Yume Miru Kusuri – A Drug That Makes You Dream

Yume Miru Kusuri

I am just an average student, living an average life. I study, I work my part-time job, and get through the day just like everyone else, trying not to be beaten down by the pressures of modern Japan. Then suddenly, the winds of change blow into my life, when I encounter three girls who reshape me forever. Three girls who are most definitely not living a normal life like everyone else in Japan, but who seem to float above society, strangely unaffected by it. Instinctively I know I should avoid getting involved with them, and yet before I know it, my destiny is bound with theirs. Where will it all lead?

With art from the accomplished pen of Haimura Kiyotaka and story by veteran scenario writer Tanaka Romeo, the bittersweet tale of three heroines unfolds. Will you choose to defend Aeka from becoming the victim of classroom aggression, help Mizuki with the burden of her work as student council president, or accompany the cat girl Nekoko on her quest for the mystical fairyland that only she can see? Their fate, and your own, lie in your hands.

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  1. Mister0 says:

    For those having issues with the game showing a white screen yet working (menu sound and intro sound)on Windows 10.

    Try using the 16bit mode under compatibility mode.

  2. T says:

    This is the 2009 version. Retail from J4STUSA.

    This game always made me sleepy. Never got very far. I kinda wish the protagonist was a bit more active. I also started hating Aeka after a while, but I relate to her a lot and Nekoko. I should probably try to read this again.

  3. trails456 says:

    what year was this version released because trying to get the bad ending hentai like when those kids take shiraki aeka away when you decline to help her on the first option in the cafeteria

  4. Raishin says:

    Hey, anyone please help me
    after I open the game, which looks only white screen but has sound and if me use the full screen the game suddenly crashes
    And thankyou if you want to help me sir

  5. K. says:

    Anon who commented on Jan 2018, yes it is indeed possible to run the game as a portable app. Just save the install folder somewhere and run via .exe

  6. Anon says:

    Is there a version of this game that is portable? (can be played without it showing up in the add/remove programs page and moved without breaking it?) Because I see no reason the game should require a registry entry to work and would rather not have it on my installed programs list.

  7. Gentle breeze says:

    Oh yeah, one more thing to say.
    A very rare VN indeed, but not for everyone.

  8. Gentle breeze says:

    Mizuki Route
    A bit lengthy than the others and has a very good and convincing plot with a satisfying ending …. very satisfying ending (well for me) to boot.
    Aeka Route
    Somehow plot is kinda cliche for the ‘tragic’ kind of genre. But never failed in keeping me very entertained. Actually this might be my most favorite route because of certain personal preferences. Yeah… say no to bullying faggots.
    Nekoko Route
    The meh route, actually i played this route first because i see nekoko as cute and feels like it will have a good ending, it did but … yeah, least favorite because the plot is kinda lacking (after experiencing mizuki and aeka route)

    • Revvo says:

      to me nekos route was the best by far. Her disconnection from the world seemed in an extreme way most fitting to the main characters own problems. Her collapse which lead into the ending was also written very convincingly.

      Aeka on the other hand was barely playable for me. Not saying it was necessarily bad, i just felt really aggressiv towards her and the main char in her route. This all felt like rape and manipulation. Both from his and from her side. The bullying was also way over the top for a romantic scenario, at least to me. Hated it.

  9. Red Riot says:

    It’s not fair of you. Why are you killing her all by yourself? I’ve been wanting to do this to her for such a long time.

  10. Red Riot says:

    Very catchy menu music(suddenly remembers some OSTs from narcissu. Cool and chill tune, really gives connection/of relevance to the word dream. I liked how it welcomes me in a dreamy and persuasive tone… like it really invites you to come and play after watching the OP movie.

  11. Red Riot says:

    Uhhh, do someone else got the same problem with the downloading speed? It’s so darn slow that it might take me 3 hrs to download 1 part of rar file (20KB/s) whereas i tried downloading other rar files from the same site to check if the downloading speed is the same, but no, i downloaded katawa no shoujo with 60-80 kb/s speed. Meh, just asking.

  12. Gage says:

    Man this is a sad one the character you play is such a low life its absolutely disgusting of a character.

