This story is set in a certain city located in a certain country.
A certain boy lives in this city. One day, two new families move into the houses neighboring his. The new residents turn out to be the King of the Gods and the King of the Devils. Both of them have moved in next to the boy’s house by request of their respective daughters, who fell in love with him at an early age.

Many years ago, when the boy was still a child, he had a chance encounter with each of the girls. Their meeting was brief at best, but the girls took it to heart and kept the memory alive until this day.

The stage is set for a story that involves the boy’s childhood friend as well as others around him. It is a tale of hardship and despair, but also one of faint hope. It is a tale of a boy who, to quote his cynical friend, is capable of becoming either God, Devil or Man.

384 Responses to “Shuffle!”

  1. Strada says:

    Hello, admin. Is the current upload of this VN the 2009 MangaGamer download edition, or the one patched with 2012 revised translation?

  2. WhiteSun says:

    This part has Benibara Nadeshiko route ??

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  3. makoto says:

    Please anybody would upload these VN including the official retranslation patch, because Mangagamer removes Shuffle! from it’s store:

    And the Steam version is a big $h!t because it’s a port of Shuffle! On the Stage for Playstation 2.

    • MC says:

      makoto is $hit, and because of people like this I’m not share translation patch for Essence+! Say them a thanks!
      If you loved MG version, then you would buy it from them and don’t ask for reupload.
      Thanks guys for port of Shuffle! On the Stage (Playstation 2 version) It was easy to port translation on Essence+ 🙂
      And yes, I own both MG and Steam version.

      • Koronus says:

        How would you buy from MG if it whas take down there and you never knew it until?

      • Dalton says:

        Man you have the translation for essence+? I’m searching for one but no leads so far except for your coment, can you tell me more about it?

        • Anonymous says:

          There is no translation patch for Shufgle! Essence+, to my knowledge.
          This guy is just full of shit.
          Unless he discloses his source of information, I won’t believe him a single word regarding an English translation of Essence+.

  4. Liong says:

    When will you release steam version?

  5. Rag says:

    Mayumi’s and Kareha’s routes aren’t available in this version ?

  6. Last says:

    Was the Shuffle Essence + never translated?

    Did no one release an english patch for that expansion?

  7. bichboi69 says:

    Does this game work mods? Because i don’t want to waste my time

  8. CodeLewd says:

    Can download but it’s not working. Could you help or fix it?

  9. kuuhaku says:


  10. Ace says:

    sad that essence is still not out so im just gonna redownload this one and play it again,already ran out of vns to play q_q

  11. Eli says:

    Started playing it and it worked just fine. Now a few days later, wanted to start up the game again and I get an error message in either some random numbers and letters or japanese (depending on which local setting I choose on my computer, but I can’t decipher either) and the game won’t start. I have windows 7. Help?
    btw I’m past the opening already, but even after that, I could still play but not start the game anymore

  12. Pyroflame says:

    Downloaded, no problems whatsoever. Good game. Thanks admin.

  13. Jagdpanzer38t says:

    Any info if steam version will ever be released to the pirates? :\

    • MC says:

      It’s easy to crack, game not cost much.
      I’m from not very poor country and still can buy it

      • Anonymous says:

        Cool – others might not be from the same country you are from, or not willing to support a sad excuse of a publisher like MangaGamer, or JAST.

  14. Bruno Zarate says:

    Hey admin any news about shuffle essence+??? thanks in advance.

    • exqalph03 says:

      Looks like there isn’t, and now there is two additional route in the steam version released, and ugh…! I’ll wait ’till there’s an adult ver./scene in it if I really need to buy it.

  15. HentaiKatze says:

    Okay is a Good Anime but Rin is so a motherfucking yuki i can kill myself plss rito fuck this motherfucker in the asshole so hard kaede is so sad because of him and sia,nerine too pls we all must kill this asshole (yuki) for the community .

    ty of read this

    and i hope you work with me to kill this yuki

  16. Alex says:

    What programs do I need to open this game and play it?

    I really need to know, please.

  17. Alex says:

    What programs do I need to open this game and play it?

  18. Klonosz says:

    Someone know enything about a Shuffle Essence+ translation project is possible in the near future or not?

  19. Senpapi says:

    For anyone who is crashing after the Intro, either don’t play on full screen before it happens or remove the movie folder from where ever you have the game saved. Should help you get past it.

  20. wenz1234 says:

    can anyone/admin upload the english translation file pls?

  21. Michael says:

    did anyone tested it on windows 8.1? I am running 64 bit windows 8.1 but it became “not responding” about opening the game. (It crash at a black screen). Anyone experience this problem?

  22. Triel says:

    I have been searching for this game forever, I downloaded the free 5 step downloads, and every time I try to unzip my part 2 the data0200.arc file is showing 0KB and I am unable to play the game. I’ve tried redownloading the file multiple times from the website as well as several times from the rarzip file. Can someone please let me know if the problem is on my end or if there’s something wrong with the file I downloaded.

    Thanks 🙂

  23. netniuQ08 says:

    what program do i open this with? it won’t work.

  24. Xian says:

    is it english version??

  25. enthusiast says:

    Admin and to others who made everything here possible, thank you. I’m looking forward toward enjoying Tick Tack and Really Really, but should I let some time pass until Love rainbow and Essence+ is available for an english download here? Or should I play them now? I want this experience to last a good long while.

    • admin says:

      Ye, It’ll be long time until Essence+ will get translated. While the unofficial rumors about MangaGamer picking it up are floating around, they haven’t even announced it yet, let alone actual translation and release. Second half of 2015 is probably the earliest possible date, maybe early 2016.

  26. DamianWinters says:

    I downloaded this all on now, I use windows 8. I don’t know how to get this working, I click on the downloads in there folder and it says they don’t have an app to open with but idk which app to get for them.

  27. enthusiast says:

    Is this download completely safe, for either the 1click or free?

    • admin says:

      Yes, all downloads posted on this site are verified and contain no malicious code.
      1click and free contain exactly the same stuff after extracting.

