Osananajimi wa Daitouryou

Osananajimi wa Daitouryou

It started out as an ordinary morning, woken up by my childhood friend. Had a good breakfast… complete with morning hard-ons. An ordinary, everyday eroge scene. Or… so it seemed. Things would never be the same from that day, as peaceful everyday life was blown to bits. An accident on a spaceship heading to earth, causes it to crash on the Prime Minister of Nippon’s office. The leaders end up in a state too horrible to see. To avoid chaos, the loli alien choose a girl who happened to be there, and to make ends meet, brainwashed all of mankind. Nippon adopts a presidential system overnight, and incredibly, a girl, my childhood friend, is the president. The world will answer to her every whim.

This fantranslated version is deprecated. Download and play JAST official English version instead

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  1. Is this the official, uncensored version? I’m guessing not since there is a link for an English patch. If it is not, will the uncensored version be made available?

    1. You didn’t change locale to japanese. Refer to “FAQ” section of website and reinstall the game.

  2. hey admin is there anychance you can post the JAST version before new year???
    and thanks as always for your hard work

  3. part 3!!!
    i tried many times but it gets interrupted every time…
    please help…

  4. The load option won’t load to the scene I’ve saved in the game. It constantly loads the “instruction part” in the beginning of the game.

    1. Save doesn’t save at exact the moment you save in, but rather the “chapter” you’re currently in.

  5. I installed it and the patch appears to work fine and everything. The only problem is the drop down menus at the top are all in Japanese. Is there a place I can find the English translations?

    1. Well, the patch is working but the translators didn’t give it a bother to translate the drop down menus because it’s a tedious thing to do. They still are probably working a new patch that will patch the whole system so be patient for now.


      Even if the drop down menu is in Japanese, you can always use the ESC key to save, load, and configure the game similar to the drop down menu. The save/load system isn’t working so you’ll have a tedious job of removing and recopying just to enjoy the game…

  6. About the patch:
    It is from TLWiki, but has since been taken off the site because the game
    was officially licensed for an English release by JAST.
    There are at least 3 versions of the patch.
    V3 is the only one that is complete.
    The other versions leave the second half of Ran’s route untranslated.
    Ran’s route suffers from a bug in all versions of the patch.
    In Ran’s route, during 2 Feather Moon fights, there will be
    a dialogue box with no words.
    The only way to get past this is:
    1. save
    2. quit the game
    3. remove the patch from the game directory
    4. start the game
    5. load
    6. play in Japanese until you get to the next section of dialogue
    the first time it happens, save after it becomes the next day
    the second time it happens, save after Yukino shows up
    7. quit the game
    8. put the patch file back in the game directory
    9. start the game
    It’s annoying and the second time you miss out on a bit of the story,
    but it’s the only way to continue the route.

  7. It seems the Ran route is broken, at least for me. The scene with her fighting the made just has a blank text box and stops at that, unable to advance further.

    1. Are you using a premium account in any of those 2 mirror sites? If not, then it’s not broken.

    2. Whoops, correction.it’s currently not stable, so it’s probably broken for now… 🙁

  8. Hey, i’m just install it
    when i run osana.exe, the game crashed and notify “?????? syntax error”
    help me please !!

    1. I don’t know if this helps or not, but probably there’s a problem with your PC’s local… Is it set to Japanese? If so, then try to set it to Japanese or use AppLocale to run the program…

      Hope that helps 🙂

  9. (Of COURSE my post rolls to the next page. The original post I was referring to can be found one page earlier by clicking the “Older Comments” link below. It’s about a fourth of the way down.)

    The first picture, with the radio buttons and form field, can be found at this link:


    The second picture, with the check boxes, can be found at this link.


    1. You don’t have to be concerned about that, just choose option 1 in the 3 choices, and you’re right by the way in the second picture, it just tells you if you want the shortcuts placed that’s all… Hope that helps 🙂

    2. Well, if you are still persistent on understanding image 1, it just asks where you want the save file location to be, first option is where the game directory is, the second one is your documents (i.e. My Documents or something like that), third one is outside of the directory which is where your Application Data is… there you go

      1. Thanks a bunch.

        I like to know exactly what my computer is doing at any given time. It’s hard to know that if I don’t know what choices I’m selecting.

