Otomaid @ Cafe

Otomaid Cafe

Kei agrees to take a part-time job at his brother Iori’s cafe. Then he learns that it’s a maid cafe run by crossdressers, and his cute coworkers are actually boys. He doesn’t understand why men would want to wear women’s clothing, but he’s about to learn.

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  1. Iorin says:

    Games started dull as ditchwater. Enter first sex scene, I was like: Thisis a force to be reckoned with! Lol, also funny was, that though I wanted to go for aoi I ended up with tsukasa whom I hated at first(tho was later treated to her(his) b*tthole and my buddy here was more than pleased 🙂 ). A good nukige really that lets you take the active role or be at the receiving end with Aoikun..

  2. MrLobaLoba says:

    I dunno I’ll get reply but my game always crash when it reach the opening video. anyone can help ? I use win 10. Tried the compaitibility and localization but nothing happen

  3. KanekiLJ says:

    How do I fix the maxregen thing? i’m on win 10.

  4. jedisonichog says:

    How do I fix the maxregen thing i’m on win 7

  5. ffff says:

    can i get link to ntleas044_x64 software download

  6. Bleh says:

    .-. is this compatible with Mac?

  7. pervy_gamer says:

    kind of. but it’s just my opinion..

  8. Naku-chan says:

    If one is into futas would traps be like futas then?

    • ono says:

      It depends. Futa is women with male parts, traps are boys who dress as women.

    • GNiko says:

      If you are into loli-futa, then trap-shota is almost the same. However, if you are into josou seme, futanaris or Yaoi, it’s a lot different

  9. squid says:


  10. John says:

    1. Go to Control Panel (May have a other name if not on XP)

    2. Look for “Regional and Language Options”

    3. Once in that go to “Advanced” tap

    4. Set “Language for non-Unicode programs” to Japanese and your done. I Did this and i shit you not it worked perfectly fine on my windows 10 give it a try and i love these games and hope you do as well good gaming my friends hope this helps out alot.

  11. Andrew says:

    I found a way to solve Otomaid @ Cafe’s blue screen problem. click ok when the “error of unmatched came up”. Unclick away the blue screen and you will see a small rectangular tab. click the yellow arrow and click the “X” which is exit the game on the top right corner of the game screen. When the system asked “close the screen ?” select no, then u can continue your game.

  12. nubpuff says:

    Trap is good :3 :3 :3

    Btw, there’s a new one coming up this year(hopefully) called ‘School Idol QT Cool’. Of course, it’s heavily focus on traps!

  13. Ayoo says:

    I changed the locale but I’m still getting the error on windows 10 🙁

  14. anon says:

    is there any way to remove censoring?

  15. Ies says:

    Can’t download the game D: When I click the button that says ‘Free’ on the site, a pop-up ad opens and the button becomes unclickable.

    • Ies says:

      Okay, I was being stupid and didn’t realize I just had to select ‘Save as…’, but now it says that the downloaded file is damaged and I can’t open it?

  16. Bladerion says:

    This game actually convinced me that trap hentai can be hot… even though I usually hate yaoi.

    Too bad there aren’t any more good trap games that are translated like this one.

  17. TDM1911 says:

    :3 Love it >.< Most of it :3 except for 2 scences

  18. Daradriel says:

    For everyone have the \max regex search depth exceeded\ problem!
    I think is because we don’t have, on our pc, the japanese language pack!
    You can find it on the microsoft windows site!

  19. pervertindistress says:

    anyone find an alternate fix to the max regex error?

  20. yet another troller says:

    hai irfan

  21. troller says:

    hai muaimin

  22. boyslut says:

    To fix the blue screen issue

    Download ntleas044_x64 (First link)
    Run ntleaswin.exe
    Under Apppath navigate to the games .exe
    Save & run

    Credit to din for the ntleas044_x64

  23. AuntJemima says:

    Traps make me sad too…
    I mean if it’s gonna be yaoi at least make them all look like hot men!

  24. nkbsteam says:

    Hey, i downloaded the game but a Blue Screen saying something appear, what should i do to play this game? lots of people have the same problem.

    I really would love to play this game but i can’t thanks to that Screen. Tried changing the Compability (even to win 98 / im using Win 8) but nothing, region… nothing.

    Any Patch or something please admin?

  25. nnuj says:

    his walk not on when I windows7 but its my blue screen there is a way to repair her ?