      • enthusiast says:

        Well, I dowloaded part 1 into my usb. When I tried to open the app in it, I got an error pop up. Do you have any suggestions in what I could do, maybe different options?

        • admin says:

          You need to download all 5 parts and put them in same folder. Then start extracting part1. Without all parts, game won’t extract properly, as it’s missing all files.

      • enthusiast says:

        BTW, I downloaded part 1 because the 1click doesn’t work

        • admin says:

          Thanks. 1click link fixed.

          • enthusiast says:

            I am just overwhelmed with so much joy right now. After several attempts to download all the parts, I finally was able to download everything to my usb device and the game works perfectly. Admin, thank you so much for all your help and to all your efforts to make this all possible. This will be my first eroge to experience fondly. Thank you times a million.

  28. I-Am-X says:

    God the VN is so damn irritating.

    What’s the point in them giving you options if they’re just going to force you to do the opposite of what you choose? Ugh -_-

  29. I-Am-X says:

    Is it already pre-patched?

    Errrrr, like fate stay/night where the patch was already included?

  30. Hito34 says:

    Hi, is it for PSP ? ( Are games on this site for PSP ? )

    Thanks a lot

  31. Just a random guy says:

    Uhh, I tried moving the files to a USB so i could have a copy and when i opened it from the USB, it had no save data. I opened it again from the original copy and all my save files were gone.
    Does anyone know what happened and how I could retrieve those files back?

    • ricefield says:

      I haven’t downloaded it yet and I know this reply is late, but do you know where the files should be saved? If you do, check. If they’re still there. it’s entirely possible that they were put into read only mode for whatever reason and the game wouldn’t accept them. In that case, just go in and check read and edit instead on each file. If there are no files, then you’re screwed 🙁

      • Just a random guy says:

        Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the files >.<
        However, when I restarteded a few days back, i found the save files i created in a folder! I ported those save files to an external Hard drive for collection! Thanks for the info! it actually helped find those new save files!

  32. caesar says:

    Have this vn been translated to english yet?
    is it work on windows 7?
    is it………good?

  33. JP says:

    I can’t seem to make the game work. I doubled click the shuffle.exe and it says “Ethornell – Buriko General Interpreter ver 1.xx has stopped working” any ideas anyone? please help thnx! 🙂

  34. Otakuway says:

    School days / shuffle : Both good games, good graphics, nice endings, and same pattern and time of ending.
    Difference: Shuffle = 5 files = 1GB / School Days = 49 siles =10GB.
    That is pretty awelsome

    • RedWrath says:

      the difference is, school days is completely animated from start to finish lol, oh and the horribly gruesome endings of course :p

  35. Shuaib says:

    I wondered if any of you guys had the same problem when i tried starting up the game the next day this error came up saying
    I couldn’t read the rest because it was in coding so would any of you guys be able to help i really want to play!

  36. CQEF says:

    Is this the December 2012 updated version?

  37. foustle says:

    for some reason when i press start after the game finishes speaking it gives me an error and im not sure why. Can you help me?

  38. Joshua says:

    is the only h-scenes on this at the end??

  39. KarranL says:

    Thanks for the VN. Despite I will use a PT-BR patch, thanks for provide the game.

  40. Elucidator says:

    Shuffle is uncensored right?

  41. DAK MASTER says:

    Huh! to hard to choose

  42. Erwin. says:

    is it english version ??

  43. Firnila says:

    Awesome game! Thanks for the upload… loved the Nerine and Asa routes 😛

  44. john says:

    does this work on mac??

  45. Nelth says:

    Where is save folder?

  46. Otaku in VietNamese says:

    Arigato gozainimasu , Admin.

  47. AznSamsung says:

    got another question, will there be tick! tack!?

  48. arfixon says:

    Is this game more story-based or just most hentai-based like any ordinary eroge?

  49. Some Guy says:

    Keeps crashing after the opening for me

  50. Charg says:

    In regards to the DA partial downloads, after downloading them and viewing the files, they all have the same names yet different file sizes, how should I treat the extraction?

  51. dashi says:

    Hi, and thanks for the upload !

    I was wondering if this version of the game is the most up-to-date.

    On the 11/12, MG released a new version (typo corrections and font modifications), and I really can’t find it anywhere. If anyone have a link, I’ll really appreciate if he/she shares it with others (and I won’t be the only one).

    Thanks in advance !

  52. caude8 says:

    Can can anyone help me install this game, i have a hard time running it on XP?

  53. Sahmbahdeh says:

    I have tried downloading a couple VNs using the links given on this site, but no matter how many times I try, the download is interrupted partway through. Only once have I gotten to above 50%. Is there something I am missing or doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

    • dashi says:

      Even if you certainly have found the answer by yourself, I’ll advice you :

      Maybe your ISP doesn’t like it that much (neither does mine).

      If you are on firefox, there is a little manipulation you can do (worked pretty well for me) :

      – Launch the download until it crashes
      – Save the downloaded (thus incomplete) file
      – Launch a second download and pause it after 2-3 secs
      – Replace the currently paused file by the one saved on step 2
      – Unpause the download

      It will start overwhen it crashed.

  54. Otomegame says:

    Have this PJ been translated 100% to english?

  55. Peemz says:

    Great game. One of the best eroges on this site in my opinion. I can’t wait/hope that Essence+ is translated. Also, admin can you upload Sexy Demon Transformation? Thanks!

  56. Coby Hammond says:

    Quick question, will all the other adaptions be posted here? I know the most likely with be Essence Plus, as that’s the PC remake of the PS2 game (On the stage), right? And it offers the most new content. But will the other adaptions, well sequels; Tick! Tack!, Really? Really! and Love rainbow be released? I’m not sure if all my knowledge is correct so please correct me if I’m wrong. As in if Essence Plus isn’t an adaption, i would hate to of left out the 2 new story lines in the PS2 version.

    I’m really liking the Shuffle! series so far, having watched the anime and playing the game. But i can’t help from thinking about the other routes that would be interesting, from essence, but also the continuation of the routes from the first VN. Oh, and also the new characters which are introduced!