  10. Oh k i got problems on instruction of installing this game.
    1. i did mount it on japanese language reuqirement
    2. install the game while mounting it
    3. play the game
    4. exit the game
    5. copy the english to game fold
    6. error this game file don’t have enough space.
    7. go back to deamon and reedit the game disc/image and say sorry this file can’t be save.
    8. i click go back to deamon and double click the game.
    9. sorry this game can’t not be open
    10. i tried 2 ways to fix it with numbers 5 and 7

    So i failed miserable…… >.<

  11. I have had a problem loading previous saves before, but it was because I closed the game improperly after having made the save(terminated it via Task Manager). Just start over from the beginning and skip until you get back to where you were and try that way. There really aren’t that many choice in the game overall, and only one important choice for each girl for their respective routes. Hope this helps…

  12. what file is “game file” exactly? I tried putting it in alcot but it didnt allow me, then I tried to put in the file with the mdf program that needed the mounting, but none of this turned text to english in the game. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, I WANNA KNOW WHAT THEY SAY.

  13. PLEASE, ANSWER ME : (.

    I have a problem with the load/save system.
    Everytime i try to load my saved game,it just put me back to the start of the game(Where she makes the speech)…Any idea how to fix this problem???…

    Thank you for your time.

    1. This game has an rpg like save/load system; rather than loading directly from where you saved, it seems to load from the start of the scene you saved at. Also… as for saving at choices… you don’t need to worry about that until you get to the lockers scene.

  14. i finished Yukino and Irina’s Ed, so im now going for Ran-neechan’s but then i get stucked at the part when she defeated Kuon-san in a Mahoushoujou Outfit. can anyone help me out here?

  15. zzz… I’m tired of solving this myself. umm. is Ran route translated? damn it i’m stucked on some loop in her route.. plss anybody HELP~~!!

    1. Hey i had a problem with Rans route as well, these are some instructions someone left in a previous comment which helped me past the bug.

      there is a bug in Rin route..
      1. you can avoid this by disable the translation patch(delete the file or change it file extension)
      2. load your last game before you encounter Rin’s bug without eng patch, then play until you finish the event (marked by picture like this http://i986.photobucket.com/albums/ae341/CrossDy/CheckPoint.jpg)
      3. save your game, put the english patch to you game folder then load the game

      1. Just remember the bug occurs twice. Both times occurring in the confrontation with “Terminachan”(lol).

  16. The game’s working perfectly, I pasted the patch into the directory but for some reason it isn’t working. I tried restarting and I’d been running the game as administrator. Please help me?

  17. i installed the game and added the english patch and i get syntax error and i did uninstall it then restarted my computer and installed it over and still didn’t work need help?

  18. Hi guys.
    This question may be very stupid. but i just recently got windows 7. i dont know what the game folder is… is it the cd rom installed or the alcot folder?
    Sorry for being such a newbie.

    1. Hi, first you have to download DAEMON Tools Lite, install it. Then, you must download all of parts file (.rar type) and extract them into one file. Afterwards, see FAQ for more informations (how to mount image using DAEMON & install the game itself).

  19. Oh, anyway, I did finished the game with irina’s route. It was wonderful. It moved my heart. Now, I wanna take another route to Yukino/Ell/Ran. What choice should I take to access their route? Anyone who complete 100% of this game, help me please!

    1. Basically, it goes like this: You have the choice of going down Yukino’s route, if you don’t get jealous, the route is passed up and then the lunchtime scene where you have the option to praise Irina’s cooking comes up; if you don’t praise it, your next chance at a route will come when you are at Ran’s part-time job where you can look at her or the panda, choose the panda if you want to ignore her route and get to Ell’s route, in which case, of course, you compliment her.

  20. Can someone tell me what to do after downloading the game? I can’t install the game properly (i have change my locale to Japanese though)

    1. Btw i can’t extract the part 1 because it is always stop on 80% i did redownload the file but it still like that. how to fix that? thx before.

