Sakura Spirit

Sakura Spirit

Rising Judo Star, Gushiken Takahiro, was about to have the match that would make or break his career in two weeks. A championship match where the winner is then signed up to be a young national athlete for Japan. He was very determined to win, in order to fulfill his dreams of finally representing his country for a sport he loves so much.

He was prepared and ready, but that doesn’t stop him from being nervous for his upcoming battle. With the suggestion of his friends and classmates, he goes to a shrine that was rumoured to grant any wish or prayer. He poured all the coins from his already full coin bank into the offering box and made his prayer. After praying, he becomes dizzy and nauseous and eventually faints. When he woke up, he was already in an ancient place he didn’t recognize.

While searching for a way back to his village, he stumbles upon two girl wielding swords chasing after two… foxgirls? He questions his brain at first, but then follows them, only to be caught in on their shenanigans as well.

Who are these girls and are they involved on Takahiro’s arrival to this new world? Will he ever get back to his home place and timeline just in time for his match? Or will he be stuck there forever?

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71 Responses to “Sakura Spirit”

  1. Naku-chan says:

    Wasn’t this like Winged clouds’ first game? I remember first seeing it on Steam Train…

  2. Mitchey says:

    does this game have voice acting?

  3. Tea says:

    I’m new to this, is the site you download from safe? It was opening up new pages and I hate that crap. Does anyone know if is safe (it as one of the sites that opened up).

  4. KuroRyu says:

    hmmm is not better than \my girlfriend is president\ little bit dissapointed at story :/

  5. sellos says:

    the lack of sexual content in this one makes me extremly unhappy. still many thanks admin-sama.

  6. Rune Megara says:

    Oh man, I remember when I saw this in an Indie Bundle and was at first interested until I saw the art style. I’m fine with Visual Novels that don’t have H-Scenes, but what turns me off super fast is if all the women have huge breasts.

    Can’t stand super boobs, they’re unrealistic and often gross. I don’t have a problem with boobs but if the proportions are all wrong it just looks stupid.

    If the artwork had been more tasteful I’d have totally gotten it, though.

  7. zero says:

    i played the game and well to be honest if feels rushed and story kind of dose not make sense in most parts and the relationships that get build up also feels rushed so would i recommend the game the anser is NO! it not really worth the time in my opinion but if u want to try it out go ahead but bewere it some what short so eeeeeeee also some parts will get u saying wtf anyway yaaaa

  8. Ali says:

    Well thanks for the heads up on the no H-scenes, now I won’t have to download it

  9. Undergamer says:

    Now I havent played this yet but from all the comments around I can tell it isnt living up to what it looks like-literally,because when you have characters drawn like this,when you have characters dressed like this in a visual novel AN EROGE.YOU EXPECT.HOT GIRLS BEINGS STUFFED ROUGHLY.What essentially happened here was that people got rickrolled by the game lol. heard the story line is bad,so I heard usually the porn helps to raise the general appreciation of the game if you can’t deliver a good story making people fap is a good way to make the appreciate the purchase and not have post purchase depression.
    However…if you can combine fapping AND good story you can become a legend such as Monster Girl Quest,that was brilliant.

  10. Hyper Groove says:

    O_o No H scenes? With oppai of that size?! BLASPHEMY I TELL YOU! BLASPHEMY!

  11. MrBig says:

    Hey.. someone knew about the last gallery section?… where u get that images ingame?.. i mean, the Miyo with a egg in the head

  12. Ciro says:

    I’ll pass on this. It’s great that it’s on steam, but it honestly isn’t worth the price or the download. Why people make VNs like this, is beyond me. It has no gameplay mechanics, no branching story/multiple endings, and isn’t voiced. So it’s basically just a story with pictures. And if a VN is just pure story, that story better be Clannad levels of awesome…or I don’t care. There are tons of fantasy-based light novels out there, that I would get equal or better levels of enjoyment out of.

  13. Fiona Flitzgerald says:

    Love the how the female characters are drawn but, as many others said, no ‘H’ contents defeats the point of an ‘eroge’. It generally becomes a visual novel at this point where it involves purely reading.

  14. Akira says:

    im kinda pity for the people who bought it in Steam….pfttt..BUAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  15. onan says:

    Just keep in mind this game was put out by Winged Cloud, an English-speaking amateur VN circle.

    For what it’s worth, Steam’s description says:
    “This game includes nudity and explicit sexual dialogue.”

    …yeah, maybe by Steam’s standards, but this game’s got a way to go before making this crowd blush.

  16. rrr says:

    was planning to download this but when i read all the comments and inspected the file, kinda lost interest.
    reason 1: no H-scenes, the character drawing is enticing but no h-scenes is a big downer, esp that pink haired looks just like yagyuu jubie from hyakka rouran.
    2:file size too small, was wondering why its too small but no voice? come-on. the plot could be good but without voice is kinda like reading manga, no difference for me.

    we all entitled to our opinion so please no trash talking about my post, but admin great job being updated on your site. still come here for any recommendations like majikoi series

  17. Kuuhaku says:

    Weak plot. Unsatisfying.. Would’ve passed if there were H-scenes at least.

