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  1. Whenever I try to compress both the free files using WinRAR I get a message saying I need the previous volume to be able to complete the download :/ anyone know how to fix this?

  2. admin ,, tried download the separate one,,, the second file can’t be found after download it will give an html link and when u click it will take to the normal download , but when click “free” it will post , files no longer found . please help i have enjoyed this site and have recommended a lot to my fellow voyeurs. thanks a lot !

  3. I keep getting “CRC failed in ‘Hanabira7/MGD. File is broken.” everytime i try to extract it. Is there something wrong with the file?

  4. The first link with the whole game in the one link doesn’t work. Says the file isn’t there anymore. It’s like this with 7 and 8.

  5. Can someone plz help me?
    I want to download this, but… I just don’t know how to do it exactly. I tried it a few times but I guess I did something wrong cause it doesn’t work. My laptop has Windows 7, just to let u know. Well then, can someone explain exactly how to download this?
    Sorry if this is a stupid question D:

  6. Thanks Admin! 😀
    Also, I played the first one and it was censored, are all of the games in this series like that? If so, where can i find the decensor patches?

  7. HI admin i have a pre patch for games 6 and 8 if you want them and i have the mediafire files for those games, i also have games 9 and 10. let me know if you want them game 8 patch is complite but 6 is still in the testing fase.

  8. I love these games so far but I have been having a problem in that with most of them it will not save, I can go into the save screen and but when I try to save it just doesn’t do it, did I mess up downloading them or something?

    1. Ok never mind figured it out myself, wasn’t paying attention before but then I noticed that all the one that saved had a extra little folder called SAVE while the rest didn’t so I thought to myself maybe that’s why so I add a folder to one of the ones that wouldn’t save before and walla it did.

  9. I already got games 1 2 3 4 5 7. and all I can say,I play this for the scenes and not because I’m a fan of Yuri.

    These perverted girls just doing the stuffs whenever the could… This is really is a Hentai game!!!!

    1. Can you please help me with the scenes at the end I always end up with a halfway end and can you send the other games to admin so he can upload it here on his website

      1. 1. Bottom Answer (Introduce her yourself)
        2. Top Answer (Doesn’t Bother you)
        3. Bottom Answer (You will acquire a taste for it)
        4. Top Answer (Lick it)

  10. It all depends on ones personal tastes, for me that is bisexual it give me a warm wet feeling the sam as a normal porn video but I love anime hentai the most.

  11. Hi, I have downloaded all 3 games and have no problem playing them in full screen but what I have a problem with is all the half way end I get an can’t finish the game, by the way I love this site and have play cat girl alliance and bible black.

  12. Not sure the cause, but I started playing the game in Window instead of Full Screen, and every few minutes, the Window flashes and reopens itself (closing the old one) and remains in the same spot. I believe this is why it minimized itself in Full Screen, and it is still crashing after 3~5 times of this.

  13. The game keeps minimizing itself every couple of minutes, and after the third time it crashes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using win7 64-bit and have the regional settings set to japan.

  14. I never play this series before, did it have full voice?
    and did I have to play the old games to play this game?

    another question for admin.
    Harem Party out tomorrow, will you upload it ? pls 😉

  15. Great site you have here! I’ve been coming here for a few months now, and have loved every second of it.

    I’m having a weird problem with this game though. Nothing serious, but when I try to full screen the game, all it does is stay the same size as the original window, removes the window border, and moves to the corner of my screen. Kinda annoying. I can play it windowed no problem, I’m just used to playing my games full screen so I was curious if anyone else was having this problem/had any ideas on how to fix it. Thanks!

  16. hmmm… just one question… is the character of this eroge is related to the character from the eroge before this one… if it is… I think I’m gonna play the other one first

    1. 1 – 5 are fully translated, and 7 XD
      The rest either haven’t been started or are partially translated, if I recall correctly.

        1. 6 is probably partially translated already but AXYPB World don’t release partial patch so we have to wait until they announce a full patch.

  17. Is this in english? I have the site boomarked that is for the group of translators that work on this series and it is still showing as [English translation still in progress] !?

          1. I’m going to assume you’re lumping MGQ 1, 2 and 3 together as one game… No, they are three games each one continuing the story. MGQ1 is the only game out and is fully translated.

            MGQ2 will be out mid to late December.

      1. Dear Admin:
        It must be frustrating posting “Only translated games are posted on this site ” for the hundred nd tenth time. But I appreciate your work and efforts.
        Only found this site a week ago, and it is truly a marvel.

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