My deceased grandmother liked traveling. Strange scenery. Strange people. She liked to meet them. I am now a high school student and set off on a trip as well. It is just a camp for training of my club. We visit a town near the sea and go to a temple gate located at the cape. What we see there is….
Aoishiro is an all-ages, yuri visual novel developed by Success. It is considered somewhat of a sequel to Akaiito, also, a yuri visual novel by Success, and the two seem to share the same world. The original release of the game was for Playstation 2 on May of 2008. In November of 2009, the game was ported to PC. Modifications included high-res, less-censored CG. In addition, there were some extra CG and two extra side stories were added. There is also a mode where you can design your own Aoishiro scenes using a proprietary scripting language.

Game downloadFree downloadEnglish patchScreenshotsRelated links – 22.4 MB
1) Download the patch and unpack it.
2) Save a copy of the original SCRIPT.AFS and EXE_CEL.AFS so it will be easy to revert back to the original Japanese text and menus.
3) If you have already played the game in Japanese, any save locations not at decision points will most likely crash. Save a copy of the settings directory to preserve your old save files. The default location is: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Aoishiro
4) Copy the exe files to the folder where Aoishiro is installed.
5) Copy the files SCRIPT.AFS and EXE_CEL.AFS to the SCRIPT folder located under the directory where Aoishiro is installed.( By default, the install directory is C:\Program Files\Aoishiro )
6) Run Aoishiro_eng.exe to start the game or AoUtil_eng.exe to run the config utility.

129 comments on “Aoishiro

  1. The game as a whole in one link isn’t available and I’m unsure what to do with all the “part”s. Is there a way to get the whole game in one link back up and running?

  2. How do I install Aoishiro? I tried everything! I have Windows 7 but i just got so I’m new with it. I’ll I can get it to do is bring up a black screen and a message in Jap. Plz help!

    1. I’m having the same problem here! I just can’t fix the black screen/partial black spots on the screen…Did your problem get resolved?

    2. I’m having the same problem here! I just can’t fix the partial black spots on the screen…Did your problem get resolved?

  3. please help!!! I really want to play this game so bad but when I try to play it, it comes up with error is an unknown language, how can I fix this???

  4. Sorry to ask an odd question but, does anyone know where Aoishiro saves stuff? I’m trying to clear all my route progress and save files.

  5. Sorry, but the game doesn’t work. Even if I don’t apply the patch, when I try to run the game it opens and give me an error messagge in an unknown language. Could you help me?

  6. Hello Admin-san.
    As mentioned by the old comments in solving the crashing problem like : turning off the voices, renaming the folders, and others. I tried it all and it’s working but after a few dialogue the game crashes again. Though, I manage to get far (I think?) and it’s really getting annoying that I have to save then reload again to where I was last been.
    Is there any solution to this, Admin-san?

  7. after checking some forum on internet, there’s like 56 kind of ending, so please someone for the love of god, re-post a new text walkthrough.

    because english yuri vn is so so rare, i really want to explore and enjoy this one as thoroughly as possible.


  8. Hi! I have a question, it might be stupid, but i really want to know. How many characters in this game are avalible as romance options? I will appreciate all help.

    1. just copy/cut everything in the SCRIPT folder and then paste it in the same area/folder as Aoishiro_eng. exe and then run it
      I already did that and it work, but the menus is still in japanese though

  9. Hi.

    I downloaded the patch but the menus are still in japanese.
    What should I do? Any ideas? Thanks.

    1. maybe because it has many visual effects?
      idk if it’s true or not, I just played fifteen minutes
      it’s just a hunch after looking at the picture would sliding (it also means the picture is big)
      and there are sword combat scene too

  10. no adding torrent download?
    my inet is really slow… T_T
    I have to agree with cruelcore1, it’s not a sequel though, but same universe

    1. Akaiito is actually made before Aoi Shiro, but as for the translation, there probably wont be one.
      Reasons include that there was no PC version created, because its success (lol get it? Success, success? The company who made the game?)was not as good, and most translations dont happen if VNs are not available for the PC because an english patch is very difficult to put into a PS2 game

  11. hey Admin
    why did you delete the mediafire download?
    I can’t connect with this DA-free game download T.T

  12. do I need to download the whole game or just download only the english patch of the game?
    and where can I dowbload the directX 9?