  26. Jemina says:

    Had fun playing it. Can’t seem to get one of the last CG’s though!

  27. kia says:

    thank you very much admin if thoese game translated please put in site for download

  28. kia says:

    hi please put Yin-Yang X-change Ex and Yin-Yang X-Change Alternative 2 games download links in site and I have problem with this game it doesn’t work I mean Otomaid Café in my windows 8.1 please help me thank you

  29. DickMcBoner says:

    Does anyone know any similar VN? With traps I mean…

  30. Momoiro says:

    Oh my freaking god….. Why am I doing this…. xD

  31. Evolving says:

    That was my first trap VN. I am not sure what happened, but it seems that I developed a liking for the genre…

  32. frankkintama says:

    I am a 16 years old boy, I knew this game will be full of traps but I wanted to try it, then after I played it, I got interested in it, what happened to me anyway :v

  33. Ael says:

    sorry i can’t play this game after download.. when i open the aplication have a blue screen script on new windows… i so sad,,,

  34. Gate says:

    I’m missing one scene, no idea how to get it -_-
    it might be one scene with the older brother, but no idea how to get to it.

  35. computeranon says:

    If anyone needs to change locale but doesn’t want it to affect their machine just run a virtual machine. That’s what I did

  36. M says:

    I keep getting regex error too 🙁 Din where did you get this software when I search google the only places it is used (a total of two) is on this form and and on virscan

  37. Allen says:

    Does anyone knows how to fix extrans.dll error? I can’t even open the game. There is a blue screen, some japanese words and the only thing i could understand in error box is extrans.dll

  38. Hououin Kyouma says:

    Whatever floats ones boat!
    I think i will try it out

  39. sirvent says:

    Someone found a walkthrough guide for getting the routes?

  40. rednova says:

    I get this error max regex search depht exceeded why ?

  41. sombra says:

    when I try to play it appears (?????????????????Krdvui.dll????????????)

  42. spawnspawn! says:

    I can’t do it! I tried many times to open the files, but it just can’t! I’m so sad…

  43. kikaiwkdiakwd says:

    I saw the picture really quickly, saw maids. Was very happy.

    Then I read the summary, looked at the picture again, saw their bulges. Was very sad.

    Traps make me sad. 🙁

  44. din says:

    is this game can play at window 8 ?

  45. Sara says:

    A yaoi game where the men are voiced by women? Talk about a trap lol. Pass for me.

  46. Anon says:

    First, are you the dom in this game? Second, How to I change to Japanese locale? ;o and third, what exactly changes when you do? Ive done it before long ago but I remember stuff being in Japanese and I cant read Japanese. 8D Oh I have Windows 8

  47. Miroku74 says:

    Admiral Ackbar would be so proud. 🙂 I might check this one out.

    Thnx, Admin!

  48. din says:

    i have prob when play this game

    it popup like blue screen and it said max regex search depth exceeded

    why is that?

    i already change to japan language but nothing happen

  49. I Need This GAME says:

    omg i need this game.

  50. RandomPervert says:

    For those who can’t even open the game since something keeps popping up, try running the application in japanese with some form of applocale.

    Can’t guarantee it’ll work but it does for me.

  51. Lullabye says:

    I’ve seen other people getting some kind of text box saying no regen or whatever. When I click on the game a box pops up with a bunch of japanese characters and when I click okay all I have left is a little bar that doesn’t really do anything. Can someone help?

  52. darkbuzz says:

    traps :3

  53. Questioner says:

    Uhm, was it me but when i played this game, it suddenly get crashed and get stuck already. Is there anyone face this kind of problem. I am using Window 7.

    • Death says:

      same here….
      when app just clicked, some script come out…

      btw, ms. appo-some-thing doesnt work at my W7.

  54. An-chan says:

    Thank you admin!

  55. bluue says:

    when i download it in 2 parts, what do I do? I put it all together in a same folder?

    • KevKev says:

      No, if you have Winrar, you can just extract one file and they automatically extracts from the other downloads, otherwise you would get a message saying something about missing files. Or you can extract all of them in one folder.

  56. Ricardo says:

    No bueno.

  57. trademark says:

    thanks a lot for this admin!

  58. Sora says:

    I need more trap Visual Novels to be translated. I downloaded this a while ago for the H-scenes, really happy to see it translated.

