Yuukuri Panic Escalation

Yuukuri Panic Escalation

A great new game for fans of erotic visual novels from Japan, this is an all yuri (lesbian) game that eroge fans will love. It’s really two games in one: a complete multi-scenario ADV (visual novel) game with different paths to explore, plus a great arcade-style “uncover-the-picture” game in the tradition

The Visual Novel
The visual novel is a great game in which you must guide the main character Rie as she navigates the dark world of lesbian possession. Rie Komatsuzaki has just transferred to the prestigious St. Yale Academy, a Catholic school for girls, and she’s sad and confused. She had fallen in love with her home tutor then discovered that her stepmother was involved in an illicit relationship with him.

Now at her new school, she finds herself alone and confused. On a whim, she enters the school chapel, where she encounters Naomi and Midori making love. She’s immediately taken aback — “What are they doing? Girls aren’t supposed to touch each other like that!” And yet, a strange warmth fills Rie, and her panties grow wet. Before she knows what’s happening, she’s the target of the two girls who seek to make her their plaything for sex. Several fascinating endings to explore!

“Yukkuri Panic” Arcade Game
Then get ready for a great action game in the tradition of the classic “Gal’s Panic” erotic arcade games. Combining an original story with 21 levels of gorgeous erotic art that you unlock as you play, it’s similar to the classic Qix arcade games. Your ship travels along the outside edge of the picture, and you can move forward and draw sections of the picture by holding the space bar. Beware of the many enemies that move around the screen, including the Boss, which shoots out missiles and fireballs at you. If something touches the line you’re drawing, sparks will move towards you, destroying your ship if it touches you before you finish claiming a section of screen. The gameplay is fast and furious and erotic!

167 comments on “Yuukuri Panic Escalation

  1. Escalation Adventure isn’t letting me save…no matter how many times I click on the save boxes, nothing shows up in them. Any ideas?

  2. When i play the arcade game I cant move anything i tried pressing my whole keyboard.. The game loads till the chapel then start round 1 but i cant do anythingg

  3. Same thing with this game. DA-1click download link unavailable.

    So if I downloaded the parts, how does that work for ONE game? Do I pull the files from the extracted part 2 and add to the extracted part 1?

  4. Okay this might quite possibly be of absolutely no importance but whenever the round bad guy fires beams in the third picture the game crashes. Any suggestions? Also i use windows 7 and don’t have the game on my virus scan list.

  5. I know the reason why components for the game keep disappearing on people. The anti-virus software they use are detecting the Trojan in the exe. and quarantining the file. If you go into your anti-virus settings, you can get it out of quarantine, albeit only for a short while before it gets stuffed back in, although I’m not too sure if it’s a good idea to take it out in the 1st place.

  6. came to a road bloce known as software defender i need a licence code how and where do i get one sinc i used a torrent

  7. Hey hey hey…
    Whenever I start up the arcade game or whatever, it just crashes, I’m using windows 7 BTW, any help would be very, um, helpful…

  8. I can’t play panic it just starts flashing on a screen that says “There we go…”. I don’t have any controllers plugged in so what do I do?

  9. Hi, I’m having some trouble installing and playing the game. It says I don’t have system.pkd what am I missing?

    1. Go to your install location (it should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Yukkuri Panic! ADV) copy your launch file into there

      This should fix the missing msvcr71.dll problem too.

    1. Likewise, hoever “once in a while” -> every 30 seconds. Didnt really encounter it until round 3, but it’s got to the point it’s unplayable.

        1. I am still having crashes. I retry and eventually get to next scene, but it crashes again. Any update or fix that I can do so I can play?

  10. I am having a problem with the game I installed it and when I tried to play it is say’s Directx and some unreadable words and after that is say’s Directx failed to create….

    So can anybody please help me and thanks.

  11. is this エスカレーション~狂愛のフーガ~ or ゆーくりパニック エスカレーション
    or are they the same?
    if they are different, and about the other?

      1. So, what are the differences between the two, and which should I play first? If it doesn’t matter, can anyone recommend which to play first?

  12. I just read the description and the names and story sound very familiar – does anyone else remember the escalation series from Cream Lemon by Fairy Dust? The first episode was released in 1984, and I thought it was great – definitely going to download this one…

    1. Well considering “escalation” is in the title, I’m assuming it has SOMETHING to do with that series..

  13. Well thanks for this but unfortunately whenever I try to extract the files it keeps telling me ‘Error: unable to create output file’ and then it gives the name of the file. Either it’s affecting a good deal of the files (since I’ve seen many different names given) or the thing has flaws elsewhere. Seems to be the same with both links.

