Hara Para

Hara Para

In this fandisk, the protagonist end up prisoner of Swan worlds.
To escape, he will have to impregnate women from various games.
They will naturally accept him, for it his how fate is written.

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  1. Yukare says:

    For everyone with issues about the menu and settings not translated, see this: https://imgur.com/a/VW64W

    They are images of the menu and settings translated by the same author as english path.

    Admin, please put this link on “related links” on this page, or the images inside the file to download.

  2. W4RL0RD says:

    Cant seem to get it to work.
    When I try to open this I double click on “harapara.exe” and nothing happens.
    taskmanager shows that the process opens for a second and then instantly closes; no error message, nothing.
    System locale error is improbable because other originally Japanese games work just fine.

  3. Marek Golonka says:

    Unfortunately this patch is incomplate. There is no Yuka H scene translation, because translator hate loli H scenes.

    • Special_K says:

      THERE IS NOW!!!

      • Special_K says:

        Da fuk!?! I just opened one of my bookmarks and saw I wrote this shit, don’t know what state of mind i was in but I was referring to Hara Kano, not this one. I guess i had the Hara Kano and Hara Para tabs right next to each other.

  4. VN-Fan says:

    Will hara kano be uploaded here as well now that loe translations has finished the eng patch?

  5. slicer.xy says:

    Nice Nukigie over all, even though the menu is not translated.

    BTW, while it sounds like the original translator will not translate the two H-scenes for ”Yuka,” the translation program that the translator has set up is easy enough to figure out if you want to modify some of the line and ”Yuka’s” lines are still in there even if they are only in Japanese.

    In the ”patch” folder there is a file called ”sc_min.ks”. If you open it up with notepad , lines 4031 and 6647 are where the text for the two h-scenes for ”Yuka” began. If you compare the the untranslated text to the translated text, you should be able to figure out how to add your own translations for the untranslated text. Since I do not know Japanese, I used Google translate to translate the lines for me, which while readable still sucks. But hey, at least the Japanese lines have now bean replaced with English onces.

    So ya, following this method you should be able to do the same yourselves. Also, if a person with flaunt Japanese reads this and decides to modify ”sc_min.ks” so that the H-scenes for ”Yuka” are decently translated, it would be much appreciated.

  6. H-Fan says:

    I use AppLocale to start the game in Japanese enviroment. I start the harapara.exe and get a bluescreen like most games if you dont start with japanese enviroment. Errorcode is NOT Syntax. It more like: Bla bla ANSI bla bla UNICODE bla bla.
    Any Experiance with this Error?

  7. COBRAWING says:

    I have subscribed to the website so I can utilize max allowed bandwidth.. I have downloaded hara para and am Having problems running it. Win Xp 32 bit professional all Serv. paks and updated drives and dll and codecs. Get blue screen and syntex error.. then changed locale to Japan. Still get blue screen and syntex error.Any Ideas ?… Huniepop works great lol..Ty in adv….

    • admin says:

      Syntax error is always caused by one of two things – lack of Japanese locale (make sure you changed “locale”, not “location” – some users get those two mixed up. refer to site’s FAQ to instructions. Also, restart of PC is mandatory for changes to take effect) or having “funny” letters (ö, ä, ü, á, é, í, ó… you get the idea) somewhere in file path, usually username.

  8. leon says:

    i cannot save hara para game progress it opened up but cannot save…

  9. Yehey says:

    Wat about the other series of this? like hara chuchu
    Please upload it OxO
    Thanks for the hard work!

    • Yehey says:

      Sorry about this didn’t know there is still no english translation on the others..Only Hana Kano have patch and its still partial OxO

      • asuraicHermit says:

        I’m more interested in HaraMin. I love hypnosis, especially if it’s involving those chars. Anybody know if there’s anyplace you can get a crack or at least a free download uncracked?

  10. Vincenzo says:

    Every time I run the file \harapara.exe\ there open a program console command to the end this message, open FH, \> MainWindow.tjs\ or die. at the end when I close the console I get a incono saying something in Japanese, and two choices (F and C)

  11. marqquise says:

    is there a way to make it English instead of Japanese

  12. momo says:

    I am having trouble; its having an error with key_normal.cur. I have it in Japanese locale and even tried app local.