  13. Tathagatra says:

    Can someone help me? I installed the VN first time and it worked perfectly but after that I opened the yumemiru.exe and it says application error. Then I delete the whole VN and try to reinstall it but when I run the setup.exe a window says I already have the VN installed gives me the option to open the game but when I click yes a window says it failed in the start. What should I do to reinstall it? I really want to play this VN.

  14. RightInTheFeels says:

    I don’t know if someone still goes here but it’s worth a shot to ask.

    besides this and katawa shoujo, are there any other VN’s out there that has the same feels trip as the ones i mentioned?

    This game </3
    I just finished it with Aeka's route just now. My heart is too weak and fragile to try the other routes because that would mean I have to ignore Aeka throughout the game.

  15. firby says:

    application formatting error comes up when i try to play after mounting and installing

  16. naou38 says:

    Sorry, there’s no problem…

  17. Tsuyo says:

    So I downloaded everything and now I don’t know what to do… Could someone tell me how to extract it all and start playing please?

  18. godkid says:

    I think thats harem party, the game that you just described

  19. zarwowjr says:

    i already mounted and installed but i got “initializing directdraw failed”. how can fix it?
    (sorry for bad english)

    • Oz says:

      Are you trying to use a windows tablet?
      Cuz I am having the same problem

      • zarwowjr. says:

        yes. Can you help me to fix it?

        • Oz says:

          Nope I am just having the same problem. The only thing I see as a problem is that it is windows 8.1 tablet but running compatability doesn’t fix it sadly. You can get it on the psp but it isn’t as good and kind of censored.

        • Oz says:

          They say it has somthing to do with accidentally clicking on the desktop while its loading but that doesn’t seem to be the case with me. At this point i have no idea why the hell it isn’t working and spent the better part of today trying to figure it out. You and I seem to be the only unlucky bastards that are having this problem.

    • swoooogy says:

      I was having a similar issue (initializing directinput failed) but plugging a mouse into the tablet via usb otg fixed the problem.

  20. kuronokami says:

    Hi there admin, I’d like a little help. When I try to start the game, I get a window that says “registry error”. How can I fix this? Sorry, I’m pretty new to this stuff 😐

  21. Stray says:

    is this already translated?
    cuz i don’t see the english patch link…
    (sorry for bad english)

  22. iemservan says:

    Dear Great Administer, i just caught a glimpse on VN that the boy playing games and suddenly the character came out (the girls) and they start to make sex….. O Great Administer we need your help…. just email me O Great Administer

  23. kyokacaneatshitandDIE says:

    I F***ING love this game! the story and art are magnificent. when i got to the strangling bit i couldnt help be scream in happing and cheer as i pressed enter. i made that scene my screen saver since i was waiting for it for so long. like my name says KYOKA CAN EAT SHIT AND DIE!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Pizza_Girl says:

    I can’t figure out how to download the game. can someone tell me how? Please!

  25. Dimir says:

    Hi all,

    I have little problem with the game.
    Whenewer i instal full or cut version I can`t see #### all I can here is music.

    Any solution ??

  26. LanzCorporalAssWipe says:

    ^birth of a serial killer

  27. Xellis says:

    after I finished DL-ing all the parts and extracting them I got an ISO, but I have no idea how to deal with it :/ Can someone help me out?

  28. -M- says:

    Just finished Nekoko route (1/3) yesterday, it has a good story, although while playing I thought not. Regarding the story, the other 2 routes must be good too, maybe even greater. Back to play. πŸ™‚

  29. moeXix says:

    I successfully downloaded all files. But part 8 seems to be in a different file format. Will redownloading fix it??

  30. TacoLadder says:

    I felt like stabbing Kyoka after that money part…although I had always felt like stabbing her…

    • TacoLadder says:

      Also after I beat the game I couldn’t imagine going with anyone else other than Aeka…it would’ve been depressing any other way after you see her story…

      • TAT says:

        I have found a buddy ^ ^
        I uninstall the game after finish Aeka route…
        I cant feel like taking other route after know the story of Aeka ^ ^
        But now I am going to redownload and reinstall for other route first and replay aeka route for the last play of this VN ^ ^

        • Vaan says:

          hehe, I used to think the same, but then I played Mizuki’s route and boy did I almost cry…

          …it did rend my heart a little to see what happens if you decide to ignore Aeka, but you’re missing out if you don’t play all the routes. this is such a great game, so masterfully written. If it wasn’t an eroge I’d show it to my sister xD

          • Revvo says:

            This game really is a masterpiece. i played aekas route, which i found very touching, a second time after a while and couldn’t finish. Her weakness and dependency made me feel hostility towards her. It’s really weird to be confronted with those deeper emotional level of oppression and cruelty in any society. A really remarkable game.

