Shoujo Dominance

Shoujo Dominance

Love blooms as Reina goes searching for the right person, only to find out that love has always been nearby.

When her friends ask, “What kind of person is your ideal type?” the first figure that comes to mind is her father. Reina wants nothing more than to have somebody who will cherish and protect her.

“I’m sure he already knows what I want… so why won’t he just do it?”

16 comments on “Shoujo Dominance

  1. It’s not bad pretty good. Good context, good setup, great art and alright story (which is godlike compared to some garbage on here)

  2. daughter? when she looks more like 22 and, what, visiting high school? really?

    also the interaction between the dad and daughter is SOOOOO forced. really bad writing and art overall.

  3. She doesn’t look much like a daughter imo, but well… It’s also uncensored, so I will give it a try.

    Maybe after I finish the trap ones (I am a man who likes varied flavours)

    1. I lied, I started it before ending the traps one… And, her voice kinda reminds me of Emilia/Megumin. Noice.

  4. Has anyone been able to work around the blocked downloads? Everything is marked as a virus for me now…

    1. Mozilla Firefox download protection can be disabled in options > privacy and security > dangerous software protection

      1. The question is not how to disable software protaction, but why everything is marked as virus. Did I miss this answer somewhere under earlier posts?

        1. I’ve been getting this same message using chrome lately. I double checked with a different browser and had no problems. I can’t say why it’s happening but I’ve never had a virus problem from this site.

    2. Also for diagnostic purposes on MBAM
      Scanning rar files after downloading produces no threats detected thing on most rar parts

      Parts where ‘Generic/Suspicious’ are detected are the exes
      Which may involve exe cracks which trigger false positives at insanely high rates

      Firefox will warn about all parts for some reason,
      I think the download site is on a blacklist or very incompetent, trust me that the judgment of firefox is worth way less than an actual antivirus.

      1. Just to correct myself there I meant to say that the firefox download protection is incompetent, if there were a download blacklist I don’t even think you can request to be taken off it, nor would the request be honored

  5. your dedication to putting literally any and all visual novels on here is unparalleled but i think i will pass on this one

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