  13. Heyo says:

    I Love this Game

  14. ace says:

    I can save in window mode but can’t in full screen which sucks cause need to switch everytime i want to save game. Anyway to fix that so i can save in full screen?

    • Equ3strianGam3r says:

      I know this reply is late but I just started playing this game. If you want to save in full screen and the screen goes black like it does on my computer just click on the center of the screen and you should be able to see the save confirmation box then click yes. It also goes black when trying to return to the main menu on my computer but the same thing works if I click on the screen I get a confirmation box asking if I’m sure I want to. I hope this helps.

  15. _MaLinTooTs says:

    May I ask as to what’s written in the settings? It’s not translated so I do not know what it means… :c

  16. Anon says:

    Hey, when I have the Jap locale selected, I still get the blue pop up and have no clue at all how to actually make it work, anyone know how?

    • admin says:

      Did you restart the PC after changing the locale? Yes, you need a reboot to apply that changes.
      Also, make sure you changed LOCALE, not LOCATION in settings. Belive me, many people over here make this mistake.

  17. Henri says:

    Shet , yuka scene , y dont u translate it admin ?? , i like da scene , i mean i love da scene tho , is der any file to translate dat words , im lookin forward to it tho’. arigatou gozaimasu

  18. Grim says:

    Eeeeeeh, i wanna play, but after finding out this was a fandisk, i looked i up and discovered the other games. Now i cant bring myself to play it knowing the heroines are the lovers of other protags, too much like netorare for me. T_T

  19. h-boy says:

    How do i download?

  20. Kyarus says:

    My menu is in jap. Is there anyway to fix this ?

  21. BasedAnon says:

    How to get 100% CG in HaraPara.

    Play until you get awoken up by a punch. Save.

    * Natsuki (childhood friend)
    – Kazehana Acedemy all 4 times
    – Straight forward no choices

    * Toua (childhood friend?)
    – Higashiwa Academy 4 times
    – No, I got this! SAVE BEFORE

    Yuka (sister)
    – Higashiwa Academy 3 times
    – Please help. SAVE BEFORE

    * Kukuri (vampire succubus)
    – St. Cross Academy 4 times
    – No, I can’t… SAVE BEFORE

    Inori (underclassmen)
    – St. Cross Academy 2 times
    – What could go wrong? SAVE BEFORE

    Mei (sensei)
    – St. Cross Academy 2 times
    – Straight forward no choices

    * Yuuna (book committee)
    – Yasatoku Academy SAVE
    – Help her out SAVE BEFORE
    – Dont do it. SAVE BEFORE

    Shion (famous athlete?)
    – Yasatoku Academy SAVE
    – Wait and watch. SAVE BEFORE
    – Do it with Shion SAVE BEFORE

    * Harem Route
    – Kazehana Acedemy 1 time
    – Higashiwa Academy 1 time
    – St. Cross Academy 1 time
    – Yasatoku Academy 1 time
    – Stright forward no choices

    NOTE: Girls with a * are main heroine routes.
    NOTE 2: In order to complete the route for X girl, you must continue with the academy you started the route with.

    Hope this helps.

  22. Jeffrey says:

    I started to extract HaraPara.Part but it stated that \ 1 CRC failed in ‘HaraParaideo.xp3’. File is broken.
    Then when I tried to extract Part 2 and 3 its still broken .
    Please help me,how to fix it ?

  23. henr says:

    i need help anytime i open up the game the messages with a bunch of ? saying syntax error please help

  24. nkbsteam says:

    Like Otomaid Cafe, this one don’t work.

    I start and the famous Blue Screen appear saying lots of things, REG and i don’t know what else.. max…

    so how should i solve it? 2 games that i can’t play now u.u

  25. Npe says:

    I installed all of them and I changed my locale to japanese but I cant start the game it says syntax error. I didnt got this error before please help

  26. Reign says:

    I can’t seem to download part 3 or 7, please help.