  13. I can’t get this game to work. As others have mentioned, everything’s fine until I actually hit “start” then I get a message about the game having to close. I moved everything to the C: drive as I’ve seen in the comments, and this is the furthest I’ve made it thus far. What else can am I suppose to do?

    1. Make sure you only moved the script and sfd folders and the english executables, aply the patch and the remaining archives and folders just ignore them.

  14. To MassAttack. It´s only script translated, that means only the dialogues are translated, the images whit the menus and title screen are edited and only work as reference.

  15. I did what the install told me to do and now i get it to where the buttons up top (systems,quick save, etc.) are in English but the title page and every thing else is not in English. what am I doing wrong?

  16. For those whit the crashes problems, only create a new folder anywhere in your C disk drive like the desktop, move the script and sfd folders of the game, the aoishiro_eng.exe and the aoutil_eng.exe and run the game. It will not crahs anymore.

  17. Hey Admin,

    Just a heads up, it looks like you uploaded #27 twice to MF (check the 2nd and 3rd from end links).

    Thanks again for the your efforts.

    1. the link to the aishiro walkthrough is gone. if you could please post the walkthrough here would be much appreciated.

      it seems, there’s no written walkthrough posted anywhere on the internet, the only avaiable one was the video, which is long and i don’t want to see any spoiler.

      by the way, is this game easy to complete, like most of the overdrive release? or is it hard like a lot of secret path, good and bad ending?

  18. I downloaded all 15 parts, but when I unrar them, all I have is a folder called SCRIPT and a folder called SFD. What am I supposed to do with these? Could anyone help me? Thanks. :3

  19. I managed to install the game and english patch, but when I try to click start at the game menu, I get and error saying that the game has to close and cannot play it. Please advise how to fix this. Thanks.

    P.S. Is the menu text supposed to be in Japanese even with the english patch?

        1. you can either download/update your directX
          or.. Make your PC into Japanese locale (including the time)
          third, make sure you installed it to its main directory, dont change it (just to be sure that the patch will work)
          fourth, maybe try reinstalling and repatch it,
          Try running it as an admin~

  20. somehow it don’t work for me
    if i try to start this game windows give me the error message
    “missing d3dx9_37.dll” :/

  21. Strange,… the game crashes shortly after the OP; if u turn off vocals, it ran 2 or 3 scenes further ’till it crashes, nevertheless :(.

    Any ideas?

    PS: I tried playing the game both with apploc and changed system settings. It doesn’t matter; the games works fine till the first one or two scenes after the OP :S.

  22. Uff finally got it to work perfectly but not everything in english but still exellent, all I did was copy all the game files into the path folder and then to play the game I click on the Aoishiro_eng file and it should run fine if you do what I did you will be able to play, that’s all I did to get it to work.

  23. Hello, thanks I was looking for this game for a few days now and finally found it, I can play and all but I can’t get it in english its all japanese it doesn’t really bother me since I already play other games in japananse before but could you please help me to put it in english? 🙂

  24. good game lots of teasers and convenient censored parts
    just wish english patch would include menu items
    but has a pic guide to show what is what on there

  25. i’ve run the english patch, but the only thing that is in english is the file options at the top… is anyone having this problem?? does anyone know how to fix this please >__<

  26. i dont really get how the patch thing works.. everything is working fine.. except for the main menu, save and all other options are in japanese text.. how do i change it?

  27. Nevermind! I got it working last week! xD

    @ Liyenne: Maybe you should just start all over and follow the instructions correctly this time. @w@

  28. when I play the game nothing is wrong in particular but when I arive at a certain point in the game it suddenly cuts off
    that happens every time I get to that point
    can anyone please explain me what to do now

  29. Can anyone fully explain the instructions and how to do it? It’s a bit of a mess for me; I can get the game to working as my system locale is set to Japanese. But the menu is in Japanese, but the game text is in English. Anyone knows what I did right and wrong? :s

  30. Yuri RULES… and a game with this theme… heavenly **!!! Too bad there are so few of them…

  31. this is 5 gigs downloaded. lplus ANOTHER 8 unpacked. THE LEAST YOU COULD DO IS HELP THOSE OF USE WITH THIS STUPID DXD9 ERROR. it took 4 days to download this game. I would like it to work. thanks. I HAVE DIRECTX. Who doesnt? I could only find dxd9 43 which is the latest. so please help those of us who sent days downloading this only to find it doesnt work.

