currently running are being located. One of those should have ATI program, that’s used to change resolution and other stuff – can’t really help you, since i’m using NVidia card, but i remember one of users earlier had the same problem, and then reported back that it was this program that caused it and it ran fine after turning it off.

          2. Well my ATI thing is already off, so I guess I’m screwed til further notice, huh? For the record, I use NVidia as well.

  110. I’m sure you wouldn’t have to look very hard for free help among the downloaders here. Most are willing to work to enjoy the contents of this site more. Most people are thankful for someone who scrounges up all the eroge hosted on the internet and put in an easily accessed library. Grateful people make for loyal people, that’s why you never get negative feedback.

    1. And before I get criticized for posting random stuff all over, there really is no forum or anywhere to post whatever we want to say about the site.

  111. What’s with this? Every time I try to run the program I get a message saying “Authentication failed : unrecognized kernal32 module. /NM

  112. hello admin I was wondering if there was any ongoing translation of Tayutama Kiss on My Deity that you know of (i know this may not be the place to post this but I didnt know where else could I post it)

  113. I’m <3ing mediafire right now. Surprisingly fast @ 700kb/sec, not to mention I'm downloading multiple sections at a time.

  114. Just asking what is the difference between the JAST version and the original, fan-translated one?

    I just heard that JAST version cut the ecchi scenes. Is that right?

    1. No the ecchi scenes are not cut in the JAST version. Often times being ported over into English, the Japanese censorship is removed. Likely the case here.

  115. I have a question… I downloaded all 10 parts and change the language to Japanese, but it doesn’t work… Can someone please help me? T-T

  116. Hello everyone!
    I’ve got a problem, a strange problem.
    I’m doing Putina route first. Damn, she’s hot.
    So, everything was fine until… I don’t really know what’s that, but I guess it’s some movie (2nd then) with Putina saying something a’la “Next time…”. Everything in the game window goes green, audio chops, can’t do anything, even move my mouse, then KABOOM – restart. I’ve tried everything (every possible option) in game settings.
    Any suggestions?

  117. i have a question i havent ever downloaded one of thes ebig games with multiple parts so after ive downloaded each part what do i do? extract them all to the same folder or what

          1. .rar isn’t a video file, its a compression file. Download a free program like 7zip and you can extract it

  118. Mediafire doesnt show plss fix.

    And to any1 still dling this, You better hurry because you never know MF and Rs might be next.


    F*ck you SOPA

  119. I liked this game for the most part. I’m disappointed that JAST didn’t get the fandisc that apparently has epilogues for a couple of the characters (Ell and either Yukino or Irina I believe) and has additional scenes/routes that involve Kuu/Qoo and Kuon.

    I was also a bit disappointed by the Ran ending. Not that I thought it was bad, but for all the other endings there’s a decent amount of post-credit material dealing with Junichiro and that girl’s relationship, while the Ran path sort of puts that aside for what I felt was kind of a B story in her path.

    1. the fan disk covers only Irina and Ell only although it have Kuu and Remi scenes in Ell’s path and sadly Kuon don’t have any scenes as far as i remember

  120. Question:

    During the game, there is reference to a “vector cannon” during Irina’s route. It may occur in the other routes, but I haven’t played them yet. I won’t say how or why to avoid spoilers. Too anyone who knows of the scene to which I refer, given the dialogue around it, is this tribute to the PlayStation 2 title, “Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner?” There are many similarities in the dialogue of that game as well.

    1. Yes, fantranslated version was posted almost two years ago. This one, however, is official english version, released by JAST.

      1. (Don’t take this statement overly serious, I’m just looking to start a fight for no good reason.)

        I dispute that claim! I grant it is in English right out of the box, so to speak, but the game apparently doesn’t work quite right unless you have your computers language settings to Japanese, or if you use applocale to end-run the problem, applocale actually recognizes the game as Japanese by default.

        End analysis: The game is in English, but it is not the “English Version.”

        (See some of my earlier posts on the previous page. As I said, don’t take this too seriously, I’m just being obstinate for no good reason.)

        1. lemme entertain you…

          He’s right… it WAS a fan-translated version. JAST worked together with TLwiki (The ones who made the fantranslation) to have the OFFICIAL release. The difference with the fantranslation and the official is that you don’t need to set up the pc to japanese locale (Work-arounds like these is a sure-fire thing that the game is fan-translated), the game gets more publicity, and since it enters the US, they can remove the Censorship of the game.