  14. Anyone else having trouble playing the “Panic” part? When I try loading it, it goes straight to a screen where Rie says “There we go…” and then starts flickering…

    1. Okay it seems this happens because you have a gamepad or controller plugged in. unplug it and it should work after that.


    Go into Scene Replay and click on Game Mode. Once you’ve completed all the stages in Game Mode you’ll unlock the last square but it’s not a CG. It’s another version of Game Mode called Hard Mode which I assume is a harder. I’ve yet to complete it so I’m not sure if you get something at the end but I doubt you do since there are no other squares to unlock.

    1. *SPOILER*

      There still remains one “no relese” in CG mode, which you unlock after beating Hard mode. However it’s basically the second box in the bottom row with a different image size which doesn’t require any scrolling around the pic while viewing it. Followed by rough sketches, each characters normal character models on a blank background, and a package art which looks basically the same as the games display picture posted on here.

      You do also get a “Congratulations for beating the game!” 😀

  16. Hi, I would like help. I’ve beat the panic one (mini-game one), and yet, my CG scenes and Senerio scenes both show that I’m missing one. Do I have to beat it perfectly or under a certain amount of time?

  17. Does the game crash for anyone else during stage three? It freezes randomly, so I’ve been only able to beat one round so far. Anyone know how to fix it?

  18. FYI for admin: Just spotted this.

    There’s a typo on this page. At the very top of the page where you listed this games name, you spelled the title “Yuukuri”. According to the picture of the box cover, the title is “Yukkuri”.

    This is also true for the pages URL as well as well as the pages title bar for want of a better term. (Back from my middle school experience with HTML, I THINK it’s the part you put between the (HEAD)(TITLE)(/TITLE)(/HEAD) section of your code. I would have used arrow brackets, as is appropriate, but this messaging systems already uses arrow brackets and would fail to display properly.)

    1. Original title of the game is “ゆーくりパニック エスカレーション” which should be romanized as “Yuukuri panikku esukareeshon” ( the “ー” symbol in this context is called chōonpu and it’s used to prolong a vowel in syllable before it, not after it.
      No idea why JAST translated it like that.

  19. Thanks for the game I love it. And i got a question with the panic game in the cg section is there supposed to be one that says no realease?

  20. hi, dude, i downloaded the game, but when I try to install it, it says that the file VNCT2.exe doesn’t exist, what can I do?

  21. I posted the game and the crack since I purchased it on Kureha. So that is where the game was released. I got tired of waiting for this one so I bought it and played it through.. it was short but worth the $25 🙂

  22. Hi. Don’t know if this is on your end or mine admin, just posting it for your general knowledge.

    This is the second night in a row for me that Mozillia Firefox refused to open your site, sighting the need for a newer version adobe flash player. I HAVE the newest version of adobed flash player. I was able to open your site earlier today in Firefox, but around this time last night, I got the same messages regarding a need for a new version of Adobe flash player. In case you are wondering, I am currently working from Internet Explorer.

    As I said, I don’t know if it’s you or me. Probably me given I can access your sight from IE, but not Firefox, unless you’ve been doing some sort of creative site maintence somehow involving adobe flash.

    1. I’m not using any kind of flash on this website.
      Seems like problem is on your end, but i’ll definetely check this out.

    2. Same here since ~ 2 days.
      I’m also using Firefox and I get the same message to install a addon about adobe flash player.

  23. ty for tha game admin and all the others :>

    kinda liked this one… felt a lil like i was playin pacman at times dunno why hehe ;p

    and dunno if its a troll but sum1 on 4chan said he was currently uploading the game of we love master if u had not bought it yet.

    once again no idea if its a troll or not time will tell 😛

    anyways keep up the g00d work :>

  24. I fecking LOVE Yuri. The boy x girl relationships I like NEVER happen and the ones that happen are ALWAYS ones I hate or ones that involve a clingy girl and a guy who is either a dick or a pansy. I swear romance animes hate me.

    With Yuri the girls together rarely bother me. There are moe ones who piss me off but usually the Yuri girls are pure epicness. Guy x Girl relationships in anime/manga/eroge SUCK HAAAAAARD.

    1. I know that feel.
      But why are you including eroge games? In almost every eroge you can pick which ever girl you like and clear her route.

    2. Wtf cmonn. I can understand if u hate guy x girl relationships in anime because it also piss me off when the guy always pick the first girl he sees but in eroge we can pick the girl we like and play her route so what’s there to hate?? Cmonnnn.. Saying u hate eroges like that already means u hate 80% of eroge considering there aren’t many Yuri eroge anyways. Btw a storyline based eroge where u can choose the girl u like is the best!