  57. jay says:

    wow i love the story in nerine and primula route especially rim-chan’s route hehe 🙂

  58. john says:

    aw ok man thanks for the info:)

  59. john says:

    since im still downloading this, i should do something else rather than looking at the screen cuzz im so booooored good thing i have downloaded new games for my psp. by the way why is it some eroge games are censored? it doesnt make any sense to me, there is no sense in creating a H scene if it will be censored right?..

    • admin says:

      Laws in Japan prohibit showing of genitalia, yes, even drawn ones. Every fan-translated game will be censored (unless there’s separate uncensor patch made by someone skilled in photoshop ), while most of official USA releases are uncensored, since there are no such laws there.

  60. AznSamsung says:

    got a question ….. will there be shuffle essence+ in english?

  61. krishhsai says:

    can someone upload the new patch?

  62. Rada123 says:

    Can Someone put up the new patch that Mangagamer released?

  63. shujo says:

    after free download, can you not play from your computer? or you need to burn on disk first, then play on computer?

  64. DoeJohn says:

    anyone know which heroine is the true ending? I think it was Asa since hers is longer, more complex and she has a different hentai scene choice other than come inside.

  65. Maikeru says:

    I’m having quite a bit of trouble, is anyone willing to walk me through the extraction and opening of the files? It keeps popping up with this unintelligible message with symbols and what-nots…is something wrong with it? or perhaps wrong with my execution of the process…

  66. Georege says:

    I’m wondering if there is any hope of a Shuffle! essence+ translation? I’ve beat this one but I want to play the new arcs for the other people.

  67. Mpb1112 says:

    Why is it that all the files I DL say “Broken Link” when I extract them? I’ve downloaded each file multiple times and still get the same result. Is the file bad? Or is it my computer?
    Running Windows 7 64-bit
    Extracted with 7-Zip

  68. RRDoomGuy says:

    Can anyone let me use their DownloadAni.Me Premium account? I need this! D:

  69. talos says:

    i’m curious is the normal version of the game or the extended edition with the extra arcs?

  70. mayena says:

    i cant even download it. it takes me to a page that says wait for a certain amount of seconds then i waited and then it tried to generate a download link then it says generating forever

    • Thatguy007 says:

      I had the same problem and still haven’t found a true fix but oddly enough when i downloaded water fox since its newer than fire fox I found that it would actually generate the link and I could then download it. Oddly Internet explorer, chrome, and firefox would dl the first two but then i got your problem. I suggest trying out water fox especially if you use fire fox.

  71. mayena says:

    How do you extract a file or change the locale to japanese

  72. reveur says:

    i extract with winrar but I am not able to play

  73. reveur says:

    I download all the parts and now? what i do to play?

  74. spantherix says:

    OMG this game is so sad ;_;

    poor Kaede, I just want such a girlfriend like her for myself. She’s so awesome and gives everything for another one. I wish I would have met a girl like her in my life. I just want to see her happy ingame ;_;

  75. IAmVQB says:

    I heard there’re a limited version of this game. Wonder if its being trans?

  76. Silly Anon says:

    I can open the file and get to the main menu just fine, but when I try to start a new game, I get an error window, and since it’s in Japanese, all I can tell is that it has something to do with data01xxx.arc or something like that. The thing is, I downloaded everything and if the .rar file was corrupt, it would have said so. I was able to extract everything as well. I really need help! Please!

  77. Clark_Otaku says:

    Help Plzzzz!!!!

  78. Rinto says:

    Does this game have sexual contact?

  79. catsmasha says:

    so i cant get any of the dl links to work, any suggestions?

  80. Ren says:

    Ok, I’ve downloaded all 5 parts so what do I do now? Could someone please give me an explanation on what to do next so I can play the game.

    • Yasumii says:

      Download 7zip

      extract the files ^^

      • Ren says:

        OK, I have a ZIP and a RAR file opener already on my computer. Now what files do I extract? I have tried extracting all the files but I cannot open them once they are extracted. I also installed the DAEMON thing but I’m not sure if I need to use it.

  81. loleL says:

    please upload the retranslation patch. the typos are killing me x_x

  82. azroth31 says:

    can someone please help me i dont know what to do after downloading…please post instructions

  83. Al says:

    yay part 4 is back up ^.^ hopefully part 5 will be the same

  84. Epyon says:

    cool 4 and 5 work, thanks

  85. Shiki says:

    Why am I having the trouble downloading the DA Game? I can’t download it because it said I can’t download something that is more than 200mb.

  86. Jack says:

    I have a question, is this in English or will I have to find a patch on my own?

    Also, I cannot download part three, even after multiple attempts. Can someone please fix it? Thanks!

  87. blargh says:

    I downloaded all the parts, extracted them, got the game started, and i get a bunch of mini screens coming up with japanese lettering and i have a complete black screen up to the main menu, and then during the game, please help

  88. says:

    Is there any way to save in this game cause I think it’s bugged.

  89. CS123 says:

    When i right-click on the parts it doesn’t give me an option to extract them. so i created & sent them to a different compressed folder each and when i extract the folder is doesn’t seem to do anything. Can someone help please?

  90. Steve says:

    Hey new to this so this might seem like a dumb question, Im downloading the files now, if I put them all into one folder will the game work? Or is there more you have to do?

  91. Sonicboom2.0 says:

    part 3 won’t download

  92. gurimu says:

    got it all downloaded, launched all good get past meeting the devil an god girls then opening video then crashes rite after it finishes any ideas?

  93. Mike says:

    Screen goes black after Nerine’s introduction scene. Not sure if I had a failed download or I’m doing something wrong but please help

  94. baws man says:

    cant download part 2

  95. silas says:

    hey mail me when you know but… do you need too download all at onces or are they all like seperate games?

  96. Robert says:

    Never mind mate. I’ve sort it out.

  97. Robert says:

    I have downloaded all the parts of the game. When I extract them do I put all the files in the same folder? I’m a little confuse with the process.

    P.s please use the title as Shuffle.

