Amayui Castle Meister

Amayui Castle Meister

“Magesmiths” are wizards that specialize in labyrinth construction and restoration. Avaro, one of them, sought to one day run his own workshop. To realize this dream, he accepted a job in Influse Kingdom of investigating some ruins. Unfortunately, he got caught in a cave-in and ended up lost. As he wandered, he came across a girl, sleeping inside a magic stone, Fia.

After waking up, Fia told him that she has no memory of herself; however, she knows that she is unmistakably a Goddess. Continuing, she tells Avaro that she could, if she wanted to, move the entirety of the ruins with her Godly powers, and she points out that she has to, no matter what, make it to the closed-off holy ground of the Kingdom. The “Mist Corridor of the Sacred Sound.”

Fia, who has said nothing but what could only be nonsense so far, invites Avaro to join her on her journey, saying that he can use these ruins as his workshop however he likes if he does. Although doubtful, Avaro accepts her conditions and becomes the apostle of the self-proclaimed Goddess, and while using the moving ruins as his atelier, they head north.

Before long, rumors of the ‘Gualacuna Fortress’ are spread across the country, and while fighting anyone who comes after the fortress, thinking that it has valuables or is a threat, Avaro searches for the truth related to the Goddess’ memories.

Along with the Goddess of Marriage, “The Story That Weaves Bonds” marks the beginning..

101 comments on “Amayui Castle Meister

  1. Played Kamidori back in college, loved it but never managed to finish it. Flash forward several years, I see that a game from the same company is now on this site. So I download this and Kamidori. They don’t work. At all. I have tried everything suggested in the comments. Changed the locale, downloaded language packs, downloaded font packs, every suggestion. It still crashes. The launcher still looks like gibberish with the occasional Japanese character. The DRM key won’t even fit fully into the space they provide. Everything is broken, Can’t even properly install the update patches from the company site. I didn’t have to jump through so many hoops back in the day, but I figured whatever. Maybe just troubleshoot compatibility. Doesn’t work on any compatibility. Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP. Always an error message in incomplete Japanese. I don’t know if the language packs and fonts aren’t installing correctly or what. But none of the suggestions work.

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  3. for those who crash when start the game even if your language already japanese and the region already japan
    you need to download japanese font, just search in google ( meiryo font, MSGothic font, MSmincho font, Yu Mincho font) download and install those font and the game will running fine. sorry for my bad english

  4. Is anyone else having trouble just getting this to start?

    I have my non-unicode character settings to japanese after finishing kamidori, I’ve tried looking for patches and appends, I’ve tried everything marked ‘application’ in windows, but I can’t get to anything that looks like a menu.

  5. Not sure if it’s just my PC, but fair warning to others just in case: DO NOT touch any of the volume controls in the sound settings! It breaks the sound, and won’t work again unless you delete and re-download everything.

    1. you have to wait the 180 to tick down, than do the captcha.
      the captcha loses it’s legit statis to quickly otherwise.

  6. ive just downloaded the game and im stuck the game loads to title but crashes when i start a new game this is very frustrating

  7. I downloaded and unzipped the game, but on start I get a Error 0xc000007b and can’t even start the thing. Anyone has any idea what should I do to fix it?

  8. By any chance does anyone have a save file that completed both route A and B that they’re willing to upload?

  9. Is this game incomplete? There are a lot of symbols replacing words which unable to read the instruction; also when I try to launch any icon like option, start game or any other, the game crash and simply immediately shut down. Please respond a reply on how to solve this problem so that this game is playable.

  10. Does this have Depravity’s complete patch that was posted May 28, 2021? How about the 1.07 patch for the game itself?

  11. Sorry but could someone guide me with the installation? All I see is the BIN archives and the ones to start the game, do I have to install anything else? Or I can start to play as it is?

  12. whats the best way to get refined dark stones? theres a way to grab the other elemental refined stones on demand through buying and dismantling, but i cant find a way for dark refined stones

  13. i can’t seem to solve runtime error crash i get to the home screen but when i click game start & options i get a mircosoft c++ runtime library error any fix on this problem

  14. Anyone experiencing heavy lagging/stuttering in the equipment menu ?
    I means when you highlight a charactor in the equipment menu, the game will always take 1 or 2 seconds to load

  15. Hey guys need help, Anyone know how to get Ranrinyuiki´s H-Scenes?.. should I just level her up?.. Tnx!!

        1. If you captured all yuikis, a Fia “?” event on Avaro’s Studio appears (The Silver Wine Ranrinyuiki H event might be a requirement because she mentions it in the event) that unlocks Yuiki Village finishing the last map gives a Ranrinyuiki H event on Avaro’s Studio

  16. Hey anyone here care to spoil me what happened to Fia on the B route?.. how did she became evil and how much did it differs from the true ending, I really want to replay the game but because of work I’m not sure when, I’m really curious, tnx in advance.