  32. this game is an absolute FAVORITE visual novel of mine. It’s FULLY voiced, including the protagonist. you can even choose a character to speak the menu choices for you, or even choose to turn off character voices for particular characters. The art is very very nice, the story is interesting, and the protagonist is female! (which is awesome for me since I’m female and there’s so many male-protagonist harem H games in the world already). I would recommend this game to anyone. There is a huge ratio of bad endings and only 6 actual “good” endings.

  33. The games work on my laptop but after a couple sec/min of playing it crashes and says “Aoishiro has stopped working” it does this every time and its getting annoying >_< can someone help meh with this .

  34. WHAT THE HIIRAGI KAGAMI????????????????????????
    I downloaded ALL 15 PARTS and tried to unpack them,but WinRar said “UNEXPECTED ARCHIVE END” or kinda this and DIDN`T UNRAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I tried even opening every file separately,but after unpacking one tiny particle of it WinRar said ERROR!!!!!!

    WAAAAAAAH (TT^TT) HELP ME PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!! I`ve dreamt to play this game almost half a year,and anything I tried did`nt do!

    1. firstly – check all archive sizes – all, except last should have exactly same size – maybe some part didn’t finish downloading properly. Then make sure you didn’t rename any of the parts – if you did, then winrar wont be able to find following parts.

      1. Yeah, all of them had 381 MB size and nah, I didn`t change names, but…well, there could probably have been not enough space on my hard drive and that`s why winrar claims the archives are damaged… I tried to fix them but even rebuilt ones had that “Unexpected end” and twice rebuilt ones too…when I open one 0f 15 rar parts, it gives me that system message immediately and then shows folder”Aoishiro”, next I open it and see different contents like scripts or .exe files & stuff, howewer, after double-clicking each of them there begins an unpacking process and stops with a CRS error…

  35. you should scroll downward and read further on. Under “Known Issues” they stated that most menu items and some other stuff are untranslated. It’s doesnt really affects much, since they did provide screen shots of those untranslated items (in english) so just refer to those.

  36. Hm, I “installed” the patch like it was described in the install.htm, but for some reason the menu of the game isn’t translated when I start the game. The ingame-text is. Any ideas?

  37. I don’t see a problem with a girl as a main character . I find it nice and sweet but still i find it kinda sad that i saw 6 end and no scenes that would …. only small erotic no H 🙁 , still it is a refreshing game 🙂

  38. Okay I installed (or should I say unrared) this and while the game seems to have english text in dialogues, the menu and popping messages are still in japanese. Am I doing something wrong or is it supposed to be this way? (I followed the instructions and even tried the original website with the patch)
    Using Windows7, tried copying to Program Files (x86) to apply the latest patch someone else gave a link to but that didn’t do anything (the patch I mean).

  39. Ya know, this wouldn’t be so large if you used LZMA2 7z archives instead…

    Specifically, I recompressed this to only 4.31GB with LZMA2 @ ultra compression. That’s more than a full gigabyte smaller than the RAR archives on here – 20% smaller infact!

  40. part15 seems to be corrupted, I’ve tried downloading it for 2 days now. The download randomly cuts off anywhere between 2 to 6mb done.

  41. Large download is large. But it looks like a nice game. Plus, it works even if you don’t have ap locale. Awesome for those like me, with second hand computers.

  42. thanks. can you please make sure all of your patches have names that are descriptive? alot of them have random names and archivers that want to download everything will get confused

  43. Okay… Strike everything I just said.
    If your missing a ddl file do what drowka said (his comment is above) Install the directx thing (if it doesn’t install properly close everything then run it again)

    2nd DO NOT extract the patch into the folder the game is in!
    After extracting it wherever the hell you did it to (except the game folder…) Move ALL the files in the patch folder into the game folder. When it asks you if you want to replace stuff say YES to everything.

    Thanks drowka and admin! 🙂

  44. Where the fuck is that d3dx9_37.dll file!? >_>
    Downloaded that directx thing drowka recommended but it didn’t install (fucking error x.x)

  45. man once is start downloadin this itll take me at least a full day i guess XD. 15x an hour or more depending on the length of the download >.>. but you dont see many yuri games out there =D

    1. I’m working on new version of site right now – i’ve found better file host and files will be split into 2GB parts so there will be 3 parts instead of 15.

