Imouto Paradise! 3

Imouto Paradise! 3

With their parents departing on a business trip, Yuuichi was left alone with his five imoutos for the entire summer vacation.

He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to be closer to his imoutos, and they were also strangely assertive, leading to ecchi incidents one after another.

Just how far will the Nanase siblings go?

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  1. Romna says:

    I don’t understand why admins use such a shitty site for uploading/downloading novels? Why just don’t use torrents – it will be much more convenient for everyone…

    • admin says:

      Because linking to third-party sites is explicitly allowed under this website’s hosting jurisdiction, while torrents are in grey area. I’ve been operating without issues for 11 years – how many torrent sites have you seen come and go in meantime?

  2. Saber says:

    I played the game for a while and it was fine. But then, later on when I was playing it when I hit save or load, the game crashes. It says error 998 on UserData > ImoutoPara3.system.dat. Can anyone please help me?

  3. ImoutoOne says:

    I keep getting something popping up “FCString class” when I play, does anyone know what this is or what I can do to stop it?

  4. Hep Me says:

    Animated scenes aren’t working for me? It just goes black. Please help!

    • Imouto Hunter says:

      Perhaps updating your video codecs may do the job. I recommend installing k-lite codec pack and use the custom install. Make certain that LAV video, LAV audio, LAV Splitter are selected when possible. If you see MPEG-PS do not select any LAV to it and leave it blank or leave it to its default. If you also see that ffdshow is there that can be combined with LAV choose that. You don’t need the rest except for maybe xvid for older VN’s.

      If you’re having issue even with k-lite, look up something called cccp codec pack and see if that’ll work for you if your pc is on the much older side.

      • HepMe x2 says:

        I probably should’ve mentioned that I’m not using a PC..I am using a Mac 2019 to run it, using Crossover. I’m not sure if this is the reason why or not ;-;

  5. rcxd says:

    File is corrupted, I can’t extract them from rar

  6. Jaeger says:

    Love this game. The next game I would love to see translated is Tenoiha 2. That series is amazing.

  7. RandomWeeb says:

    Will Senren * Banka be released on this site soon? Would love to be able to play this game in the future

  8. Phantom says:

    we need more trap games and lolis.

  9. rut says:

    Hi admin, will you be uploading Senren Banka soon?

  10. Equ3striangam3r says:

    There was so much less time between the release of the 2nd and 3rd games compared to the wait between the release of the 1st and 2nd games. I’m really surprised how fast they got the 3rd one out.

  11. Angela says:

    Admin please upload “TroubleDays” 🙂

    • Guy says:

      If only there was the other “Trouble Days” and not that of the innocent succubus that don’t know anything sex related, for god’s sake.

  12. Wesieboy56 says:

    Good news everyone! Clover Days got picked up by Nekonyan, hopefully they dont butcher the original translation but its safe to say i’ll be coming back to this site in the near future 😀

  13. h264 says:

    Now that we’re on the 3rd generation, I have to ask just how inbred can they get?

    • Imouto Hunter says:

      It’s not 3rd generation. They are cousins to the Nanase family from Imouto Paradise 1.

      • Throbbin Hood says:

        Considering the MC in the second game still banged all his sisters, there’s definitely a third generation of em, at least. Besides, it seems to run in the family, who knows how many generations deep the inbreeding already is. Just enjoy the porn.

        • Imouto Hunter says:

          Please don’t lower eroge to mere filthy dirty sloppy porn. It’s beneath the artistic nature of eroge to gentlemen and ladies like us immortals.

          Repent for your ignorance!

  14. Revvo says:

    this is definitely of high quality. However i found the first 2 more exciting. Sexual tension was build up much slower and the feeling of slowly moving towards the incest taboo felt more thrilling.
    This one is quite good, but the girls feel, well quite ready to cross the line from the get go.

  15. ReapingRenegade says:

    Oh, shit! The third installment!

  16. OneUglySunuvabitch says:

    Hey admin, can you upload “OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos” soon? It’s a Yuri VN that recently released and i’ve been wanting to get into it lately. I’d really appreciate so thanks in advance. :3

    • Guy says:

      I allready finished plsying that game, the history is good, the art is good but the personality of Akuru is no good at all, how Ren could fall for someone like her? If all otakus are like that my condolences because they no longer are human.

      • OneUglySunuvabitch says:

        Ah, I see. Damn… I was hoping it’d be a good Yuri VN, but from the way you put it it may not be very nice if the MC is that rotten… :<

        • Guy says:

          Well, it’s not roten more than obsessed to the 2D characters that puts no attention to the heroine at all or use that obsesion as excuse to avoid her.

  17. Donkey says:

    Ah a nice treat today. Love the imouto paradise series, one of my favourite eroge. Sadly looks like the girl selection of this one compared to the past 2 doesn’t look as good but still hope it’s great

  18. Guano says:

    it took too long xd
    i just got it from another page xd
    thanks anyway admin-sama

    oh! and Hinata best girl xd

  19. Quite Franky says:

    o they got rid of Rio

  20. Quite Frankly says:

    Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand.

    Her name is Rio and she walks the Rio Grande.

  21. xxrrcc says:

    Here we go again!

  22. ジョンスミス says:

    Thanks for your hard work admin, I greatly appreciate it. I’ll patiently wait for Senren*Banka so please take a small break.

  23. Rotara says:

    hell yeah.. still waiting for Youkoso! sukebe elf no mori

    • OneUglySunuvabitch says:

      RIGHT there with ya, i’ve SOOOO been wanting to get into that VN after all, dunno why it isn’t translated already though, honestly, it’d sell BIG time imho.

  24. Revvo says:

    i love you so much.
    thank you.

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