  18. piyarad says:

    Dame why does all protagonist want to go back to boring all the time

  19. Patrick says:

    Holy!… you working so fast to upload it… XD

  20. Sevalle says:

    VN games don’t have to have porn to be good. Little Busters is a fine example of quality atmosphere and interesting characters. Even Muv-Luv Alternative didn’t need one. This would have been fine with just ecchi. Problem is that this is like some bad- fanfiction. Plus the romance isn’t even good. I had more fun with butchered “If my heart had wings” then this game…

    • Destont says:

      That’s the entire point though. VN’s don’t need porn to be good 7th expansion alone makes that clear. The thing is though that porn can help hide or at least deflect attention when the game/VN does not have high quality. So when you have a game that is not of high quality that does not have the protective shield of porn it becomes an issue.

    • chad001 says:

      LoL MLA made very good use of the fact that is was an eroge. As someone who’s not into tentacles, I think they made very good use of them to traumatize me more, I was starting to get too used to gore…

  21. Christian says:

    Downloaded and extracted file, yet when i try to play it, does not load up. . . could i have some help?

  22. Annony says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like the weird shine on their breasts? It makes it looks like they’re stuffing flesh-colored balloons under their clothes.

    Don’t care about H-scenes or not, but a single ending for a weak story, pass.

  23. Finstererdrache says:

    Not so bad for a Non-Jap VN, the game looks good I mean the optic is quiet beautiful, don’t really need H-Scenes, if only it had voices.

    • Nii-Nii says:

      …and more than a single ending perhaps. Nevertheless, I liked it a lot.

    • Sizuru says:

      See see I was okay with no hentai scenes I was still going to play buuuuuuuuut then you said no voices that just turned me off then I thought about it… lets say there were voices this is made by an American company if I understood correctly which means english voices and to be honest when it comes to visual novels we all prefer japanese voices BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME!

      P.S Everyone is forgetting god of war for PS2 that showed full boob plus a room you could have sex in though you never actually saw the sex.. all the goddesses were topless 🙂

  24. Walao says:

    You really think so, stupid?

  25. Wulf says:

    But there are some of us that it makes happy, you perverts that want porn in everything are making me sick.

    • Walao says:

      Can someone tell me why is this idiot here?

    • Ciro says:

      Dude…are you trying to troll, or do you just like to act stupid? THIS site is called EROGEdownload. “Eroge” means EROTIC game. I agree that not every VN needs to have sex scenes…but only an idiot would be surprised when people expect sex scenes from games on this site.

    • Razor0012 says:

      True is it, some of us love vn with or without H scene.
      But those vns actually have godlike story.

  26. kent says:

    thanks a lots admin 😀

  27. Aran says:

    ivan, its perfectly ok to show a nip as long as there is a very skimpy cloth covering part of it

  28. Tiberium Wolf says:

    So what’s this about? Good or bad?

  29. Dragon says:

    The lack of H-scenes makes me extremely sad.

    • Namiirei says:

      Well it’s on Steam, so of course this don’t have h-scene, duh.

      • admin says:

        Sometimes I wish Valve was European, not American company…
        It’s totally okay to sell game where you torture people with car battery clamps, or different one which slows down during head shot, just to show in great detail how the bullet penetrated the skull, made a pudding out of brain and severed cervical canal in spine on it’s way out, but God forbid if your game shows a nipple.

        • Wulf says:

          Well that’s because gore is still more decent then porn.

          • Walao says:

            You really think so, stupid?

          • Zelphir says:

            as note isn’t there a sub genre of porn specifically relating to gore… doesn’t that mean this is just skipping the erotic part and going straight to the murder :/…

            america is kind of weird but we also let everyone and there mother own a gun sooooo… kinda see where the whole bullet brain pudding thing comes into picture.

          • Danererererererer says:

            So then the Ecchi industry is for nothing? That stuff is played on TV uncen (at least Highschool DxD, anyway)
            PS does anybody feel like cnn needs to give an apology.whit

        • Noodlestein says:

          You can show nipples in games and sell them in the U.S…. Witcher 2 anyone?
          Its the other stuff that would get it slapped down.

  30. Gattsu says:

    looks so good but seems to be horrible ;( i was hyped

  31. croPath says:

    No if we could only gate Analogue a hate story and hate plus and i think it would cover all good VNs off steam

  32. gabssht says:

    dude you make me cry ,KITSUNES GAME AND NO H SCENES noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  33. seta says:

    Thanks admin. Kinda surprised this doesn’t have H-scenes…

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