  31. Darknetic says:

    It seems you can only download two at a time?

  32. Rage says:

    This game deserves praise. It has the same impact as katawa shoujo. Thank you … Admin, for giving us the chance to experience and enjoy this gem.

    • ayee says:

      this comment has made me 100% want to play this game as katawa shoujo was my first vn and im in the middle of replaying it again haha thanks for the inspiration to try this vn


    i wonder if can play this VN

  34. Kunmaru says:

    The part 3 rar download is acting odd. It says only 500mb or so when trying to download, and opens differently from one and two. After that, t almost immediately say that part 3 can not downloaded.

  35. TWH says:

    LOL I spent almost five hours trying to get this to run myself, when I noticed there was a Setup.exe sitting there.
    I had a little rage fit, threw a few things at my wall, bought some paint and patched my wall, threw a couple plates at the street… Yeah.
    Thanks for the game it looks and sounds amazing.

  36. Razorback says:

    The game itself is not that good, but what the hell. Aeka’s route is by far not only the best route in yume miru kusuri but in all visual novels I have played so far.

  37. WizardlyClone says:

    Only finished Aeka’s route,but I loved it. I didn’t think it was going to get so dark at the end. I’m surprised it was so lengthy. There were a few moments where I thought it was going to head straight to the credits.

  38. Chocola says:

    good evening everybody!

    i read all those great comments about how great this game should be but am not able to even start it..
    though unpacking is not the problem, i already have the folder with all data in it. however, if i click on “yumemiru”.exe it just says “registry error”. do i need anything else to start the game?

    help will be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚


    • WizardlyClone says:

      I had the same problem at first. You need to use Daemon Tools & mount it. Check the FAQ section on here for the links and instructions.

  39. thedoortothelight says:

    i re read this one about every three months that how good it is

  40. CatSidheNekoko says:

    Hey there πŸ˜€ This game was amazing and tear jerking specially Aeka’s route, but I want to ask if any od you could suggest a eroge game basedin a school too, since I love then πŸ˜€ I loved Katawa Shoujo and Hanabira lol School Eroge games are my fave

  41. spawnpt says:

    ok, so i finally downloaded every piece, and combined them with unrarx. im on lion for mac, so when i double click the .iso file in the YMK folder, it just shows me a bunch of various files. does anyone know what i am supposed to use to run this? please i have heard great praise of this VN, and really want to play it.

  42. JimJim says:

    This game is awesome!!! Download and play it if you haven’t!!!

  43. Mathias says:

    This game caught my attention when I found it on this site. A nice idea and good introduction, didn’t looked that special, but the good feedback made me download it.

    Now, I just pulled an unintentional all-nighter and completed Aeka’s route in 1 run because I COULDN’T STOP PLAYING, and have to say that this game made me explode in feelings. This visual novel made me feel more emotions and in so many levels than any other VN I ever played. This game just made my whole month valuable only with one of the three routes. I’ll probably wait a bit before trying any of the other two routes, probably wait the \life becoming shit\ flag.

    • CatSidheNekoko says:

      Haha been at that flag before ^_^ The game seems to help alot, although the Mizuki route is a bit…. meh, but still play it since its enjoyable… not as much as Nekoko’s though

  44. JapanFreak says:

    i only played Aeka rute but what an eroge
    the story is amazing it made me laugh it made me cry it has a little bit of mystery in has everything
    i really recommend this one and want to play more like it any recommendations?
    i cant say the animation was bad but they could work a little more on the animations/graphic

  45. Houhei says:

    Can someone answer my question? Please.
    Is there any way to delete my save game?

  46. TheVeryBest says:


  47. Frames says:

    I have the game Downloaded and installed i can hear everything fine but the voices of the characters i cant hear them at all has any1 else had this problem?