  98. Hououn Kyouma says:

    Part 4 is down. Regardless of how many times I, Hououn Kyouma, attempt to infiltrate the servers and acquire the necessary file, I am led to an almost empty page that mocks me with the word “Expired.”

    Fix this, please.

  99. Piitsa says:

    Part 4 I get taken to a page that says expired. What can I do?

  100. kur0shi says:

    I tried again today and I was able to start downloading part 5. I don’t know what was wrong before.

    I haven’t tried the game out yet but I was wondering, will you be uploading “Tick! Tack!” and “Really? Really!” soon? After watching the anime I’m curious about the 3 games.

    • admin says:

      Some technical problems on DA probably…

      Neither of those two is translated, nor being translated. It’ll be long time until you see them here.

      • kur0shi says:

        That’s a shame, but thank you for the quick response.

        I have another question; I’m sorry if it sounds dumb but I’m new to this stuff: I extracted part 1 and when I tried to extract the other parts I noticed they contain the same files, or so it seems at least. So I tried to play with only the folder in part 1. The game seems to work fine. What are the other 4 parts for, and what am I supposed to do with them?

        • admin says:

          Even if those parts “seem” to contain the same files, they are different – imagine 500MB file – part1 contains 1-200MB, part2 is 201MB-400MB and so on…
          The reason game works with you extracting “only” part1 is because if all parts are in the same folder, winrar will use following parts while extracting first one – if you want to see exactly what i mean, then move only part1 to different folder and try extracting from there – you’ll get “Unexpected end of archive” error at about 20%.

  101. maggieramz says:

    Just checking before I download, does anyone know if this works on Mac? So far I haven’t been succesful finding anywebsites that have downloads for macs……… Sigh

    • bro says:

      bro theres just no way, but you can download wineskin(good for little busters), rlvm(good for games like clannad and Kanon, and virtual machines to get it to work

  102. grellinfiltrator says:

    Parts 4 and 5 refuse to let me download them. Any help?

  103. Anonymous says:

    Do you know how to fix the problem “Wrong IP” because every time I download it, it keeps saying that.

  104. Admin says:

    Get New Computers or Just Change your Localization…

  105. Chienzz says:

    Can’t extract them it says you need to extract the previous volume to unpack Shuffle\data02000

  106. jim says:

    Is there any way we could get a medifire download link for this game i can not get it to work and i cant get lets meow meow to work ethier so if a download for medifire can be put on both games i think it would be better for me.

  107. teffaz says:

    if u didnt check the bio primula is of age in all countries so it is in no way pedo lol she just is a loli coz she was artifcially made is all i find her route to be my fav

    • Jakerams says:

      still tried doing her route and the whole oni-chan thing was like omg pedo pedo pedo.

      • PonyInTheFridge says:

        That’s called incest not pedophilism. Get u’re facts right when u badmouth something.

        • Nemó says:

          No. ”Onii-Chan” is a term typically used by young children. ”Onii-Chan” literally means ”Brother dear” and is usually used by the younger sibling to address the older, or often used to show endearment or respect towards an older boy at a young age.
          So it’s not only a sibling thing.

    • Nemó says:

      Primula was created ”10 years ago”, and the age ten definately isn’t ”of age” in my country. That’s six years younger than you should be here, and I think in Japan the legal age is 14 or 15.
      Anyway, they do say she’s a year younger than Rin, but if you think about it, this doesn’t sound right, does it? If Primula was created 10 years before the story took place, how could she possibly have been Rin’s age by then? It’s not right.

  108. Jakerams says:

    Didn’t do prim route cause it was like pedophilia even though I am ever barely 18 >_>

  109. Godmaster says:

    Is anyone else having problems downloading part 3?

  110. someone_else says:

    i still have the same problem, my saves doesnt seem to count as the Extra menu doesnt unlock properly, this also lock me out of doing the additionnal route. can anyone help me troubleshoot this plz?

    • zekemckillip says:

      I don’t know if this is the problem, but for me I had to fully sit through the credits at the end of the story line, then after that I was able to skip the credits when completing additional story lines and the extras was unlocked, also it remembers what you did before, so if you’ve already gone through like 3 storylines, then just beat one again and sit through the credits…

  111. Guthix says:

    Anyone else fell like a Pedophile and not finish Prim’s route?

    • Mr. Lolicon says:

      i loved primula, plus she is legal, i mean she is only a year younger then Rin. plus who could you not finish her story??? she is so damn cute!!!!! i wish i could meet her!!!!!!!

    • azroth31 says:

      i loved primula’s even though it started to get a little sad at the ending but then it picked back up so im happy

    • Nemó says:

      Yes! Oh my gosh…even though Primula is only a year or two younger than Rin, she looks and acts like a child so much that it just feels plane wrong. However, I am going to try to finish her route anyway. She’s very sweet and cute and I’m pretty curious.

  112. john says:

    when i tried to download the last part it would say wrong ip but it didnt happen at first before..what to do?

  113. robert says:

    The anime was good up until the last couple of episodes so i hope this is like bible black where u can change the ending

  114. Joma says:

    Nice! Thanks!

  115. elij says:

    dead links D;

  116. broke-person says:

    the links are dead, hope they will be up again soon

  117. someone_else says:

    i get a problem when exiting the game, the “extra” menu disappear and i cannot unlock the additional route, its like i didnt save at all, and i got no weird messages. can some help plz?

  118. TheOddOne says:

    Please reupload :/

  119. Jjredster says:

    i feel like there’s no hope for a Shuffle Essence Translation D:

  120. Webmaster says:

    its tooo big game

    • Ray Asakura says:

      Not Really. Comparing this game to others like Fate/Stay Night and Deardrops, this game isn’t that big at all.

    • Ray Asakura says:

      Not really. Compared to other VN’s like Fate/Stay Night and Deardrops, this one is pretty much average in size for me.

  121. a says:

    just played Nerine’s route, pretty awesome, was heartbroken when she sad goodbye at first but then everything worked out!

  122. Sarsak says:

    Do I need a certain program to extract them? Whenever I try to extract one part, it says that it needs a different part even though I already downloaded that one.

