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  1. For the comments saying this is nukige, well, not really. The main heroines get one sex scene each (long, but just one nevertheless). Haven’t played the side characters yet.
    As for Shirone’s route *spoiler* where Shun dies in the original game, this is like a parallel world where I guess he didn’t try to become Trino so he didn’t have the scans done to him and he lives just fine. This takes place during the end of their 3rd year in High School, so he should already be dead (IIRC, maybe I’m mistaken, I played the original game some years ago).
    Anyway, the game is too short for its size, but it gives good closure to the characters.

    1. let’s notify VNDB High Sexual Content now means 5 for medium length VN. Parallel World or Fever Dream is the same i guess without clear line saying it so basically “utsuge” not and FD just “fan service”

    2. don’t get me wrong, at least with what you are saying it’s bit playable. For me as long as not fucked up VNs (ex: Gore sex scene where the Heroines get dismembered and her organ Devoured, or SoL VNs but suddenly the Heroines got Mind Controlled and you got NTR’ed) or really trash (there are, Koibumi or Step to Love) i’m okay with it

  2. I never understood what fandiscs are… Are these just like after stories or different routes or is it the main route for the original game again with just a few changes?

    1. depends most of the time are stories after the route endings they tend to be just fun little stories, plus mini routes of popular girls from the previous games that didn’t had a route.

      Same in this case, but some of the endings of the previous game had deaths, so some occur after the endings others in the middle of the last stretch of the route plus two mini routes, it just feels weird in this kind of forced drama kind of game as fan disks tend to be pure fan service hence the name.

      1. well well well, it’s just validate what they were saying trying too hard. i mean “FD” normally sequel or fan service ‘True Route” miraculously bring back heroines back to live. If this FD which only the middle part of the first game then why would i played knowing they’ll die anyway.

    2. Fandisks are 2 things depending on how you define them.

      Lets say My Girlfriend is the President (which is quite old now) and then you have the fandisk. Usually when sales targets have been passed they will release a fan-disk which isn’t necessary for everyone because its not a sequel. Its just for the bigger fans of the game. In a way its kind of a greedy tactic which is used in games too. Think of it as DLC.

      Like Death Stranding and you have Death Stranding Definitive Edition which offers more content but its still the same game and they make you pay for it despite owning the original release.

      So a fan-disk is just DLC but you dont have to own the base release. So its sort of the same story but just offers new CG’s, new characters or minor characters that didnt get a lot of screen time on the original. Sometimes they might do a lottery where people can vote who they want to have on the fan-disk. Its avery Japanesey thing and its something for collectors, sometimes they will throw in a keyring, poster, pillow case etc

  3. Yeah this feel weird, like a fever dream were we pretend a carcrash were everyone brutally died didn’t happened or is not going to happen, this is why nukiges no, utsuges don’t tend to have fan disks, key knows this which is why clannad fan disk doubles down on the sad stuff to make it work

    Honestly Trinoline probably would had work better as a non sad nv or even as a nukige because Trinoline is not a nukige its a utsuge it even feels like some intended at some point to not be a utsuge, but since its minori they had to force the melodrama because thats what a minori game is forced drama i don’t have a problem when is earned and makes sense but minori is just really trying hard to have drama in their games

      1. lol i’m having headache reading it, that typo really is misleading. Yes Key always did good job even when i know all the heroines having super deep problem, but this game just trying to make a problem (can you stop make a problem every 30 minutes?!) also Key doing FD or Sequel while changing a genre still good remember Clannad FD for Tomoyo while making it eroge but still retain it’s nakige.

  4. Sequel of what i called changing genre i guess. before i say anything, the first game is Good Art, Good Gameplay, Good Animation, Good BGM but bad writing. Trying to hard to be Nakige n feel stupid reading it, even moege have more emotional scenes now look at the sequel. i see tags High S*xual content. i guesss this is Nakige turned into Nukige as it failed being Nakige in first game

      1. Yeah to summarize it, the vibe i get is nukige.
        For a minori game the cover scream nukige, even Supipara’s cover still have nakige feel in it

  5. Yoooooo
    was this that weird game where some girl build a robot that looked like the mcs dead sister and just made it live with the family? and everybody was cool with it?

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