  48. FNZero says:

    So, anyone’s having some difficulty with the last part of the download or is it just me? I’m going to give it a few hours trying every so often before calling the link down.

  49. skyslayer says:

    well after reading the comments above, i think this is a good vn and i gonna download it. If anyone can share information about other good vn please let me know πŸ™‚

  50. LittleNeko says:

    Nekoko and Shiraki are the best!

  51. fritz says:

    does someone know if there is a way to save all girls ? i mean you can only get one as girlfriend but is there a way to prevent the bad endings for the other both girls?

    I tryed myself but wathever i do if i manage to help Mikuku or nekoko-chan then aeka everytime trys to kill herself for example.

    The story of the game is realy good ,the graphic styl is not excactly my favorite but nice too , the speakers are like most games very good.I only miss a perfekt ending – looks like your not suposed to be a hero only to be a normal guy (so you can handle only one of the girls at one time).

    If you play one route its dificult to choose another because you know when you help an other girl then the one you saved the first will now messed up and especially aeka and nekoko realy scream out for your help.
    If you play the game and getting no feelings for the girls your realy icecold hearted.

  52. TAT says:

    I shudnt have played aeka route first TTATT…
    now i cant just leave her alone n pick another girl for the next game TTATT

  53. Niix says:

    I tried to download this and I even downloaded Daemon Tools but when I downloaded the first part all that it gave me was an image or something. I have no clue what to do and I’m not at all sure how to work anything. Like I got Katawa Shoujo from rapid share with no problem but…I’m just stuck. Can someone help me please?

  54. Vin Harek says:

    Ok…. another newbie here… tried to figure it out on my own with out bothering people, but what my stuff is doing isnt linning up with others are saying… I downloaded this game, but when i try to open it, I apparently dont have any programs that CAN open it? I got the Daemon tools… but i cant even start up the game to get to that step it seems.

    Plaiz halpz

    (Windows 7)

  55. Stuck_with_Mac says:

    Stuck on the start of installing. Where would I find the file “Rio.arc”?

  56. Mike says:

    Just amazing. While the mid part of Kirimiya’s route agrevated me, as it just seemed to be badly written, the other aspects were just a joy to experience. It was even difficult to complete one route and move on to the next because you’d know that it would end sadly for the other 2 heroines. I recommend this game whole-heartedly.

  57. Break says:

    i downloaded this morning and it worked fine if you have corrupt parts then redownload the parts you need
    just started reading about 30 mins ago
    for some reason the idiot friend reminds me of tsukihime i think there was another idiot in that game

    • Break says:

      ok an update on my progress
      just finished nekoko’s arc it was ok but seemed rather easy to get a good ending
      i did mizuki’s arc earlier it was better than nekoko’s imo better story and was worth the time
      ill leave the last arc til tomorrow its almost midnight now and i dont want to end up reading for 3 days straight like i did for d.c. 2

      • Break says:

        ok well i just finished aeka’s arc and it was worth leaving til last i surpose because ive been in some of these situations the story spoke to me
        over all ild say there is about 30 hours for all 3 arcs

        well worth the time of reading
        my only complaint is the damn h scenes they are too long and detract from the story i ended up skipping through them

        guess ill move onto cross channel after i have a 1-2 days break from VNs

  58. Cat says:

    I have dowload all the parts but when I try to extract them it appears an error mensagem saying that part05 and part08 are corrupted :S I really want to play this game cuz from what I read it’s really good

  59. bhoe19 says:

    i dLed all the parts and when i extracted the files, it stops on part 5, it says theres an error πŸ™ i would really appreciate if someone can help? pleaaaaase, i really wanted to play this game. :’)

  60. crazymonkeh says:

    i downloaded this game over a year ago, and still haven’t found a match for it’s awesomeness.

    Edelweiss wasn’t bad either.. probably it’s only rival.

    If you go through the comments for this game (including older entries) you would find absolutely ONLY positive feedback.

    I rate it: 11/10

  61. Ramifrix says:

    Hey admin,
    Sorry for the necro, but I’m having technical difficulties with
    YMK. I deleted the “Peach Princess” folder and the folder with the ISO about 3 months ago to make space and I just re-downloaded it. However, when I clicked setup.exe it booted up halfway and then said that YMK was already installed. It then prompted me to start the game. When i did, I gave messages saying either “Application formatting error” or “It failed in the start”. I’m using Daemon Tools for mounting, I’ve set my locale to Japanese and I used 7-zip to unpack the RARs.
    Any tips?