  123. RiiG says:

    Ahh never mind i figured it out, and to help any others.

    once you have the winrar opend go to file, and then save a copy of this archive, do that with all five (or however many it may be) and then once you have them all on you desktop, right click the part 1 and hit extract to shuffle!

    then they all go into one file, go into that fille and click the exe and walla down. i had no issues with sound so far nor with the video messing up.

  124. RiiG says:

    HEY, I need some help please, i have never downloaded a eroge nor have i played one before. i have all the parts downloaded and opened in the respective winrar screens but i have no clue how im supoosed to extract them. when i try to extract part 1 it tells me i need to insert a “disc” for volume 2. how am i supposed to extract them all and play the game? please help please.

  125. Shogun says:

    Is this game cant be saved?
    I have problm here, when I tried to save a window pop up in japanese. in the same time the game is not save evnthough it say save completed. Anybody, help me, admin help me!

  126. Maou says:

    Shuffle is really nice, i hope we get shuffle essence in the future.

  127. Julio says:

    The game subtitle is in english or japanes?
    Sorry for bad english.

  128. randomfan says:

    Having the same problem somebody further up the page did; the game doesnt load properly and hangs on a black screen before anything comes up. Do I really have to go about uninstalling codecs to get it to work? If so, what do I do?

  129. Jisinicus says:

    I’ve tried multiple browsers, but they all say Part 3 can’t be downloaded because there was an uploading problem.

    • Cady says:

      Same here, can you re-upload, please, Admin? 🙂

    • Jisinicus says:

      I tried downloading Part 3 again today. It worked without any problems whatsoever. That leads me to assume the problem was just with the host. Please forgive the unwarranted statement from before. Thanks for going to the trouble of posting all of these and keeping them up to date.

  130. Jhonatta says:

    Part 5 with problem =/

  131. kobun says:

    is the game translated or i need a patch?

    • orange says:

      every visual novel / eroge in this site is in english. to answer your question, yes the game is translated.

  132. hasyim says:

    mr adminn whould you tell me system request in this game…

    sorry for my bad English………

  133. ShyAngel says:

    mediafire offline. pls reupload!

  134. pop says:

    Can reuploaded on mediafire?

  135. subaru says:

    I really appreciate if someone translate the Navel’s game “oretachi ni tsubasa ga nai”

  136. JuMaDi says:

    Okay, so i downloaded all the parts to this, my question is do i put all the files in each part into one folder, or do I just have to have all the parts in one location?

  137. jubeik says:

    hi! I downloaded the game and It worked perfectly, but the problem is that when I save the game I close it… I open the game again I find no save file… does anyone have the same problem??? can anyone tell me how to solve it??? thank you

  138. afanoferoge says:

    I keep getting an error. seems that the part 3 rar is corrupted (from mediafire)

  139. AngryGront says:

    i dont know what im doing wrong…a screen pops out but its black and this weird message pops out

    Thread No. [ 1 ] , Program [ scrgrp._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $00016781 / Program : $00000831 ] , Instruction No. [ $9010 ] , SP [ $00000818 ]

    Žw’肳‚ꂽƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹ [ data02xxx.arc : white ] ‚ÍBG‚Å‚Í‚È‚¢A‚à‚µ‚­‚̓Tƒ|[ƒgŠO‚ÌŒ`Ž®‚̃f[ƒ^‚Å‚·

  140. MF Azral says:

    Mr Admin… Can I request Shuffle Escence+ and Shuffle! Tick Tack… I really wanted to play this game… Hope for your reply soon… Thanks…

  141. Evandil says:

    Hi, i’m someone you can call a newbie in eroge games.
    What is the software that I need to join all the parts together ? If i need to do that.
    Thanks in advance.

    • MF Azral says:

      Well… I normally use Springy to combine all the parts since I play this game on Mac…

    • Lemon says:

      If you use winrar, you don’t need anything extra. Just select all parts, then right click, on the menu there should be an option to “extract to [name of game]\” or something similar. An example would be for Imouto Ijime, my option says “Extract to ImoutoIjime\”.

  142. inquisitor says:


  143. ShepardTDS says:

    im having issues with rar3 with the mediafire host. im currently downloading the RS copy (i hope they are interchangeable lol) and will see if it works.

  144. Shunrei says:

    oh my gosh, downloading time! been stocking up games right now, i’ll play em all after exams! yay! Thanks Admin

  145. ray says:

    good post thanks.. some screen shot in every game would be better..

  146. xDeviNx says:

    Doesn’t work. I extracted and everything, but it comes up and the screen is black. When I exit the program it goes Are you sure? with the options (Yes or No) so atleast that works lol. Help?

  147. hoshi says:

    It says the file is corrupted when I play it.What should I do?

  148. Zellrang says:

    this game is giving me a REALLY HUGE BURDEN~~~ each of the character had some unique characteristics… means that all of them could be the main character… and thats makes me harder in choosing my first target… XP

    • spaz says:

      Asa was by far to me, the one with the best story. Everyone else is a spilt personality type, or a loli.. of which im not attracted. And I’m so glad the anime… was the way it was, so as not to spoil I wont say who Rin picks. I hope there are more VNs out there like shuffle, more upbeat but with sad backstories…and Asa.

  149. Conner says:

    Admin, would it be possible to get Tick! Tack! it looks like it would be a really fun side story to have available

  150. hunter says:

    is this the 18+ one?

  151. Kazenokiza says:

    I dl’d the game and extracted it, but when i play there’s no sound, is it supposed to be like that?

  152. Sinister says:

    I was wondering. I heard there is a limited edition game shuffle! essence. Will you guys get it?

    • Avenger says:

      Admin will upload any english games he finds. If you look at vndb, Shuffle! Essence+ isn’t released in english so it won’t be uploaded here.

  153. PMG says:

    ok so i downloaded part 1 off of fileserve and opened it but it says that i cant play it on adobe reader. so i need to know what program i need so that i can play it. also if i need to do anything else besides just open it could someone please tell me.

  154. genji says:

    i cant download it can someone help me?
    im usin winzip

  155. Rhythm says:

    part 4 fileserve, I get a “500 error”

    I guess it’s a broken link?