          What JAST did is that they basically bought the translation from TLwiki, made a few tweeks here-and-there, and VOILA! official release.

    1. Remember the “MegaUpload” Shut Down. The Feds shut it down without warning.

      Other file-sharing sites like Filesonic and Fileserve are either closing temporarily or permament because of that.

      1. yeah i also felt sorry for that fat dude founder of megaupload and he made it 2 1st ranked player in mw3 but then got arrested lmao

  121. Something strange just happened. I already finished Irina and Ell routes, but when I loaded my game today I noticed that additional character portraits are showing up all over the game (including in scenes that I already saw). I dind’t get that. Has the game downloaded an update patch without my knowledge?

  122. Downloading part 1 at the moment, sucks how i have to go back to the start. but at least i only played the patched version once up to the hot spring part with Yukino. Also Thanks for the upload Admin

    1. Fail on typing my own name lol. By the way Admin, is your display picture Kareha from “Shuffle!”? just kinda curious since i cant really see from the the tiny pic

  123. Question: (Out of curiosity, not complaint)

    If this is the official English release, why do I need did someone say to use applocale?

    If this is the official English release, why does applocale auto recognize it as Japanese?

    If this is the official English release, why do I get a bunch of question marks in some dialog boxes (i.e. Screen -> Maximum Frame Rate -> [Pick Something]) with out applocale and, and get proper Japanese script with applocale?

      1. Thank you, no.

        As I didn’t actually by this game, I prefer to keep my head down and not ask the copyright holder’s questions. For all I know, it could be some sort of trap. If you bought the disc or an official download, maybe you don’t need applocale, and you don’t get Japanese dialogue boxes. Those who play a copied and hacked (<- that's what call the process that get's you by the license key number requirement during install, right?) get said issues, and when you write into JAST about it, the trace you ISP and send the cops to your door. Not risking it. (Paranoid? Probably.)

        If any one else has the courage to go and ask, please post the answer here.

        1. The version you downloaded here is identical to the one paying customers got. I didn’t contact JAST for answers on this one (actually i don’t have contact with them at all, unlike mangagamer, whom which i’m having “live and let other live” relationship – they know about my site, i’m talking about piracy on their forum, without promoting it ofc, i got their permission to sell their titles on my site here, and even get 10% cut from sales. Only contact i had with JAST was angry letter sent to my domain registar, calling me “heavy copyright infriger” and demanding to take down download links for their “extremely hardcore” game – yukkuri panic escalation.), but i’ll try to answer.

          No idea about first question. Game should work fine under english locale.
          Second – english version of the game uses the same japanese-made scripting engine as japanese one (kirikiri) – open “properities” of game exe for more info.
          Third – same as second question.

          Process of removing copyright protection/DRM is called “cracking”. Hence the name “crack” for files with protections removed.

          1. Thank you for the response, (for life of me, I could not come up with cracking, no matter how hard I tried. I kept getting stuck on hacking.), but I wasn’t actually suggesting you, or anyone else, go out of their way and risk rousing JAST’s ire. I only meant if any one had the guts to do it even before I made the post.

          2. PS: In all seriousness, I don’t know why you applocale makes the issues disappear either (I presume changing your actual language settings would achieve the same results, but haven’t tried it). With out it, as I said, you get a dialog box filled with a line of “???????????” after changing the max frames/sec. With it, you get a line of (what I presume to be) Japanese symbols/letters. As I don’t read, write or speak Japanese, I’m not sure. At least that is what happened on my computer.

            After seeing the applocal fixed it(?), I just started using applocal by default. I don’t know if there are other issues.

            I’m not looking for a response, just making my final report on the issue.

  124. Does anyone know if JAST is doing the fandisc as well. Or does anybody that brought a hard copy know if it came with it.

    1. What exactly is a fan disc? In the generic sense, not as it applies to this game.

      I’ve seen a few other titles here posted with fan disc versions as well (can’t quote you which ones right of the top of my head). Are they discs made by fans of the game, with unofficial content, or are they made by the company that made the game, being an official prequel/sequel/pseudo-expansion pack?

      1. Usually it’s company that makes them *for* fans. They’re expansions/additional stories/alternative endings/prequels etc.