  62. sharos says:

    is there an upload of this on torrent
    OH GOD, this is going to take a ridiculous amount of time.

  63. YoYo says:

    I went ahead and ordered the english version off Amazon i hope its worth it!

  64. RaidenLucifer says:

    Im getting a error when i start the game it says application formatting error can someone help?

  65. c-x says:

    admin summoning ritual…

  66. Ko Ye says:

    admin,most of the game files that have to download by mediafire had been delete or Invalid.

  67. Miqu says:

    Anyway, she’s 20. She denies it herself but both parents and brother says so so it must be true!

    The VN has sparks and could probably hold it’s own even without the H scenes, not that they are bad or anything. Events are over the top but it still feels ‘Slice of Life’ish. What I’m saying is that the game is pretty darn good

  68. Bloodfae says:

    This game is one of the first VN’s that I’ve ever read. I guess I let my mask slip too much for in the end of certain sections I cried, and at one point I wound up clawing my arm to stop from punching my laptop screen. And this was only on Aeka’s path….I am afraid to try the others after hers, not because of what could go wrong in their paths, but for what would happen to her if I went down them.

  69. Maest says:

    I had the same problem when downloading the game, looks like one of the file is corrupted ^^’ I’m interested in this visual novel as well.

  70. Rin says:

    I’ve been attempting to download this game since yesterday, but… the first time, I downloaded all of the parts, but when I tried to extract the files, I received error messages telling me that the files were corrupted. Now, after trying to download it multiple times, I think that I’ve come to conclusion that there might be something wrong with part 5. Out of all of the parts, it’s the only one that gives me the error message that there was an “unexpected end to the archive”. ^^; Could really use the help… from what I’m reading, this VN is really good.

  71. Luka Boy says:

    For 3 days I played through this game almost non-stop
    Aeka’s route made me want to punch out my computer screen
    Mizuki’s route was an emotional roller coaster ride
    Nekoko’s route made me realize that having a little color in life isn’t all bad.
    Overall one of the best I’ve ever played


  72. anon says:

    Part 5 link seems to be broken. Tried to download several times but it hangs around 124MB.

  73. renegadeXD says:

    Dudes Love this game…… hands down nothing else to say

  74. ryuushima says:

    NOOOO I need this game , I have to save Aeka !! The download links are down for me πŸ™

  75. Mark says:

    part 3 wont fully download for me

  76. dozenam says:

    hello. I’ve got a problem. I mounted the files and I have now the virtual CD. But when I want to execute it, a black window is opening. I don’t understand why.

  77. spaz says:

    I enjoyed how one certain part of it is what everyone would want to do, aka in Aeka’s ending. Pulled an all-nighter with this one, my first in a long time. like a depressing happiness.

  78. no1s says:

    i hate that bitch
    Nanjou.I FELT sorry for Aeka πŸ™

  79. gustave154 says:

    Amazing eroge… Actually cared for the characters..

  80. Starters Manual says:

    Hi.. A question from a complete newbie in using a computer in something else than burning music and using the net..

    So I downloaded all the parts. I see they are a tad different from my other downloads, as in they are in different format(?) AND as I click on one of em (the downloaded parts) it starts to extract em (or whatever it does :P) Just like with everything other game, but instead of starting the game, it asks me for a disc to burn the game in. Now, I donΒ΄t have an empty disc big enough for this game, so do I actually need to get one or what am I supposed to do?

    The problem in short: How do you start this thing?!

    πŸ˜€ Thank you very much in advance.

    • gustave154 says:

      download Daemon Tools and mount it =)

      • Starters Manual says:

        Thank you.. And sorry Admin, I am new here but I guess thatΒ΄s no excuse :/ I am sure you have told that to a dozen others due to their hesitant nature.. Well, a thanks to everyone who replied, much appreciated.

    • admin says:

      There’s “faq” section on this website, designed to answer questions like this.

  81. anon says:

    do i need daemon tools to install this?

    • Melo says:

      Daemon Tools or any other ISO-mounting program will do. You also have to merge the different file parts together, or the ISO won’t have all the necessary information to install the program. Use 7zip for that.

