Yume Goshi no Sora

Yume Goshi no Sora

This is a fairy-tale type novel game in two parts, each part written independently — one by Yuki, the other by Ritsu.

The Caged Vagrant -Yuki’s story- (branching)

The story of an amnesiac who slowly comes to reconstruct the world through conversations with a very strange and special friend.

Plumerai -Ritsu’s story- (linear)

The Plumerai, which stretches out from the sky like some gargantuan hand. And the countless number of birds who attack this cloud…

3 comments on “Yume Goshi no Sora

  1. I love eroge so much !!!!
    I would appreciate it greatly if there was more incestual activities added in this game, although it was a OUTSTANDING experience.

  2. I got this confused with Yosuga no Sora. I didn’t see that title on the site, was it not translated? If it was, could I request it? Or ask if anyone knows any incest games available?

    1. Weird thing is, I vaguely remember seeing Yosuga no Sora as fully translated on the site too, but. Iw it seems to be under partially translated?

      At any rate, thanks for this game, it is entertaining and enjoyable.

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