  17. Can anyone tell me the how to get either A or B route?.. I don´t even know what route I finished.. xD

  18. Can anyone tell me the new game plus contents??.. cuz I´m missing a lot of CG´s from the last pages, much appreciated, if possible a bit spoiler free.

    1. You need to finish Route A and Route B once, afaik.
      So atleast finish the game 2 times and you can unlock the missing ones on your 3rd playthrough.

      Only after that you unlocked everything required for all ap content.

  19. how do you get magic ore to craft donpafu instrument? the mine that drops it requires someone to fly, but i dont have one with that trait in the party, nor could i progress the story without crafting it first

  20. Just wondering, are the text suppose to over lap sometimes? It’s not bothering me that much but it is noticeable that the spacing on some of the stuff is a bit off.

  21. Does anybody else have issues with the sound? when I start it up I hear sound for the eushully logo but after that no sound, I tried restarting but it didn’t work, so IDK what to do

      1. I have the same problem as that guy and NOTHING I do seems to fix it. When I tried to open the game without a sound device active it gave me a weird error message in Japanese and when I clicked a button the game started fine but now when I start the game with a sound device it has sound for the logo but when it goes to the main menu all sound disappears. I of course checked the sound settings and everything is on, I tried troubleshooting windows sound but it does not find a problem, I tried everything to do with drivers and and windows sound settings but nothing fixes it. I reinstalled the game and it worked but when I transferred my old “SAVE.BIN” the sound broke again. This leads me to believe that some weird thing broke when that error message appeared and got saved in my save.bin but I have no Idea how I would fix it other than losing all my save progress and starting again which I would rather not do. If anyone knows how to fix it please tell me because I was really enjoying this game and I made it quite far before this happened.

        1. FML around 10 seconds after posting that I thought “I bet its a problem with some appdata folder” and sure enough in the local folder I found a folder for the game and a file called SYS4REG which has a line in it that said “Sound=0” which I changed to “Sound=1” and boom sound again. I hope this helps anyone else who gets this issue.

          1. Dude thanks so much, I was struggling with this issue for 2 days. I started the game once with non japanese system locale, it crashed. After i changed the locale i started it and it worked but without sound. Turns out the Appdata folder for the game had messed up naming because the folder was created, when i didnt have japanese turned on. So i deleted it and it finally solved my issue.

  22. Hi all !

    After doing everything you guys said above and still no result, the solution for me was to change the game from my “D:\” disc to “C:\Program Files (x86). I had the same problem with Majikoi a while ago.

    I hope it will help some !

  23. Can someone please help me,my game doesn’t crash at the title screen or after i click option and start the game… instead it’s crash when the old man try to give me the tutorial… I Really don’t know what to do anymore

      1. Only a few are translated, but by now they translated them all already but I doubt the ones here are updated.

  24. You guys using local emulator?
    Having 0 issues / errors with “run as admin (japanese)” via local emulator.

    Ty a lot for the upload admin.
    Kamidori is still one of my favorite vns. Hope this comes at least somewhat close!”´

  25. Anyone figure out the crashing after options/new game?

    Japanese Locale & Japanese Language pack is already installed 🙁

    can’t get it to work unfortunately.

    1. Does it crash specifically when starting a game and/or entering text options, I’ve had a similar issues in other eushully games. You need to make sure that alongside Japanese locale you also have Japanese supplemental fonts installed, just check google to see how it’s done , it’s pretty easy. And another thing that I had to do was to change my locale back to english and then to Japanese again, maybe a windows update broke something, I dunno. I’ve had it on Japanese for the longest of times, and at some point some of the games started displaying system text wrong, but worked fine otherwise, but for Eushully games it seemed to break them and they would crash with some font issue being the culprit and re-installing Japanese again seemed to fix it.

      1. This Worked!. For the people with similar issues.

        1. Japanese Locale
        2. Japanese Language Pack
        3. Japanese Supplemental Fonts (right click start icon > apps and features > optional > search japanese supplemental fonts.

    2. it’s like for me, no matter what options I choose, the game crashes immediately in despite to change of region & language

  26. With the help the Google Lens app translate feature on my phone, I managed to get the game to stop crashing when attempting to start a new game or go to options. I’ve provided a link to a screen shot of the options that works for me.

  27. Anyone else having prob with battle screen? When I chose animated battle, it just shows corrupted battle move, cycling battle sfx and the character just stuck there doing nothing?

    1. happens to me as well. it became really apparent when using ior combo skill, the audio begins playing for nealy all effects in the game and it takes a while to resolve.

    2. Thx, my prob comes from the lack of codec itself. So I install codec for win7 and the game can finally play the battle animation.

  28. -Extracted
    -Ran “AGE.exe”
    -Game crashes at main menu when you hit “options” or “start Game”.

    I can’t seem to figure this one out. Am I doing something wrong?

      1. Set Non-Unicode to Japanese (rebooted), failed, game didn’t even load.

        Reverted PC back to English (rebooted). Game loaded, crashed.