  25. liked this game too…..
    though I don’t know much about yuri and the other one I know is the Sono Hanabira series……

    1. I still believe that Aoishiro is the best Yuri Visual Novel–regardless of it being an All-Ages with no sexual content involved. I really suggest it to anyone. With sweetness in certain scenes, and the action from the female lead, sex doesn’t exist in that town! 😉 Unless you really prefer Yuri VNs with girls lusting over each other…Lighting War Raidy and Sono Hanabira Kuchizuke Series would be the best.

  26. My opinion for the VN Endings: Er, honestly, I expected the game to be much more normal than some three girls taking over the Catholic School for their lustful desires. Though, where is the Happy Ending? The Happy Ending is the same as the Evil Route or what? And honestly, it’s short.

    Big Yuri fan of myself, and I’m a girl so..gah. x:

    1. Well… there’s not much to discuss in first place, and the site is really missing some kind of forum.

          1. thx for the great work always admin.
            btw, I cant see older entries on erogegames.com
            sorry my bad english.

    1. Neither of those will be coming out for months much less the couple of weeks you’ll be gone. They don’t even have release dates out yet.

  27. admin srry if this annoys you cause a lot of people ask comments like this but will you be posting Harukoi Otome ~Greetings from the Maidens’ and Garden DEARDROPS once they come out i know they havent anounced the realease dates yet but on the 14th im going on a trip to hersey park 4 a while and i wont be able to check this site or mangagamer 4 abot 2 wks. plese dont be annoyed by this comment 🙂

  28. didnt even know Shin Koihime Musou and We Love Master is out We love master translated i know but the Shin Koihime Musou translated already didnt know that

  29. Wow, 5 days without a single person uploading We Love Master!, what is the internet coming to these days

    1. wait a bit longer it takes a while for admin or someone else to crack the drm…. took about 2-3 weeks for this game to come here to this page you know have some patience or buy it if you want it now and support the company 🙂

      1. admin doesn’t crack any games, he takes the cracks and uploaded games from imageboards and reuploads them. He sometimes buys the games if nobody uploads them in a week. Cracking always takes between an hour and a day, but you won’t see a crack until someone buys and then uploads the game. Nobody wants to waste their money on a nukige and so you don’t see it uploaded.

  30. I downloaded this and got 2 games: Escalation Adventure and Escalation Panic!. Can someone explain this?

  31. Dude, when I clicked home on a whim and almost cried at the new additions. Way to go admin, you are truly a hero. *cries*

  32. i just finish reading amane route in flyable heart just now….umm…the translation is readable and you can actually understand the story but i wouldn’t say it was ok….

    1. i went to VNDB and asked, most people said that it was a good enough game to read even though it had a crappy translation, which is why i want to read it.

    2. dark did u buy flyable heart or get it for free iv been looking for it online for free but i cant find it and i dont have $110 to spare right now if you got it for free could u tell me where plz and thank you

  33. @Admin:I asked you a while ago to put up the translation of Flyable Heart, and you said you would if a better translation didnt show up. Well theres no other translation so could you please put it up. Thanks

    1. j-list has a flyable heart translated by a company i think and im preety sure i saw the other1 there to but there both cost a lot $110 each im pretty sure

  34. You shoud get excited rubrick mangagamer anounced 4 new game 2 of whitch will concentrate a lot on story go to the site and check it out

  35. Wth.. We love master is another ero-based eroge right?… Come onnnn, why are so many ero-based eroge..it’s so unfair for a storyline based eroge fan like me.. sob sob

    1. Play the DC Da Capo games if you haven’t already. Those are more story based and are in my top 5 favorite games on this site

    2. Canvas 2, da capo series,edelweiss, family project, fate/stay night, G senjou no maou (one of my personal favorites), Kira Kira, my girlfriend is the president, Princess waltz, Remember 11(no H but good story), Sharin no Kuni Himawari no shoujo(another favorite), Utawarerumono (a favorite), these are some that are on this site that are (at least mostly) story based.

      1. I would also mention Phantom of Inferno, Chaos;Head, Saya no Uta, Kara no Shoujo, Planetarian, Aoishiro, Sengoku Rance (not exactly great story, but funny and has a really good rpg/turn-based strategy system), Majikoi (currently 2/5 main routes translated), Cross Channel, Aiyoku no Eustia trial, Swan Song, Sekien no Inganock (not for everyone though, it’s a rather hard read), Higurashi and Umineko. Also, after reading Sharin no Kuni, I would recommend it’s fandisc, it’s main story is really good as well.