  125. I bought a hard copy but it hasn’t arrived after 3 weeks. I just want to play it already. Thanks for bringh it.

  126. I laughed pretty hard when I saw that they forgot to change Kuu into Qoo (WARNING, SPOILER) when talking about ESPs after getting attacked.
    Seems like Jast really did just copy paste the fan translation and changed a few things here and there.

  127. i bought the bundle for this downloadable and sealed copy just wanna thank ya for the japanese version you uploaded got me into buying it

  128. New Update: Just found out the source of the Problem of the kernel error. ATI Tray Tools. If this programm is running, the error occures. As soon as its closed, the issue vanishes. So everything fine now 🙂

    @mxt: try to change your system to japanese. install asia languages etc

  129. How to play this game !?
    I click at “osana.exe” and then it has windows pop-ups say

      1. You can either go to Control Panel and change your language (Non-Unicode)to japanese
        or you can use program name “applocale” to change laguage for only this programs

        I played to Part2 and found out that this game is better than I expect, I think it will be another fap per minute game like harem party, cat girl alliance or idols galore, But it happen that they had lot of story with tons of joke, it become romantic comedy more than focus on H-scenes.
        I feel like almost same level as Shuffle! an almost like D.C.II… LOL

  130. damn… i cant start the game.

    Unzipped it, tried to start the osana.exe and then the error “Authentification failed: unrecognized kernel32 module. / NM.”

    I use Win7. I tried to start the game with Applocale too, but same problem. Its weird. Never had such a problem with any other games… any ideas?

    1. I remember someone else had similar problem with different game, later he posted that it was his antivirus was causing it – try disabling it and post here if it helps.

  131. Glad I haven’t played this one yet- I’ve got the old version from this site sitting on the hard drive, so it was a close call heheh. Uncensored ftw

  132. there are also slight changes in some lines like redundant words being removed, and Kuu Little-Little has been changed to Qoo Little-Little

  133. I never played the other version before so this is my first time playing but this game is hilarious. I thought it would probably stupid from the name and I was right. It’s stupid in a funny good way 😛 Thanks Mr. Admin for the upload.

    1. I need to check out myself as well. I saw “Characters are fictional, and resemblance to existing persons is coincidental” screen in official version, which i don’t remember in original one.
      Putin is really cracking down on opposition protesters over here, god knows what KGB would do if they saw him portrayed as girl, with player having sex with her.

    2. The only difference I experinced was the first one had problems with Ran’s routes that you couldn’t pass through cause the text board showed nothing bcuz of the english patch. The first one is also censored so you couldn’t see their (excuse me) private parts.

      This new one however, can go through the WHOLE Ran’s routes with no problem and it’s uncensored.

      Oh yeah, thnx so much for this Admin! You rock so hard! 🙂

  134. is Yukino’s cooking still censored? because its funnier to have food that can’t be shown, especially with the x-files theme.

    1. There are no bugs this time.
      Also, old saves “work”, but cgs are not transferred.
      Meaning, you can start at point you finished before, but you will get only cgs that will appear later. Kind of annoying if you ask me, but translation is certainly improved.
      Though, I liked censored version more. Weird shaped penis strikes again here 🙂

  135. Aw hell yeah!

    I wanted to play this one before, but because I use a Mac, patching can get tricky. This is working perfectly. Thanks for the upload~

  136. I wonder why I can see this post on frontpage only by using my mobile device, and can’t on my laptop. But it doesn’t matter anymore, found it <3

  137. alright!!! thanks for the upload admin been waithing for this for awhile

    great work as always keep up the good work!

  138. Oh I forgot to ask this before but does anyone know if there’s any way we can just put our saved data from the first time admin uploaded the game to this one?

    1. well, in my opinion I think we can’t use the old save data, because this one is official English version, the old one is the patched one.

      although so, there is no hurting to try, (I haven’t download this ^^)

      anyway download this game, then start, then save…

      after that replace the new save data with the old one (try if it working ^^)

      anyhow, hope this useful for’ya

  139. I’m happy for the uncensored and stuff but also mad cause I gotta download it all over again… well at least this one is smaller. Anyways, thank you

      1. admin:
        you should put some tag regarding the official and japanese version translated so people would understand.
        thank you, and do not ignoring or pissed about this message OK?
        because i care about this site.

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