How a Retired Strategist Saved the Country

How a Retired Strategist Saved the Country

How a Retired Strategist Saved the Country is a real time strategy simulation game where you manage resources to develop your country.
The player is asked by elves, beastmen… Etc. various heroines ask you for help, and then you take command of their country’s army.
Will they become the victors, or princesses of ruined countries… It all depends on you.”​

7 comments on “How a Retired Strategist Saved the Country

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  3. gameplay is pretty good. its a numbers game more than a resource management game. it’s a good time sink if nothing else. the VN portion is just a cheap wish fulfillment fantasy and thankfully it’s not trying to be anything than that. at least the animation and art is great.

  4. Say “Can’t be executed this aplication on this machine”
    “To look for the version for this equip, consoult the editor of this sofware”

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