  21. Here, there’s only one word for this game : AMAZING!
    Both character’s design, background music, and story (it’s a perfect comedy-romance-harem combination) are absolutely amazing!
    This game has something that other games don’t have.
    I hope this game becomes anime or manga at least, because THIS IS THE BEST EROGE GAME I EVER PLAYED!
    Thank YOU!

  22. Sir Admin, I’ve installed the game but actually syntax error appeared when I running the program/launcher.
    Any ideas/suggestion? Thank you.

  23. i only play for few minutes and this game is “EPIC”
    an Alien crash into earth,
    the main character’s childhood friend become a prsident,
    his friend say “Reality is a Crappy game” (its Keima’s line on Kami nomi zo shiru sekai),
    and on flashback he says “What kind of eroge is this!?”

    This game is Epic 9/10

    1. lol!! i’m still in the middle chapter i guess. well, i guess i will into GOD MODE now?

    2. The artwork in this game is really some of the best I’ve ever seen in an eroge(I really can’t wait until admin uploads the Jast version with all the uncensored goodness). The only bad thing I could say about this game is that the endings really felt rushed and lack-luster; but then again, the game itself seems to be a fourth-wall breaking comedic romp so one can’t really complain too seriously about the absence of realism. Oh well, I’d still recommend this game to anyone and everyone who has the hard drive space for it. x]

  24. Would have been nice to somehow get a Kuon scene/ending. Especially after you play the Ran route and see the cuter side of Kuon.

  25. i can’t open the file, coz it said .mds file. i did extracted 6 parts + patch and put them in same folder, but it didn’t work. please, anyone can help me?

    1. i’m using windows 7, is there a problem with my windows or the parts themselves are broken?

  26. I downloaded all the parts and the patch. Then did every thing step by step that you described however when I try to run the game I get the error ???????(syntax error). Is there a way to fix or get around this? I tried taking the patch out of the folder to run it w/o it but this didn’t fix the issue.

  27. I have apparently done something wrong of offended someone for the post I wrote seeking translation about a few specific lines from the installation pictures above.

    I apologize for whatever I did. If you could let me know so I can avoid doing it in the future, I would appreciate it.

    (PS: My above post about putting a question mark after thanks is with regards to my now absent post if anyone was wondering what I was talking about.)

    1. You didn’t do anything wrong – it’s just that your comment contained links to pictures, which caused it to being hold for moderation, and i was offline for the weekend.

  28. Don’t ask me why I put a question mark after “Thanks”. My fingers where likely typing faster than my brain could think.

  29. yo admin , for some reason , my internet/computer can’t download anything from fileserve or megaupload.

    My main reason is, can admin plz upload the game at filesonic? cause that is one of the file hosting website i can only enter , would be a real help!

    1. yo ahmad.. if you’re from malaysia, then your government actually blocks sharesites like megaupload, etc.. if im not mistaken, ‘MSC’ or this government did that to reduce piracy.. i personally think it’s bull.. to gain access back again just change your dns server to google’s.. and voila.. u can download from blocked sharesites again.. ^^

  30. Hi admin. not uploaded in filesonic yet?
    I am not pressuring you or anything, just wanna know

  31. meant to say this for a while… it’s been messing my head. but the tittle in japanese means my childhood friend is the president right? at least should be

    1. The official title is 「幼なじみは大統領 My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT」, English included.

    2. Well, its true, Osananajimi means Childhood friend but in almost every english subtitle it says “My Girlfriend” but hey, its english for you >.<

  32. for some reason whenever i load a save file it brings me back to the same spot, and i never even saved at that spot, does anyone know what could it be?

    1. Yes, this game has kinda strange save system – there are “save points” ( kinda like in old rpg games), and loading save brings you to last savepoint, not exact place you saved in.

  33. Uh… is this only a partial english patch? It won’t go any further than, not to spoil too much, the moment Ran is protecting Jun.