  156. Invicible_God says:

    do i have to “Japanese Localise” my pc to make this game works?

  157. Ted says:

    So here’s my problem, I downloaded all 4 parts and extracted them. All good but when I start it, the game window pops out and stays black. A minute later, the program becomes unresponsive. Same problem was encountered on both Win 7 and xp. Any ideas what I’m missing?

    • genji says:

      havin the sam prob

      • Takky says:

        I’m also having this problem with the screen turning black and going unresponsive

        • Volkk says:

          This is typically a codec compatibility problem. The best thing you can do to avoid this altogether is to havee a separate partition (or computer) for your VN’s.

          If that’s not an option, uninstall all codec packs/media player. It will work… but you won’t be able to watch movies on your PC until you reinstall them, and THAT will f*CK up your VN’s again -_-

        • Random Hater says:

          honestly i was getting ticked off cause that happened to me but leave the black window open for a bit it might start up, thats what i’m currently relying on…. doesn’t always work, but hey i can play at least

  158. Ibuken says:

    I keep having a problem with extracting. every tool i try to use, it continues to fail, telling me i need a password to open it.

    If I’m making a really dumb mistake, please tell me. If not, please help me with this issue, it was downloaded here through fileserve.

    • Reicher says:

      If there are need password,you can use password breaker…

      Even so I not finished downloading all the part for this VN.

      • admin says:

        None of the files posted on this site require password.

      • A.M.W says:

        i’ve download it for year (2010 if im not mistaken).. i played it once at my old pc.. i still do have the rar data and i moved it to my new pc, but i dont remember the password! it asks me for password everytime i try to extract it.. what i should do?
        and btw, i dont know how to use password breaker and i dont know any software of it.

  159. Reicher says:

    Are this game need internet connection for activation ADMIN ???
    Or use an Icebody.exe for Run it,..
    Sorry for my Bad English >.<

  160. nikolas says:

    hm all the girls are soo cute i love this game waiting for the translation of the sequel

  161. keren_man says:

    thanks for the game admin, oh and btw it looks like the part 3 file on the fileserve is corrupt, but i try with the filesonic and it run well

  162. GUTI says:

    Anyone know where to find a guide?
    I always end up at the scene of kaede

  163. GUTI says:

    alguien sabe donde encontrar una guia?
    siempre termino en la escena de kaede

  164. GUTI says:

    only has the scene hentai of kaede?

  165. stigma says:

    i heard shuffle love rainbow has kareha/mayumi? (is that right) ending. i like kareha she’s a real beauty

  166. Naoshiro says:

    Okay so I got everything downloaded and extracted everything, but when I start the game up I get the title screen only for it to show an error message after I press start and it has some Japanese characters and then 1000.arc:Maingame or something along those lines, what am I doing wrong?

  167. beginner1110 says:

    sorry but i’m totally a newbie in can please someone tell me is this just a visual novel or a game?…i keep on clicking but what appear juz the storyline? all eroge like this? i need to continue to watch the storyline?..
    please someone help me..this is my first try for an eroge..

    • admin says:

      Most of those games are story-only, there are however titles, with quite a lot of gameplay, or almost completely gameplay based – check out “Sengoku Rance”

  168. otakuu says:

    I’ve managed to tweak the game is

  169. otakuu says:

    I’ve managed to tweak the game is, thanks!

  170. otakuu says:

    the game is not saving this saying “you can not modify volume” how do I keep the game saved?

  171. Roner Boner says:

    sorry i’m new to this so i’m not sure if this will help anyone but i dowloaded all the parts from filesonic and while extracting it part 1 had a corrupt file i tried a few repair tools and that didn’t work so i deleted part 1 came back here and downloaded it again this time using fileserve and now everythings working properly so if you’re having the same problem you could always try the other link

  172. x3 says:

    First of all thank ALOT for this upload and as many previous questions.

    when will you get the tick tack, and other series translated and uploaded cause i really cant wait :[

    and once again thanks 🙂

  173. tomtom says:

    or really really or ticktack?

  174. tomtom says:

    no shuffle essence or + ?

  175. Kojirou says:

    First off Thanks for the Game Admin Really Appreciate it! 😀

    Btw are you planning to post/ or know where to find English translated version of Air :O ?

    Also the following games: Shuffle + Essence/ Kimi ga nozomu Eien (in English)?

    Thanks Hope to see your reply soon ^-^

  176. Killer says:

    The anime in this games rocks…

  177. aDewil says:

    when i run Shuffle!, game window stay long time black screen with unresponsive, but i wait some couple minutes, then after that working just perfect.
    so, wait camly to navel logo!

    i have w7 ultimate 64bit.

    • Nicole says:

      A previous user left these instructions:
      “The steps are simple, right click and extract Shuffle.part1.rar using WinRAR or any other unzip software that supports .rar files. It will instantly unpack all 3 parts into a single folder. Lastly run Shuffle.exe”

      It worked for my friend when she followed this, prehaps double check you did the exact same thing?

  178. Nicole says:

    ahh thankyou~ ^^
    I have been looking for eroge game downloads that work for ages *fingers crossed*

  179. Ace says:

    can somone please post these games somewere else I realy hate waiting like 15 min to download the next part of a large game and have limited time to use my comp.
    mediafire is the best place to post stuff like this 😐

  180. Puppy says:

    The links are expired, atleast that’s what that download site tells me,! I really loved to play this game again since my computer crashed and bought a newcomputer :3
    Please help me out ;- ; thanks,!

  181. Takuya-kun says:

    I wanna play this, downloading now.

  182. Derp says:

    there are no speech options its just a strange window that pops up with randoms characters in it with a yes and no option and no closed the game out

  183. Help says:

    I finished all routes, but I’m still missing Kaede 4th CG, how i get it? I tried look on web but i didnt found it, please help

    • danterevan says:

      hey bro just downloaded all the cgs to find out and the 4th cg for kaede is of her feeding you her luch like the other girls but im still to find out how to get it it sucks as this is the last piece for me to get 100%

  184. RiceAndDenim says:

    It also could be there is something with the filesonic download. I’ll try the fileserve download in a bit.

