A Kiss For The Petals – Lovers of the Atelier

A Kiss For The Petals - Lovers of the Atelier

The second visual novel featuring Azumi Risa and Ayase Miya.

The dust has settled from the boisterous Best Couple’s events, the graduation ceremony of the third-year students has passed without incident, and Risa has returned to her laid-back daily lifestyle.

Although Miya continues to flaunt her chronic truancy in Risa’s face, now that the two are passionate lovers, their days are full of joy.

Today, once again, they find themselves passing the time in the attic of the old school building, in the secret atelier known only to them as has become their habit.

The overly-serious Risa is feeling a slight twinge of guilt at their appropriation of this room. She asks Miya to tell her the story of how she discovered this place, but in this atelier hides a sweet, sweet romance that Risa couldn’t begin to imagine…

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9 comments on “A Kiss For The Petals – Lovers of the Atelier

  1. thank you for the upload. so when will you upload the translated version of vol 13 Snow White’s Knight (Shirayuki no Kishi)?

  2. Yeah… kinda disappointed of this translation. Apparently it seems to be translated by some guy who hasn’t remembered the Katakana alphabet and many parts in the visual novel weren’t translated properly and obviously being made up basing on the context hopefully they’d be correct or something.

    1. yeah the translation was kinda off at many parts but It’s a good thing that the game has a translation…..I already played the game in Japanese so I think it’s not that bad

      1. Well, the more I (try to) translate, the more I feel it IS that bad. It’s made to fit in with the context so of course it doesn’t seem to be so but it is.

  3. Thank you soooo much admin! I’ve been waiting to play this for so long cuz and I waited for years hahahaha and now it is finally translated….thanks again admin! YURI IS LIFE!!!

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