    1. DAMN YEAH! 😀 If anyone had a bug like me, where the text just doesn’t show and you can’t advance further, do what i did – switch back to japanese version by removing the patch file from the game directory, advance a bit further in the game in japanese version, save, restore the patch and voila! You can just load from that save.

  34. hello i tried pasting the patch in every file ralated to the but the game remains in japanese, can anyone help me?

  35. i have a problem -.-
    when i try to start the game i get a syntex error…why? : /

  36. hey people,

    i was just wandering if anybody can you verify if this is the official english release or not? they said that the english is already released.

    1. This isn’t the official English release. I’m sure the admins will switch it over if they can get there hands on it.

      1. ^this.
        Official release is still few months ago from now. This one is using the fan-patch, that the official release will be using (JAST will most likely add some crap to it, like “all characters are aged 18 or older” or censor some scenes)
        Yes, i’ll update this to “official” version once it comes out, and if jast “tampers” with game in any way, then “uncensor” patches will be added ( just like in “Family Project”, “X-Change” etc)

        1. I don’t think we have to worry about censorship, seeing this line on the j-list pre-order page:

          “JAST USA and Peach Princess are happy to announce the official uncensored and English language release of Japanese maker ALcot’s Osananajimi wa Daitouryou — My Girlfriend is the President.”

          Here’s the page if anybody cares to read on. (it’s really just a rehash overview of the VN’s plot)


          1. By “uncensored” they mean no mosaics in h-scenes, not lack of script alterations. Family Project was also advertised as being “uncensored”, while they used photoshop to add clothes in some scenes of youngest girl ( she ended up wearing two bras in one of scenes….).
            I think they learned from their mistakes, since they had to refund a lot of customers, but you never know with JAST…

  37. anyway how I disable the H scene since i’m not interesting in the H scene
    pls tell me

      1. What I was doing to get around the loading errors was loading an early save (like my save at the shoe locker choice), and then loading the next save after that, and the next save, etc… up to the one I wanted. Little time consuming but it works.

  38. If you experience that your save files are corrupt… meaning when you load the game… and click to advance and get a WrapLine error… reload the save file… then move your mouse to the lower right corner, so that the menu appears and then press the skip button and the lock button… and then click to advance..
    It will work fine…

    PS: About the complaints from people about their save files loading from a different place… I think this game using Save Anchors like Private Nurse US…
    So it’s not an bug…

  39. I got this working without changing system locale by using AppLocale. I’ll post again if something goes haywire.

  40. ummm… why im stucked at rans scene when she wears feather moon and defeated the maid one..?? please…. >.<

  41. To all who have been getting the error:

    –> Go to Control Panel > Date, Time and Regional Options > Language and Regional Options > Advance
    And from the drop down box select Japanese… If the Japanese Settings have been installed on the PC, select Yes when the Prompt shows (Even if you are not sure, select Yes)
    If the settings have been installed, it will ask you to restart your computer, if not, you will asked to insert the Windows CD…

    NOTE for XP users: You can also use AppLocale from Microsoft… Just Google it, install it and launch the application from AppLocale…

    1. Thank u dude. U won’t believe how happy my Friend Zorina The gay was when he played it coz of ur help.

  42. For the part of the Ran route in the abandoned building with Feather Moon, can be avoided by saving beforehand, exiting game, removing the patch to another folder, restarting the game, then loading the save file, then moving past the glitch untranslated, saving, exiting the game, then putting the patch back in place, starting the game again and loading from the new save file.

  43. how about in windows 7?

    it always appear the ?????syntax error?

    i need help.. thanks

  44. umm.. how can you fix the Save/Load problem?
    cuz everytime I load the save game, it always start at the VERY BEGINNING!
    pls help!

  45. Anyone know if its possible to get Ran’s theme song? xD
    Really good theme 🙂
    Sadly no one on youtube seems to have it >.<

  46. Is the entire game fully translated? Because I know Jast is officially releasing this title. I thought TLwiki stopped translating this one because Jast Picked up this title.

    Also, will you guys be replacing this version of the game with the Jast release once it comes out?