  82. Asdf115 says:

    Quick question, is this download in English or Japanese?

  83. Aeka says:

    Hell, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played…hence I changed my pen name to it :O, I agree with AznNoProblem

    G-string & Sharin were fucking master pieces, only flaw in those was the Enforced playing order, but they are still fucking god tier.

  84. Random45 says:

    This is hands down the best visual novel I’ve played. It has been years since I’ve been engrossed in a story that I stayed up until it was light outside, but this was it – it was like reading Mistborn all over again (Note: That is a great book, you all should read it). I will admit that I only did Aeka’s route, but I don’t think I could bring myself to do any other route, just because of how utterly broken Aeka turns out to be, and not being there for her is similar to kicking a dog.

    Great game, highly recommended.

    • AznNoProblem says:

      G Senjou no Maou
      Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no shoujo

      I’d recommend both for their stories, pulled all-nighters just for GSNM’s storyline, soooo great.

      Trying to find more, but not too many things compare.. Soul Link >< and a few other random titles.

      • loljol says:

        i totally love g senjou no maou it got me hooked on classical music the stories are also deep great game so far my fave VN

      • GraN says:

        i also recomend G senjou it’s a good one.

        there is a twist there that i never would have expected

        definitely a good game.

    • Anonymous says:

      The plot was engrossing for awhile, but my engrossment in the plot was soon overshadowed by my rage. I simply could not overlook the idea that the classroom consisted of only five or six actual brains. And the extreme nature of the bullying combined with the utter lack of a ‘way out’ in the form of some sort of adult (or fuck, even the police) was just too unbelievable. The story would have been good if the elements driving the plot weren’t so over-the-top.

      • admin says:

        You live in USA, where people seem to have different mentality. In many asian and eastern europe countries people assume it’s victim’s fault that he is being bullied. Authorities also try to cover the incidents since it gives them additional paperwork and brings infamy to school. Just like 3 weeks ago trial ended in my neighbouring town, after 14yo girl commited suicide due to being bullied (guys who caused it got curator supervision only and school’s principal got fired), so Aeka’s story is not that detached from reality that you might think.

      • Jen says:

        Unfortunately in western Europe it’s the same on elite-Highschools. I am from Germany and I had been bullied by rich, bored kids all my school-life long. OK, it wasn’t as bad as in the game, but they stabbed me in class with pointed pencils, sneezed, coughed and spit in my face, tripped me up in the hallway and in the end they tried to throw me into a small river (in winter). The teachers also said “you should settle it by yourself” and noone helped me. So I endured until graduation -.-

        • Zadon says:

          its just that nobody will understand how you feel
          and they think that its ‘easy’ to get rid of bulies.

          but i’ve been in that situation and i understand perfectly
          how you feel.

    • Carnage says:

      I felt the same….but hey….that’s a similar feeling sometimes one feels in various VN, so…you gotta hold it and go for the other ones, they are also great stories =D

  85. kazuya13 says:

    The thing I still don’t figure out is what’s up with train and the woman in the train… I still don’t know the connection at all…

  86. Cloud Healer says:

    Holy crap, this is the best game I’ve ever played. The character development, BGM, and all, just good. Hell, I would’ve never guessed the librarian was Nekoko, too.

  87. kazuya13 says:

    My biggest regret would be that this is the first VN that I ever played and thanks to that all the game I played feels like trash even though they are highly rated by others and some even became an anime like (Fate stay night, Tsukihime, Da Capo series, KiraKira, Hapiness!, Kanon, Clannad, Koihime, and many others.) And even after 2 year I still can’t get over this game damn.

  88. croPath says:

    One of the best games in terms of story (interpersonal relationship and bully paths atleast, drug is just messed up especialy if you get the gay end) almost visual novel level i really hope that this gets an anime that follows multi paths like yosuga no sora altough im someone that dosent mind if they cut out sex since i skip trough those scenes whenever possible.
    The only thing thats really bad is that there is no route for 3 other characters (sister, the bully & another)

  89. dragonkain says:

    Having a bit of trouble with the game. Downloaded and extracted it, got it mounted with Alcohol and installed, copied over the .rar file and whenever I load it, I get a white screen and the intro music and it just locks up and stops responding. Similar to whats happened with Kana and Come See Me Tonight. I’ve run it in Japanese language setting and recently installed CCCP codecs, any other ideas?