  59. sabien says:

    it is pretty awsome if is say so for my self

  60. KaroarDHG says:

    Traps are not male or female but an entirely different existence altogether.

  61. Somebody with technical problems says:

    Can’t run it, I’d been trying to running with apploc and didn’t work, somebody knows the solution in windows 8?
    (This comment is sponsored by umbrella corporation)

  62. JBluth says:

    Every time I get to the second day of this game, right after the protagonist leaves his house, the game goes completely white and I can’t see anything. I can still hear the voices of the characters, but have no visuals. I am playing this on Windows 8. Does anyone have any idea what’s happening?

  63. Anon says:

    I accept this path of Hideyoshi. >_>

  64. ciccio566 says:

    cool, thx admin

  65. -_- says:

    If everyone’s the same (trap in maid clothes), what’s the point?

    How could there be any replay value?

    • Anon says:

      Because they’re not the same? They have different personalities and stories.

      Would you say the same about a high school VN? ‘Everyone is a teenage girl in a school uniform, what’s the point?’

  66. Anon says:

    Damn its yaoi, but they look so good. >_> Friggin A my own mind is starting to scare me!

  67. Kawaidesu says:

    To those new to these novels:

    Whenever you can’t find the save button, move your mouse to the edges of the screen, each game engine is different, so it may be left, right or upper corner, some you have to click the screen with the right mouse button, others have the menu button right on top of dialog screen.

    Careful with antivirus, they might see a crack as an infected file, due to its manipulated nature, but (at least from here) its not, so you either gotta disable it, or tell it to ignore the file forever.

    One easy way to see if you got all routes is to check the CG screen, usually the last confirm wether or not you got all endings(since ALL VN’s I’ve ever played have ending scenes).

    Remember to be appreciative of sites Admins (XP) and cracking/translating groups, and try not to be too demanding with the speed of those, remember, they got lives as well as each of you(or most of you anyways…).

    Best Regards – Kawaidesu

    P.S. Don’t complain about other people’s fetishes, it’s ugly, and we like making erogedownload a nice and peaceful place of happiness… Sweet, Sweet fapping happiness… XD

  68. ~A~ says:

    It’s dangerous landmine, made by Yaoi army to kill careless people.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Totally not gay but I will play this and jack off to it. No HOMO

  70. abcd says:

    I get an error that says “Max regex search exceeded” when I tried to open the application. Anyone know what I should do about it?

  71. Annony says:

    oh come off it guys. It’s not a zero-sum game where somehow adding BL and Otome games will destroy or reduce the amount of Het games already out there, it’s adding options for those who want those kinds of games. Seriously, BL games make for less then 1% of the games on this site, and Otome games maybe 3% max

    If it’s not to your liking then move on, no need to throw hissy fits.

  72. sellos says:

    ITS A TARP!!

  73. zellrang says:

    well~ traps are different than actual gay… as long as I think of it as Futanari instead and only the traps characters doing it with each other…

  74. Golden Witch says:

    Don’t suppose this is uncensored?

  75. Chase Sparrow says:

    As a bisexual guy, I laugh at the anti-gay comments at this…it’s obvious from the picture, ladies.
    On that note, dominant trap in a VN…Fulfilled <3

    • Ginobi47 says:

      As a straight guy who is open minded to the point of being slightly creepy, I admire your proud gay spirit.

      If its cute, who gives a rats ass!

      *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap*

      • Chase Sparrow says:

        @Gino I’m not gay. I can’t get turned on by anybody looking the slightest masculine, and am much too fond of boobs and eating a girl out for that lol.
        I’m simply very fond of futa, trans, and dominant traps, being submissive in the bed~

  76. Ginobi47 says:

    The dark side is calling my brothers. Answer it and you shall be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams!

  77. King of Battosai says:

    yaoi? meh…
    beautifull (not handsome) traps? I’m in

    thx admin for this game

  78. animeniac says:

    I normally don’t care for yaoi, but for some reason I LOVE traps, especially when they’re so cute! 😀

  79. Bluddy says:

    IT’S A TRAP!!!

  80. Ryujin says:

    I don’t know if this is the place, but shouldn’t there be a image in the rar archive? there is only a .exe that crashes on startup, can someone help a nub?

  81. sojorred says:


  82. sojorred says:

    fundanshi here, i was waiting for some stuff since i finished hadaka shitsuji and i met t

  83. Rock says:

    OMG, please let this be the yaoi trap game I’ve always wanted!