    1. Yes game is fully translated ( there used to be some problems in Rans route, but i belive it’s fixed with newest patch i uploaded.
      When JAST releases official version i’ll check out how different it’s from fan translated one – if there are no major differences i’ll replace it here, otherwise i’ll post another download.

  47. I’ve downloaded this game soooo long ago here. And I just happen to make my choice last week to finish it because it’s in my desktop for some long time now (Unfinished, of course :D) Well anyway, Why is Ran’s route untranslated ? Only Ran’s story and I’m done. 🙁

    1. If you downloaded patch long time ago, then you should re-download it. Few days ago i posted new version of patch that should fix most problems in Ran’s route.

      1. Does that mean I still have to change to japanese locale each time I play?

    1. nevermind it isn’t…oh well. Btw does anyone know how to make it so that the skip button doesn’t skip on unread. It would be useful since the load function loads only to the beginning of the screen.

  48. Right, thanks. Never figured that out properly, but as I’m gonna take a Jap course soon, I’ll just try play in Jap 😀

  49. I would like to know, does english patch cover the whole game? Ore one specific route? Couse i’m not certain if i should download this game…

    1. It’s cover 3 routes properly. For Rin’s, it gets corrupted midway through but you can still get through if u work around a bit. I think I saw the solutions somewhere right on this page.

  50. If anyone needs help installing this game you can add me on skype “Sousuke31” is my username. However I won’t be much help unless you have windows vista or 7. Also you’re computer needs to be in english so I can tell what I’m doing. Hope I can help.

  51. ehhh… full translation still havent complete?? if complete someone please post it here..

    1. Unfortunately, the english version of this visual novel got licensed by JAST USA, so don’t expect too much about the translation.
      for more information check this out

      1. yep still on preorder status may ed up being the second game that i accutly buy (first being shuffle!)

  52. I can’t extract parts 2-5 is there any way to fix this without searching other sites?

  53. Well, i have installed the patch but when i save it won’t load the whole game starts new

  54. never mind got it …
    i can’t put the english patch in the game folder ..somebody help me ..it says that it’s only a read file only..

  55. It keeps showing ????syntax error Can anyone please please tell me how to get rid of it please??

    1. Um..change your regional setting to japan that will get rid of the syntax error
      thus changing your unit to japanese

  56. @Tatssuya: The english patch is no longer being worked on if I am correct, since the Full English is being worked on officially. Hopefully they won’t butcher it with English voice acting. XD

    Any way the english patch has an issue with some people. Apparently the save data would either not load properly or load properly before throwing a runtime error – unfortunately I don’t know moonspeak.

    1. DUUUUH.. Sounds like I’m having a hunch about the Full English…and if they put in on full english vocie dubs that would really break my heart since I like Ellrin and Ran’s voice in jap XD
      anyways what would be the estimated time the full trans will be released? Got an idea about it?
      and yeah thanks for the info, appreciate it alot ^^

  57. don’t think the full patch will ever come out as tlwiki is now working with JastUSA for their official English release.

    1. So you mean its gonna take a very long time before they start working on the english patch or more like abandoning the whole thing

  58. don’t know if this will work for you as it did for me but edit the folder name in the ALcot directory)in which the game is stored(replacing it with something in english)
    then edit the shortcut target and location you mainly use (desktop or start menu) to reflect the changed folder name
    so it looks something similar to – C:\Program Files (x86)\ALcot\My Girlfriend Friend Is The President/osana.exe

    Windows has trouble searching through folders with japanese characters so changing the folder names from japanese to english should fix it

  59. I have the problem,that after I have installed the game, it won’t even start. When I go the shortcut on my desktop an error shows up saying: ???????(Syntax Error)….seriously WTF?

  60. Does anyone has a solution to the save Problem. It’s really annoying that ever load of a Save-File brings me back to the scene on the spaceship, where I made my first choice.

  61. I’m getting an issue with the full download that you offer on your website with one of the files being corrupted. I’ve downloaded the file twice and the same error occurs. I am currently trying the the split download as a means of circumvention, but could you check into the full download?