    • admin says:

      You can download 2 files at once as a free user. Wait until other parts finish downloading before staring other parts.

  27. Nandatte says:

    “They will naturally accept him, for it his how fate is written.”
    WOW. How I wish that it was me.

  28. zarwowjr. says:

    admin, the game start in full screen. how to change into windows screen? sorry i’m new in all of this

  29. TenguSan says:

    While playing it, it suddenly switched to Japanese throughout the Yuka sex scenes. This certainly explains why it is not at all edited, the translation was never fully completed.

  30. TenguSan says:

    The translators decided, in their infinite wisdom, to arbitrarily replace “Onii-chan” with “Big brother” and “Bro”, causing otherwise cute sentences to become cringe-worthy. This is despite the fact that the game retained almost all other Japanese honorifics, terms, and traditions. The translation is also completely unedited. Good job, translators.. *facepalm*

  31. Badboll says:

    I never have issues with them. Since you can refresh and pick those that you can read. But thanks for your work!

  32. byron says:

    how i can play it? can anybody help me?

  33. vnotaku123 says:

    Is anybody else having a problem saving? I try to save and the screen goes black, and if i right click it comes back on, but still hasn’t saved.

  34. Ikuruyukijin says:

    how can i fix it i complete to download it but it not work i use winrar and after exsact it i open the and it said fatal error

  35. Danny says:

    I really hope the blue-haired fairy has some H-scenes. I find her more attractive than any of the actual heroines you’re supposed to impregnate.

  36. mynameisurs says:

    Does anyone know what everything in the menu say? Specifically the 6th and 7th buttons in the what I’m guessing is the “Extras” section.

  37. Lol says:

    Is Yuka’s first scene untranslated for anyone else?

  38. Huyhn says:

    Just get full completion on the 4 schools, start a new game and visit the 4 routes only once

  39. beastmode says:

    sorry for being stupid but how do u get the harem route

  40. Krasus says:

    Hi one question i just startet the game and want to know if i can only get the 4 main heroines or can i get other too?

    and thanks for this game admin

  41. CJ says:

    Thanks Admin

    Alot of posts recently 🙂

  42. Syap says:

    Yo! Once again thanks for the upload, admin!
    Btw, this pre-patched?

  43. Cauldraborn says:

    I’ve been doing some digging around but I’ve been having no luck so decided it’ll be easier asking here. So I played this until I got to the first CG and noticed that the HUD/Menu Bar moved over to the left and it seemed as if some of the CG was cut off on the right. I went to the CG menu and confirmed that the CG was partially cut off so it leads me here to ask if anybody knows how to make the ingame resolution or whatever it is fit perfectly without it stretching to the point it gets cut?

    • Cauldraborn says:

      Edit: Just quickly fullscreened the game and it fixed it however I prefer to play in window mode so if anyone has a solution for that, sorry about that.

  44. random says:

    anyone got a walktrough?

  45. Zeida says:

    Oh no… now I’m gonna need some tissues :3

  46. Pun says:

    I’m using a Jap Applocale, still doesn’t work, it shows the same as when i don’t use Applocale. Help.

  47. Anon says:

    Is anyone else completely unable to download the files on the site with JDownloader? I triple check the captchas to make sure they are perfect, but it keeps sending a new captcha instead of starting over and over.

    Anyway, thanks, Admin! I’ve been waiting for this. I hope the main game that vampire succubus comes from will be translated at some point.

  48. aba says:

    Some of the sex scenes aren’t translated.

    • asuraicHermit says:

      Yeah, there’s a few stray boxes that seem partially untranslated, but all of the Yuka route h-scenes are untranslated, which pisses me off cuz that was a good route.

  49. Ever17 says:

    This is a fandisk. Is the original game on this site as well?

    • admin says:

      Nope. Those are still being translated. As soon as Loe (the guy who’s translating them) finishes it, you’ll find them here.

      • Badboll says:

        personally I’d rather wait until something is 100% translated, rather than what this is. not really complaining though but let him know that rushed projects are bad things and effort spent will be appreciated by the majority. Those who cry for speedy releases are the loud few.