  185. RiceAndDenim says:

    This is my firt time downloading a game from here, could someone give me a basic walkthrough of how to set the game up and help me with other basic things I should know.

  186. jc says:

    lol never mind its just a comment 🙁 anyway i was wondering if there is any chance for shuffle +

  187. jc says:

    Download Shuffle English game: Mirror #1 – Filesonic … UPLOAD “TICK-TACK/REALLY-REALLY/SHUFFLE ESSENCE+/SHUFFLE LOVE RAINBOW!” i saw this when browsing for shuffle essence + i was wondering if the filesonic cotains the essence +

  188. jc says:

    any chance for shuffle essence plus?

  189. katsuragi says:

    i aldready download this game, but the image won’t come out, just voice and text box, why?????

  190. Anieze says:

    Is this game uncensored or censored, out of curiosity?

  191. Man.. says:

    Im having quite a bit of trouble. I have hj split, and I changed the names to all Shuffle.001 etc.. But when I try to join the files I cant even find the files! Can someone help me? Is there something im doing wrong?

  192. Ghald says:

    Well don’t know what I might have done right or maybe very right xD but I just downloaded all parts and extracted them with “Winrar” then I started the application “Shuffle!” and it works no install or anything o.O’ Sitting on an Win7 ult64 system, did not even change the local to japansese… Try using the winrar program that is what I use to extract anyway. GL!

  193. yuu says:

    i hope there will be tick tack shuffle!

  194. Raymond says:

    Now I tried to join them but nothing really happened, it just sits there.

  195. Raymond says:

    I already downloaded all the files now does anyone have any specific instructions for what to do with them?

  196. ManmaN says:

    I just started playing this .. well in main menu of the game i cant only see Start Load Config and exit .. so that means no extra mode or something ? so i there will be so CG`s ? ..

  197. Lacrimosa says:

    Im having trouble installing the game, Ive downloaded everything and joined all the necessary flies but when I try to play the screen is black and unresponsive, could someone pls tell me what Im doing wrong.

    • dudeimlost says:

      I had the same problem but I managed to overcome it. I had downloaded the files into my USB. If you did the same thing, just move the files onto your desktop and it should work. If that’s not the problem then my best guess would be that you didn’t download all the files.

      • dudeimlost fan says:

        Wow, I had the files on my USB because I thought it would be nice to be able to play it on any computer. I had no idea it would affect the game’s performance like that. Thanks for the info, I was about to delete the files and re-download them.

  198. Shirase says:

    try it again, it works perfectly for me.
    Instructions…(wasn’t very clear the first time…)
    First Download ALL files
    Download hj-split
    take out the.part whatever from the name
    at the very end of the name change it to .001,.002,.003,etc.
    to its respective file and join all file using hj-split
    NOTE: Watch videos on youtube related to hj-spit.

    • Raymond says:

      I tried all that but it just turned into one file, then when i click it nothing really happens. What should i expect when i do this?

  199. Shirase says:

    you use hj-split to make it one big file

  200. Obamallama says:

    What do i use to open it?

  201. eroge-kun says:




    • admin says:

      None of them is currently translated. When they are you’ll find them here.

      • Major says:

        Awesome! You’re the best! Thanks for your consideration.

      • DirtyyDann says:

        There is somthing wrong with my Shuffle! game. durring the middle of it. it will change scenes and then go blank and have a bunch of randome japanese letters how do i fix this????

  202. dudeimlost says:

    Whenever I go to run Shuffle.exe, the screen becomes black and the program becomes unresponsive. Can somebody please tell me what the problem is? Thanks in advance.

  203. Luffty says:

    Download…Extract playing no problem \o\ |o| /o/

  204. DirtyyDann says:

    What did i do wong? i can play shuffle but wenn i get done Meeting Nerine it goes balnk and says error with alot of random letters what do i do?

  205. DirtyyDann says:

    There is somthing wrong with my Shuffle! game. durring the middle of it. it will change scenes and then go blank and have a bunch of randome japanese letters how do i fix this?

  206. Jamie says:

    Any chance of Shuffle Essence in the near future?

  207. Mark says:

    Great game! Thanks admin

  208. Jaye says:

    is this in english?

  209. oninn says:

    I have a problem, when I try to download at fileserve, it says that i’m already downloading a file even though I’m not. Please help me so that I can download it now. BTW, At first, the download is okay, but there’s a sudden blackout and my computer was shut down and when I try to download it again, that is what I get… huhuhu

    • mike says:

      hey boy use ccleaner in this case.
      if u don’t have it download it.
      (this may occur also if u are downloading others files, *i think*)

      note: ccleaner -> a program used to erase your temp files a you can correct your system erros with it.

  210. Jaystarrh says:

    Thank You So Much I Have Been Wanting To Play A dating Sim Sice I First Started Watching Anime 2 Years Ago.
    Many Thanks

  211. Zizi says:

    The game works perfectly, I’m just wondering how in the world do I save? Can I save at all?

  212. anon says:

    “Well the the extraction requires all 3 parts in order to extract the data so I’m not sure why you would need the password on all 3 just extract from part 1 and that should be it!”

    This worked for me perfectly! ^^ Can’t wait to play! 😀

  213. Someconfusedguy says:

    How do you save and have it stay after closing the program. I can’t figure it out!

  214. Reista says:

    Can anyone tell me how to extract music from this game…
    i want to hear nerine ending song in my ipod and a was too tired searching in google…
    so anyone can help me…?

  215. firesbrand says:

    I watched the anime series for this game about a year ago and loved it. Problem was, i kept wanting to shake the screen and yell at the bastard “nooooo, go for that girl!!”.

    I only realized that Shuffle! was an eroge/game recently and then found this site. I can safely say this game kicks total ass, and it’s even better if you’ve watched the anime first.(tosses a big HUGGLEFUCK to the admin/team at

    It really is as simple as you say… download WinRAR for free, download game parts… a few clicks, and BAM. Super-awesome gaming time. Then, download next game slowly while playing my current one… rinse and repeat.