        Retried Locale for Non-Unicode (rebooted again), and that time it worked…

        Not sure why it failed the first time, but worked the 2nd time (doing the exact same thing)… Weird stuff. But it’s working now. Thanks!

    1. HI.
      I got same problem. Fix for me was installing Japanese language files in win 10 settings. And using locale emulator per se..

      Hope it helps.

  29. Anyone figure out how to stop it crashing when i click options or start game? i changed to Japanese locale and installed Japanese language pack however it still closes itself

  30. i keep getting a error about


    any idea what the fix for this is.
    thank in advance

  31. Did someone really translate it?

    Forgive the doubts, but looking at vndb I don’t see the information saying that someone has finished a real human translation, from what I see in the discussion it is an edited and corrected mechanical translation, am I wrong?

    1. Yeah this is legit. The fan translators recently finished translating it. It’s still not listed in vndb but you can visit the translator’s website and there you can get the confirmation.

    2. From the discussions if I am correct it is translation based on machine translation. So, its probably readable. I’ve never seen any Eushully games getting official translation so, it’s probably not worth waiting for them.

    3. The translation is 100% readable and it’s pretty damn good. I’m on Chapter 2, and I’ve found zero issues so far. I’m so glad to have my nostalgia goggles on and play a game that’s just like Kamidori.

  32. Game crashed at the title screen.

    I tried to play with Japanese Locale too and it won’t help.

    How to Fix this ?

    1. I did 3 things
      -unpack downloaded files (no need for instal or deamon tools)

      -change locale to japanese (under windows 10) Control Panel> region
      second tab is where you change it (require system restart)

      -download jap language pack if windows 10 Select Start > Settings > Time & Language > Language > Under the “Preferred languages” section, click the Add a language button and download jap language pack

      -run game by AGE exe icon
      Works for me

      1. Had the same problem – game crashed if I select options or start.

        Changing the system locale to Japanese and restarting my computer fixed it.

  33. I’d like to take this opportuniy to thank you for all these years of free vns. You have our respect, dear admin.

  34. so i have gone through the readme to patch the game and it didn’t fix the issue and lookin around i cant find an answer anywhere else. every time i launch the game clicking options or game start will immediately crash the game. anyone think they could help?

  35. having trouble running this one. Asking for little assistance on what to do after downloading (changed locale to jap btw)

        1. I did 3 things
          -unpack downloaded files (no need for instal or deamon tools)

          -change locale to japanese (under windows 10) Control Panel> region
          second tab is where you change it (require system restart)

          -download jap language pack if windows 10 Select Start > Settings > Time & Language > Language > Under the “Preferred languages” section, click the Add a language button and download jap language pack

          -run game by AGE exe icon
          Works for me

          1. Did exactly as you wrote. Crashes for me. First one in a long time I couldn’t get to play.

  36. Wow this is an amazing surprise. When we got kami no rhapsody I assumed we wouldn’t get another translated eushully game for years. Hope this one is on par with the other games haven’t done any research on this one

  37. Hello again,

    I’m attempting to download this game using the free part links using Mipony and TotalD but when the link timers count down to 0 they give a captcha error and start again, this has occurred several time despite letting it run with no input from me.

    Manually downloading them seems to work, but does anyone know or have a similar situation with a possible workaround possibly? Thanks

    1. The new hoster uses a new Captcha provider. I have yet to find a DL manager that can auto solve it. The price we pay for 500mb chunks.

  38. Happy with every Eushully Game that gets a translation, far easier to play than with Texthooker and Translator. And they are my favorite Gamemaker.

    Like the Game although it isnt as good as Kamidori or Soukoku no Arterial. I wished we would get differnt Routes, like it was with this two.

    Bad points is that my favorite Eushully Game (Soukoku no Arterial) still only has Interface Translation, although it’s older.

    Good Point is that Amayui Castle Meister gets a Sequel in July, so it’s great that I can play it on English now.

    1. For sure man, Eushully games are top notch, it’s a shame no legit translation companies will touch any of their games with a 10ft pole (probably because they are dialogue heavy).

      Sad to say, our only hope is relying on the very hard working freelance translators, like in this & Kamidori.

      Soukoku no Arterial actually has a “full” MTL translation patch as well as the interface, but when I played it most of the game text was Japanese after a certain point so I had to drop it.

      I think Kami no Rhapsody & Fuukan no Grasesta are getting full translations too.

  39. it’s very rare that VNs have actual gameplay elements so I don’t usually care about them, but this from the same devs as kamidor alchemy so I have high expectations that the gameplay would be as addictive, and tactical

      1. Sorry to be a bother, but do we need to do anything for the DLCs once extracted? Something like a separate install or something like that? Or is this strictly extract and run?

        1. Nope, everything works out of the box. In options menu, you will see five box icons with numbers “1” – “5” that indicate DLCs are present.

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