  84. whitetragedy says:

    Don’t care, can fap

    *fap* *fap* *fap*

  85. Uh huh says:

    Rather, it looked like FUTANARI instead coz of the good looking Hideyoshis~

  86. RandomPerson says:

    ….. I’m starting to regret doing this… But… It’s nice to try new stuffs everyday so.. Might as well finish what I’ve started….

  87. YAYY says:

    Walkthrough anyone? I can’t find the harem route.

    • YAYY says:

      Rather, I can’t find all the scenes. I managed to find the harem route.

    • X says:


      1. Yes please
      2. I’d better not
      1. I don’t intend to do this forever, but…
      2. I’d better not
      2. Got it, I’ll try
      1. I’ll buy a bouquet
      2. That’s a little…
      2. Refrain
      1. That’s bad
      2. I’ll try to do it myself
      2. I’d better not
      =>Aoi bad end

      1. …Yeah
      2. Refrain
      2. If it’s just a little…
      1. Then I’ll take you up on that
      1. I’ll go with you
      =>Aoi good end

      1. …Yeah
      1. Lend a hand
      2. If it’s just a little…
      =>Aoi threesome end


      2. Th-that’s okay!
      1. Earlier I accidentally tripped you, huh
      2. Have you decided to trap forever?
      1. I’ll check
      1. It’s impossible
      1. Yeah, okay
      2. We met here by chance
      2. I shouldn’t…
      1. What’re you talking about?
      2. I should give up
      =>Tsukasa bad end

      2. Uhm…
      1. We went to see a movie
      1. Reach out your hand
      2. How do you know that?
      1. Even so, I…
      =>Tsukasa good end

      1. Yes please
      1. Earlier I accidentally tripped you, huh
      2. Have you decided to trap forever?
      2. I’d better not
      1. It’s impossible
      1. Yeah, okay
      1. We went to see a movie
      2. I shouldn’t…
      1. What’re you talking about?
      =>Tsukasa threesome end

  88. cfatalis says:

    has anyone find out how to get the harem end ?

  89. waaaai says:

    I cant hear the older brothers voice but the others work

  90. Hizoku says:

    ever since that I played Eroge! ~H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai~ I’ve been ok with trap… part of me wishes i’ve never delved into the world of hentai and VN’s. (lol the captcha in order to post this was “sausages”)

  91. Kenshin_sama says:

    If it’s pretty, fuck it. There is no gay.

  92. Fruffles says:

    YES!! I’ve been looking for a yaoi/trap game to play ^_^ Thanks for the upload guys!

  93. RANDOM_HERO says:

    Someday, every man has to walk an unknown path, make his way to the unknown and maybe, just maybe, he will find fulfillment. Gentlemen, here a new journey begins form me, pray for my success and if i die, remember my name. RANDOM_HERO

    • Just_Passing_Guy says:

      Good luck on your path, random hero…. may you will find your happiness in this thorny path called adolescent…. from just a passing guy.

  94. abb says:

    Thanks for the fast uploads, admin!
    Do you happen to have “World End Economica”?
    I heard it has a great story!

  95. anon says:

    I for one welcome our new trap ovelords.

  96. Arzuros says:

    Goddamn traps!

  97. seta says:


  98. TheLimey says:

    … Why is it not working for me?
    Whenever I click the ” Otomaid.exe ” it opens 3 windows and one of them says ” Max regex search depth exceeded. ”

    Halp… >~<" I wanna play this….

  99. Miroku74 says:


    ….Well, at least the fujoshi crowd is happy, right?

  100. usamiharu says:

    It’s better than nothing tnx admin!
    But still trap huh i can’t wait to play it i REALLY LOVE TRAPS!

  101. anon says:

    I’m straight and I approve of this. It’s not gay if it’s a Hideyoshi.

  102. Mykorrhiza says:

    Damn, I’m getting exited about this. That makes me quite sad. :s

  103. TsukiUtsumi says:

    Thanks a lot for this game admin. There are barley any trap eroges translated into English.

  104. Anon says:

    Welp, I know how I’m spending my weekend

  105. warning says:

    IT’S A TRAP! Straight men! Evasive action!

  106. Anon says:


  107. Kevinn says:

    dammit dude. thought it looked like a amazing game and then it
    turned out to be some yaoi shit. ugh!

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