Sugar’s Delight

Sugar Delight Android

When Ichigo’s parents realize their daughter’s dream is to own and run a bakery they do everything they can to force her away from such a career and toward a more prestigious calling. However, in a fit of determination and frustration, Ichigo moves out and on her own with the desire to prove just how serious she is about her sweet passion.

After a brief amount of time, Ichigo stumbles upon Sugar’s Delight; a small bakery owned by the somewhat oblivious, but mature and incredibly kind “Chocoa”. In no time at all, Ichigo is working her dream job and learning everything there is to know about running a bakery, and things hardly seem like they could get any better…

That is, until Ichigo begins obtaining more than just lessons about how to bake the most delicious of strawberry cakes. Chocoa eventually begins making advances on the naive Ichigo, and the only aspect of the newest ingredient in the young woman’s life that she’s apprehensive about is how much she doesn’t mind the older girl’s touch!

11 comments on “Sugar’s Delight

  1. Not bad. I think fans of food porn will get more out of it than I did (if that’s your thing, you’ll love the first two scenes) but pretty good storytelling.

  2. I love it, the story was good and great graphics it will be better if has voice and longer story but its already great story ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

  3. great game but unfortunately it always crashes at the part where they are in the bath..any fixes for that? I’d love to finish this one thoroughly, if you know what I mean 🙂

  4. To me no voices in this game isn’t really a problem. This is a great game for what it is without the voices.

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