    1. In addition it appears that Part 4 of the split downloads is unavailable. Does anyone have a Mirror for it(them)?

      1. Files that reside on server are fine, since after every upload i download them again and check if they work.
        Part 4 downloads with no problems for me – maybe hotfile had temporary problems.

        1. That may be true, but that still leaves me without the files. T_T I did find a torrent for the complete files and I hope that will work as your site introduced me to the game and I was hoping to give it a shot. Any plans in the near future for possible mirror links and/or maybe reuploading your copy of the file(s) to ensure others don’t come across the issue?

          1. Its definitely the file hosting service, not yourself, I wanted to make that clear. I wasn’t aiming the problems at you. Part 4 hangs and won’t continue the download each and every attempt, which is every half hour as you already know.

  62. i cannot get this to work i did everything the instructions said to do i even restarted it but i get a syntax error, could you please help ^-^ thanks

  63. So I installed the game with Daemon tools and when I tried to copy and paste the patch it says “there is not enough space on PRESIDENT…”

    Anyone know how to fix this? Or know how to get more space?

    1. Oh..So when will they release the full translation of the game then, any ideas?
      and oh yeah thanks for the info ^^

  64. Excuse me, i followed the instruction but when i try to start the game, it shows me “??????(syntex error)”. Can someone please tell me why? I’m really looking forward to play this game.

    1. did u change system locale to Japanese before or afer the installation? if u did it after u should delete,change the local and then reinstall.make sure to keep the locale on japanese or else it wont work

  65. help
    when i click start up i get a error msg saying programfiles x86 osana.exe with japanese charactors and when i click the osana app it say i have the wrong version of window an need a x86 or x64version what should i do

  66. pixa u trying to get it in english? u can instill the game by using daemon tool then put the patch in the game folder …it should be to folders i got another 1 when i instilled it i put the patch in tht 1

  67. helpp !!!!

    i copy the folder onanimaji and have them burned to dvd, then i insert the dvd even the autorun don’t work, what should i do then??

  68. @Azuredety
    put the patch in the main Folder.

    hey i just wanna ask about the fandisc of osanajimi did you all think that will be translated??
    please reply.

  69. Good news. Peach Princess and TLWiki is now collaborating for the full translation of OsanaDai in just a few months and now licensed through JAST USA. Pre-order is now on-going.

  70. @kumar
    sorry the game just translate the story i don’t know why they just abandon Ran route and the name of the charachter. but still we can understand what they mean’s

    P.S. “I’m not an admin. i’m just a man who usually check this
    website and help the people play eroge”.

  71. Hey I have a problem!, i can’t install it!
    whenever I try to install it, it stops a few centimeters before the end once its finished copying the files from its source disk, please someone help me.

  72. Oh sorry i somehow managed it.
    But it doesn´t do anything.
    It still all japanese
    Please Help !

  73. I already installed the game and followed the instruction
    but when i want to copy the English Patch
    it says that i dont have enough space
    How can i get more space?

  74. Dear Admin, the game is working fine as I follow ur instructions above but whenever i tries to save the game and
    load the data the game rollback to where I last started..
    Do I’ve to play this game on locale [Japan]? The game wouldn’t
    work when i changed it back to [English] locale. I’m currently
    using Win Vista 32-bit. Please give me a reply asap.

  75. When I try to play the game it says “?????? Syntax Error” I’ve followed the instructions through, but I just keep getting that, anyone know why?

  76. @I_LOL_on_noobs: How do I post with a picture? I noob.

    @SaberXJ: I’ve completed Yukino’s and Irena’s route (100% english, minus the menus)

    Currently on Ran’s route, but near the end of episode 2, it goes back to Japanese and no more english.

    If you want to do Ran’s route in English, you should wait for the patch.

    Also, you have to install this game in Japanese locale and play in Japanese locale (Unless you’re creative and rewrite the install file properly).

