Summer Sisters

Summer Sisters

Tatsuya has lived independently in a big city as a university student
after he left from his rural hometown. In his summer vacation, he
temporarily stays at his parent’s house located in the hometown.
Here he meets his childhood friends Kumi and Haru again.

He is surprised that Kumi and Haru sisters have gotten nubile during his absence.

After a while, when he is taking a nap in his room, he is demanded
by Kumi who came to his room and these two slide into having sex.

Days after, when going out with Haru, a sudden rain makes them take shelter in a shrine.

Tatsuya is aroused by seeing Haru’s wet see-through clothing. When she approaches him saying:
“I know you had H with sis, I want to do the same.”, he makes love with Haru too.

Worrying about the love triangle and the future, Tatsuya’s summer vacation begins.

11 comments on “Summer Sisters

  1. i’m getting notifications that the site may be hacked whenever it try and download parts on various titles, is everything ok admin? i’ve never had a warning come up with every download before.

    1. Hey bro, chill up… What do you expect? There’s tons of games here, of course there will be only for fap without a lot of background and the opposite, really profound stories with almost no scenes, and even the middle of it. They’re eroge after all.

      For example I found “I walk among zombies” a really good saga, and there’s a lot of content that just takes you out the mood, a really sad history and all that. It has good drawings and background to the sex scenes, but it also has really random number of texts to a sex scene, sometimes it only takes you 10 minutes reading normal and other times it takes you more than1 hour if you actually read the text. This and the really sad history kills the mood, but I don’t say anything because its plot is really good.

      Look in an anime/manga/eroge/visual novel, or whatever, there’s a lot of things to rate it, they can be in your taste or no. There’s: 1. Plot, 2. Desing and Interface(how easy it works) 3. Lack of bugs. 4. Interaction, 5. Development of dialogues (if they’re long fking shit they eventually get bored). 6. Scenes (including sex ones) and 7. Animation/Sound if they had.

      Having these in account I will tell you something. If i had to rate with those things in mind to Summer Sisters, They would get a high score. Their game the only thing it lacks is plot. A really bad plot and interaction, but these are most usual of lacking in visual novels. It desing and interface is normal, doesn’t have bugs, and the development of the dialogues are pretty good for its plot, actually they made it light and not overcharged, and still it tells you something, but man, if we count the scenes and animation/sound, they get a 20 over 10. Their sex scenes are actually the best I’ve seen in this page, at least in a lot of time, and they are also animated and with a good sound, that makes almost impossible to go unerected in one.

      In conclusion, it’s probably the best game for fap you will find here, unless you really need an accomodation and history behind, but that’s tastes

    1. Mosaic – 80% of fansub or smaller sub groups only do translation. Best get used to it if you wish to enjoy more VNs

    2. pretty sure all Japanese erogames are mosaically censored because of certain laws about obscenity or something

  2. Played it using a Machine TL a long time ago. This is a good eroge, and I’m glad it got translated! 😀

  3. 2 in one day o.o? welp im waiting for someone to say nice things about this game before I download.

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