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  1. Playing a male this beta physically hurts me. Other than that installing the game kinda sucks, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but the visual novel is a little laggy for some reason. Thank you Admin though!

    1. I will help you. Are you getting this message in Japanese when you click the “knotfiction” exe?

      [Knot Fiction!] hasn’t installed correctly.
      Please execute the program after installation.

      The answer is simple. Before you can play the game you must install it. Click “ihs” {i think it stands for abbreviation for installation helper setup or along those lines]. This abbreviation combined with the fact that it is in Japanese may have people miss it or have trouble setting it up, so I will guide it. Very simple.

      An installation menu will popup after you click “ihs”. Click the second button “インストール” (install).
      New menu- choose where to install, check the boxes that apply (from top to bottom: install the entire game 2000mb, make desktop shortcut, make setup menu shortcut), then click next (次へ, located on the left)
      Green bars will pop up and install everything. just wait.
      You are done.

      Now you can go back and click “knotfiction” exe and the game will work! I hope this helps.

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