  46. When I mouunt the image, there’s nothing openable on it, only folder “SFD” with few .SFD files, folder “SCRIPT” with few .AFS files, and .FCF .IMG .BIN .58 .CNF files, but none of them is executable. .IMG file can’t be mounted. So my question is, how do you install this game? I know I installed it somehow before, from same image, but I have no idea how.

  47. @triad64
    just copy the whole game to C:\Aoishiro. I have the same problem with you and it`s fixed after changing the directory

  48. i get 1 line of text in english then it crashes i am running xp i have direct x 9.0c installed already and im in japanese locale what more can i do to fix this?

  49. I did everything insrtucted including downloadong directx, but when I open the game it opens up with a black screen, shows a message in Japanese, and then closes down. Please held ADMIN, or anyone.

  50. Well I would probably say it’s Age 15+. There’s no sex or anything dirty. Although some cgs are somewhat (not really) revealing -which partially show some chest area- but it’s not something I would call “adult”.

  51. Admin.-Sorry to trouble you, but I too have the D3Dx9_37.dll. error:I think that I followed all the directions as directed, but when I tried to run the game it said that the D3Dx9_37.dll. wasn’t found and so it couldn’t run it. Please help those of us with the same error ASAP. Thank you for helping as always.

  52. i’m having the same problem with D3Dx9_37.dll.
    i downloaded a program but it still says this.
    maybe i downloaded a wrong program…can u possibly give me a “right” link?
    i’m rly frustrated cuz i actually downloaded all 16 files w/reg download!! 🙁

  53. Hello

    I have a problem, I am on Windows xp, and after I download the game,It says I need D”Dx9_37.dll, so i downladed the latest version of directx on microsoft website (9.0c june 2010 version), but after instalation, I don’t have D3Dx9_37.dll, so I search on the net and find and instal it. But after, it says that I don”t have XINPUT1_3.dll, so I search, download and instal, and finaly, the game launch, but I have a message error in Japanes charcter and like I don’t have cplexe.ex, I have only symbol, and the game crash.

    I have instaled the english patch in order to understand the messae, but it still the same problem.
    Anyone can help me?

  54. I’m sorry to say this admin, but I think I hate you now. Your download from servers button doesn’t even have surveys. Just suspicious software that’s a “great deal” or “#1 on the web”. Surveys are fine but I and many other people don’t believe that we are the 999999th visitor to your website and are entitled to some grand prize. We just want some simple questions, not hoops that need to jump through for some stranger’s sake.

    1. How much does it cost you to download these files? Free? That’s cool.

      How much does it cost the admin to keep the site up? More than free? bummer.

      Yeah the surveys aren’t really surveys (I’m guessing you’re from America) but you have to remember, we live in America. Companies can pretty much do whatever they want, no matter how dishonest. Especially so on the internet.

  55. Yeah, why can’t the lead be another generic, charmless, angsty/annoying brown-haired boy instead? 🙁

  56. I’m running Windows 7. When I try to start the game, it says I’m missing the file d3dx9_37.dll. What is wrong?

    1. You have to install DirectX ( it’s microsoft’s library, needed for many games ) – you can find it at microsofts website.

  57. If you have window 7 or vista, you have to run an update patch to play the game in english. Download here:

    For window 7 users and vista, the game must be installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Aoishiro for the patch to work.

    For vista users, if C:\Program Files (x86)\Aoishiro does not work, install in C:\Program Files\Aoishiro

    Then to patch, just extract the contents of the patch and copy+merge to where you installed Aoishiro.

          1. there is lot of lesbians :3 and i know girls, who aren’t lesbians, and like to play yuri more than yaoi or hentai ^^

          2. umm, no. Just, no. I’m not that poster, IDK who they are, but srsly, queer women, we exist, we have libidos, etc etc. I found this one specifically by searching for yuri, coz as a girl I hate having to play guys all the time (or straight women, though that’s enough less common that it’s less obnoxious for me), having my perspective as a woman and as a lesbian erased not only by the gaming industry but by idiots online is annoying.

        1. Hmm…
          Maybe I should add “female friendly” category to group all yuri, otome and non-hardcore games? Gotta look into it.

    1. Not really, I find it refreshing. Since the overwhelming majority of eroge have male protagonists, its nice to deviate once in a while.

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