Yume Miru Kusuri – Walkthrough

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Shiraki Aeka

-Tell her
-Give in and help her out
-Don’t give her antyhing
-Eat some bread on the roof
-Go with Antoinette
-Go shopping with Aeka
-Spend my time in the house
-Go to the roof
-Help her up
-Leave her
-Go home
-Go out with her
-Kill time inside
-Find a way in

Kirimiya Mizuki

-Don’t tell her
-Run away
-Don’t give her anything
-Eat in the cafeteria
-Go help Kirimiya
-Continue on alone
-Help at the student council
-Better run away
-Go to the student council room
-Just sit and watch
-Leave her
-Go to the student council
-Drive her out
-Look around here
-Take the job
-That’s not true, i like you
-Move yourself
-Alright.Let’s go!
-I wanted to see you


-Don’t tell her
-Run away
-Give her some food
-Eat in the cafeteria
-Go with Antoinette
-Continue on alone
-Spend my time in the house
-Go to the student council room
-just sit and watch
-Feed her
-Go home
-Hide her
-Read ‘All about Fairies’
-Talk to the dealer

11 comments on “Yume Miru Kusuri – Walkthrough

  1. am calling it Aeka is the main love interest love her route so much feeling and got to say every one is a fucking dick really am happy the protagonist gets to stand up for her not many people stand up to bullying and for me to see this happen makes me very very happy FUCK BULLYING !!!!!! nothing good comes from it Aeka this is why your adorable

  2. Nekoko was really adorable full of twists and turns.

    While Aeka’s route is intense is filled with feels specially during the NTR part which kind of pissed me at first but an unexpected twist come.

  3. FUNCIONA! En esta pagina REGALAN GEMAS, lo mejor es que ya me las dieron, asi que SII FUNCIONA!!:


  4. aeka’s route really touched me cuz well. people like to mess with my girl too, but not to the extent of having her raped and stun gunned i’d be in jail lol
    oh yeah and if you want a good school life type game try out Hoshizora no Memoria

  5. Funny, I really thought there’d be a secret character route that you could only follow after completing the game, you know, like his colleague at work said about the true heroine and whatnot… Bummer…

    The Aeka route is heavenly and Nekoko’s route gets good near the end, I don’t really feel like doing the Student Council President and probably won’t since there’s no secret character. I’m not a fan of her personality.

    Any suggestions of eroges like this one (school life, good story)?

    1. If you’re looking for a good school based eroge, try Katawa Shoujo and Period, if you haven’t already. Both of them have excellent storylines, and the characters have great personality, depth, and the looks to match.
      P.S. I just finished Kiriyama’s route, and I agree. It sucks. Aeka’s was touching though.

  6. ummm….
    is there no ending for Aya (little sister)?
    i heard there is a route for her which is known as a “hidden character”…..
    can you please tell me which path to get this route?

    1. There’s no Aya route. As you can see in the Extras section, she only has 3 scenes, and there’s no sex. Shingo, spokesperson for Jast USA, has said there is definitely no Aya route in the Japanese version of the game; fans speculate that the way this stacks up is, Ruf may have been planning on putting such a route in during the development phase (considering the relation between Kouhei and Aya isn’t blood-related), but in the end, things ended up the way they are: 3 non-sex scenes.

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