  216. SjorRekr says:

    So, has anyone tried getting this to work in Linux via WINE? Couldn’t find anything anywhere. This looks cool, like the Anime so far, this has potential to be much cooler though.

  217. The Rater says:


    Shuffle’s storylines are nothing special and due to the very linear plot, every path sees the same scenes. Some are slightly altered to focus on the current target, and some not altered at all. Nerine and Sia have oddly similar storylines, Kaede is just generic with an insignificant twist, Primula’s story isnt that deep, and Asa probably has the most climactic ending.
    The backgrounds are good, the characters look good. The voice actors fit their parts. The ero scenes in this game are drawn out, but they are still sexy and cute.

  218. FelixRavon says:

    would you be willing to put up a english Shuffle! Essence?

  219. Hyun says:

    Hey I just wanna check, i downloaded part 1,2,3 but i only needed part 1 to play, how does that work?

    Oh any advice on what i should play next?
    I prefer the typical One guy surrounded by chicks

    Oh and is there a eroge on SchoolDays by any chance?

  220. Bin says:

    anyone got link 2 download shuffle! really really?

  221. Roy says:

    dude i downloaded all three parts what next? from all the comments it sounds like its complicated

  222. dojutsu says:

    hi ,I have problem ,i can’t save in this game…Help me please..
    Thanx for devotion

  223. moons says:

    The steps are simple, right click and extract Shuffle.part1.rar using WinRAR or any other unzip software that supports .rar files. It will instantly unpack all 3 parts into a single folder. Lastly run Shuffle.exe

    Password is the same as the domain name for this site.

  224. d says:

    Steps for the rar. files please?

    Would be easier.

    Appreciate it, thanks

  225. Dai says:

    I got the file ready but how do I open them so the game can start?

  226. iloveeroge says:

    thanks for this!!

  227. BODON says:

    is this for pc?

  228. Need Helpy says:

    this is my first time on here and i want to download this game but idk how can someone give my kinda exact steps. PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP!!!!

  229. Dom says:

    I install and play the game but I always get this error message:Thread No. [ 90 ] , Program [ bsctrl._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $00000972 / Program : $00000972 ] , and game shuts down. Help?

  230. Oblivion says:

    Is there a Kiss X Sis game out there, and if so.. any way we can get it soon….. Loved the anime, but hated how much of a wus teh brother was.. and would love to take him over and do it right hehehe… *smiles*

  231. Rion-kun says:

    admin-san, can you upload the PS 2 version?? I heard in PS 2 version we can choose 3 more girls (mayumi, kareha, tsubomi)

  232. Khorne says:

    I seem to have somehwat the same poblem as knives0610.
    I’ve downloaded all three parts and extract them using the password needed, but when the extraction ends I get a message that says
    CRC failed in encrypted file “Navel Shuffle!\data0400arc”. Wrong password?

    If I try to run the game then when I press start it then gives me another error message that says something about the same file.

    I would really like to play this game, so please help if you can.
    Thanks in advance.

  233. knives0610 says:

    i need help… i can’t extract the game. everytime i try, it gives me this error:
    “Unexpected end of archive
    Packed data CRC failed in Navel Shuffle!\data02000.arc. The volume is corrupt”
    can someone help me on this one? thanks

  234. Kurono says:

    thanks for the game.

  235. Nocolol says:

    so, download all 3 parts, extract part 1, it creates a folder, then extract 2 into that and 3 into (2)?

  236. Kami says:

    is there anyone to fix the typos in this game?

  237. RadLie2008 says:

    Tnx for a great game, i wish you could have the shuffle essence +

  238. Me says:

    In some other webpage, I read that there is a yandere, and also a lot of blood in some of the routes, so there are dead ends.

  239. Nick says:

    I second the request for Shuffle Essence+ at some point.

  240. Ampereox says:

    The only reason Im playing this is because the anime sucks so bad..

  241. Keita says:

    Any chance that you´ll upload Shuffle Essence+ in English in the future?

  242. Reapy-Poo says:

    I really hope this game was better then the anime.

    i downloaded da capo from here a couple of days ago because i liked the anime and it was soo much better (proboably cause i liked kotori) but ya im hoping that happens again. by the way ive downloaded a couple of games from here and thanks a lot, they’re really good

  243. x-ero says:

    Nice! can’t wait for it to get translated i’ve heard really! really? has some scenes with mayumi.. ehehe.

  244. admin says:

    They will probably translate them, since Shuffle! is selling quite good.
    For now they are translating other games, so we’ll have to wait.

  245. x-ero says:

    Is there a translated sequel of shuffle “Tick! Tack!” and “Really! Really?”, any new if they are still translating it?

  246. x-ero says:

    where can you vies the CGs?, its not in the main menu.

  247. firefly says:

    why can’t i load the game? after i played i saved it before i closed it. doesn’t it save the gameplay?

  248. firefly says:

    this game is making my pc lagg a lot! but i still like to play it…

  249. firefly says:

    is this the real game?

  250. mushyroom says:

    Is this english patched like other the games

  251. Saku says:

    Well the the extraction requires all 3 parts in order to extract the data so I’m not sure why you would need the password on all 3 just extract from part 1 and that should be it!

  252. Set says:

    well the password worked for the first part but not for the others :/

  253. admin says:

    Yes, password is provided at the bottom of post – it’s “”

  254. Set says:

    It asks for a password when you extract files?

  255. AnimeSgt says:

    I can’t start it, what do I have to do? Every time I try to open or extract a file an error occurs.

  256. hmmmm says:

    rename part 2 with part 1’s name (copy and paste part ones name into part two, replacing the number one with a two of course) some times it can get picky like that.

  257. Thatguy says:

    How do I make this work?

    It says that I need shuffle.part2 or whatever so I tried putting them all in one folder, but i can’t access shuffle.part 2, It only gives me a folder in winrar that says navel shuffle.

    I got shuffle.part1 automatically though

  258. Geass says:

    Is This Uncensored?

  259. Dan says:

    great game and really easy to setup

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