      • asuraicHermit says:

        Please do, I’m interested in this franchise from this peek into these adorable characters and the ads on the extras menu.

        • asuraicHermit says:

          Anybody know the titles of any of the other games by this group, Swan or Swan Eye I believe, I’m not getting much by searching the net, and I really am interested in some of the titles I saw in the ads, preferably an English crack, and I’m not about to shell out, maybe I misread it, but the ad said like 8000 yen a game, or almost 90 $ US, which is BS for a porno game, especially one I won’t even be able to read. Anybody know a place I could get cracks of these already, or at least the site of teh guy that translated these so I can check in?

  50. Anon says:

    Anyone have a walkthrough for this game?

  51. Premier says:

    Having issues with not having “protect.dll” on my computer. not sure what the best solution is. never had an issue before with other games downloaded from this site, nor any other applications I use.

    Thanks for any help.

    • admin says:

      You’re staring the game with wrong .exe – use harapara.exe not data.exe.

      • Premier says:

        Thanks for the response. Now I’m running into a “???????(syntax error)” problem. Not even sure what it is. I open the application, small blue screen pops up with code/japanese characters on it and the error message. I’m confused now. Tried overwriting the old extraction but didn’t help.

        • admin says:

          You need to change locale to Japanese, otherwise the game is unable to parse scripts properly.

          • Premier says:

            Again thanks for the help,
            The game is running now, but completely in Japanese. Is there something else I have to do?
            Sorry for making you baby step me through this.

          • admin says:

            Well – the menu stuff like “New game” “Load” etc. will be in Japanese – translator didn’t TL those, but actual game text once you start it should be in English.

          • Premier says:

            I understand now, thanks a lot.
            I appreciate all the help.

          • mynameisurs says:

            Thanks for this too. I thought something was wrong when I ran it and saw Japanese as well. Kinda sucks but I guess that someone translated the actual game is enough.

          • thefoxof72 says:

            well even with the japanese locale i have the same kind of problem when i open the game as English locale and since i don’t know a word of japanese…

  52. Titus says:

    Hi admin,

    Part 3 seems not working.

    • Titus says:

      Nvm, its working now. That was weird

      • admin says:

        You can download 2 parts at once as a free user on this host.

        • Titus says:

          Hi admin,

          Quick question. If i change my System locale to japanese. Will the language of my whole system (system language) will be japanese too?


        • SaltyPork says:

          Why are we still using captchas at all, or “free/premium” sites? It’d be so much easier and more convenient for downloads if you used a site like Mega – and then there’s no chance of a download being cancelled or dropped on a bad connection.

          • admin says:

            Captchas in comments are needed to prevent spamming bots.
            As for choice of hosting – It has been discussed in comments like a dozen times already…
            Most expensive mega storage tier costs 30EUR/month and offers 8TB of bandwidth/mo. On average day, you guys download around 6-7TB DAILY.
            (Also, mediafire is as “unlimited” as Comcast. I got my account suspended there twice for “excessive bandidth usage” alread.)

          • SaltyPork says:

            Well, that’s just ridiculous! Good work on responding so quickly to the captcha issue, and keep up the good work Admin >_< We appreciate it!

          • NamesCat says:

            I know that its a pain, I Just wished this hosts downloads where alot lot quicker than they are sorry. I am only getting 200 kb at max when i usually get 20/25 mb/s its really anoying but i guess its because im not paying for the downloads. Thanks for everything anyways. <3

  53. usamiharu says:

    Ohohohohohohoho!! seems like i another eroge to play! TNX AS ALWAYS ADMIN! *the solve media is so hard*

    • admin says:

      Tweaked some captcha settings – it should be little easier to solve now. Let me know if you have problems still – I’ll look for different captcha provider then (Captchas are needed to prevent spam on this site).

  54. LIGHTDX says:

    First it seems xD. It looks interesting so i’ll give it a try. Thanks Admin ^^

    PD: Admin please change that “solve Media” we need to post here. Thez answer are becoming very hard to read.

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