    @leo: http://erogedownload.com/walkthroughs/my-girlfriend-is-the-president-walkthrough/

  77. Is this the FULL Complete patch for this game or is it just the trial patch? and #2 every time I install the game and try and play it I keep getting this eror message saying “Syintex Eror” and then I click it and then it wont open! CAN ANYONE HELP!! in fact Ive bean having to play the game off the CD its self so if anyone can help me Id be MOST great full!

  78. I have trouble starting the game. I installed it jsut like shown here and changed my regional settings and copied the patch data.

    when I try to start the game I get this error where it gives me the path of the exe and then some japanese kanji that i cant read 🙁

  79. I left the widget open the entire time I waited. I closed it after a while and did a different one and it worked immediately. And I forgot that the mail is actually useful.. Ah hah, thanks for the hard work.

  80. Of course it will not work anymore. The guys at TLwiki already removed that link:

    “Nope, there won’t be a release until everything is 100% QCed, sorry. Thanks and please hold out a little longer. –Kugyuuu 21:01, 27 October 2010 (CDT)”

    So let’s just be a little patient and play another game until they finished the new patch.

  81. I completed a “Survey” with that game-vance crap about 20 minutes ago, no link. What gives? Free money for you and no game for me? Sad face.

    1. You probably closed survey widget before link appeared – i see your survey as completed.
      I wanted to send you download link via e-mail but unfortunately you provided non-existing e-mail adress.

  82. hey i just want to ask if you can re-upload the last english patch please.

    i just want to finish ran route with 100% english

  83. aw the link in the comment isnt working ;( went to tlwiki page and seems its still under ‘active’ section. Anyone know when the patch will be done?

  84. The TLWiki website for this game says:

    ‘September 11, 2010: Editing and re-translation is finally done. Thanks for being patient with us.’

    Doesn’t this mean that the game is basically done and the finished patch should be out? However, I also notice that the ‘Quality Control’ part of their progress is not 100% complete which, to be honest, I don’t know what that means. Anyway, I hope this is completely finished soon.

  85. I see, thanks ^^ got to find my installation cd or download it language pack from the internet^^

  86. That depends on game engine – some games work without japanese locale, some don’t. This one needs it for sure.

  87. ah ok ill try to look to around… can i ask another question? i tried to download fortune arterial and i was able to play it without problem even through i dont have japanese locale yet so do u think i can play this too like fortune arterial?

  88. Someone had the same problem as you before, and he found those needed files as separate download from some website – either look around comments for download link or just google for them

  89. put the eng patch in the game folder, compared the inside of the folder to the screen shot and has the same files. however, getting “???????(syntax error)”, anyone know the problem?

  90. ok, the problem settled, but another came up, the game still in japanese…what should I do now?

  91. which folder should I put the patch actually?It’s always said that the game folder hasn’t enough memory to put the patch?!?!?!

  92. Well, the link given at the top is in the 1400 kB and messed up the gameply whereas the one posted in the comments is in the 1500 kB and worked just fine. So… well, the one posted in the comments is better.

  93. I know you posted the link to the new patch in the comments but you really should put the link where it says “Download English Patch:” so you don’t needlessly scare people by letting them use a buggy patch that makes your computer crash.

  94. 2 pain
    Nocternity says:
    July 19, 2010 at 7:34 am

    In order to get past the freezing in Ran’s and Kuon’s battle, remove the patch file from the game directory and go past the crashing point. Save there and insert the patch file back to the directory. Then load and continue.

  95. i need help i don’t know what happened but the text just disapears in a part of Rans where she’s wearing the costume it won’t let me go further in the story from that point
    please help

  96. hey, I’ve got the same problem as Il0ck0nnek0, can anyone explain the details of where to put the english patch?

  97. Is there a quicksave function in this game? everytime I load savefile it goes back to its major scene, not where I left off exactly

  98. Question.. Can I revert the settings back after the installation or do i need to keep it in japanese?

  99. hey ran route still having some problem here, do someone already have the way to solve it? i can’t play the ran route although it’s the last route T.T

  100. at the end of the fight between Ran and Kuon the screen just freezes, but I can still here the background music and the text bubble is still there too with the rotating star, but there is no text and I can’t seem to go forward anymore…
    does somebody have a solution for this??