  90. Silo says:

    I just downloaded this game and mounted it with Daemon Tools, but whenever try to start it up, I keep getting a Registry Error. Could someone help me out please?

  91. Unknown says:

    Can someone give me a complete instraction to how to make this game work i will appreciate it thx!

  92. Nelke says:

    This would be such a great game, if the protagonist (Kouhei) wasn’t such a weak coward. No spine, no pride, neither the guts to kill Mizuki off swiftly and castrate that “boyfriend” of hers, nor the brains to simply throw her off the roof and set it up as suicide. *sighs* Siriously, Aeka-path brought me into berzerk-mode every 2nd minute. Which of course shows how touching this game really is (..or o/c how deeply i’m absent from reality.. … ) Anyway, 9/10.

  93. Meeee says:

    is it uncensored?

  94. Archer says:

    If I were to rate this game 10/10!!
    It’s the best for my first Visual Novel/H-game…

    Aeka: Saddest Story though still had a happy Ending.
    Kirimiya: It teaches you the lesson to use contraceptives..:))
    Nekoko(Sakurai): Drugs..Drugs..more Drugs!!:))

  95. Indesperateforhelp says:

    Hey Admin,part 3 mirror 1 filesonic is broken..what should i do?..i want to play this game so badly πŸ™

    • admin says:

      It downloaded without problem for me, so try again.
      Also – links are interchangeable so if you can’t download any part from filesonic, use fileserve to download it.

  96. kyosuke says:

    *****Spoiler Alert*******
    i just finished the Aeka route and now i am really sad… why did they put that strangle scene…….. i was loving so much the hystory and putting this scene just spoils everything and is not just in this game that this happen-_-. And not just spoils the game make me uneasy too. They should stop putting it. People like this type of scene ? oO
    Except for this part, the rest of the game is really good!

  97. User X says:

    Fileserve-files are down

  98. Me says:

    Before I download all these files, do I need anything installed on my computer first? Thanks.

  99. Wine says:

    Oh god, this game is so beautiful.. it doesn’t matter that there are H – scenes… the story is so deep and so good, i wasn’t able to look at it like at H.

    Dear Mr. Admin, thank you very much! For sharing so good game.

  100. Mizuhara Yuki says:

    Wow! I made it work!
    For anyone who can’t run this game, just download the DivX codec or the CCCP codec pack (only one will do) and it will run fine. I just wanna help :))

  101. Mizuhara Yuki says:

    I’ve already installed this but when I try to run this, it doesn’t respond at all, can anyone help me with this?

  102. Caelistas says:

    Wow… what a gem, just finished all 3 routes. Can’t believe i never heard of this one before.

    Aeka’s route was by far the best, and was really really touching.

    I’d recommend this to anyone.

  103. Caelistas says:

    Going to check this one out… looks interesting, will post feedback later.

  104. BiGnIcK_54g says:

    need help getting game to work i used daemon tools lite to munt and install but after that the game would just be white and un responsive and intro music would play. anyone kno how to fix

    • Natsuzyx says:

      well I didn’t use daemon tools rather I used winrar to extract it. Sorry but I can’t help you regarding daemon tools.

  105. Natsuzyx says:

    hahaha who was the translator of this game it has a lot of wrong grammars XD, but I still appreciate the translations even though I get irritated about the funny composition =D. This game is good.

  106. KIRODE says:

    can’t seem to make it work. I am using windows 7 64 bit version and have tried all the compability modes, in some of the modes it seems like it is about to begin on the intro, but stops and must be closed with task manager. in the other instances it just becomes a black screen. anyone has a solution cuz I really wanna play this. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • KIRODE says:

      nevermind, it seems the game stopped working because my soundcard wasn’t responding. I always seem to find the solution to these problems after I post them XD

  107. Natsuzyx says:

    Yo admin thank you for this good game

  108. KIRODE says:

    hmmm…. It says that the iso is broken. I can view the contents of the iso, but none of the files within it are working. guess I’ll have to download it again to see if it was a download error. how tiresome…..

