Funbag Fantasy 3 if

Funbag Fantasy 3 if

Ancient Rome, but not the same Roman Empire we know. These events took place in the city of Doronium that was located in Gernia province, which bordered the territories of the minotaur tribes near the norther part of the empire.

The man named Canecone, a member of the city council, had recently acquired a new slave, Paia. On her first work day, while the girl was looking for mushrooms, she stepped on Medusa’s sacred grounds and was cursed by the goddess. Paia’s hair and legs turned to snakes that brought calamity upon Doronium. When the girl entered the city’s amphitheater, the gladiators and the guards were petrified, arousing panic among the spectators.

The top officials of the city: the duumviri and the city council members called an augur to divine how to defeat the monster, but ultimately could not come up with a good plan. In the meantime, the trees around the amphitheater began turning to stone. And while the petrifying wave was slowly consuming the city, believers of the Church of Holy Rood preached that it was a divine punishment to Romans for their self-indulgence.

Finally, the members of the city council turned to the famous sibyl, Zoe, for help. The plan proposed by Zoe was to summon a close friend of Medusa, Julinas, who was the lowest and most obscure god in the Underworld.

To conduct the ritual, the council members called the girls with the greatest busts in Doronium: Destra and Escelda. Perhaps because of their help, the obscure god Julinas descended to the human world. And when he found out that it was a senior slave who told Paia to trespass on Medusa’s sacred grounds, he lifted the curse.

Later, Destra and Escelda offered Julinas titjobs for whom it was the first experience in his 500 year long life as a god. But his pleasure was not going to last. Due to divine laws, gods could only spend a few days in the human world. Julinas was going to return to the Underworld, but…

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  1. I want to say that I am really disappointed with new setting. I like
    old medieval europe-esque one more, with all these small countries and political conflicts, instead of the great Rome and focus on gods and myths we got now.

    1. Also want to add that Medusa should have been an oppai loli. Then they wouldn’t have to left her out of the fun in the game about big boobs.

      1. Yeah, it sucks she wasn’t included. There is a separate DLC that wasn’t translated that gave her a route along with Artemis, and I think another Harem route?

  2. The best girl route not available in this version, Medusa!!! must protect that smile!!! and Faron is the Best Chad, love him

  3. ever since changed from re-captcha to H-captcha its become a nightmare to download anything.

  4. Is this right one? I played raw game before and it has different story line than this although same characters were shown but there was extra characters in here english version

  5. Hello,

    I am having trouble downloading parts 3 to 9 using the free download links, they either fail to begin or reset with a wrong captcha message, they may need a reupload again. Thank you!

    1. I just checked and links are working fine.

      IIRC you can download only two parts concurrently as a free user.

      1. Hey Admin, thanks for all your hard work. The sequel for Kamidori, called “Amayui Castle Meister” was just 100% fan translated today according to VNDB. Think you can put that up here?

        That and also the remake of Utawarerumono was released earlier this year, would be nice to have that too 🙂

        Appreciated as always!

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