  101. Or if you dont feel like it, then just check your .zip files, if any one of them is smaller than the others (dont include the last file because its meant to be smaller) then redownload that file

  102. You probably are, maybe one of your .zip files are corrupted and isnt extracting properly, just use that full download thingy that requires you to do a survey or stuff. It worked perfectly for me.

  103. I downloaded the file parts and extracted them but all I get are these 2 notepad files both saying PRESIDENT. Am I doing something wrong?

  104. Indeed it seems that the text in Ran’s route is not fully translated (or at least inserted). Is there a fix? Or have I done something wrong during installation or operation or whatever? Awesome VN btw.

    1. This is beta patch – some parts are unedited, and maybe something wrong with english text insertion in Ran’s route. As soon as officioal patch will be out I’ll post it here.

  105. At the part in the beginning of the third battle between Ran and Kuon the game is left in japanese. Is there another english patch that can fix it?

  106. This game itself is awesome, the only complaint I have about it is the blasphemous censoring mosaics >.<

  107. @Holybleach

    Its meant to be like that. It always goes back to the acts first scene.


    Thanks! I saw some of its gameplay and it looks awesome.

  108. can anyone tell me how to save? When i load my data it keeps going to scenes i replay before

  109. Oh ya can I also request Koihime Musou which will come out sometime soon? Its gonna be released by MangaGamer 😀

  110. Just click your way through and save it in the next scene. You can always use the option to look back on what was they said.

  111. It seems the patch hasn’t been translated completely in Ran’s route.I try to remove the patch to past the crashed point but after that,the game is completely in Jap and I can’t understand anything either.Can u do anything about this?

    Please help me.Thanks alot

  112. ?????????????(syntax error) that’s what it says. I have downloaded many eroges from here, but this is the first time it tells me that there is a problem

  113. Has anyone tried Ran’s route yet. The game seems to freeze up after the fight between Feather Moon and the Armed Maid. Maybe they haven’t finished Ran’s route yet or maybe I need to redownload.

    1. Try to remove Patch.xp3 file from game folder, open game in Japanese, load your save and get past a point where game crashes, save, then put English patch again – if this works then it’s some problem with text insertion of patch.

  114. i just fiish yukino route just now…
    man… this game is truely wonderful

    thnx a lot for the blessing admin

  115. Is the patch really complete? Or Am I just doing something wrong… Cuz I already moved/copied the patch into the game folder and started the game but only the text is in english, everything else, configu menu, load/save, and everything else besides text is in japanese.

    1. This is beta patch – all scripts are complete ( some are still unedited tho) – game is completely playable from start to finish in English, but there’s still some work to be done, like translating menus etc – i don’t think that’s the big deal, since it’s easy to figure what option does what, and you can play this game earlier this way – you’d have to wait a few months more at current editing speed.

  116. Does the Mircrosoft AppLocal actually changes the japanese title to english???

    1. You need to put Patch.xp3 file to change this game scripts from japanese to english.
      Applocale is needed to start the game at all – without proper encoding game cannot load it’s graphic file so it crashes right at begining – app locale fixes that.

  117. hey i downloaded the japanese version but i wanted in english….how do i do that??? thank you

  118. Thanks a lot!
    I am quite new to this so I’m just wondering if I need to be under a japanese locale every time I run the game?

    1. Yes, you need japanese locale everytime you run this game, otherwise it won’t start.
      You can use Mircoroft’s AppLocale utility to temporarily change locale for specyfic programs, you can download it at mircosoft’s page.

  119. Thanks, man! I’ve been waiting for the full version for a while now! Keep up the great work!!!

  120. w0w your the best man…

    i’m always checking tlwiki for the patch of this game… never though i would be able to play this game sooner than i expected…

    thanks a lot

    btw i just princess waltz thanks a lot to your save game

  121. i’ll be looking forward to g-senjou w/ english patch here in the near future…..=)

  122. Yes, all downloads here have 100% english patches ( unless stated otherwise ).

    In this case translation is at 100%, and 60% of it is edited/quality checked.

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