    • KIRODE says:

      ok, after downloading it twice, and taking the .rar file from the first attempt and placed it with the files from the second attempt, I finally got it working. Must be something messep up with my internet. anyways, I am looking forward to this.

  109. Steino-kun says:

    I played several Eroge/Galge/VNs but this is really great , because of its intense atmosphere.
    During the gameplay I was touched several times .. Aeka path is to sad πŸ˜€
    But after all I liked the Kirimiya Mizuki path best.
    I totally recommend this game.

    Thanks a lot for uploading

  110. trademark2 says:

    admin you should remove dumb comments.

  111. Steino-kun says:

    It seems to be , that the files are down @ hotfile due to copyright related shit πŸ™
    I would be very thankful for a re-upload .

    PS: This site is great and i played a lot of eroge from here ,thank you very much for this collection of translated eroge/galge πŸ™‚

  112. crazymonkeh says:

    Downloaded it, played it, and I have to say: It’s a very touching game with a great storyline, this may be the only game i’d be willing to pay $ for (not that you need to)

    If you follow Aeka’s story (the girl with the silver hair you see at the picture above) you will cry many times over.

    it really tugs at your heart, I cried from beginning to end.

  113. watever says:

    ok I just finished 1/3 routes but I can already affirm its quality. Deep story with good character building, even other stuff like BGM, H-scences were done well too. It’s like this game has almost everything you would need. I definitely recommend this. Thx admin for the upload.

  114. Jimkricket says:

    This is a perfect representation of a Romance type Utsu-ge.
    Thank you sir for uploading, this game is a masterpiece!

  115. Poulpe says:

    I have the same problem that kimiki. I have deleted HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Will because I Dont’ have the game copy and it didn’t solve the problem. What can i do ? Please.

  116. admin says:

    No, it isn’t. redownload it.

  117. Momochan says:

    One of the rars is corrupted? [Part 3 maybe?]

  118. kimiki says:

    excuse me, i have some problem with this game. I have installed this game, and the game work just fine. The problem occur when i tries to move the folder containing the game from C: to D:. After done, i can’t open the yumemiru.exe, it says format error. And to make things worse, i deleted the yume miru folder from both C: and D:. Then, i try to install it once again. But, after i mount the .iso file, the autorun start, and says that the program has been installed. Anybody can help ?

  119. Scarlet says:

    This is the first time I have ever tried an eroge. After I downloaded the first part when I open it, it takes me to windows photo viewer, how can I change it so it will take me to the right program? I also installed DAEMON Tools Lite, if it’s needed.

  120. wassup says:

    how much does this cost

  121. Jack says:

    hmmm…admin,sorry for ask….
    did that file locked with password???
    when i try extract ask password??
    so what that pass??

  122. Hollywood Sora says:

    i have extract the files and it said its going to a an ISO fle but it come out with another RAR file?
    i exract that one but it come out of with a lots of crap
    someone hlep please

  123. Valnar says:

    Really good game, thanks for the upload!

    This is really the stupidest question ever …
    Since when does a Hentai sense?
    God, let it rain brain!

  124. questionmark says:

    After a extended downloading and installing spree I pretty much had everything ready but it won’t work :X
    All I get is a inoperable window and the intro song, and after the intro song the window’s still inoperable (have to use task manager to shut it down). Anyone any idea where I went wrong? Using a XP and installed the game on a external drive if it matters btw..

  125. sasori231 says:

    Why is that this game about drug that makes that makes you dream like it show to the neko(cat)girl character,the other character take the drug because she can’t see the future the other character are about bullying and that don’t make sense at all.

  126. marcio says:

    Does it needs a image monting program?

  127. rio425ee says:

    im running linux(fedora 13) ive been drooling over this game for a while does any1 know if it will work with wine?

  128. Adna says:

    Sry if my question is stupid or summit..but where is the pageΒ«s survey to take? =D

  129. ryo says:

    i will try!!

  130. Shakarr says:

    Mizuki have the stupidest smile I ever saw in my life:P

  131. Paul says:

    Nice site , very nice

  132. sad says:

    hi admin, can you replace the part 3 file? it always says downloading failed or has a veeeery slow dl speed…or is it just me?

  133. Faris says:

    Very nice website, has almost all the games I was looking for πŸ™‚

  134. jose says:

    it cool

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