        Out of the ones I didn’t read, but heard that they are good would be: Ever17, Kanon, Muv-Luv, Minori’s (company) ef and Eden. Can’t really remember any other right now. Oh, there is Clannad as well, but in the end, I don’t know whether it’s fully translated or only partially.

        BTW. Tbh, didn’t really like Utawarerumono too much. Or rather, I liked it while it was still fantasy, but not so much after it turned into an after-apocalypse sci-fi. It just didn’t suit the whole setting D:

        1. go play Muv-Luv Alternative. That thing is awesome beyond any eroges and anime I have ever watched. My 2nd favorited eroge, which is Ever 17, is blown out of the water compared to MLA.

    3. Rubick, if you love story-based VNs you owe it to yourself to read Muv-Luv Alternative *right now*. Also, check out Yandere’s in-progress translation of Majikoi. It’s only about half-way finished (if that), but what’s there will still take you about 20 hrs. to get through.

    4. I thought Shuffle actually had some compelling story in there. Each girl has a suitably tragic past. Sure, the plot and characters can be a little cliche at times, but I certainly don’t regret the time I took reading it. Nerine ftw!

    1. Yes. EVERY game is gonna be posted here eventually. The problem is that no one bought and uploaded it yet, and I’m always waiting a week before buying the game to upload it, in order to give English companies a window of opportunity to sell it to people who want it *now*.

        1. Yes, many people bought it, but noone bought and uploaded it. Selfish people keeping it to themselves 🙁

  36. There should be some sort of forum format because this website actually does get quite alot of comments

      1. Thanks for all the work you do collecting these games for folks. While some folks may be far more demanding than they should be many of us appreciate the work you do in maintaining this site and collecting these games together when they are available to you.

        Thanks again for what you do!

      1. i agree admin takes his/her personal time to upload the vns and asks nothing in return you shoud be more thankful

  37. Thx for the game, even if I was only playing it for the first few minutes.
    Even so my forehead hurts from all that headdesking.

    Oh well, I guess I’m just not a fan of eroge with zero story. Such a shame, considering there aren’t that much yuri eroges to begin with. 🙁

  38. I was thinking of buying this game but happy i didn’t the game isn’t bad but this VN doesn’t even take 2 hours to finish and half the time is spent playing the game.
    And the game by himself is easy and boring.
    Really few cg, no story anyway certainly not a game worth 25$

  39. ummmmm.. admin has been uploading ero-based visual novels lately.. i prefer storyline based with ero better so i guess i have to pass this one ( not a fan of Yuri )

    1. Actually he doesn’t have much choice, since from what I have seen, the admin uploads the recently translated VNs. And it’s not really up to him to decide whether it will have more story or more ero. Besides, just a while ago Kara no Shoujo was uploaded.

      Also, while I did see the comment about not having enough time to add everything at once, I would recommend adding Aiyoku no Eustia trial version, since it was translated by Yandere Translations. 5-10 hours of great story, no ero though. A really good read, even if you don’t get the whole VN (cuts off at a pretty satisfying moment that doesn’t make a person go “ahhhhh, damn it, I want moaaaar”).

        1. Ah, sorry about that then. It wasn’t in the list on the download page so I assumed it wasn’t. Nevermind me then~

  40. Thanks a lot, admin.

    Speaking of yuri, is there some reason you never added Asou Twins to the site? It’s been translated for years and, being a doujin game, DL is hard to find.

    1. Wasn’t Asou twins on this site at some point? I’m sure this is where i got it, but it looks like all the lolicon games are gone.

      1. Yeah what’s weird is that even non-h game like gadget trial dissapeared from this site and I’m pretty sure i saw it here at some point. I kinda understand deleting asou twins but what’s wrong with gadget?

        1. a few years ago a law came out in the usa about lolita explict videos/images that make some lolicon images or videos agenst the law so that may be the reason that asou twins was delleted i dont know about gadget

          1. First of all – I NEVER deleted any game from site. You must confusing it with some other download site.
            Every game ever translated to english will eventually be posted here. For now i’m busy with adding filesonic+fileserve mirrors to every game that it’s already posted.

    1. you really don’t need any walkthrough for this game you don’t even have 1 choice to do during the whole VN.

  41. If you’re looking for more games to add, there are two or three more parts of the Sono Hanabira series translated.

      1. just cause im not a fan of yuri,makes me gay?
        i prefer scenes with a guy and a girl, not 2 guys, or 2 girls,
        sorry i dont like those kind of things

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