Brass Restoration

Brass Restoration

The main character, Takiguchi Ryo, is a genius percussionist in high school who had a bright future ahead of him. But he loses his left arm in an accident.

The accident causes him to throw away his dream to become a percussionist like his father, and he loses all hope in life. Ryo tries to abandon music, but the girls around him encourage him to take up music once again.

Will he be able to find hope in his life and a passion for music in spite of his handicap…?

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  1. I got the game from another site but the minori route was clipped out for some reason and it saddens me. Can somebody tell me how to download this when I got to download it just keeps looping back to the jungle play thing.

  2. it’s a good game, my first VN/ galge (since there are no H-scenes) and all the endings are satisfying. *spoiler* I love the ending where ryo becomes a composer. Hardest route is Minori’s, and you’ll love the 5 endings of Kouri’s route. Worth the download

  3. I haven’t finished this yet but…oh my god….this one actually made me think and made me save all these files because I kept going to the Common Routes…..and couldn’t get to any of the girls, you have to be accurate. Which I love and hate. so basically, I have a love-hate relationship with this VN xD
    Right now I’m fighting with myself if I should read the walkthrough….
    But I love how they show you which routes you finished.
    I think you press “D”

    1. well I’ve played it and got all the ending, all quite sad even though it’s a happy end, everyone got their own problem, and the main character’s dillema well, if U really loved this VN my advice is dont use the walktrough (I’m not using WT’s for every game I liked) the feeling U get when u finished is more deeper than using a WT.

  4. This bring memories when i play route for the rich girl , i was crying in my heart when their endure all kind of obstacle in front of them and in the i though that it’s gonna be a bad ending for both of them but when i got through THIS IS THE BEST ENDING for me .. I never really got Yui ending though because i stop playing it…

  5. I have played many VN and this is one of them that really get me thinking. Really nice and meaningful story even though it’s simple compared to the other VN I have played before. A really recommended one if you enjoy playing one with touching storyline.

  6. its been forever. ty for posting it. as a warning it might make u cry. each story has a really sad part but each good ending will make you happy. or at least it wil under normal circumstances.

  7. Wonderful game. Very likable characters. It’s amazing how powerful the writing, art and music are, despite being so simple by comparison. To anyone enjoying high school drama, this is a must have.

    1. No, it isn’t. Check the tags, it says “all ages”. If you find that tag attached to something on this site, it will not be an H-game.

      1. it figures, I got this game from other site actually and I finished all the endings without any H-scene, that makes me wonder if the site’s file not a full version or what, thx 4 the information, this is a full emotional game it’s a must for someone who doesnt only looking for H-scenes

        1. It’s a full-length VN. It is not an H-Game. And it is VERY sad/touching/what-have-you. I played it through a a few times, a few years back, and it hit me in ways not many VNs do.

  8. Finally! I downloaded this game from somewhere like 2 years ago but couldn’t remember where exactly. Got half way through that red haired girls route before my computer got messed up and had to throw it away, and I didn’t want to download it from some random shady site, so thank you very much for uploading it here.

  9. Ah! That a old game this time… And a good one 😀

    Brass Restoration was one of my first VN. Great experience. Bring back nice memory

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